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Dave Rogers

Dave Rogers is a former editorial writer for the Bay City Times and a widely read,
respected journalist/writer in and around Bay City.
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3065 Articles by Dave on file
May 27, 2018 WALLEYE TOUR: Cabela's Event Slated June 14-15 in Saginaw Bay
May 20, 2018 MEMORIAL: Pine Ridge Cemetery/Soldiers' Rest to Honor Civil War Vets
May 17, 2018 DOLLARS FOR KIDS? Legislators Asked to Prioritize Child Poverty
May 13, 2018 TENNIS PARK NAMED: New Facility Named for Educator Dr. Janet Jopke
May 5, 2018 PAVILION LAUNCH SET: Musical Events to Use New Wenonah Park Facility
Everything Depends on Policies of Those Elected
Apr 26, 2018 WEED VOTE ON: November Ballot to Include Recreational Marijuana
Apr 21, 2018 SILENT HERO: Central High's Dylan Steele, Craig Windt Headed for Normandy
Apr 17, 2018 BAY FUTURE: 600 New Jobs, $300 Million Investment Exceeded in 3 Years
Apr 14, 2018 POISON GAS: U.S. Took 73 Years to Agree to Ban Chemical Weapons
Apr 8, 2018 DISINVESTMENT= $2.5B: In 25 Years, Michigan Has Gutted Education Funding
Apr 8, 2018 EDUCATION = BIG GOVERNMENT - Strange Political Stance Weakens Society
Apr 4, 2018 DACA COSTS: Michigan League for Public Policy Cites $450 Million Loss Fears
Apr 4, 2018 RECALLING DR. KING: A Visit to His Church in Alabama was Inspiring
Back to the Stone Age Idea Surfaces
Mar 24, 2018 MICHIGAN SCHOOLS: Leaders Still Puzzled, Conflicted About Low Performance
Mar 23, 2018 CHAMBER SUCCESS:2018 Leadership Class Raises $8,000 For Camp Fish Tales
Mar 18, 2018 ICY CHRYSLERS: Ship Built 1896 by Wheeler in Bay City Still Making News
Mar 13, 2018 MI ROADS HIGHLIGHTED: Sen. Peters, MML's Dan Gilmartin Lead Charge in D.C.
Mar 12, 2018 DOWNTOWN'S FUTURE: Millennials Drive Growth, Says Hiss Jewelry's Tom Tabor
Mar 11, 2018 MANSION DREAM: Developer Eyes Residential Ambience at Old Gas Station Site
Feb 22, 2018 THE GUN DEBATE: New Political and Court Challenges Likely on the Horizon
Feb 20, 2018 INNOVATE MIDLAND: Entrepreneurs Find Resources at New Business Center
Feb 19, 2018 REMEMBERING THE MAINE: Two Bay Cityans Killed Aboard Battleship in 1898
Feb 16, 2018 WHY DROPOUTS? United Way Leads Efforts to Research, Address Problem
Feb 15, 2018 CASS AVENUE BRIDGE: Bay City Growth Hampered by Loss of South End Span?
Feb 11, 2018 BRIDGES ROAD MAP: Secret to Township Voter Approval? Follow 1970 Plan
Feb 2, 2018 NO RAW SEWAGE: Bay City Wastewater Treatment Said "Best in Michigan"
Jan 27, 2018 SPOTLIGHT ON WOODY: Super Bowl Coin Toss Features Medal of Honor Recipient
Jan 26, 2018 "DOC" FINALLY GETS MEDAL: After 48 Years, Vietnam Heroism Recognized
Jan 25, 2018 LEONARDO: Len Falce, the Ultimate Artiste with a Leica, Sense of History
Jan 20, 2018 BRIDGING THE GAP: City, County Leaders Grasping Olive Branches Hopeful Sign
Jan 19, 2018 REP. ELDER'S STAND: Enhancement Millages Should Go Only to Public Schools
Jan 15, 2018 WOMEN VETS: To Be Honored at Red, White, Brew Revue Feb. 10, State Theater
Jan 14, 2018 CAREER FOCUS: State On Track with Schools' Emphasis on Job Readiness
Jan 13, 2018 WORLD VISION: "Since Rotary Came the Children Stopped Dying"
Jan 12, 2018 CORRECTING THE RECORD: Dow, Not Conant, Made Mustard Gas in World War I
Jan 11, 2018 BRIDGE POSITION: Bay County Leadership Looks to City for Plan
Jan 7, 2018 BRIDGE CLOSING: Independence to be Shut 3 Months for Repairs
Jan 1, 2018 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: U.S. Marines were "Drunken Rowdies," Germans Complain
Dec 31, 2017 OLD BRIDGE DAYS: We Started Out With Toll Spans, Why Go Back?
Dec 24, 2017 YANKEE-REBEL MATCH: Union General William Birney Wed Rebel Cavalryman's Kin
Dec 22, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: Mustard Gas Death Spoils a Marriage
Dec 20, 2017 BRIDGE PERILS: City Needs Guarantee State Will Keep 2 Spans Open
Dec 17, 2017 TOLL BRIDGES? More Thought Needed Before Hasty Vote on City Plan
Dec 16, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: Klan's Grand Dragon Attacks Schools, Teachers
Dec 9, 2017 ALABAMA AWAKES: James G. Birney Finally Recognized in Encyclopedia
Dec 9, 2017 STOP WAGE THEFT! Rep. Brian Elder Among Leaders on Democratic Initiative
Dec 3, 2017 40 YEARS LATER: Wenonah Hotel Fire Stands Out as Bay City's Top Tragedy
Dec 2, 2017 CAREER PLAYBOOK: State Gives Students New Tool to Look at Options
Dec 2, 2017 DO-ALL ADAPTING: New Federal Guidelines Require Workforce Integration
Nov 24, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: Klan Targets 'Pigmented Americans," Catholics, etc.
Nov 20, 2017 CAREER PATHWAYS: State to Focus on Competency-Based Learning
Nov 18, 2017 VETERAN OF YEAR: Bay County Council Seeks Nominations for February Event
Nov 17, 2017 TIM YOUNKMAN: Part Detective, Part Historian, All Newspaperman
Nov 16, 2017 CHEERS! Bay City, Bangor Township Recognized for Economic Development
Nov 12, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: WWI Soldiers Hunt Rats for Meals in Trenches
Nov 11, 2017 BUSINESS-EDUCATION PARTNERSHIPS: Bay Area Chamber Hosts Forum
Nov 8, 2017 BACF NAMES FONG: Saginaw Non-Profit Executive to Succeed Eileen Curtis
Nov 5, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: German Boycott of U.S. Chemicals Foiled
Nov 3, 2017 OUR MILITARY HISTORY: Since 1812 Bay Veterans Have Stepped Up
Nov 3, 2017 VETERANS DAY: Bay Veterans Foundation to Mark Holiday with Flags Flying
Oct 27, 2017 LEGAL POT VOTE: Coalition Hits Signature Goal, to File Soon for Nov. 2018
Oct 27, 2017 NEW JFK THEORY: Bay City Gun, Ballistics Expert Analyzes Assassination
Oct 27, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: Haber's Ultra Toxic Mustard Gas Joins the German Army
Oct 22, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: The Klan Goes After the Chief
Oct 20, 2017 DO-ALL UPGRADE: Agency Raising $60,000 for New Roof on Building
Oct 20, 2017 EDUCATION CRISIS: Crippling Burden of America's Dropouts Cited
Oct 15, 2017 GOUGEON EXPANSION: $620,000 Project Reflects Bay City's Innovative Heritage
Oct 15, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS, II; Morality Tale of World War I Days Here & Abroad
Oct 13, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: Dramatization of World War I Days Here and Abroad
Oct 12, 2017 MCLAREN WINS AWARD: 3-Year Accreditation for Breast Program, Diagnostics
Oct 9, 2017 TALENT INVESTMENT: Job Training in Prison Chipping Away at Ex-Offender Pool
Oct 4, 2017 READY-CUT HOMES: 1920s Washington D.C. Lewis Kit Home Brings $2.75 Million
Oct 3, 2017 FAILURE TO EDUCATE: Excluding Many Students Decimating Michigan Workforce
Oct 3, 2017 SHELTER BOXES: Rotary Hears of Growing New Natural Disaster Tool
Oct 1, 2017 GOLD STAR EVENT: Bay City Dedicates Michigan's First Monument
Sep 25, 2017 AUTHORITARIANISM THE ISSUE: Do We Go Back to the Middle Ages, Or Stay Free?
Sep 23, 2017 LINCOLN RETURNS! "Honest Abe" Among Historical Figures at River of Time
Sep 21, 2017 MICHIGAN VOYAGEURS: River of Time to Spotlight French Fur Traders
Sep 17, 2017 WHAT WORKS BEST? MI Policymakers Mull Best Route to Economic Equality
Sep 9, 2017 MEADE GOUGEON: His Contributions to Boat Building Technology Live On
Sep 9, 2017 STATE HISTORY AWARDS: Saginaw's Hoyt Library Genealogy Among Winners
Sep 5, 2017 Michigan's labor force has lost 326,000 workers since 2000
Aug 31, 2017 JOBS GOING BEGGING: State Says 100K Jobs Open, Few Takers; WHY?
Aug 31, 2017 OUT! OUT! DANG PHRAGMITES!!! Treatment Starts Here Next Week
Aug 27, 2017 CENTRAL HIGH SHINES: 95-Year Old School Sparkles Like a Teenager
Aug 27, 2017 HISTORY TOUR: Visitors Amazed at the Panorama of Bay City's Past
Aug 22, 2017 FEMA TO HELP: Dates set for Home Rebuilding Aid in Midland
Aug 18, 2017 DRED SCOTT STATUE? No, AOL, the Statue Taken Down was Justice Taney
Aug 17, 2017 FEMA Announces Disaster Recovery Application Sites for 4 Counties, Tribe
Aug 11, 2017 CRAPO BUILDING: Iconic Bay City Building Emerges From the Past
Aug 11, 2017 HEMINGWAY RECALLED: Fans Celebrate 100 Years After High School Graduation
Aug 6, 2017 TOP ISSUE IGNORED: Fixing Michigan's Infrastructure Gets No Respect
Jul 29, 2017 LABOR PROBLEMS: Farmers, Mackinac Island Share Foreign Worker Gap
Jul 27, 2017 BOLD NEW PLAN: High School Completion, Job Training Eyed for Dropouts
Jul 22, 2017 ALL AMERICAN STORY: SVSU Track Athlete Southgate Heads Deep With Navy
Jul 21, 2017 NON-GRADS DILEMMA: Did Chopping Adult Education Gut Michigan's Workforce?
Jul 15, 2017 FBI HITS FRAUD: Six Michigan Physicians, Saginaw Firm, Charged
Jul 15, 2017 PATIENT SAFETY: McLaren-Bay Ranked in Top 5% Nationally
Jul 10, 2017 PARTISAN PULPITS? Shades of Nazis: House Eyes Political Churches
Jul 9, 2017 MEDIA MANGLE: Re "Real News"--Can Traditional Media Be Trusted?
Jul 5, 2017 MICHIGAN'S FIRST: State to Get Gold Star Families Monument -- in Bay City
Jun 29, 2017 FIREWORKS CONCERN: Some Combat Veterans Seek to Avoid Loud Noises
Jun 29, 2017 TEMPLE SAVIORS: Hildebrant and Meehan Make $100,000 Gift to Masonic Temple
Jun 28, 2017 STATE BACKING: Crapo Building Gets $2.4 Million in Grant and Loan
Jun 27, 2017 NEW CEO SOUGHT: Bay Area Community Foundation Head Retires
Jun 18, 2017 TOLL BRIDGE? Pay-For Crossing Span Could Potentially Cost Us More
Jun 17, 2017 WARBLERS THRIVE: Once Endangered, Kirtland's Grayling Tours Show Comeback
Jun 15, 2017 GOOD SAMARITANS? Mysterious Helpers in Quebec Restore Faith in Humanity
Jun 7, 2017 EDUCATION AIMS? Key Pathways to Work Are Associate's Degree, Certifications
Jun 6, 2017 STATE A LOSER: Non-Partisan Report Says 660,000 Would Lose Coverage
May 30, 2017 DOW CONSOLIDATING:Chemical Firm, Moving N.C. Unit, to Hire 140 at Midland
May 29, 2017 A SOLDIER RECALLS: MSgt. Kirk Timm's Recollection of Normandy, the Bulge
May 29, 2017 MORE WEST SIDE REVERIE: After Boarding School, A Stranger in Paradise
May 26, 2017 ELDER NAMED: Bay City State Representative on Law Revision Commission
May 17, 2017 WEST SIDE STORY: History of Bay City's Iconic Neighborhood
May 17, 2017 WHY MICHIGAN? Drop in High School Age Population Perplexing
May 16, 2017 HEALTH PLAN TALK: Think Tank Says House Bill Would Hurt Medicaid
May 15, 2017 GREAT LAKES: Bipartisan Effort Blocks Restoration Cuts, For Now
May 15, 2017 NOT GIVING UP: Thumb "No" Vote Won't Deter World's Largest Windmill Firm
May 14, 2017 WORKFORCE SHORTFALL: Michigan Works Cites Educational Problems
May 6, 2017 GOOD JOBS FOR MI: Business Leaders Join Effort for New Legislation
May 3, 2017 GOLD STAR FAMILIES: Ground Broken for New Memorial Monument in Battery Park
May 2, 2017 GREAT SCORE! Sandlot Sports Recognized as Area's Best Small Business
May 2, 2017 TRUMP & CIVIL WAR: President Essentially Right, Press Shaky, on Jackson
May 1, 2017 BUSY, BUSY: Bay City's Hotel Rooms Jammed Before Tourism Starts
Apr 28, 2017 TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY: 1832 Ruling for Cherokee Cited by Local Chippewa Tribe
Apr 28, 2017 WALK FOR WALLEYES: Protest Against Commercial Fishing in Bay City May 6
Apr 23, 2017 WHITHER CHILDREN? Population Losses, Funding Gap, Heighten School Crisis
Apr 22, 2017 WORLD WAR I: Mid-Michigan's Huge, Mostly Unrecognized Production Role
Apr 19, 2017 GOUGEON STREAMLINER: 80-Year-Old Concept Car From Bay City Found in Florida
Apr 18, 2017 BAY FUTURE: $200 Million Investment, 350 Jobs Retained, Keyes Named CEO
Apr 16, 2017 A SINFUL WOMAN: Bay County's 1st Convicted Murderer Confesses, Sort Of...
Apr 14, 2017 BARCIA NAMED: Bay County Executive Gets County Executives Group Board Post
Apr 12, 2017 SHRINKING CITIES: Flint 5th Fastest in U.S.; Area Population Declining
Apr 10, 2017 GLOBAL GOLIATH: Midland Cogeneration Plant Owned by Retired Workers Thrives
Apr 6, 2017 HERITAGE FOUND! Fabian Joe Fournier's Canadian Roots Revealed
Apr 2, 2017 GUV RACE HEATING: Whitmer, Kildee Eye Challenge to Reluctant Schuette
Apr 2, 2017 PAUL BUNYAN LIVES! Fabled Tree Feller Still Popular Guy
Mar 28, 2017 GOLD STAR MONUMENT: Bay Veterans Foundation Aims to Honor Families
Mar 28, 2017 SALARIES UNVEILED: Public Employees' Pay Revealed by Mackinac Center
Mar 25, 2017 BEACH FOCUS: Chamber's Stodolak, Carley Beat Drum for State Park Revival
Mar 25, 2017 TRUMP OR CONGRESS: Who is Dedicated to Solving Our Biggest Problems?
Mar 24, 2017 STEM ADDS LEADER: Lori Flippin to Push Great Lakes Learning Growth
Mar 18, 2017 STUDENT WINS: SVSU Student's Flu Shots Research Earns Trip to Global Summit
Mar 17, 2017 ST. PATRICK'S DAY: Parade Association Events Start Saturday
Mar 15, 2017 TRANSFORMING CARE: Filmmaker Aims to Educate Care Workers Globally
Mar 14, 2017 THE WORM TURNS: Education Report Urges "Multiple Pathways"
Mar 12, 2017 EL GALEON REPRISE: Spanish Replica Ship Documentary Airs Again Sunday
Mar 6, 2017 TURMOIL HERE? We Must Guard Against Vitriolic Politics in Local Government
Mar 3, 2017 HISTORY UNVEILED: Old Kneeland-Bigelow Sign Shows Up on Fletcher Building
Mar 3, 2017 PARADIGM SCHOOL SHIFT? Trump, Betsy DeVos Eye Education Reforms
Feb 28, 2017 WALLEYE THREAT? Iosco, Au Gres Fishermen Fear Commercial Legislation
Feb 23, 2017 AMERICAN CHAOS: We Shouldn't Tolerate Fascist Type Intolerance
Feb 23, 2017 FINN LEAVING: City Manager Outlines Remarkable Agenda at Chamber
Feb 19, 2017 KEEP RICK FINN: This Manager Has Done Good Work, We Need Him!
Feb 18, 2017 117 YEAR TRAVESTY: Cheboygan Burt Lake Indian Band Sues for Justice
Feb 18, 2017 BLACK HISTORY: Celebration Slated Wednesday at State Capitol
Feb 12, 2017 BAY CITYANS IN HISTORY: Ties to Sugar Trust Doomed Warren's AG Nomination
Feb 8, 2017 MORE $ FOR SCHOOLS: Governor Aims for Top 10 Education State
Feb 5, 2017 GAG RULE RETURNS: Recent Actions on Abortion Harken Back to Slavery Days
Feb 5, 2017 LAWYERS RISING UP: Donations Surge, ACLU Summit Packed at U-M
Feb 5, 2017 TRUMP EFFECT? Bay City GM Plant Gets Boost, Caddys Soar in China
Feb 3, 2017 ON WISCONSIN! Gerrymandering End Appears Near for Cheeseheads; Stay Tuned
Jan 28, 2017 DDA EYES EXPANSION: Monitor Township, Bay County Agree to Continue Park
Jan 28, 2017 POPULAR VOTE: National Drive to Change Electoral System Gaining Favor
Jan 22, 2017 DEMS PUSHBACK: Why Stop the Elephants from Their Stampede Over the Cliff?
Jan 21, 2017 REGIONAL APPROACH KEY? Bay Future Chief Departs As Consolidation Fires Up
Jan 21, 2017 SAILING INTO HISTORY: Frank Boles Documents Great Lakes Bulk Carriers
Jan 21, 2017 THROWBACK LAKE TROUT: Researchers Snag Yesteryear Fish in Elk Lake
Jan 16, 2017 NEW PARK PLAN: City Planners to Vote Wednesday on Nickless Pavilion
Jan 14, 2017 SAVING SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE: Why Not Impeach or Recall Opponents?
Jan 13, 2017 BANISHED WORDS: Lake Superior State University Disses "Bigly" in 42nd "List
Jan 13, 2017 BAY CITY/ FAR EAST CONNECTION: Dr. Tim Eckstein Reaches Out Across Globe
Jan 8, 2017 REVITALIZE HOPE: Habitat for Humanity, New Dimensions Join Forces
Jan 7, 2017 GRAND DELUSION: Voters Now Face Realities of Far Right Politics
Jan 7, 2017 KATIE & MATT: Travis Siblings Make Bay City Arts History
Jan 2, 2017 HERE TO STAY: Merged Dow-DuPont Firm Anchoring New Global Headquarters
Dec 30, 2016 OPIOID TREATMENT: State Legislature OKs Lifesaving Medication in Schools
Dec 24, 2016 ICE CAUTION: Warmer Temperatures Bring Danger on Ice, Warns Coast Guard
Dec 22, 2016 TENNIS HOPES: New Court Project WILL Happen, Say Leaders
Dec 20, 2016 EBENEZER SCROOGE'S DILEMMA:Lock 'Em Up vs. Save Big Bucks
Dec 16, 2016 ONE NEW DOW: Coming Together With DuPont, Absorbing Dow Corning
Dec 12, 2016 WE MONEYBALLED IT: Back Room Spinmeister Pulled Voter Strings, Says Forbes
Dec 10, 2016 DOW INNOVATION CENTER: Liveris Announces 200 R&D Jobs in Midland
Dec 10, 2016 MUSEUM DIRECTOR: Mike Bacigalupo Interim Head as Ron Bloomfield Departs
Dec 8, 2016 U-M LAB WINS FAME: Marine Hydrodynamics Stars in Pearl Harbor Documentary
Dec 2, 2016 LIFT GLASSES SOON? County Deal Opens Door for Tech Park Growth
Nov 30, 2016 UNDER THE GUN: Microchips "Eating Jobs," Trump's Massive Challenge
Nov 27, 2016 KIDS & SCHOOL: No Way Education Gets Better With 6-7 Hours of TV Per Day
Nov 26, 2016 GRANDPA'S PARTY? Republican Voter Suppression Belies GOP Tradition
Nov 20, 2016 AUTO WE WORRY? U-M Economic Report Boosts Obama Bailout Success
Nov 20, 2016 HOIST A SPARTAN BARLEY! Heirloom Seed Craft Brew Soon to Hit Bars
Nov 19, 2016 MICHIGAN ELECTORS: Midland's Judy Rapanos on List of 16 To Confirm Prez
Nov 16, 2016 VETS TREE LIGHTING: Ceremony in Battery Park to Help Kick Off Season
Nov 15, 2016 FORGOTTEN CLASS: Donald Trump's Historic Win, Future Analyzed
Nov 11, 2016 GREAT WAR TALES: Bay City's Aladdin Co. Built Housing for 9,000 Officers
Nov 10, 2016 COMING TOGETHER? President Trump Faces Tests on Unity, Jobs
Nov 8, 2016 DECONSTRUCTING STRATEGY MSU Spells Out Costs, Benefits
Nov 6, 2016 Tim McGuire Steps Down as MAC Executive Director; Stephan Currie Succeeds
Nov 4, 2016 BAY CITY LINK: Historic Willkie Visit Here Part of Utility Firm History
Nov 4, 2016 RESEARCH CENTER: CMU Setting Up in Uptown, Aiming to Spur Growth
Oct 31, 2016 ONE MAIN ISSUE: How America Treats Poor, Elderly, Minorities at Stake
Oct 30, 2016 WENONAH PARK: Dispute Over Proposed Improvements Simmers
Oct 26, 2016 ASCENSION HEALTH: St. Mary's of Michigan Transitions to New Organization
Oct 25, 2016 SPEAK UP LEADERS! The U.S. House Still Lags on Apprenticeship Funding
Oct 23, 2016 KIRK TIMM: One of Bay City's Top Old Soldiers Finally Fades Away
Oct 21, 2016 WORLD CAMPAIGN: Troy Cunningham for Sheriff Stickers Circle Globe
Oct 16, 2016 DISNEYFICATION? Community Activist Condemns Wenonah Park Master Plan
Oct 16, 2016 POLLUTION RISKS: MDEQ, County Eye 6,900 Kawkawlin Watershed Septic Systems
Oct 14, 2016 INSTANT RUNOFF VOTING: Many Benefits of Irish Election System Deserve Look
Oct 8, 2016 SAGINAW GRANT: Actor Keeps Tribal Connection Alive on Screen
Oct 7, 2016 HOW TRUMP CAN WIN: Low Turnout May Snatch Victory From Jaws of Defeat
Oct 5, 2016 NEW OPPORTUNITY! Delta Gets $1.18 Million to Enroll Low Income Students
Oct 3, 2016 HEY AUTOWORKERS: Want a Job? Move to Mexico!
Sep 30, 2016 INGERSOLL CASE: "Not Motivated Exclusively by Greed," Judge Rules
Sep 29, 2016 ALADDIN HISTORY: Austin Village, England, Bay City's Readi-Cut WWI Triumph
Sep 27, 2016 EDUCATION GAP: Delta College "Responsive to Needs," President Goodnow Says
Sep 25, 2016 THE GREAT WAR: Bay Veterans Foundation Aims to Enhance Pershing Park
Sep 23, 2016 PRETTY OLD HORSE: Vocational Education in Michigan Outdated, Underfunded
Sep 19, 2016 TRUMP'S JOBS PLAN?: Upjohn Economists Favor More Education-Training
Sep 18, 2016 BAY FUTURE SCORES! Economic Development Group Surpasses Goal
Sep 17, 2016 COMMISSIONER MOVES: GLIAC's Dell Robinson Now Executive Search Consultant
Sep 15, 2016 WOLVES HISTORIAN: Mike Laskowski Documents Central Football Records
Sep 11, 2016 SMART ZONES: Uptown Bay City, Saginaw Joining Business Incubator Program
Sep 11, 2016 STRANDED SOLDIERS: Veterans' Group, Mitchell Motorcoach Help Out
Sep 10, 2016 RADICAL CHANGE!: Working Class Party Joins Michigan Ballot
Sep 6, 2016 CYBER SCHOOL DEBATE: K-12 Inc. Jousts With Think Tank Over Study
Sep 4, 2016 STATE PARK PLAN: Trail to Ironwood Planned Near BCSRA
Sep 2, 2016 GED WOES: New High School Test Pass Rate Drops 83% in Michigan
Sep 1, 2016 WOLVES HOWL: Winning Bay City Gridiron Tradition Established Early
Aug 31, 2016 ENTREPRENEURIAL FAIR: Area Business, Education Leaders Aim at Jobs, Poverty
Aug 28, 2016 HOUSING PLAN: To Grow, Bay City Urged to Upgrade, Diversify Homes
Aug 26, 2016 ANSWER TO DECLINE? Institutions Could Revitalize By Helping the Poor
Aug 21, 2016 NICARAGUAN ADVENTURER: Bay City Native Patrick Werner Heads Canal Dig
Aug 19, 2016 BRIDGE CLOSING? Independence is Vital, Irreplaceable Truck Route
Aug 16, 2016 EU SCRUTINY: DowDupont Inc. Merger Eyed for Anti-Trust Effects
Aug 13, 2016 ANDY THE GREAT: When Bay City's Karpus Stunned the Pro Football World
Aug 11, 2016 BEANS FOR THE WORLD: Munger Firm Soars in Global Organic Market
Aug 11, 2016 SWIMMING IN RIO: How I Nearly Drowned But Escaped Brazil in 1970
Aug 4, 2016 MISSING VOTES? Questions Arise Again on Scanner Machine Voting
Jul 31, 2016 TOUR REVERIE: Templars on Center Avenue, Foggy Cemeteries
Jul 29, 2016 FAR EAST TIES: Bay Veterans Foundation Mirrors Work of Drs Gale, Doll
Jul 27, 2016 ELECTION QUESTIONS; With Over One Third Undecided, Tossup Seen in Michigan
Jul 24, 2016 DELTA TO CUBA: Visit Forbidden Island Before it Changes Forever
Jul 22, 2016 TENNIS FUNDRAISER: Coonan's Irish Hub to Host BCTA Party Aug. 7
Jul 20, 2016 VETS ASSURED: Bay County to Replace Job Eliminated by State
Jul 17, 2016 INCREDIBLE HISTORY: Tourists Hear Tales of Bygone Bay City
Jul 14, 2016 SOLARIZE MICHIGAN! New Non-Profit Aims to Help Homeowners Save $$$
Jul 10, 2016 DICK JANKE: Persistence in Pursuit of Community Benefit Pays Off
Jul 9, 2016 TRADE SCHOOLS: Aim to Ease 15% Unemployment Rate for 17-25 Year-Olds
Jul 8, 2016 MURPHY HONORED: Bay City Public Safety Officer Gets Top Award
Jul 6, 2016 RUMOR CAMPAIGN: Barcia vs. Hickner Race Turns Dark, Nasty
Jul 4, 2016 WHY SO LONG? Twin Poe Lock at the Soo on Tap Since 1986
Jun 30, 2016 BONNIE & CLYDE GANG: Old News Clipping Documents Bay City Connection
Jun 29, 2016 THE BEACH? WELL! Crowds Return to Clean Bay City State Park Beach
Jun 26, 2016 DREAM REALIZED: Tourism Envisioned by 1929 Water Carnival Coming True
Jun 22, 2016 Restored Battery Park Dedication Held
Jun 18, 2016 HISTORY REPEATS: Rebirth of Battery Park Recalls Memorable Event
Jun 18, 2016 SNYDER SCORES: His Hand-On Education Focus Winning Support
Jun 17, 2016 YES, JACK - Cinnamon Rolls, Health Care & College Should Be Free
Jun 12, 2016 PREDATORY LENDERS: Payday Loans (390% Interest) Under Fire
Jun 12, 2016 SMART 9-1-1:New Bay County Safety Service Popular with Citizens
Jun 11, 2016 COMMUNITY TV: So You Want to Be A Broadcaster?
Jun 5, 2016 RULING LIGHTS DARK STORES: Legislator Still Wants Bill to Insure Tax Policy
Jun 3, 2016 PARK RE-DEDICATION: Vets Slate Battery Park Event Tuesday, June 21
Jun 3, 2016 TRICKLE DOWN? Another Look at the Effects of Misguided Economics Today
Jun 1, 2016 MARRIOTT SET? 100 Room Hotel at Uptown Eyes Friday Start
May 29, 2016 STUDENTS WIN: BACF to Award Scholarships to 238 Students
May 28, 2016 NEAR TOP: The Future is Now Campaign Hits $1 Million, Litten Announces
May 28, 2016 SUPERFUND MAY PAY: Funds For State Park Eyed in Dioxin Remediation
May 28, 2016 THIRD PARTY: Gary Johnson May Trip Up Trump at White House Door
May 20, 2016 VOODOO ECONOMICS: Reagan's Laffer Curve Ideas Not Funny Today
May 18, 2016 BACK TO BOOT CAMP: Consumers Energy Eyes Vets to Fill Jobs
May 18, 2016 BARCIA VS. HICKNER: Longstanding County Building Disputes Eyed
May 18, 2016 TRUMP PHENOMENON: Political Science Panel Discussion Slated at U-M
May 14, 2016 GMO DISPUTE: Sugar Beet Labeling Fight Threatens Local Farmers
May 14, 2016 VISITATION DOOMED? $1 Million Renovation Cost May Sink Historic Church
May 11, 2016 KILLING DEMOCRACY? Michigan's Emergency Manager Law Under Fire
May 10, 2016 COPS & DOUGHNUTS: Clare Police Firm Buys Sutherland's in Bay City
May 8, 2016 SCHUETTE STANDS FIRM: Atty. Gen. Says "Nothing Off Table" in Flint
May 5, 2016 EDSON 9-1-1 ROLE: Destroyer Museum Ship Used as FBI "Command Cell"
May 5, 2016 HISTORY AWARDS: Central, Handy, Bangor Students Win MI History Honors
May 4, 2016 FLINT DILEMMA: Don't Drink the Water -- Or the Kool-Aid
May 1, 2016 DELTA BUILDS: Construction Class Kiosk to Highlight Battery Park
May 1, 2016 TRANSPARENCY? Actual Documents From Governor's Website
Apr 29, 2016 EXPENSIVE MUCK: Loss of Swimming Beach Costs $228K Per Day
Apr 27, 2016 GM BOOSTS BAY CITY: Firm Adds $118 Million Investment, 29 New Jobs
Apr 27, 2016 LEVIN HONORED: Destroyer USS Carl M. Levin Named in Detroit
Apr 27, 2016 SAFE WASTE WATER: Bay City's Carbon Treatment Rare, Best, Say Experts
Apr 26, 2016 Lee Newton, Rob Clark: "It's a Club Full of Heroes," Says DG
Apr 21, 2016 FLINT WATER: Schuette's Charges Don't Absolve Snyder, Free Press States
Apr 21, 2016 STUDENT LOANS: Michigan Dems Launch Bills to Foil Predators
Apr 17, 2016 RAND & RYAN: Can We Keep the Speaker of the House Out of Our Houses?
Apr 16, 2016 HISTORY HERE: Bay City Central High to Host Michigan History Day
Apr 16, 2016 REVENUE SHARING: Midland Republican Senator Leads Policy Reversal
Apr 16, 2016 VOICE ACADEMY: Mid-Michigan Singers Slate Programs
Apr 9, 2016 COMMUNITY TV: Planning Group Seeks Volunteer Producers for Channel
Apr 7, 2016 COLLABORATION: City, County Join in Computerized Mapping
Apr 7, 2016 FUTURE IS NOW: Bay Future Hails $801,405 Investment Drive Kickoff
Apr 5, 2016 EMPIRE TOTTERING? Columnist Phil Power Prays for Nation, Eyes Uprising
Apr 4, 2016 BARCIA'S BOSS: "Earmark Lobbyist" Bob Livingston Endorses Trump
Apr 3, 2016 VETERANS' SYNERGY: Program Aims to Benefit Workers, Ex-Offenders
Mar 30, 2016 COUNTY EXECUTIVE: Government Structure Needs Re-examination
Mar 29, 2016 ICE RINK HEATS UP: Wenonah Park Pavilion Hot Bay City Topic
Mar 26, 2016 FOOD INSECURITY: Retired School Folks Sponsor Kids Summer Meal Program
Mar 26, 2016 NOTHING NEW: Misinformation Has Plagued Mankind Throughout History
Mar 24, 2016 CHAMBER GALA: 133RD Event Draws 400 Drumbeaters to Hotel
Mar 23, 2016 KNORR'S NEW FLAG: Defoe-Built Research Vessel Joins Mexican Navy
Mar 18, 2016 HISTORIC CANNON: Bay Cast Foundry Re-creating Dahlgren for Battery Park
Mar 18, 2016 MIDLAND TOMORROW: Milojevoc Named to Head Development Board
Mar 18, 2016 WICKED BAY CITY: Coming May 30 From Tim Younkman
Mar 14, 2016 CAMPAIGN VIOLENCE: Candidates Have Duty to Tamp it Down
Mar 14, 2016 DOW TAKES OVER: Joint Venture with Corning, Inc., Ends This Year
Mar 14, 2016 SAFE HARBOR: Food Pantry, Kitchen Marks 1 Year Anniversary
Mar 14, 2016 SAGINAW CHEERS: $174 Million in Economic Development Celebrated
Mar 11, 2016 CRUEL POLICY: Indian Removal of 1830s Led James Birney to Slavery Abolition
Mar 7, 2016 TALL SHIPS, AHOY: Excitement Building for July 14-18 Event Here
Mar 5, 2016 MARINES STAND TALL: Corps Rejects Recruit Who Displayed Racial Hatred
Mar 4, 2016 MICHIGAN IN FOCUS: Trump Stumps in Cadillac, Dems Debate in Flint
Mar 1, 2016 TRUMP, CLINTON LEAD: Michigan Primary Election Set March 8
Mar 1, 2016 VETERANS vs. U.S: Chemical Weapons Testing Case Drags On
Feb 28, 2016 TAX CUT FOLLY: Flint is Poster Child for Refusal of State to Fund Cities
Feb 19, 2016 ROAD MAP: Projects Unveiled by Finn, Hickner at Chamber State of Community
Feb 18, 2016 MICHIGAN FUTURE? Auto Boom Hasn't Reduced Low Prosperity, Report Says
Feb 16, 2016 CRUNCH TIME: $600 M for Flint? "Goodness, We Must Be Careful," Senator Says
Feb 15, 2016 VETERANS ORGANIZE: Bay Veterans Foundation Aims to Coordinate Services
Feb 14, 2016 ONE WORD: Describes This Year's National Elections - Yuuuuuge!
Feb 14, 2016 SENATE HURDLE: Former Bay Cityan Myra Selby's Nomination Also Pending
Feb 11, 2016 NATIVE TREATIES: Former Bay Cityan Paul Johnson to Open CMU Exhibit
Feb 9, 2016 WHO'S A PROGRESSIVE? Michigan & Bay City Wellspring of Movement
Feb 6, 2016 PRISONERS EXONERATED: U-M Reports Record Number Wrongfully Convicted Freed
Feb 3, 2016 SETTLEMENT: Agreement Reached on Children's Rights, Foster Care
Feb 1, 2016 5,000 HOMELESS: Eight County Mid-Michigan Numbers High
Jan 30, 2016 4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION? "Companies Can Do Well by Doing Good" - Liveris
Jan 27, 2016 DARK ELECTIONS: Rep. Matt Bierlein Joins Action Against State Gag Law
Jan 26, 2016 LEAVE NO TRACE: Saginaw Bay Ice Users Urged to Remove Trash
Jan 24, 2016 STURGEON SHIVAREE: Cheboygan to Host Festival for Ancient Fish Feb. 5-6
Jan 22, 2016 MIDLAND TENNIS: 3 Former Champs in Draw at Dow Corning Classic
Jan 20, 2016 FLINT FALLOUT: "Poisoning of An American City" - Time Magazine
Jan 19, 2016 DARK WATER: Children Suffer Most From Toxic Politics of Flint Crisis
Jan 16, 2016 CYBER CAR THIEVES: Are Keyless Entry Auto Models Vulnerable?
Jan 15, 2016 ICE COVER THIN: Great Lakes Barely Frozen, Saginaw Bay Open
Jan 11, 2016 DELTA DILEMMA: How Would College Use Millions From TV Station?
Jan 10, 2016 'BAMA BOOM: "Greatest College Team & Coach, in History"?
Jan 10, 2016 HOLY CATFISH! Anglers Fear AuSable Fish Farm, Aquaculture Push
Jan 8, 2016 PANHANDLERS EYED: County Executive Tom Hickner to Discuss Issue Tuesday
Jan 8, 2016 PRISON COSTS: Michigan Senate Holds Up Gov. Snyder's Reforms
Jan 2, 2016 TAX GRAB=$78 M: Locals Fight Big Box Tribunal Rulings
Jan 1, 2016 GERRYMANDERING OUT? Citizens Retrieving Power From Lunatic Fringe
Dec 28, 2015 SAILING INTO HISTORY: Meade & Jan Gougeon Join Legends in Hall of Fame
Dec 26, 2015 CHRISTMAS MIRACLE: Hungry Travelers From Afar Find Bounty in Bay City
Dec 23, 2015 GEN. LEE & SANTA: Poem at Clements Library Aimed at Confederate Kids
Dec 20, 2015 NAVY VET RECALLS: Fred Sauer, 94, Served Aboard Historic Carrier
Dec 16, 2015 WHEN JOHNNY Came Marching Home to Bay City, 1919
Dec 12, 2015 GOUGEON SPEAKS: Explains General Meade Link to Local Civil War Vet
Dec 11, 2015 TAX RULINGS SLAMMED: Bay County Loses $5.8 Million in Past 5 Years
Dec 9, 2015 DOWDUPONT: Dow Chemical Chief Liveris to Head Merged Firm
Dec 7, 2015 FISH FARM HEARINGS: AuSable Hatchery Expansion Plans Raise Anglers' Hackles
Dec 6, 2015 ONLINE SCHOOLS: New National Study Finds Weaker Academic Performance
Dec 2, 2015 GUNS IN SCHOOL? Poll Shows Michigan Public Solidly Opposed, Green Bashed
Nov 28, 2015 HORROR UNLEASHED: Local Author Goes Stephen King One Better
Nov 27, 2015 HISTORIC ANNIVERSARY: 13th Amendment Abolishes Slavery 150 Years Ago Dec. 6
Nov 24, 2015 WHO VANDERLAAN? Ferris Flash Burns Texas Team for 5 TDs
Nov 22, 2015 WAIT FOR IT...CIA Now Admits JFK Killing Coverup, Details in 2017
Nov 20, 2015 DARK STORES: Legislature Zeroing In On Property Tax Loopholes
Nov 15, 2015 EXPLOSIVE TALE: State History Magazine Features Bay City Alkali Site
Nov 13, 2015 DO YOU BELIEVE? More Americans Say Their Religious Affiliation is "None"
Nov 11, 2015 ALL AMERICAN VETERAN: Col. Roger Donlon, 81, Still Answering Call to Duty
Nov 6, 2015 BEWARE DEER: Both Bucks and Does Can Be Aggressive, Experts Say
Nov 3, 2015 GRIZZLY ATTACK: Jim VanSteenhouse Escapes Bear, Recovering From Injuries
Nov 2, 2015 REDUCING INEQUALITY: IMF Study Says Unions Prevent Greed by Wealthy
Oct 28, 2015 HOLY GRAYLING: Exhibit at CMU Clarke Library by Dr. Robert Kohrman
Oct 27, 2015 MILITARY APPRECIATION: Bay City Elks Sponsor Spirit Hockey Event Nov. 7
Oct 24, 2015 DOW CHEMICAL SOARING: Midland Firm Posts Highest Dividends in History
Oct 24, 2015 UPTOWN GROWTH: Developers Post 3-Year Time-Lapse Video
Oct 22, 2015 UNLIMITED GROWTH: State Sees "Indefinite Increases" of Charter Schools
Oct 18, 2015 JUSTIFIABLE PRIDE: Spartans and Wolverines Both Can Claim Victory
Oct 16, 2015 SPRUCING UP: Hangar at James Clements Airport Project Target
Oct 11, 2015 WHITHER THE NEWS? Finding Unvarnished Truth Columnist's Quest
Oct 5, 2015 GIFT TO KIDS: Bay Tennis Fundraising Program Underway This Month
Oct 5, 2015 MARINE PATROL: Bay County Eyes $250,000 New Vessel
Oct 4, 2015 MAMMOTH MYSTERIES: Why Huge Beasts Here? Who Killed Them?
Sep 29, 2015 GERMAN POWs HERE: Rommel's Afrika Corps Captors Held in Michigan Camps
Sep 25, 2015 CONFEDERATE FLAG? Meaning is No Mystery, Psychologists Contend
Sep 24, 2015 CARSON TOPS LIST: Michigan Poll Gives Surgeon Nod, 24-22 Over Trump
Sep 24, 2015 PROSECUTORS BORE IN: Steve Ingersoll Still Under the Federal Microscope
Sep 16, 2015 NEW DIRECTOR: Scott Mitchell From Savannah to Head Midland Tennis Center
Sep 16, 2015 TRUMP-SANDERS? Maybe We Need a Bipartisan Presidential Ticket, Why Not?
Sep 12, 2015 INDIAN WARS: Declining Casino Revenues Lead to Chippewa Disenrollment
Sep 12, 2015 TENNIS TOUTED: Group Backs New Court Complex To Replace Many Removed
Sep 7, 2015 DELIVERED BY GOD? Dennis Hale's Talk Here Revealed Ship Sinking Mysteries
Sep 7, 2015 HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Specialty Court Aims to Change Way Victims Are Viewed
Sep 5, 2015 STEM PILOT: Great Lakes Bay Region Named for National Ecosystems Initiative
Sep 5, 2015 WATER TURNED ON: Higher Quality Lake Huron Source Hooked to Local System
Aug 31, 2015 FAMILY DAYS: Fall Festival Sept. 12-13 at Thumb Octagon Barn
Aug 27, 2015 GED INFO NIGHT: Aug. 31 Event Sponsored by GLBay College Resource Center
Aug 27, 2015 REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH? Many Americans Think Riches Amassed Unfairly
Aug 27, 2015 TRUMPED! Both Clinton and Trump Win More Favor Than Jeb Bush in Michigan
Aug 23, 2015 SAGINAW HISTORY: Amazing Tale of Indian Captivity Started Here in 1789
Aug 23, 2015 SLAVERY LINGERS: Nobel Prize Winner Krugman Links Race to Right Wing Ideas
Aug 16, 2015 MUSTARD GAS BACK! Deadly Chemical Weapon From World War I Has Local History
Aug 14, 2015 GET YOUR GUN: It's Time to Go Back to School With Open Carry & Sen. Green
Aug 14, 2015 RAIL TO WATER: Old D&M Railroad Now Site of Saginaw-Midland Waterlines
Aug 9, 2015 PAYING THE PIPER: Ingersoll's 7 Most Valuable Bay City Properties at Risk
Aug 6, 2015 BAY CITY CAPITAL: Ex-Localite Fred Craves Heads $1.6 Billion Venture Firm
Aug 6, 2015 GM FLINT UPGRADE: Company to Invest $877M in Body Shop at Assembly Plant
Aug 5, 2015 HEROIN CRISIS: Police, Medical Authorities in Emergency Meeting Friday
Aug 3, 2015 EDSON ADVENTURE: West Coast Veteran Heads Home After 10 Weeks on Ship Here
Aug 1, 2015 DARK MONEY: Manoj Bhargava, 5-Hour Energy Founder, Tops GOP Donors List
Aug 1, 2015 NEW TROOPERS: State Police Graduate 62 From Trooper School
Aug 1, 2015 SOCIAL SECURITY: More Secure -- Now Good Until 2035 -- Say Trustees
Jul 27, 2015 CYBER TAKEOVER? No More Brick & Mortar Schools, Predicts Academy Leader
Jul 23, 2015 POVERTY REPORT: Michigan Kids, Poor Shafted by Legislature, Analyst Charges
Jul 18, 2015 DICKENSIAN? Poverty in Bay County Appears Something Like 1840s England
Jul 13, 2015 HISTORY CITY: Bay City Loves its Past, As Sesquicentennial Pride Shows
Jul 11, 2015 BRIDGEBUILDER: At 86, DeMara Recalls High Life on Mackinac Bridge
Jul 5, 2015 EARLY WARNING: Struggling Schools May Get Loans in Bill Headed to Governor
Jul 2, 2015 CLEAN WATER: Philanthropists Here Aug. 27-28 For Close Look at Saginaw Bay
Jul 2, 2015 WOLVERINES TRIUMPH: Last Day at Gettysburg 152 Years Ago Was Michigan Win
Jun 28, 2015 VETS REMEMBER: Medal of Honor Winner Reminisces with Korean War POW
Jun 26, 2015 BIRNEY RISES AT LAST: Bay City Pioneer's Words Undergird Historic Ruling
Jun 26, 2015 JOB CLUB: Bay Vets Foundation to Receive Resumes, Provide Job Info Friday
Jun 25, 2015 GREEN FUELING: Bay City Inventor Aims For Auto Assembly Line Safety
Jun 25, 2015 HIGH YIELDS: Plant Microbes Key to Crop Increases, Disease Protection
Jun 19, 2015 DE DAY: Destroyer Escort Sailors Recall Winning the Nazi Submarine War
Jun 18, 2015 LOCK 'EM UP! Old Flawed Idea Now Seen Unfair, Unsustainable by Policymakers
Jun 14, 2015 CEMETERY ARCHEOLOGY: Soldier's Rest/Pine Ridge Probes Yield Amazing Finds
Jun 11, 2015 BATTERY PARK: Century-old Park May Rise From Obscurity, Maybe With Cannon
Jun 11, 2015 HUMAN SERVICES FIRST: Vulnerable Adult Protocol Brings Award to County
Jun 8, 2015 HIRING BOOM! State of Michigan, General Motors, Said Seeking Workers
Jun 7, 2015 PRISON CRISIS: Michigan Freeing Low Level Criminals to Cut Costs
Jun 7, 2015 STUDENT SAFETY: Attorney General Reports Big Response to 2 New Initiatives
May 31, 2015 EXECUTIVES NAMED: Renewable Energy Guru Hofmeister in New Consumers Post
May 31, 2015 MORE WALLEYE, FEWER PERCH: Public Asked to Comment on Proposed Fishing Regs
May 30, 2015 AG JOBS OPEN: Michigan Agri-Business Association Lists Available Positions
May 30, 2015 HAIL TO VICTORS: Sousa Called University of Michigan Song "Best March Ever"
May 30, 2015 PARK PLACE TENNIS: 8 Courts Proposed to Be Built on Jefferson School Site
May 27, 2015 AGGIE HERO: Bay City's Francis I. Lankey Wrote Fight Song, Died in War
May 27, 2015 MOVE TO UPTOWN: Michigan Sugar Offices, 65 Employees Said Heading to City
May 21, 2015 CHARACTER COUNTS: Calling Teachers for Medal of Honor Curriculum Workshop
May 17, 2015 EGAD, IT'S HISTORIC! Bay City's Part in Space Travel, Library of Americana
May 17, 2015 LAKE HURON HISTORY: MV Cedarville Sinking 50 Years Ago Recalled
May 14, 2015 BAY CITY GEMS: State Historic Group Tours Airport, City Hall, Center Avenue
May 10, 2015 CLIMB BIG MAC? You Could Win 2 Free Tickets to View State From Atop Bridge
May 8, 2015 HEALTH CHALLENGE: County Pushes Employees to Wellness at 3.5 Miles Daily
May 7, 2015 SNYDER FOILED: Presidential Hopes (If Any) Dashed by Failure of Road Vote
May 4, 2015 LOBSTER POT BOILING: Real Seafood Awaits Crowds for Tuesday May 5 Opening
May 3, 2015 CHARTER OVERSIGHT: More Government Accountability, Mandated Audits Sought
Blue Cross, U-M Collaborating on Improving ER Care
Apr 28, 2015 ELEPHANTS SPAR: It's Snyder vs. Patterson in GOP Battle over No-Fault Auto
Apr 26, 2015 GHOSTBOXES? Future of Closed Big Retailer Stores Clouds Local Economies
Apr 25, 2015 SAGINAW CONVO: State History Conference to Be Hosted at SVSU
Apr 23, 2015 AGRITOURISM? Farm Market Visits, Corn Maze, U-Pick Activities in New Field
Apr 23, 2015 MONSTER SHIPS: Third Equinox Class Bulk Carrier Now Working Great Lakes
Apr 23, 2015 TENNIS FRIENDS: Midland Invites Families to Festival During USTA Tourney
Apr 17, 2015 VETS TO TEE OFF: New Bay Veterans Foundation Part of Benefit Golf Outing
Apr 15, 2015 SUN PEEKING OUT? Hemlock, Reeling From TN Closure, Hopes Clouds Clear
Apr 15, 2015 U.S. OPEN TENNIS: Players Signing Up for Midland Qualifier June 12-15
Apr 14, 2015 MACKINAC REVERIE: Fur Trader Madame LaFramboise Stymied Astor
Apr 14, 2015 PHANTOM STAR: Sparkling Local Talent Katie Travis On National Tour
Apr 11, 2015 SHIPS FIGHT ICE: Seaway Traffic Crunched by Floats, Inadequate Ice-breaking
Apr 10, 2015 STAGECOACH COMING! Yup, Pardner, Michigan Had Stagecoaches, Robberies Too
Apr 4, 2015 ALZHEIMER'S CAMPAIGN: Rotary Clubs Whipped Polio, Now Funding New Research
Apr 4, 2015 BAY COUNTY IN 3-D: Commission Aims Aerial Cameras to Boost GIS Program
Mar 29, 2015 GAY MARRIAGE: Study Shows 2004 Michigan Ban Vote Helped Bush Get Elected
Mar 28, 2015 DOW-OLIN $5B DEAL: Midland Firm's Stock Price Jumps After Chlorine Spin-Off
Mar 26, 2015 ATTEN-HUT! Homeless at Detroit Veterans Center Go Back to Barracks Basics
Mar 24, 2015 LAKES DECLINE OVER? Three Foot Water Rise Seen End to 15 Year Fall
Mar 22, 2015 BC BUCKET LIST: Tour Guide Publishes 101 Things to Do in Bay City Before...
Mar 22, 2015 MIDLAND SCORES: U.S. Open Tennis Playoffs Come to Mid-Michigan June 12-18
Mar 21, 2015 NEAR MISS? Finally, the Story of How Bay City Almost Became Home to Buick
Mar 19, 2015 PORT FISHER: Fertilizer Manufacturer Pumping Life Into Local Marine Economy
Mar 18, 2015 MARV KUSMIERZ: Passionate Bay City Historian Deserves to Be Remembered
Mar 14, 2015 EPA EAGLES SOAR: National Bird Thrives on Chemical Ban, Habitat Protection
Mar 13, 2015 JACK BULLIS: Bay City Bowling Icon Was World War II Drill Sergeant
Mar 11, 2015 NO DUCK STAMP: Fearsome Gavel Looms Over Convicted Dr.Ingersoll
Mar 8, 2015 BOB FRIEDLE: Bay City Radio Tech Wins Award for Broadcast Engineering
Mar 7, 2015 COLORFUL CAST: Ingersoll Trial Jury Deliberation Resumes Monday
Mar 7, 2015 GERMAN FEST SET: German-American National Congress Convention Here Oct. 2-4
Mar 5, 2015 REGIONAL MARKETING: Great Lakes Bay Hikes Tourism Income While Averages Lag
Mar 4, 2015 Great Lakes Bay Region Wins Governor's Economic and Education Summit award
Mar 4, 2015 LOFTY GOAL: Top 10 North America Position Aim of Bay Future, Litten Says
Mar 4, 2015 WANT A LIGHTHOUSE? Please Buy the Gravelly Shoals Light So I Don't Have To
Mar 1, 2015 HANDS OFF: Legislature Passes New Green Gun Bill Removing County Discretion
Feb 27, 2015 AUTHOR DAZZLES: Book-lovers Throng Isabel Wilkerson, "Warmth of Other Suns"
Feb 27, 2015 HIRE MI HEROES! Unemployed Vets Focus of Tax Credit Bill In Legislature
Feb 25, 2015 E-H LOOKS TO FUTURE: Happy School Parents Will Soon See Building Upgrades
Feb 23, 2015 DEVILISH DETAILS! Voter Approval on Road Plan Goes South When Details Heard
Feb 20, 2015 BLACK DIAMONDS: Talk Eyes Area Blacks in Civil War, More History Notables
Feb 20, 2015 TAKE A LOOK: I Dare You to Try and Figure Out if the Road Tax Plan is Good
Feb 18, 2015 ALICE WIRT: Longtime Community Benefactor Mourned, Husband Jack Remembered
Feb 15, 2015 BUT FOR GOD'S GRACE...There Go I; Homelessness Below Zero a Tough Gig
Feb 14, 2015 REPUBLICAN SPLIT: Birthright Citizenship Spat Imperils GOP Legacy
Feb 13, 2015 GUNS = DEATHS: New Study Shows More Guns Result in More Gun Killings
Feb 13, 2015 I.A.V.A.: Newest Yankee Doodle Boys (& Women) Take Center Stage
Feb 12, 2015 ANTI-VAXXERS: Traverse City, Detroit Metro Areas Hotbeds of Shots Avoidance
Feb 9, 2015 BUNYAN MODEL? Bay City Lumberjack Joe Fournier Tale Now Subject of Song
Feb 7, 2015 SCHOOL UPGRADES: Essexville-Hampton District Town Hall Wednesday at Bush
Feb 5, 2015 BANDIT ALERT! Wall Street Comes to Buena Vista, Buys High School for $5 Mil
Feb 5, 2015 GUN CONTROL? Public Nearly Universally Opposes New Laws: PBS Poll
Feb 5, 2015 NEW EXECS: Chamber Hosts Ex-College Athletes Heading McLaren, Bay Future
Feb 5, 2015 POT CITIES GROW: Marijuana Decriminalization Trend Sweeps Across Michigan
Feb 1, 2015 LANSING SHOOTOUT: Gov. Snyder Says Green's Gun Bills Need to Wait in Line
Feb 1, 2015 SAD SEDUCTION: Jeb & Mitt Out as Rand, Ted and Marco Drink Koch Kool Aid
Jan 31, 2015 DOW AGRO GROWS: Brazilian Seed Firm Acquisition Strengthens Soybean Area
Jan 29, 2015 MARKSTROM TAPPED: Bay Area Chamber Names Interim President
Jan 29, 2015 NEW GOLF PLAN: Country Club Ends, Saginaw Valley Public Golf Course Starts
Jan 27, 2015 PETROGLYPHS? History Convo to Hear of Site, True Crime from Mardi Link
Jan 26, 2015 ROADS DOOMED? State Voters Historically Have Rejected Tax Proposals
Jan 25, 2015 FARM HAND SHORTAGE: Immigration Reforms Urged to Fill Agriculture Jobs
Jan 25, 2015 SOCIAL SECURITY BATTLE: System Not Broke, Say Friends, Advocating Expansion
Jan 24, 2015 GERMAN BEER: Authentic Brew Coming Soon Via High Tech Cans to Bar Near You
Jan 20, 2015 $RICHIE RICH$: Kenneth Dart Tops Michigan at $5.8 Billion As Top Dogs Growl
Jan 20, 2015 NO DOW DEAL? Corning Says It's "Happy With Ownership Stake" in Dow Corning
Jan 20, 2015 RENEWABLE ENERGY: Also Make Clean Air a Priority, Group Urges Gov. Snyder,
Jan 18, 2015 GLADWIN TO BEAVERTON: $75,000 in Grants to Jump Start Trail System
Jan 18, 2015 GMO DEBATE: Genetically Modified Foods, Boon or Bane to Mankind?
Jan 18, 2015 MOVING UP: Amy E. Wilson Named Corporate Secretary by Dow Chemical Company
Jan 16, 2015 SOCIAL SECURITY: Republicans Overwhelmingly Favored Bill When Adopted
Jan 14, 2015 CHARTER FLAWS: Online "Schools" vs. Traditional Bricks & Mortar Weighed
Jan 12, 2015 RESURRECTED? Heston, Wayne Live in Films; How About Princess Wenonah?
Jan 11, 2015 ULTRA HD TV: Dow to Partner with LG in New Quantum Dot Technology
Jan 10, 2015 CHARTER SCHOOLS: Sixteen Public School Academies in Saginaw Valley Area
Jan 10, 2015 SILVER BULLETS? Ingersoll Fraud Case Said Hanging Over Charter Schools
Jan 6, 2015 MONEY GAMES: Is Dallas Dominance Symbolic of Fabric of Corruption?
Jan 5, 2015 CHRISTIE FLUB? NJ Guv Cheering Against Detroit Lions a Political Faux Pas?
Jan 4, 2015 FINDING AMELIA? Island Where Flyer's Bones Found to be Probed in June
Jan 2, 2015 AULD LANG SYNE: To: Guv, Legislature - Cancel Vote in May, Fix Roads Now!
Dec 31, 2014 CONTROLLING CHARTERS: Integrity Education Group Urges State Regulations
Dec 29, 2014 HARBAUGH DEAL: Wolverines $48 Million, 6 Year Deal Said Dicey
Dec 29, 2014 LOSING OUR WAY: Bob Herbert Book Digs Into America's Soul, Calls for Action
Dec 26, 2014 CHARTER TAKEOVER? Public Schools Transformed to Corporate Profit Centers
Dec 25, 2014 GRIFFIN FOUND? Divers Seeking Confederate Gold Discovered LaSalle's Ship
Dec 24, 2014 KING KONG REVIVAL: Skull Island Fictional Ape's Home Real History Site Here
Dec 23, 2014 LAST QUACKS OF 2014: Time Runs Out on Legislature's Education Tinkering
Dec 22, 2014 SCHUETTE CUTS SCHOOLS: Attorney General OK's Aid Fund for Hockey Arena
Dec 21, 2014 SAVING DOW: Embattled Firm Crucial to Continued Employment, Growth Here
Dec 20, 2014 GIANT HOAX? Bay County's Huge Skeletons Part of National Mystery Probe
Dec 20, 2014 LAME CALL: Legislators Duck Road Crisis, Toss Ball to Voters Next May
Dec 20, 2014 NEW LEADER: Bay Future Hires Sandusky Ohio Economic Development Executive
Dec 18, 2014 FEAR FACTOR: Some Parents Frightened Vaccines May Cause Autism in Children
Dec 14, 2014 DOW DEFENDED: Jim Cramer Lashes Activist Investor Dan Loeb as Rogue
Dec 13, 2014 GARBERS RECALLED: John & Melissa Were Essexville School, Community Pioneers
Dec 13, 2014 JERRY COLE: One of Few Bay Cityans to Graduate U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
Dec 11, 2014 GOV IN HIGH GEAR: Snyder Unveils Plan to Fix Roads, Extra $$$ For Bay, Area
Dec 11, 2014 PERPLEXING POLL: Voters Say State on Track But They're No Better Off
Dec 8, 2014 SCHOOL REFORM? Since Proposal A (1994), Michigan's Educational Focus Wavers
Dec 7, 2014 KATIE BOFFO: Bay City Star Wins Praise as Phantom's "Best Christine Ever"
Dec 5, 2014 CRUNCH TIME: Retaining Democracy Takes Wisdom, Tolerance, Courage
Dec 4, 2014 TROMBLEY HOUSE BREAKFASTS: Customers Already Lining for Chow with Santa
Dec 4, 2014 UPTOWN GRILL: Vince Stuart Offers Classy Food in Posh Setting
Dec 2, 2014 MARRIOT PLANS: Courtyard Interior Photos Released by Hotel Chain
Nov 30, 2014 MIDLAND TOPS LIST: Several Area School Districts Seek Bond OKs in February
Nov 28, 2014 CRIME DROPS: But Prison Costs Remain High Despite 15 Percent Reduction
Nov 28, 2014 SAGINAW LEGEND: Fred Dustin Recalled as Archaeologist, Student of Custer
Nov 26, 2014 FARMING & ARMING: Scholar's Research Tracks Fertilizer Link to Explosives
Nov 24, 2014 INTERURBAN REMEMBERED: Electric Rail Line Connected Bay City With Downstate
Nov 19, 2014 ENGEL STADIUM: Lest We Forget, Coach Elmer Was a Marine Hero of Iwo Jima
Nov 16, 2014 SCHOOL DILEMMA: Funding Gap Doesn't Provide Base for More STEM Focus
Nov 14, 2014 BAY CITY TAKES OFF: James Clements Airport Symbol of Aviation History
Nov 14, 2014 GHOSTS BOOST EDSON: Paranormals Return Nov. 22 Hoping to Be Spooked
Nov 10, 2014 SCAM ALERT: Homeland Security Warns of Phony IRS Calls Targeting Seniors
Nov 9, 2014 HONKERS HEADING SOUTH? Nope, Most Geese Stay Here; Find Out Why
Nov 7, 2014 ELECTION SURPRISES: Bay County Doesn't Follow All State Outcomes
Nov 4, 2014 FLYING EAGLES: Bay City YMCA Acrobats Won State Trapeze Titles in 1920s
Nov 2, 2014 HEAR FITZ TAPES: Lost Radio Tapes of Edmund Fitzgerald Sinking Now Online
Oct 29, 2014 BOOK FOLLIES:Tales Of a Bumpkin Thrashing in the Moat Before Castle Academe
Oct 29, 2014 ONLY ONE NINA: Hundreds Bid Farewell to Bay City Players Icon Nina Spiess
Oct 26, 2014 VICTORY STAKE: Michigan's Ill-Advised Insult Adds Motivation to Spartans
Oct 24, 2014 LOCAL SONGBIRD SOARS: Katie Travis in New Phantom of the Opera Company
Oct 22, 2014 NEW CEO: Onetime Grid Star Clarence Sevillian To Replace Gerard at McLaren
Oct 22, 2014 NON-PROFIT? - Koch Brothers Throw Millions at Michigan, Other Dem Campaigns
Oct 22, 2014 TAKE IT TO HEART: McLaren-Bay Wins Cardiac Treatment Lifeline Award
Oct 19, 2014 BAD CALL!!! Notre Dame Won the Game But Ref & Florida State Snatch it Back
Oct 18, 2014 GETTING IT WRONG: American History Magazine Blows Chemical Weapons Facts
Oct 18, 2014 TEACHER TURNOVER: Cause Said Standardized Testing, Pay, Not Unruly Students
Oct 14, 2014 BIG AUBURN DEAL: Maumee, Ohio, Firm, Andersons, Buys Auburn Bean & Grain
Oct 13, 2014 FDR'S CCC BACK! Community Service Jobs Offered Unemployed Michigan Youth
Oct 13, 2014 LENDING SCAM: Online Payday Lending Said Problematic By Pew Foundation
Oct 13, 2014 U PACKING HEAT? Green Says Trained, Armed Citizens Answer to Deadly Attacks
Oct 11, 2014 FESTIVAL BUMP: Wade Lodewyk Sets Film Festival Slate for Westown Theater
Oct 11, 2014 MINIMUM WAGES: Future Michigan Increases Keyed to Consumer Price Index
Oct 10, 2014 WATER BILL $68M: Cost of New Plant, Lines Revised Down From $72 Million
Oct 6, 2014 EDUCATION - UP OR DOWN? Michigan Governor's Battle Key K-12 School Funding
Oct 6, 2014 GUN COSTS UP? State Police Say Mike Green's Bill Would Cost $8.4 Million
Oct 4, 2014 THE RIGHT THING: City Embrace of Oppressed Children Example to Nation
Oct 3, 2014 COST FLUCTUATING: County Revises Water Plant Bond Financing
Oct 3, 2014 KIDS AT RISK: Enterovirus Cases Centered in Mid-Michigan, Reports Say
Oct 2, 2014 SKULL ISLAND: New Book Explores Indian Massacre, British Chemical Firm Site
Sep 28, 2014 HISTORY AWARDS: Book on Huron County One Room Schools Honored
Sep 28, 2014 TEXAN CLOSED: Facebook Posting Says Restaurant Done at 2 p.m. Sunday
Sep 28, 2014 TONI & TRISH: Hospice in Auburn Area Has Had 300 Guests Since Start in 2008
Sep 21, 2014 TAX FAIRNESS: Corporate Inversions Targeted by Coalition of Citizen Groups
Sep 19, 2014 WHY ON EARTH? Would Mr. Republican Milliken Not Endorse AG Bill Schuette
Sep 18, 2014 HELL'S ONE MILE: Local Mystery Author Tim Younkman Expands Violent District
Sep 18, 2014 ROBBIE FOR RAMBO? Bay Cityan May Finally Get His Chance for Redskins
Sep 13, 2014 MILLIKEN SPEAKS: Michigan's Longest Serving Guv Picks Peters for Senate
Sep 11, 2014 CLEMENTS RECALLED: Officials Visit Home of Bay City Americana Collector
Sep 9, 2014 SPARTANS-DUCKS: Home Team Always Wins; Does Long Travel Have An Effect?
Sep 8, 2014 CHILD LABOR OK? Michigan Allows Children Age 12 to Work Fields With Parent
Sep 8, 2014 STEM FOCUS: Regional Leaders to Meet at CMU Nov. 13
Sep 2, 2014 WHY NO WWII GAS? Issue Raised in Book "G-34 Paradox' Discussed by Vets
Aug 31, 2014 TOXIC TELEMARKETING: Bay City Back in Immigrant Spotlight After 64 Years
Aug 30, 2014 AT WHITE HOUSE: Saginaw Future's JoAnn Crary Moderates Manufacturing Panel
Aug 28, 2014 JARKEY HONORED: Inimitable Comedian Harry Jarkey Final Act at Wenona Beach
Chat at Thumb Octagon Barn Family Days Sept. 6-7
Aug 26, 2014 LAND OF GIANTS: Gargantuan Whites Ruled Midwest, Author States in New Book
Aug 20, 2014 MUSSELS = MUCK: Invasive Species Grow Algae; Scientists Mull Action
Aug 17, 2014 ALADDIN ARCHIVES: Bay City's Ready-Cut Home Pioneers Made History
Aug 16, 2014 CLEAN BEACH? New Efforts Underway to Keep Muck Off State Park Swim Area
Aug 11, 2014 WWI DRAGNET: Young Men Caught Without Draft Cards Hauled in to City Hall
Aug 10, 2014 EDUCATION GAP: High School Graduation Rates Lag; Immigrants Said Growth Key
Aug 10, 2014 PARALEON PIER: Report Opens Door to Chamber Goal of Bay Access Deal
Aug 7, 2014 GREEN MACHINE: Bay County Came Through for Big Spending Senator
Aug 4, 2014 CMU ON BOARD: Dr. George E. Ross Joins Group Boosting STEM Education
Aug 3, 2014 3 FOR THE MONEY: Midland, Saginaw, Bay City All See Downtown Growth
Aug 3, 2014 BARNYARD SPAT: Was Farm Bureau Director Fired for Not Supporting Moolenaar?
Jul 30, 2014 MILLAGE VOTE SET: County Puts Disclosure Ties On Historical Society
Jul 30, 2014 SVSU & INDIA: Conference Brings Top Indian Business School Here in Sept.
Jul 30, 2014 TOSS UP: State's Economy On Track Despite Snyder Unfavorables, Poll Shows
Jul 27, 2014 SUE THE PREZ? One Main Problem That May Thwart John Boehner
Jul 25, 2014 SVSU'S JANIS: Tough Kid From Tawas Runs Through Tackles, Now a Packer
Jul 24, 2014 HONORING SAILORS: Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum Slates Fall Events
Jul 22, 2014 SPOILER ALERT: Kingston School Trustee Jeffrey Phillips Vies for Senate
Jul 20, 2014 FIELDHOUSE UP: SVSU to Open Indoor Sports Arena in August
Jul 18, 2014 BISHOP ON IMMIGRANTS: Cistone Recalls Kids' Plight on Central America Trip
Jul 18, 2014 EXPAND RIGHTS: Regional Alliance Backs Employment Equality
Jul 18, 2014 FORT CAPTURED: State's Hottest New Book Recounts Indian Raid 251 Years Ago
Jul 18, 2014 SAGINAW MUSIC: Fred Reif Documents Overlooked Legends in New Book
Jul 18, 2014 SENATE PRIMARY: Green, Daley Swap Right Crosses, "Sacrificial Lamb" Lurks
Jul 13, 2014 DOW CORNING @ UPTOWN: Population & Tax Base Rise Inspiring
Jul 11, 2014 LOST OPPORTUNITY: Vassar Protests Greet Possible Placement of Refugees
Jul 7, 2014 THIS IS HISTORY! St. Mary, Visitation Members Jam Unity Mass in New Parish
Jul 2, 2014 SAGINAW GETS $$$: State Grants $1.7 Million for Arts, River Dredging Eyed
Jun 29, 2014 SEEKING REFORM: Voice of the Faithful Keeps Faith, Agitates for Change
Jun 29, 2014 WINDSHIELD FACTOR: Dump Michigan Legislators Who Fail to Act on Roads
Jun 23, 2014 HISTORY AWARDS: Bay City Students Among National History Day Competitors
Jun 16, 2014 GREAT LAKES TOO? Chemical Weapons Dumping Started Century Ago
Jun 15, 2014 PORTSMOUTH EXPLORED: Museum Crowd Hears Local History From Grassroots
Jun 11, 2014 NOW WE KNOW! Catholic Archbishop Carlson Unclear Sex With Children a Crime
Jun 11, 2014 PORTSMOUTH HISTORY: Supervisor Robert Pawlak Sked at Museum's 2nd Saturday
Jun 8, 2014 CONNECTION MADE: New Water Plant Hooked Up to Whitestone Line
Jun 7, 2014 D-DAY AT 70: Bay City Soldier Kirk Timm Recalls Landing on Omaha Beach
Jun 5, 2014 JARKEY DIES AT 100: Beloved Comedian's Ashes to be Spread on Saginaw Bay
Jun 4, 2014 APOSTOLIC VISITATION: Papal Representative Reported Investigating Bishop
Jun 3, 2014 SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED: Interview with Justice Kavanagh on Swainson Case
Jun 1, 2014 WAS SWAINSON FRAMED? Supreme Court Justice Wouldn't Be Convicted Today
May 30, 2014 MICHIGAN RISES: Water Key to Manufacturing Edge Over South, West States
May 28, 2014 RUSSELL RECALLS: Bay City, Central High Football Impressed Consumers Chief
May 28, 2014 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Lone Caretaker Seeks Help at Soldier's Rest Cemetery
May 25, 2014 SOLDIER'S REST: Rededication of Pine Ridge Cemetery Set Monday
May 18, 2014 2ND GRADE TOUR: Fifty Pupils Enjoy "All Over Bay City" Tour
May 18, 2014 TEMPLE REVIVAL: Group Eyes Restoration of Masonic Temple, Recalls 1903 Fire
May 14, 2014 RUNNING EVANGELIST: Ultra-Marathoner Touts This Weekend's Dow Races
May 11, 2014 CHIPPEWA RITES: Human Remains Found in Saginaw Repatriated
May 11, 2014 JANIS HIGHLIGHTS: See What Packers Saw in SVSU Wide Receiver
May 11, 2014 TALL SHIP MUSIC: Ballads & Brews Fundraiser Set in July, Ships Return 2016
May 9, 2014 MARRIOTT BAY CITY: New Hotel in Uptown Sets Opening for December
May 8, 2014 MORE ANCHORS ON WAY: New Major Tenants in Uptown Future, Says Developer
May 5, 2014 FISHERS BUGGED: Late Hatches of Mayflies Cause Streams of Frustration
May 3, 2014 RIALTO LIVES! Grayling Theater Revived, AuSable Flyfishing Movie Big Hit
Apr 29, 2014 30% ICE COVER: Great Lakes Shipping Slowed by Persistent Cold
Apr 29, 2014 REAL SEAFOOD: 'Godfather' of Ann Arbor, Dennis Serras, Eyes Bay City
Apr 26, 2014 STATE DOING GREAT: But Funding Repair of Crumbling Roads Perplexes
Apr 20, 2014 CATHOLIC MOVES: Pope Francis Actions Against Clergy Sex Abuse Gives Hope
Apr 17, 2014 DOWNTOWN CHANGES: Bay City Times Back on Water Street After 104 Years
Apr 14, 2014 NEW BALLPARK: Dems in Full Court Press to Regain State Senate Seat
Apr 12, 2014 ICE BREAKING NIXED: Coast Guard Cancels Scheduled April 12 Saginaw Bay Work
Apr 12, 2014 SAVING WETLANDS: CMU Research on Great Lakes Critical, Says Expert
Apr 11, 2014 CHURCHES RALLY: Plea to Rome Asks Apostolic Visit, Focus on Bishop Cistone
Apr 9, 2014 SAVING BADGER: Imperiled Car Ferry May Be Saved by Natural Gas Conversion
Apr 6, 2014 HOW MUCH SAFER? New $72 Million Water Plant Uses Membrane Technology
Apr 5, 2014 HEALTH CARE: Re Obamacare -- "We Can't Go Back," Says SVSU Dean
Apr 3, 2014 CHAMBER ROUSER: Dynamic Visions 4-Yr College Downtown, Paraleon Pier at Bay
Apr 3, 2014 HEY SUGAR! Planting Delay Up to a Month Seen Caused by Cold Weather
Apr 2, 2014 ICE JAM: U.S., Canadian Coast Guards Breaking 3-Ft Thick Ice, Seaway Opens
Apr 2, 2014 STATUE SHAPES: Fund-Raising for Paul Harris Sculpture Project Progresses
Mar 30, 2014 PAUL HARRIS: Rotary Club Founder's Vision Has Changed the World
Mar 29, 2014 DETROIT SURGES: Automation Alley Reports Tech Growth Tops Silicon Valley
Mar 23, 2014 BRIGHT LIGHTS: City Electric Light and Power Company Shines Through
Mar 23, 2014 ICE UNTIL JUNE? 90 Percent Coverage on Lakes Stymies Ships, Cuts Ore Trade
Mar 23, 2014 NEW HIGH SCHOOL? Saginaw's Francis Reh Academy Signs NMU, Eyes Expansion
Mar 20, 2014 CATHOLICS COMBINE: St. Joseph Parishioners Celebrate Feast Day, Ponder Fate
Mar 20, 2014 DOCTORS' STAND? Physicians Conflicted As Health Care Debate Comes to Head
Mar 20, 2014 REBEL HOARD? William Birney Civil War Origin Theories Link California Gold?
Mar 18, 2014 DANCING AGAIN: After 5 Years, A Bay Cityan, Costello, Returns to Big Dance
Mar 16, 2014 MONUMENTAL: Blizzard, Flood Caused Delay of 1973 St. Patrick's Day Parade
Mar 15, 2014 SCHOOL KICKOFF SET: Bay Valley International Academy Starts in Fall: Barcia
Mar 12, 2014 CHAMBER LINKS LEADERS: Blue Water Economy, P-20 Education Key to Growth
Mar 10, 2014 FINN'S CHALLENGES: City Finances, Hotel Debt, P.O.W.E.R. Fund Legacy Loom
Mar 10, 2014 MADONNA BONANZA? Not Just a Pretty Face, Tourism Drawing Card, Say Backers
Mar 6, 2014 CHAMBER PEP TALK: Regional U.S. Chamber Director Fires Up Troops
Mar 5, 2014 BIRNEY PROFILED: Bay City Pioneer Compared to Character in 12 Years a Slave
Mar 5, 2014 DNR GREEN LIGHT? "Full Speed Ahead on Paraleon:" Chamber President Seward
Mar 4, 2014 DYNAMIC YOUTH: David Burney IV Talks Leadership to Rotarians
Mar 2, 2014 SPLIT DECISION? Close City Commission Vote Seen on Hiring Richard Finn
Feb 28, 2014 PROGRAM BOOMS: OLLI at SVSU Shows Phenomenal Growth Since 2005
Feb 27, 2014 BILL THOMAS: LA Times Editor, Native Bay Cityan, Reaped Pulitzer Prizes
Feb 27, 2014 WATER TO RISE? 88.4 Percent Great Lakes Freeze Sets 20 Year Record
Feb 23, 2014 COUNTY ON PACE: Energy Efficiency Financing Eased Under New Program
Feb 23, 2014 SPORTS GURU: Former Tennis Star, Coach Eric Pangborn on Big Stage
Feb 20, 2014 CHAMBER SOARS: Project Progress Excites Huge State of Community Crowd
Feb 16, 2014 BREAKUP UNWISE: Dow Criticizes Investor's Idea to Split Company
Feb 16, 2014 SNATCHING VICTORY From Jaws of Defeat
Brit Continues Comeback @ Midland:
Feb 15, 2014 SAGINAW MUSICIANS: Writer Raising $$$ on Kickstarter for Book
Feb 14, 2014 FINN OK'D: Letter Attesting to Manager's Fairness Convinces Commissioners
Feb 10, 2014 TENNIS TORNADO: Rising Star Alicia Black, 15, Enlivens Dow Corning Tourney
Feb 9, 2014 POLISH STAR HERE: Dow Corning Tennis Classic Draws Highest Ranked Hitters
Feb 8, 2014 FIX ROADS FIRST: Local Board Urges Snyder to Scrap Income Tax Cut
Feb 8, 2014 LGBT SHOWDOWN? Bay County May be Focus of Tea Party at Tuesday Meeting
Feb 2, 2014 50 YEARS OF FAME: Terry McDermott Won Gold, Joined Beatles on Ed Sullivan
Jan 31, 2014 HEMP VS. POT: Long-Banned and Misunderstood Product May Spark Ag Boom
Jan 26, 2014 ELECTRIC SWITCH: Midland Cogeneration Facility Spurs Shift From Coal to Gas
Jan 24, 2014 Two City Commissioners "Looking Into" Issues at Richard Finn's Last Job
Jan 24, 2014 WORLD WAR I: As Centenary Nears, Bay County's Role is Recalled
Jan 19, 2014 MEAT FIRM GROWS:
City Grants Michigan Brand Tax Exemption For Jobs
Jan 19, 2014 TOM TABOR: Why Did He Say 'Bay City is the Center of the Known Universe'?
Jan 14, 2014 08-09 AUTO CRISIS: Ann Arbor Think Tank Gives Feds Credit for Intervening
Jan 12, 2014 ALL HAIL SHALE! Dow Leads Manufacturing Resurgence, Sees Job Boom
Jan 12, 2014 CHEMICALS & WAR: British-Owned Bay City Firm Competes with Dow, Germans
Jan 8, 2014 BAY ROAD MAP: Chamber Unveils "Going Forward" Plan for 10 Years
Jan 7, 2014 THE $5 DAY: Henry Ford Paid More So Folks Could Buy His Cars, Right? WRONG!
Jan 5, 2014 FERRIS GRADS MOVE UP: Kim Klein Earns Doctorate, Mott Promotes Jim Baber
Jan 5, 2014 GRANT'S ORDER: Civil War Round Table to Hear Dee Dee Wacksman
Jan 3, 2014 MSU MIRACLE! Failure to Launch Not an Option for Gutsy Spartans
Dec 29, 2013 LEAN $ GREEN: Bay County to Consider Joining State Energy Financing Plan
Dec 28, 2013 JAIL COSTS RISE: County Commissioners Complain, But Approve Health Measure
Dec 26, 2013 GOT MILK? New $40 Million Cass City Dairy Plant to Boost Area Processing
Dec 23, 2013 CITY HALL SHINES: Renovated Historic Structure Open House Set Jan. 27
Dec 22, 2013 NORTHWOOD LEAPS: Pinconning's Dr. Kevin Fegan Puts Texas Campus on Map
Dec 21, 2013 MCLAREN OFFICERS: Board Elects William Bowen, Mark Jaffe, Gary Bosco
Dec 19, 2013 URBAN BLIGHT: Dan Kildee's Brainchild Aims to Transform Land Policy, Cities
Dec 18, 2013 KILDEE'S 1ST YEAR: New Congressman "Frustrated" at Gridlock in Washington
Dec 18, 2013 MANAGING STRESS: Psychologist's New Book Says: "Live in the Moment"
Dec 17, 2013 GM GROWTH: Eliminate Two-Tiered Wage Structure, Union Official Urges
Dec 15, 2013 CHRIS WILLERTZ: MSU '88 Rose Bowler Now Motivational Speaker
Dec 15, 2013 MEGA-MILLIONS: Fourth Largest Jackpot in History Up Tuesday Night
McLaren-Karamanos Cancer Partnership Offers More Care
Dec 10, 2013 PAPER BOY $$$: Carl A. Gerstacker's Story, and Other Routes to Riches
Dec 4, 2013 13,400 NEW AMERICANS: Gov. Snyder Says Immigrants Strengthen State, Nation
Dec 1, 2013 CIVIL WAR MYSTERIES: Tim Younkman to Speak Dec. 11 on Buffalo Soldiers
Dec 1, 2013 SOLAR SOLUTIONS: Dow Corning Joins with Chinese Firm to Boost Energy Source
Nov 29, 2013 BUCKEYE BULL#XO&&&: Ohio Guv Boo-Boo May Get Game Face Mush, Like Lions Did
Nov 28, 2013 AN AMERICAN DREAM! Canadian Video Includes Bay City's Paul Bunyan
Nov 28, 2013 MICHIGAN AQUACULTURE: Sea Grant Study Underway on Lagging Industry
Nov 25, 2013 FUNDRAISING AWARDS: Youth, Volunteer, Executive Among Honorees
Nov 23, 2013 RX FOR POT? Saginaw State Senator's Bill Would Move Marijuana to Pharmacies
Nov 22, 2013 JFK WAS HERE: How Many Recall Kennedy's Campaign in the Saginaw Area?
Nov 22, 2013 SAY WHAT? "Experts" Gush Over Lakes Huron-Michigan Rise, But Take a Look!
Nov 21, 2013 URBAN NATURE: SBLC Leases 12-Acre Euclid Linear Park for Conservation
Nov 17, 2013 DEMOLITION DELAY: Consumers Energy Approved to Wait Extra Year on Shutdown
Nov 17, 2013 GOING GLOBAL: Local Non-Profit and Businesses Team Up to Ship Planters
Nov 17, 2013 STANLEY FIRKSER: His Norman's Stores Transformed Retailing in East Michigan
Nov 17, 2013 UNSUNG BARS OF BAY CITY: Ex-Newsman (Who Else?) Blogs About Quirky Saloons
Nov 11, 2013 HEALTH DEBATE 1952: Truman vs. Ike Proves Little Change in Philosophies
Nov 10, 2013 FROG-BIT: New European Invasive Weed Species Found in Saginaw Bay
Nov 10, 2013 IT'S A BIRD...TRAIL: Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy Flies into Action
Nov 9, 2013 MARDI LINK: At Library She Tells of Trials Becoming Full-Time Writer
Nov 8, 2013 PARALEON PLANS: Laura Ogar Leads Chamber Rally to Open Bay Access to Public
Nov 3, 2013 DOCTORS' OPINIONS: What Do Most Physicians Think About Obama Care?
Nov 3, 2013 INSTANT RUNOFF: Minneapolis Vote Tuesday Tests with Rank Choice Method
Nov 3, 2013 MSU IN MIDLAND: Value Chain Creation Research Goal of New Institute
Nov 3, 2013 WENONA BEACH REPRISED: J.R. Watson's New Book Recalls Glory Days
Oct 29, 2013 BEACH TALK: Laura Ogar, Bay County Official, Speaks to Chamber Tuesday
Oct 27, 2013 BAY ACCESS: Paraleon Beach Revisited: Chamber Sets Saginaw Bay Priority
Oct 27, 2013 FOOD WASTE: Dow Addresses Global Problem with Packaging Innovation
Oct 27, 2013 IF I DIE AGAIN: Tim Younkman's Latest Novel Poses Question - Do I Go Back?
Oct 27, 2013 OBAMACARE HACKED? No Signup Problems in Michigan May Be Rare in U.S.
Oct 26, 2013 COME OUT NOW! Michigan Association of Hostage Negotiators Meeting Here
Oct 20, 2013 GRANTS ANNOUNCED: Dow Corning Education Grants Total $525,000
Oct 18, 2013 REAL SEAFOOD: Gourmet Restaurant, Upscale Living Here Youth Strategy?
Oct 13, 2013 SVSU AT 50!: Saginaw Bay State College Was Tentative Name of School
Oct 12, 2013 ENSLAVED WOMEN: Subject of Novel on Lumbering Days in Mid-Michigan
Oct 12, 2013 OPEN CARRY: School Children Share State Capitol with Gun Advocates
Oct 10, 2013 ROCK OF FAITH: First Presbyterian Church Opens 1891 Time Capsule
Oct 10, 2013 SHUTDOWN WOES: Government Turmoil May Affect 2014 Congress Races
Oct 3, 2013 CORMORANTS DOWN: Fish Gorging Predators Controlled by DNR
Sep 29, 2013 HEALTH LAW? Sign-up Begins Tuesday Even if Government is Shut Down
Sep 29, 2013 HISTORY AWARDS: Saginaw Castle Museum, Sanford Volunteer Win Top Honors
Sep 29, 2013 ORGAN CRAWL: Folks Will Visit Historic Buildings, Hear Classical Music
Sep 22, 2013 REGIONAL PLAN: New Canada/U.S. Council will Tackle Problems of Great Lakes
Sep 22, 2013 TIME OUT: Common Core Education Standards May Go Unfunded
Sep 19, 2013 HEALTH CARE FIGHT: Progress Michigan Challenges Legislators on New Law
Sep 16, 2013 CHURCH CLOSINGS: Peter Borre, Boston Consultant, Speaks Here Oct. 1
Sep 15, 2013 RESTORE THE ROAR! Annual George W. Stevenson Memorial Football Sept. 21
Sep 14, 2013 BAY CITY AUTHORS: Mardi Link Reviews, Tim Younkman's Two Novels
Sep 14, 2013 CRANKY & COSTLY: Grand Rapids Press Joins Boo Birds on Medicaid Gap
Sep 13, 2013 SCHOOL OR JAIL: Detroit Parents of Truants May Hear From Prosecutor
Sep 8, 2013 FREE LAND! Great Lakes Tech Park is Saginaw Future's Bid for Growth
Sep 4, 2013 ON TO CHICAGO!
David Ruhland, Ex-Bay City Schools Official, On Big Stage
Sep 3, 2013 LANDING ON HIS FEET: Trenton Robinson, Released by 49ers, Jumps to Eagles
Sep 2, 2013 SAGINAW BOOM: Medical Park Rising Downtown, Bancroft, Eddy Revived
Aug 29, 2013 INSOURCING BUZZ: Midland, Saginaw Economic Leaders Look to Future
Aug 26, 2013 BOUNTY DOOM: Grim Aftermath of Sinking of Tall Ship that Visited Bay City
Aug 25, 2013 ROBINSON TO PLAY? Bay City's D-Back at San Francisco May Move Up
Aug 24, 2013 SCHOOL CONSOLIDATION: Michigan May Not Benefit Like Florida, Mackinac Says
Aug 22, 2013 SEAWAY @ 55: Economic Potential May Finally Arise Renewed From Great Lakes
Aug 18, 2013 COMMON CORE TOO TOUGH? Opinions Divided About Proposed Michigan Standards
Aug 18, 2013 EDUCATION GAP: Lack of Adult Education Funding Likely Costs Taxpayers More
Aug 14, 2013 RIVER CLASS: New More Agile Ships Displace 1,000 Foot Behemoths
Aug 11, 2013 TOMATOES @ 76: An Ode to Tomato Man, Bay City's Hero on Walnut Street
Aug 10, 2013 DRILLING FOR BRINE: Clarke Historical Library Exhibit Ends This Week
County Commissioners Make Deal With Canvassers, Clerk
Aug 7, 2013 IS U.S. DIFFERENT? Absence of Hate, Once Our Hallmark, Fading?
Aug 2, 2013 IRELAND & MICHIGAN: Celtic Tiger Awaking Slowly, Shaking Into New Life
Aug 2, 2013 PERILOUS MOVES: Detroit Bankruptcy May Cost All Citizens More in Long Run
Jul 26, 2013 STANDOFF??? County Board of Canvassers Goes to Mat with Commission
Jul 25, 2013 NEW DOCTORS: CMU's First Class of 64 to be Welcomed Aug. 4
Jul 21, 2013 PEN STATE? Prisons Gobble Up 23 Percent of State Budget
Jul 18, 2013 FIX LOW WATER! Group Formed in Bay City Mounts Restoration Campaign
Jul 16, 2013 CARDS FOR HARRY: Jarkey to Hit Century Mark Aug. 11--Let Him Know, Fans
Jul 14, 2013 GAS BEATS COAL: Consumers Shift to Natural Gas Replaces Bay City Clean Coal
Jul 13, 2013 U.P. CONTROVERSY: Strife Has Stalked Upper Peninsula for a Century
Jul 12, 2013 TALL SHIPS MADE HERE: Bay City Built Sailing Queens in Victorian Era
Jul 7, 2013 GRINCH DEBATE: Who Says State Incentives Don't Help Create Employment?
Jul 7, 2013 REMEMBER 96 TEARS? Gary Johnson to Recall Rock-Roll Legend @ Museum July 13
Jul 3, 2013 GOVERNMENT TRUST: Survey by U-M/MSU Shows Citizens Growing More Wary
Jul 3, 2013 IPHONE GURU: Nation's Top Expert -- PC Mike Wendland From Bay City
Jun 30, 2013 AVAST MATEYS! Coast Guard Issues Regulations for Port Entry During Festival
Jun 30, 2013 MUSIC FEST: Nine Musical Groups Eye International Maritime Music Festival
Jun 27, 2013 MPG OBSOLETE? EPA Moving from Regulating Fuel Economy to Greenhouse Gases
Jun 23, 2013 GREAT LAKES BAY: Is It Clicking? Or Do We Need a Clearer Brand?
Jun 22, 2013 GETTYSBURG @ 150: Recalling the Michigan Cavalry Brigade's Heroism
Jun 20, 2013 WONDERFEST SET: First Merit Event Park to Honor Stevie Wonder Aug. 24
Jun 19, 2013 GITTIN' ER DONE! Saginaw Shakes Bushes, Gains $1.2 Million to Open River
Jun 18, 2013 CATHOLICS ARISE! 140 Hear Vatican Expert's Advice on Church Closings
Jun 15, 2013 EPA AG GAG: Feds Support States Threatening Whistleblowers
Jun 15, 2013 HIRING ANGLOS: Bad Axe Dairy Farmers Get National Press on Worker Woes
Jun 15, 2013 NEW WATER PLANT: County Commission Meets Tuesday on $72 Million Bond Issue
Jun 13, 2013 ONE TERM NERD? Bumper Stickers Say Governor's Campaign Already Underway
Jun 13, 2013 OPEN WIDE PLEASE: Free Dental Clinic Treats 1136 at SVSU
Jun 11, 2013 BOOTSTRAPPER OUT: Mardi Jo Link's Book Launch Set Saturday in Traverse City
Jun 8, 2013 CATHOLIC UNREST: Vatican Appeal Expert to Speak Here June 17
Jun 8, 2013 WOLF HUNT - LET'S VOTE: November 2014 May Be Set for Ballot Initiative
Jun 3, 2013 SCHOOL REFORM STALLS: State Control, 'Priority Schools" On Agenda
Jun 2, 2013 WATER LEVELS UP: Lake Huron Rises Fast, But Still 20 Inches Below Average
Jun 1, 2013 CHURCH STAYS OPEN: Appeal to Vatican Stops Merger in Zilwaukee, Carrollton
May 30, 2013 EDSON BACKERS: Barton-Malow Co. Volunteers to Paint Ship, When Rain Stops
May 30, 2013 WILLIAM CLEMENTS: His Two Lives to be Subject of Talk by Bob Sarow
May 27, 2013 BIG CLEANUP: Volunteers From Home Depot, Habitat for Humanity at Pine Ridge
May 27, 2013 THOREAU ON MACKINAC: Famed Poet Visited Michigan Icon in 1861
May 27, 2013 TORNADO TERROR: Maureen Connors, T.L. Handy Grad, Barely Escapes OK Twister
May 22, 2013 SMALL AIRPORT CRISIS: Hub Consolidation Threatens Passenger Convenience
May 19, 2013 DOW UPBEAT: Despite Tough 2012, Chemical Firm Sees Green in Agri-Business
May 19, 2013 DROUGHT SOLUTION? New MSU Process Saves Rainfall, Doubles Yield
May 19, 2013 PURE TOURISM: Michigan Advertising Program Splashing Across Markets
May 12, 2013 WILLERTZ ON PHIL HART: Ex-Bay City Mayor's Biography of Senator Published
May 10, 2013 BACK TO FUTURE: Detroit Electric Car Aims to Counter Hot-Selling Tesla
May 10, 2013 RUN FOR BEACH WELLNESS: 7th Annual Event at State Park Slated June 22
May 7, 2013 USS EDSON HOME: Historic Destroyer Finally Reaches Home Berth Here
May 5, 2013 AHOY MUDPUPPY II: EPA Research Vessel Here Last Week to Check Dredging
May 5, 2013 MONARCH NO MORE: Historic Power Plant of Street Railway Recalled
May 4, 2013 HEALTH RANKINGS: Midland 12th, Bay 53rd, Saginaw 74th in State
May 3, 2013 EDSON MOVES: Destroyer Shifts Making Way For Freighters at Wirt Dock
May 1, 2013 MOVING DAY: USS Edson Expected to be Moved Yet This Week, Says Kegley
Apr 30, 2013 NITROGEN THREAT: Is State Park Beach Muck From Excess Fertilizer, Manure?
Apr 29, 2013 NOT LUMBER, FUR & FISH: Primary Industries Quickly Died Due to Over-Use
Apr 28, 2013 BIPARTISANSHIP ALIVE: Bay Area Chamber Brings Out Cooperative Spirit
Apr 28, 2013 STATE HISTORY WINNERS: Local Students Score in Five Categories
Apr 25, 2013 MONEY FOR MICHIGAN: EB-5 Regional Center in Saginaw Seeks Proposals
Apr 25, 2013 STURGEON HERE? Scientists Study Lake Sturgeon Spawning in Saginaw River
Apr 24, 2013 CHORAL EVENSONG: Trinity Episcopal Church Choir to Mark Eastertide April 28
Apr 24, 2013 GREEN BUILDINGS: Dow Corning Leading Worldwide Trend Toward Sustainability
Apr 22, 2013 HEMINGWAY TALE: Did Saginaw's Jack Parker Really Tell Papa His Books Stunk?
Apr 20, 2013 BETTER WALLEYE? Saginaw River Channel Deepening Seen Aiding Fish Quality
Apr 20, 2013 RIVER BUOYS PLACED: U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Hollyhock Places Buoys in River
Apr 16, 2013 BREAKTHROUGH! Former Dow Official's Water Purification Method in Wide Usage
Apr 14, 2013 DEVENDORF CRUISING: Bay City's Only Pro Cager Plugging Along in Ukraine
Apr 14, 2013 HAUNTED TOURS: Will Ghost Greet Visitors at Saginaw River Lighthouse?
Apr 14, 2013 UPTOWN UPSWING: Green Energy Focus of Dow Corning Facility Rising on River?
Apr 10, 2013 GOLF FOR VETS: Benefit Event Slated June 28 at Green Hills
Apr 9, 2013 GRUDGE MATCH? Rick Pitino Says He Turned Down Michigan Job
Apr 7, 2013 HELPING FARMERS: Condition of Migrant Workers Eyed in Civil Rights Report
Apr 7, 2013 NEW LIGHTING: Dow Corning Launching LED Technology
Apr 7, 2013 WHY M WILL WIN! Wolverines Are Due for College Basketball's Biggest Triumph
Apr 6, 2013 EDSON AWEIGH! Mid-April Tow to New Dock Has Old Salts Fired Up
Apr 6, 2013 TENNIS COACHING LEGENDS: Among Michigan Greats, Jean Hoxie, George Purdy
Apr 3, 2013 RECALLING EMTA: Log Office Spread Visit Heart of Michigan Message
Mar 30, 2013 LEAN HEALTH CARE: County Commission Backs Campaign to Replace Brian's House
Mar 30, 2013 MCLAREN GROWTH: CEO Philip Incarnati Projects Future Expansion
Mar 26, 2013 BAY CITY BROADWAY: Kevin Cole, Ryan VanDenBoom to Perform at Players
Mar 26, 2013 BAY CITY MALL SOLD! West Bloomfield Firm Owns 22 Other Malls in Michigan
Mar 23, 2013 SUPERMAN, BATMAN VISIT Bay Area Chamber of Commerce 130th Annual Meeting
Mar 22, 2013 A NEW ECONOMY: HOW? MSU Seminar Mar. 26 to "Re-imagine" the Future
Mar 22, 2013 GOOD $$ SIGN: Small Business Lending Up First Time in 10 Quarters, Says SBA
Mar 22, 2013 HEROIC SHIP COMING: Brig Niagara Played Key Role Saving Nation from Brits
Mar 22, 2013 STUDIO 23 SHOW: Gary Dardas Photos, Schwartz-Pietrzak Pottery Exhibit Set
Mar 22, 2013 THE BIG STORY! Former Midlander Writes of 1937 Murder Leading to Hanging
Mar 16, 2013 JESUITS RISE AGAIN: New Pope Symbolizes Rebirth, Restoration Michigan Needs
Mar 15, 2013 ALL ABOARD! Retired Mariner Completes Train Station Model After 50 Yrs
Mar 13, 2013 BAY CITY LUCKY? Open Carry Guns, School Reform Tiffs Not Happening Here
Mar 11, 2013 BAY COUNTY RISES WITH UPTOWN! Moody's Upgrades Bond Debt Rating to Aa3
Mar 10, 2013 SOLAR SOLUTIONS -- Dow Corning Sues German Firm, Makes New Wafer Deal
Mar 8, 2013 GOLD IN MICHIGAN??? Recalling Mysterious Find by State Geologist Houghton
Mar 8, 2013 WHY QUIT NOW? Levin to Focus on Tax Loopholes, Revenue in Finale
Mar 6, 2013 SCHOOL FUNDING: Gov. Snyder's Education Reform Act Divides State Leaders
Mar 6, 2013 WHY IMMIGRATION REFORM? Many Pickers Can't Reach Michigan Farms, Orchards
Mar 5, 2013 BIOMASS REBIRTH? Trees Decimated a Century Ago Now Offer Energy Solution
Mar 3, 2013 RIFLE RIVER CLEANUP: Huron Pines Group Leading Effort to Improve Watershed
Feb 28, 2013 OIL SUPERPOWER AGAIN?: Liveris, CEOs, Urge Hands Off Regulation
Feb 28, 2013 PURE MICHIGAN $$$: Hotel Occupancy, Average Daily Rate Soaring
Feb 27, 2013 ALL SCHOOLS PRIVATE? Gov. Snyder's Reform Plan Challenged by MSU Educator
Feb 24, 2013 ENERGY CRISIS! Solar Shingle Guru Dr. James Stevens Cites Need for Solution
Feb 24, 2013 RENAISSANCE: Bay City's Front Porch Project Makes National Study
Feb 21, 2013 LOCAL BOXERS RECALLED: Brawling Lumberjacks Top Early 1900s Entertainment
Feb 21, 2013 UPTOWN ON TRACK! Mayor Shannon Cites City Progress Moves at Chamber
Feb 17, 2013 JUNGLE FIGHT! Former U-M Scholar at Center of Academic, Media Dispute
Feb 17, 2013 SAGINAW FUTURE: $241 Million Investment in 35 Projects Touted at Meeting
Feb 16, 2013 TAX INEQUITY: Sierra Club Aims at Federal Subsidies to Factory Farms
Feb 16, 2013 WATER UPDATE: Saginaw Bay, Shoreline Groups Meet Friday on Levels, Dioxin
Feb 14, 2013 MATT COSTELLO! Spartan from Bay City Western Shows Mr. Basketball Skills
Feb 11, 2013 TOP SEED WINS: Teenagers Davis-Tomljanovic Stage Marathon Dow Corning Final
Feb 10, 2013 $301M, 345 JOBS! Bay Future Chair Mike Seward Reports Economic Growth
Feb 10, 2013 EDUCATION ACHIEVEMENT: Gov. Snyder's New Authority Aims at Lowest 5 Percent
Feb 9, 2013 TOP SEED CHALLENGED: Saturday Night Match Pits Lauren Davis v. Monica Puig
Feb 8, 2013 BIG MATCHES: Dow Corning Tennis Tournament Smashing Toward Sunday Finale
Feb 7, 2013 NEXTEER TURNAROUND: Bresson to Address Saginaw Future Annual Event Feb. 15
Feb 6, 2013 BATTERY CHECK: Bay Medical Foundation Launches Task Force on AED Power
Feb 6, 2013 METEORIC GROWTH: Morley Companies Projects Total Employment of 1,700
Feb 6, 2013 TENNIS TONITE: No. 1 Teen Taylor Townsend at Dow Corning Tennis Tonight
Feb 4, 2013 25 YEARS! Dow Corning Tennis Hits Silver Anniversary, Play Starting Again
Feb 3, 2013 BOOK RECIPES: Secret Cuts Cherry Tree Crime, School Intrigue Pique Readers
Feb 3, 2013 C'MON YOU WOLVERINES: Michigan Mascot May Make Endangered List
Feb 2, 2013 ROBINSON ON 49ERS: Bay Cityan, 2nd Spartan, Wolverine, Chip on 53-Man Squad
Feb 1, 2013 CHANGE IT! Government Funding Reform Goal of Majority of Local Officials
Jan 31, 2013 PURE WATER: The Late Mike Studders Started the Ball Rolling on S-M Deal
Jan 27, 2013 NEW FLU BUG: Aussie Sydney Strain Now Causing 53% of Outbreaks in U.S.
Jan 26, 2013 HISTORIC H-2-O PACT: Whitestone Water, New Plant to Serve Most Bay County
Jan 25, 2013 SVSU GRAD MOVES UP: Lt. Jimmie D. Baber Named Mott Corrections Instructor
Jan 23, 2013 EXPORT STRATEGY: Foreign Markets Eyed by New MSU Business Project
Jan 21, 2013 ELECTRIC CADDY, CHEAPER VOLT: GM V-P Mark Reuss Resets Industry
Jan 21, 2013 NO ICE OR THIN ICE:
Great Lakes Coverage Near Historic Low
Jan 20, 2013 FOIL THE FLU: Handwashing Helps Control the Flu Bug, MSU Researcher Finds
Jan 20, 2013 SUPER BOWL BOUND: Trenton Robinson, First From Bay City in Super Bowl?
Jan 17, 2013 LATE SURGE: St. Lawrence Seaway Racks Up Increased Tonnage
Jan 15, 2013 HERE COME THE COUGARS! Soon in a New Blue & White Bus
Jan 13, 2013 NEW CMU TRUSTEE: William Weideman of Midland Named by Gov. Snyder
Jan 13, 2013 QUENTIN ROOSEVELT: Bay City National Guardsmen Found Airman's Grave
Jan 13, 2013 WHY PURPLE GANG? Color of Rotten Meat, Teen Gangsters Tagged
Jan 9, 2013 DOW RISING: Midland Firm Gets Higher Ranking for Leadership
Jan 6, 2013 ICE BUSTER: Coast Guard Cutter Hollyhock Opens Lanes in Saginaw Bay, River
Jan 6, 2013 THE ABOLITIONISTS: PBS Documentary Begins Tuesday Night
Jan 2, 2013 FISCAL CLIFF: Banished Words Issued by Lake Superior State University
Jan 2, 2013 LIBERUM VETO BACK?: Congress Hamstrung By Egomaniacs Defying Will of People
Dec 30, 2012 International School Foundation Bay Valley Academy Construction Underway
Dec 28, 2012 MAGNIFICENT MAGNESIUM: Forthcoming Book From MSU Documents Wonder Metal
Dec 28, 2012 SAILING GIANT RECALLED : Jan Gougeon, World Class Sailor, Boat Designer
Dec 27, 2012 HOW THEY BITIN'? Fishing Good in the Great Lakes, New State Report Says
Dec 23, 2012 SAINTS AMONG US: Sister Eileen, IHM, A Nun for 72 Years Soldiers On
Dec 23, 2012 SEAWAY TRAFFIC UP: Strong Finish Underway for Great Lakes Shipping Season
Dec 23, 2012 WATER LEVEL SOLUTION? Construct St. Clair River Sill System, Activists Urge
Dec 21, 2012 DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN: Prosperity Spawns Social Ferment, Much Like 1930s
Dec 19, 2012 GUV VETOES GUN LAW: Open Carry Act Nixed in Wake of Newton Massacre
Dec 17, 2012 GUN CONTROL NOW!
Assault Weapons, Multiple Bullet Clips Have to Go
Dec 17, 2012 NEXTEER GETS NEW LIFE: Steering Giant Infused $70 Million + 325 Jobs
Dec 16, 2012 FIGHTING BACK! Labor, Faith, Community Groups Organize for Middle Class
Dec 16, 2012 GREAT WOMEN of the Great Lakes Bay Region Named by SVSU, Graff Chevrolet
Dec 13, 2012 BIRNEY ON PBS: Bay City Pioneer Recognized as Alabama Abolition Leader
Dec 12, 2012 DOW SHIFTS GEARS: Chemical Giant Coping With Slow Growth Economy
Dec 9, 2012 SEEING RED! Unions, Supporters to Wear Red, Descend on Lansing Tuesday
Dec 9, 2012 TSA ON WAY OUT? X-Ray Scanners Only One Problem Among Many
Dec 8, 2012 HISTORIC REVIVAL: Restored Granite Island Lighthouse World Attraction
Dec 6, 2012 DISCONNECTED: More Youth are Jobless, Out of School, Says Casey Foundation
Dec 6, 2012 UNIONS INEVITABLE? Job Opportunity, Pay Equity Making Bargaining Essential?
Dec 2, 2012 BRING YOUR OWN: CMU Health Care Team Advises Caution With Hospital Water
Dec 2, 2012 DEVENDORF UPDATE: Bay City's Only Pro Basketball Player Scoring in Ukraine
Dec 2, 2012 STILL THE BEST: Bay City's Bill Hewitt Helped Chicago Win the 1st NFL Crown
Nov 29, 2012 PURPLE WITH FEAR! How Did Organized Crime Affect Folks in Clare, Michigan?
Nov 28, 2012 QUANTUM LEAP: Composites Firm Gets Tax Abatement to Invest, Add Jobs
Nov 27, 2012 HISTORY QUIZ? Is There a Bay City Connection in Spielberg's Movie, Lincoln?
Nov 25, 2012 CORPORATE ANGEL: Dow Chemical Honored for Flight Service to Cancer Patients
Nov 25, 2012 NEED A JOB? Look to Agriculture, Says Jim Byrum of Michigan Agri Business
Nov 24, 2012 CONGRESSIONAL GRINCH: Will He Steal Christmas? Asks U-M Survey Chief
Nov 23, 2012 WHO IS BARLEY MACTAVISH? Midlanders Get Help From Anonymous Scotsman
Nov 22, 2012 BIG SCHOOL CHANGES: Funding to Follow Student, Scholarships for Early Grads
Nov 22, 2012 McLaren Bay Region Cardiac Surgery Program Honored
Nov 18, 2012 ATTRACTION:
Crowds Thronging Edson for Veterans' Day Preview of Future?
Nov 18, 2012 BLUE CROSS CHANGES: Top Michigan Health Insurer Transitioning to Mutual Co.
Nov 18, 2012 COUNTY GOLF COURSE? Financial Viability of Municipal Layout Studied
Nov 18, 2012 Diary of Soldier in Bay City's 7th Michigan Cavalry Online at MSU
Nov 18, 2012 MIDLAND TOPS!
Five Star Rating for Innovation by University of Michigan
Nov 18, 2012 TREE CUTTING QUESTIONS: Consumers Energy Line Clearance Work Controversial
Nov 18, 2012 What Can the Public Expect Washington to Do About the Economy?
Two Thirds of County Voters Cast Ballots
Nov 11, 2012 MELTDOWN! Filmed in Bay City, New Action Flick Released on DVD
Nov 11, 2012 USS Edson: Grey Ghost of the Vietnamese Coast Eyeing Longterm Berth
Nov 4, 2012 Dr. Rita Munley Gallagher Receives Prestigious Public Health Award
Nov 4, 2012 MICHIGAN RISING! State Ranks 4th Nationally in Economic Recovery
Nov 4, 2012 PAUL BUNYAN: Four Big Ten Teams Play for Trophies Named for Bay City Legend
Dems Seen Retaking Seat Lost in Health Care Kerfuffle
Canada Will Pay for Vital Transport Tie to Michigan
Oct 31, 2012 MICHIGAN IN PLAY? Romney Ad Blitz Here Countered by Obama Campaign
Oct 28, 2012 "$50 Million on a Shoestring" Book Recalls Legend of Bay City Aladdin Firm
Oct 28, 2012 BIG SENIOR ISSUE: Supreme Court Incumbents Criticized for Pension Tax Votes
Oct 28, 2012 MBS NEW TERMINAL: Federal Government Paid $35 Million, Economic Boost Seen
Oct 28, 2012 PURE MICHIGAN YOUTUBE BACK UP! 3 Million Plus Hits Recorded So Far
A Non-Partisan Look at the 6 Ballot Initiatives
Oct 21, 2012 Historian/Author to Help Unveil Historic Marker at Kentucky Slavery Site
Oct 21, 2012 More Halloween Events Slated: Ghost Walks Link History with Spookiness
Oct 21, 2012 SHEE'S BAACK!!! Jennifer Granholm Hits Atty. Gen. Schuette On Ballot Plan
Oct 14, 2012 Bay County Commission Candidates to Attend Forum at Fremont Center
Oct 14, 2012 THE NEW GM: Bay City PowerTrain Manager Joe Mazzeo Profiles Firm Goals
Oct 14, 2012 TV-12 Reporter Terry Camp's Question to Paul Ryan Logical, Not "Strange"
Oct 14, 2012 What Would George Romney Say About Willard "Mitt" Romney?
Oct 7, 2012 1 MILLION MILES! Wings of Mercy Logs Aviation Milestone in Saving Lives
Oct 7, 2012 Indiantown Book, Castle Museum/Saginaw Historical Society, Win State Awards
Oct 7, 2012 LOCAL INDUSTRY RISING!: 6 Companies Project Multi-Million Dollar Expansions
Oct 7, 2012 Michigan Manufacturers Want the Bridge, Urge Rejection of Other Issues
Oct 7, 2012 Oscar Bentley, Civil War Veteran, to be Memorialized Oct. 13
Oct 7, 2012 WHO IS MCLAREN? Hospital Group Namesake was Flint Women's Hospital Pioneer
Oct 7, 2012 William Johnson of Mt. Pleasant Wins State Historical Service Award
Oct 6, 2012 Cougar Sightings Increase in Michigan Including 25 in Tri-County Area
What's the Tie With the V.P. Debate Site?
Sep 30, 2012 Competing Casino Plan Nixed, Chippewa Move Ahead with Expansion at Saganing
Sep 30, 2012 CUSTER WEEK:
Famed Boy General Gets His Due in Monroe This Week
Sep 23, 2012 Despite Conflicts, China is Focus of Gov. Snyder's Trade Mission
Sep 23, 2012 Michigan's Role in the War of 1812 Topic of Talk Tuesday in Saginaw
Sep 23, 2012 Negotiations Underway with Song Publisher to Restore Pure Michigan Video
Sep 18, 2012 PLANNING PROCESS: Let's Get Better, Says Bay Area Chamber, Foundation
Sep 16, 2012 BALLOT PROPOSALS: November Voting May Be Confused by Multiple Issues
Sep 16, 2012 Dow Corning Asks U.S. for Agreements with China on Trade
Sep 16, 2012 HERE PIGGY!!:
Open Season on Wild Boar Rooting in Most Michigan Counties
Sep 16, 2012 World's Leading Expert on Penguins Started at Central Michigan University
Sep 9, 2012 Half the People in the Country Are Freeloaders Who Pay No Taxes, Right?
Sep 9, 2012 Nearly $60 Million Invested in Saginaw County; 10 Projects, 250 Jobs Seen
Sep 9, 2012 Two Books That Will Make Bay City Even More Famous
Aug 30, 2012 DIPLOMATIC TRIP: Jim Barcia, Terry Watson Represent U.S. in Dieppe, France
Aug 30, 2012 HARRY JARKEY: Still Remembered After All These Years by Local Fans
Aug 29, 2012 Saginaw Valley Starts Year 49 as 10th Largest State"U" Near 11,000 Students
Aug 26, 2012 Reform Group Eyes Post-Election Audits, Citing Error-Prone Optical System
Aug 26, 2012 Teen Birth Rate in Bay, Saginaw Counties Tops State Average; Midland Lower
Aug 23, 2012 Secretary of State Ruth Johnson Under Fire For Voter Citizenship Question
Aug 19, 2012 Dow's Liveris Leads Worldwide Effort to Energize Advanced Manufacturing
Aug 19, 2012 GAS PRICES? Why Do They Keep Going Up, and What Can We Do About It?
Aug 19, 2012 Pure Michigan Video to be Shot Here on Monday with Rob Bliss Behind Camera
Aug 16, 2012 Harry Jarkey, 99, Says Hello to All His Bay City Friends; Send Him a Wish!
Aug 12, 2012 Devendorf is Good Enough to Play in the NBA -- What's the Problem?
Aug 12, 2012 Ex-Congressman Bart Stupak Now Lobbyist; Speaks Aug. 15 in California
Aug 12, 2012 Paul Ryan Ignites Great Debate About Morality, Role of Government
Aug 8, 2012 More USS Edson Photos -- by Dave Rogers
Aug 7, 2012 EDSON ARRIVES! 418 Foot Destroyer Nudged Into Tie-Up at Wirt Stone Dock
Aug 5, 2012 Kildee's Electric Vehicle Charging Bill Wins Unanimous Approval
Aug 5, 2012 NATIONAL PICKLE FESTIVAL: Linwood Sets Schedule for Annual Event Aug. 17-19
Aug 5, 2012 WELCOME USS EDSON! Historic Destroyer Due Here Tuesday
Tug, Destroyer Now in Michigan Waters
Jul 28, 2012 FOILED? Ex-State Rep. Wetters Loses FOIA But Pushes Bid to Oust Clerk
Jul 28, 2012 FOLLOW THE MONEY: Who Calls Shots in Michigan Politics? At What Cost?
Jul 22, 2012 Reflections on Jeff Julian and the Aurora Colorado Massacre
Jul 22, 2012 SLAVERY VOTED DOWN: Presidential Election of 1864 Held Ominous Potential
Jul 21, 2012 Chi-Mac Sailors Now Must Carry Knives Because of WingNut's Tragedy
Jul 20, 2012 BATTLE ON MACKINAC ISLAND: How Michigan's Vacation Spot Influenced History
Jul 19, 2012 EDSON BREAKING NEWS: Destroyer Museum Ship Leaves Philadelphia Under Tow
Jul 15, 2012 BAY CITY ARTS MECCA: Old Masonic Temple Gets IRS Non-Profit Status
Jul 15, 2012 BODIES HUMAN: Display Opens Sunday at Dennos Museum in Traverse City
Jul 15, 2012 DROUGHT CRISIS: Ag Prices Rise, Production Slows With Dry Weather
Jul 15, 2012 HEALTH CARE MESS: Kildee Stands Firm, GOP Says Let Market Work
Jul 11, 2012 PLEASE ATTEND: Residents Invited to Planning Meeting Thursday at DoubleTree
Destroyer Being Prepared in Philadelphia for Trip
Jul 8, 2012 Bay City Native Charles B. Warren "Almost" Became U.S. Attorney General
Jul 8, 2012 GLOBAL WARMING! Bay City Built Ship Explores Asia, Europe Pollution
Jul 8, 2012 Why Not Bring Back Government Jobs Like FDR Did During the Depression?
Jul 1, 2012 BOOZE TALK: State Monopoly on Liquor Questionable, Says Mackinac Center
Jul 1, 2012 Couples Flock to Little Stone Church on Mackinac Island for Vows
Jul 1, 2012 EDSON AWEIGH! Backers of Destroyer Museum Ship Say Plans Underway
Jun 24, 2012 BETTER WATER ON TAP! $59 Million Membrane Plant Construction Planned
Jun 24, 2012 EDSON $$$ DEAD??? Michigan House Strips Sen. Green's $300,000 Support
Jun 24, 2012 GHOST WALK: Join Local History Author Saturday Nights Story Stroll Downtown
Jun 24, 2012 Michigan State Doctoral Graduate Heads Historic Black College, Alabama A&M
Jun 24, 2012 Mind, Brain and Education Conference Slated June 25-29 at Harvard
Jun 23, 2012 Spirit Bear Bullying Discussion Thursday Highlights Roethke Memorial Events
Jun 17, 2012 ALABAMA vs MICHIGAN: Football Game this Fall Not the Only Connection
Jun 17, 2012 Candidate Forum Slated June 21 at Fremont Child and Senior Center
Marijuana Issue May Smoke Up November Election
Jun 10, 2012 $10 MILLION EXPANSION: Mersen USA Bay City to Beef Up Buildings, Equipment
Jun 10, 2012 WHAT'S HAPPENING?
Commissioner Tom Ryder Wants City-County Water Update
Jun 8, 2012 FLORIDA: Confederate Flag Still Flies Here, Folks; What Does That Mean?
Jun 2, 2012 JUMP START!
Michigan Foundations Put $100 Million Where Their Mouth Is
Walsh College Alumni See Silver Lining in U.S.
May 27, 2012 Great Lakes Hit By Another Invasive Species:
The Bloody Red Shrimp
May 27, 2012 Milton Higgs, Art Pominville: Noted Lawyers in the Area's Best Tradition
May 27, 2012 Planning Unified Michigan Theme of Detroit Regional Chamber on Mackinac
May 20, 2012 Jim Crow Museum Opens to Teach Tolerance Near Former Black Resort Idlewild
May 20, 2012 SVSU Alumni Honor Seven Outstanding Graduates, Student
May 19, 2012 Motorcycle Fatalities Down in Michigan Despite Helmet Law Change?
May 19, 2012 USS EDSON: Destroyer to Berth Here Depicted in U.S. Navy Archives Photos
May 17, 2012 HOUSING RECOVERY ON! Home Prices Driving Consumer Spending, Says Report
May 17, 2012 Native American Drops Bid to Oust Dr. Benishek from Congress
May 13, 2012 Reasons Behind U.S. Job Losses Perplex Researchers, Social Scientists
May 13, 2012 What Happened to Carl Boehringer, Bay Cityan Interned in Tokyo in WWII?
May 12, 2012 War Looms Between State vs. Local Governments & Schools Over Personal Taxes
May 10, 2012 MIDWEST IS BACK!
Jobs That Went South Returning, Think Tank Study Says
May 6, 2012 "Bland" Rapids No More: Lip Dub Video with Cast of Thousands Goes Viral
May 6, 2012 Depression Galvanized Bay City Social Activist Florence Tye Jennison
May 6, 2012 Historic Carroll Park Set for Another Season Entrancing Residents, Visitors
Apr 29, 2012 Allow Concealed Guns on Campus? A Really Knotty Question That Defies Answer
Apr 29, 2012 Destroyer Edson May Not Arrive Here Until Late Summer, Fall, Say Officials
Apr 29, 2012 Essexville Lore Includes "Celebrated Cleveland Demon Baby" Yarn
Apr 22, 2012 Why Did U.S. Win WW II? Saginaw Gun Plant Personified Patriotic Production
Apr 21, 2012 Dow Chemical Among Firms Planning Expansion Based on Low Natural Gas Costs
Apr 21, 2012 Eric Devendorf Finally Getting His Chance in D-League to Make the Big Time
Apr 21, 2012 More Younger People Find Bay City Living Tops Urban Metros, Says Land Exec
Apr 15, 2012 After Century Slumber, Rip Van Winkle Would Find Similar Political Issues
Apr 15, 2012 Saginaw's Nexteer Said Now Commanding Global Truck Steering Market
Apr 15, 2012 Titanic Find Puts Bay City Ship Knorr in Pages of World Maritime History
Apr 14, 2012 Are Concerns Warranted Over Plans to Add More Chemicals to City Water?
Apr 10, 2012 Lt. Gov. Calley Describes Michigan's "Not Without Pain Fiscal Reinvention"
Apr 8, 2012 Sen. Stabenow Plants "Grow It Here, Make It Here" Economic Initiative
Apr 1, 2012 Are Social Security, Medicare at Risk in High Court Health Care Decision?
Apr 1, 2012 Michigan Tourism Spending Seen Continuing to Rise by MSU Expert
Apr 1, 2012 Wood and Ag Products May Be Making Comeback as Automotive Components
Mar 26, 2012 Final Quote Immortalized Bud Mars, Flyer Who Took Japan's Emperor Aloft
Mar 25, 2012 Area Job Potential Said 66,000 with International Trade Hub Through Halifax
Mar 25, 2012 Arnold Line Ferry Starts Runs to Mackinac Island Months Early
Mar 23, 2012 Bay Area Chamber Soars to New Heights -- 450 Enthusiasts at Annual Meeting
Mar 20, 2012 Billionaire Spanx Founder Sara Blakely Has Bay City Connection
Mar 18, 2012 Great Lakes Didn't Freeze Over This Year: Ice Cover Said Least in 40 Years
Mar 18, 2012 Petoskey Group Sounds Asian Carp Alarm; Levin Leads Effort to Block Invader
Mar 11, 2012 Are Muskrats Meat or Fish? Some Catholics Say Pope OKd 'Rats Lenten Fare
Mar 11, 2012 Can Spartans Top Memphis, Missou & Kentucky? If So, Green May Reign in NCAA
Mar 11, 2012 Dow Ag Chemicals Sales Up 31 Percent; New Products Aim at Growing Market
Mar 4, 2012 Limits of Free Speech Under Severe Test With Limbaugh, O'Reilly Rants
Mar 4, 2012 Michigan: Axis of Evil or Just Ground Zero for Political Movements?
Mar 4, 2012 Spectacular Fire Destroyed First Holy Rosary Academy in Essexville in 1904
Feb 26, 2012 Dave Carlyon, Bay City's Most Famous Clown, Writes of Antics of Dan Rice
Feb 26, 2012 Trying to Make Sense of Proposal A Effect on Your Property Tax Bill Change?
Feb 18, 2012 Amelia Earhart Spy Plot Involved Bay City's Gen. Westover, Says NatGeo Film
Feb 18, 2012 Should Right-to-Work Become Major Public Policy Issue in Michigan?
Feb 15, 2012 Partnerships, Consolidation Ideas Dominate Chamber State of the Community
Feb 15, 2012 Trinity Episcopal's Search for a New Rector Recalls Trying Early Days
Feb 14, 2012 Ben Gazzara Personified Michigan-Made Anatomy of a Murder Film
Feb 14, 2012 Dolores Maillette Recalls Colorful History of Bay City St. Joseph Church
Feb 14, 2012 Dow Corning Classic Crowns Singles Champ Olga Govortsova of Belarus
Feb 5, 2012 Asian Carp Under Control, Reports Regional Coordinating Committee
Feb 5, 2012 Dow Chemical 2011 Sales Hit Record $60 Billion Worldwide
Feb 5, 2012 Dow Corning Tennis Classic Begins Next Week at Midland Tennis Center
Feb 5, 2012 Dow Corning's Deflexion Absorbs Shock, Bullets, Revolutionizes Body Armor
Jan 29, 2012 Dangers of Corporations Warned by William Cook, Michigan Law Quad Donor
Jan 28, 2012 Numerous NBA Stars in Multiple Troubles Make Devendorf Look Like Choir Boy
Jan 26, 2012 James G. Birney Presidential Candidacy in 1844 Backed by Minstrel Airs
Jan 25, 2012 Brian Kennedy's Improved Lies: Mickey Spillane Couldn't Have Done Better
Jan 22, 2012 Hey, Tom Izzo: Ease Up on the Trash Talk About the Wolverines!!!
Jan 20, 2012 Class Eyes Frankenmuth Bootlegging, Bay City Prostitutes, Saginaw Ex-Slave
Jan 15, 2012 Michigan Civil War Video Draws Record Crowd to Stein Haus for Round Table
Jan 15, 2012 Navy Reportedly Ready to Make Announcement on Release of Destroyer Edson
Jan 15, 2012 Wenonah Toll Could Have Been High as 50 With Earlier Fire, Chief Observed
Jan 8, 2012 Birney Descendant Wrote Western Novels, History of Mormons
Jan 2, 2012 Lt. Willard's Plane Crashed in Ocean, Headed for Washington, D.C.
Dec 26, 2011 Violence, Culture Drove Eric Devendorf Out of Turkey; Now He's in Idaho
Dec 25, 2011 After Pearl Harbor, What Happened to Local Air Corps Flier Rush H. Willard?
Dec 25, 2011 What Do You Know About Books By Tri City Writers, About the Tri City Area?
Dec 18, 2011 Century After Annie Taylor's Niagara Plunge, She Makes Off Broadway Bigtime
Dec 18, 2011 City Hall Restoration Fund Seeks Donors for Seats, Rooms, Staircase
Dec 18, 2011 New Details Emerge About French Settlement of Saginaw Valley
Dec 18, 2011 New Dow Bay Area Family Y Nearing Completion, Aims to Double Membership
Dec 12, 2011 After Pearl Harbor, Bay Cityan Carl Boehringer Incarcerated by Japanese
Dec 11, 2011 Two Dozen Bay Cityans Were Stationed at Pearl Harbor During Japanese Attack
Dec 11, 2011 USS Edson Backers in Final Drive for Spring Arrival of Historic Destroyer
Dec 4, 2011 Lawsuit by Jim Thorpe's Sons Underway in Pennsylvania Federal Court
Dec 4, 2011 Uptown at RiversEdge May Be Site of New Lab for Dow Kokam Battery Project
Dec 4, 2011 Will Federal Agency Probe Derail Chevy Volt, Stall Michigan Recovery?
Nov 27, 2011 Michigan Non-Profit Organizations Hope for Big Giving Finish as Credits End
Nov 20, 2011 Local Sailors Who Perished on the Great Lakes are Honored by Group
Nov 20, 2011 Remains of Dead Crewmen Returning to Sunken Wreck of Steamship Cedarville
Nov 13, 2011 "Becoming Dr. Q" An Inspirational Book for Anyone Who Strives to Achieve
Nov 13, 2011 Look for Earth to Move Next Year on $25 Million Riverfront Development
Nov 13, 2011 Occupy Wall Street Comes (Sort Of) to Bay City, Saginaw, Midland
Nov 13, 2011 Want a Job? Go to Work on the Farm, Says Michigan Agri-Business Leader
Nov 6, 2011 Bay City's Spartan Trenton Robinson Seen Poised to be Pro Grid D-Back
Nov 3, 2011 Delta College's First Half Century Marked by President Jean Goodnow
Nov 2, 2011 Many Questions Remain About Taxes, Other Aspects of Future Resort Operation
Oct 30, 2011 Kentucky Slave Raids in Michigan Ignited Civil War 54 Years Earlier
Oct 23, 2011 GHOSTS: Jailed Tart, Leopard Trainer Die in Old City Hall; Gang Duo Nabbed
Catch One Pass Like Spartan Keith Nichol
Oct 23, 2011 What is This Occupy Wall Street Movement? Do We Cheer, or Fret About It?
Oct 19, 2011 GHOSTS-3: Slain Manager is State Theatre Spectre, Has Reserved Balcony Seat
Oct 16, 2011 Does Bay City Really Have Ghosts? Halloween Prowlers Read This and Find Out
Oct 16, 2011 Isadore's Secret a Crime Book for the Ages, Featuring Sex, Murder, Religion
Oct 16, 2011 Will Bay County Get Aboard the Michigan Port Collaborative at Long Last?
Oct 9, 2011 Dow Chemical Gives $25 Million a Year to Universities for Research
Oct 9, 2011 Polish Church "Wars" Like Bay City Commonplace at End of 19th Century
Oct 9, 2011 State Police Posts at Bay City, Caro, West Branch, Gaylord Among 29 Open
Oct 2, 2011 Bay City-Bay County Aim to Use Membrane Plant for Ultra High Quality Water
Oct 2, 2011 Writer with Local Following, Mardi Link, Scores Big with Memoir at Knopf
Sep 28, 2011 Cleaner AuGres Water for Bay County Seen Result of New Treatment Plant
Sep 25, 2011 Gen. David Bell Birney Medal, Kearny Cross, Surfaces at State History Meet
Sep 25, 2011 Michigan Homeowners Face Making Up Deficits Caused by Tax Cut Plan
Sep 25, 2011 Republican Turmoil at Bay City Armory in 1912 Led to Vote for Women in 1920
Sep 25, 2011 Rumors Escalate About Three Huge Bay Area Job Producing Projects Pending
Sep 25, 2011 Workers, Investment Needed in Bay Region Breadbasket of Michigan
Sep 18, 2011 Hope for the Future Offered in Michigan Community Revitalization Act
Sep 11, 2011 Food Fight Down on the Farm
Gov. Snyder Touts High Value of Agriculture
Sep 8, 2011 TRUTH SEEKING: The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Law
Sep 6, 2011 Emcor's President Talks to Rotarians About High Tech Manufacturing
Sep 5, 2011 Michigan Workers May Want to Consider Buddy Roemer's Free/Fair Trade Talk
Sep 3, 2011 Saginaw Bay Muck is Focus of Sen. Stabenow, Local Watershed Officials
Aug 28, 2011 Can You Really Sell Power Back to Consumers Energy Company? SURE!
Aug 28, 2011 Dow Chemical is Investing, Hiring in Michigan, Says CEO Andrew Liveris
Aug 21, 2011 Delta College Students Now Have Easier Path to Degrees at CMU, FSU, EMU
Aug 21, 2011 Expert: Don't Expect Super Committee to Reach Solution to U.S. Dysfunction
Aug 20, 2011 Task Force Seeks to Re-Establish Pier, Restaurant on Saginaw Bay
Aug 14, 2011 As Nation's Economy Struggles, Michigan and Detroit Head Upward
Aug 14, 2011 Great Lakes Bay Region, Now Including Isabella, Should Boost Export Markets
Aug 14, 2011 What was the Real Basis of the S&P U.S. Credit Downgrade? POLITICS!
Aug 10, 2011 Why Are Brits Rioting and Not Americans? It's the Social Contract, Stupid!
Aug 7, 2011 Michigan's Billionaire "Kitty Litter King" Foundation Creating Jobs
Jul 24, 2011 Church Singer Chet Pawloski Celebrates 80th Birthday and 107 Patents
Jul 24, 2011 Faced with Anarchy, the President Must Use 14th Amendment on Debt Impasse
Jul 24, 2011 USS Edson Project Bubbling Along, Awaiting Consultant's Winter Mooring Plan
Jul 17, 2011 Benishek Hailed as Member of "Magnificent 11" Ryan Budget Backers
Jul 17, 2011 SC Johnson Windex® Mini Hopes to Revolutionize Cleaning Concentrate Use
Jul 17, 2011 The "Dole" Ends in Michigan After 4 Years; Rep. Horn: "Make Your Own Job"
Jul 16, 2011 Bay County Wins Again; Rated in Top 10 Nationally For Digital Communication
Jul 16, 2011 BULLETIN: China Urges "Responsibility;" Boehner Ties CCB Bill to Debt Deal
Jul 10, 2011 Stand on Health Care Wins Gov. Snyder Praise from Human Services Group
Jul 10, 2011 We the People Pledge Allegiance to....Secret Tax Nullifier Grover Norquist?
Jul 4, 2011 'Image Tribes' Affinities Sorting Us Into Perpetual Conflict, Author Claims
Jul 3, 2011 "Keep It Moving!" Federal Auto Chief Calls Bay City GM Plant "Impressive"
Jul 3, 2011 Kennecott Mining Plan Called "Cultural Clash" Tearing U.P. Apart
Jun 29, 2011 State Theatre to Air 'Haunting' Nuremberg Documentary Aug. 2
Jun 28, 2011 Collective Marketing of Great Lakes Bay Region Explained by Annie Rummel
Jun 26, 2011 Ex-Detroit Lions Running Back Billy Sims: 7 Casino Plan is Good Business!
Jun 24, 2011 "New GM" Showcased for Crowds at Bay City PowerTrain Plant
Jun 19, 2011 Anatomy of a Murder Still Captivates Movie Fans, Draws Crowds to Marquette
Jun 14, 2011 70 More Jobs Coming; GM Bay City Powertrain Plant Tour Set June 23
Jun 12, 2011 Pine Ridge Cemetery Gets Long-Awaited Michigan Historic Designation
Jun 12, 2011 What's the Matter with Eric Devendorf? Bay City's Alltime Best Still Adrift
Jun 11, 2011 'Michigan is Yours' Plan to Add 7 Casinos Using Poll for Signature Campaign
Jun 11, 2011 Senator Green Gets $500,000 for 2 City Bridges, Hopes for Permanent Fix
Jun 10, 2011 Bay Area Family Y 'Paving the Way' to New Community Jewel
Jun 10, 2011 Ithaca Superintendent's Answer: Policy Makers Value Prisons Over Schools
Jun 5, 2011 Banker Ann Lingle Bay Future Head, Former State Rep. Jeff Mayes Joins Board
Jun 5, 2011 Sweet Adelines to Reprise D.C. Performance at State Theatre June 29
Jun 3, 2011 GM's Reuss Right On with Vision of Detroit as Transportation Innovation Hub
Jun 3, 2011 It Took the State Five Months to Shut Down Illegal Vanderbilt Casino
May 31, 2011 Afghan Team Visit to Rotary Here First in Nation, Says Mike Stoner
May 29, 2011 Auto, Bipartisan Focus Seen at Detroit Regional Chamber Event on Mackinac
May 29, 2011 Republicans Move Closer to Bay County Commission Parity or Control
May 29, 2011 Shared Bay City-County Water System Urged by Road Commission, Twps
May 17, 2011 Leo Najar, Musical Face of the Great Lakes Bay Region, Dies Unexpectedly
May 15, 2011 Did Bart Stupak Quit Congress Out of Fear of C Street Disclosures?
May 13, 2011 Butch Cassidy Visited Bay City on the Run From 'Wild Bunch' Crime Wave
May 6, 2011 Emergency Financial Managers May Make Matters Worse, Some Officials Charge
Apr 30, 2011 Singapore Newspaper Spotlights Saginaw Nexteer Deal as "Litmus Test"
Apr 24, 2011 Former Delta College Professors Smith, Enger Pioneer Environmental Science
Apr 24, 2011 Water Should Unite Bay City, Bay County Officials, Not Divide Them
Apr 17, 2011 Real Cause of Civil War Obscured in 150th Anniversary Recollections
Apr 17, 2011 U.S. Constitution Should Be First Thing Legislators Consult
Apr 16, 2011 After Two Decades of Casinos, Time for Another Look at Economic Impacts
Apr 13, 2011 Mackinac Center Chief Says Gov. Snyder Has Made "Promising Debut"
Apr 10, 2011 Only 10 Michiganders on America's 400 Wealthiest List, None From Here
Apr 9, 2011 Pinconning Park, State Park May Gain Usage as State Campgrounds Close
Apr 3, 2011 Causes of Revolutions in African Countries Addressed by Speaker at CMU
Apr 1, 2011 Plan to Add 7 More Casinos in Michigan May be Headed to 2012 Ballot
Mar 31, 2011 Bay and Saginaw Health Rankings Low, Midland Higher
Mar 31, 2011 Could Mysterious Fuel Tank on Y Property Be From Bus Lines of 80 Years Ago?
Mar 27, 2011 Brunner, Moolenaar to Head Great Lakes Bay Regional Caucus
Mar 27, 2011 Japanese Disaster Recalls Nuclear Industry History In Great Lakes Bay Area
Mar 26, 2011 Proposed Local Government Changes by Gov. Snyder Have Been Needed for Years
Mar 18, 2011 EPA Approval Received for USS Edson Destroyer Display in Bay City
Mar 18, 2011 Great Lakes Levels Expected to Drop up to a Foot, Shipping Loss Seen
Mar 13, 2011 What If World Famous Rock Star Madonna Came to Bay City and Nobody Noticed?
Mar 12, 2011 After 121 Years Weekly, George Washington's Bay City Democrat Goes Biweekly
Mar 9, 2011 Bay City Mayor Woodruff Rode the Bull Moose to Congress for 34 Years
Mar 6, 2011 Attorney Matt Hewitt Launches Good Samaritan Legal Aid for Debt Protection
Mar 6, 2011 Junior's Finally Getting Out of Prison:
What Do We Do Now?
Mar 6, 2011 Michigan State University set to host 96th annual ANR Week
Mar 5, 2011 USS Edson Backers Janke and Kegley Served in the U.S. Navy Themselves
Feb 26, 2011 Thumb Loop High Voltage Line to Serve Growing Need from Wind Farms
Feb 24, 2011 Teddy Roosevelt in 1914 Visits Scene Here of Launching of Bull Moose Party
Feb 22, 2011 Bay County Played Important Role in Michigan Highway System Development
Feb 20, 2011 What is the Value of One Vote or One Phone Call? Cliff Van Dyke Explains
Feb 19, 2011 Snyder's Dilemma for Michigan: Be Like Wisconsin, Or Like Montana
Feb 13, 2011 Czech Star Hradecka Wins Dow Corning Midland Singles Title
Feb 13, 2011 Delta College First in Fundraising Among Michigan Community Colleges
Feb 13, 2011 GL Bay Region Ad Spending to Equal That of Mackinac Island, Ford Museum
Feb 13, 2011 Why Rich Folks Have the Biggest Stake in the Incomes of Poor Folks
Feb 12, 2011 Dow Corning Women's Tennis Features Hotshot Coco Vandeweghe's 115 MPH Serve
Feb 12, 2011 School is Only One Area That Needs Improvement for Michigan Kids
Feb 8, 2011 Rotarians From Michigan Join African Rotarians to Combat Poverty
Feb 6, 2011 Bay City Mayor Shannon to Meet with Saginaw, Midland on Water Issues
Feb 6, 2011 Dr. Ingersoll Moves Ahead with Odd Fellows Hall, Charter School, Arts Guild
Feb 5, 2011 Regional Alliance Distributing New Great Lakes Bay Official Travel Guide
Feb 4, 2011 Dow Chemical Financials Continue to Roar Back on Global Sales, High Profits
Feb 2, 2011 Bay County Drain Chief Says His Sewer Bill Went Up 500 Percent in Bay City
Jan 31, 2011 WEATHER UPDATE -- Take Care Digging Out, Wind Chills 10 Below Predicted
Jan 30, 2011 "Nexteer: Not Trojan Horse, Stab in Heart," Says State Sen. Roger Kahn
Jan 30, 2011 Citizens Sewer Committee Eyes $1 Million/Year City Hall Department Charges
Jan 30, 2011 Critics, Supporters Weighing Outcome of 8 Years of Granholm on Michigan
Jan 30, 2011 Did the U.S. Navy Win the Civil War? Local Scholars Make Case at Roundtable
Jan 30, 2011 Rep. Brunner, House Democrats Launch Michigan Jobs First Plan
Jan 23, 2011 Bay City Rejects Saginaw Offer to Supply Treated Water
Jan 23, 2011 Benishek, Camp Vote to Repeal Health Care Act, Kildee Opposed
Jan 23, 2011 Consultant Says City Should Determine if Costly PCB Filtration is Necessary
Jan 23, 2011 Did China Save Nexteer From Bankruptcy? Brits Seem to Think So -- We Don't
Jan 23, 2011 Mersen-Bay City Has Largest/Only Silicon Carbide Reactors, Rotarians Told
Jan 16, 2011 High City Sewer Bills Relief in Sight Under Plans by Manager Belleman
Jan 16, 2011 Worst Crime in Bay City History Occurred 90 Years Ago January 15
Jan 15, 2011 Bans Impacting Bodies Exhibits Using Dow Corning Chemicals and Processes
Jan 15, 2011 Visits Dr. Martin Luther King's Church in Montgomery, Alabama
Jan 15, 2011 The Rest of the Story: Mayor Shannon and Senator Levin Saved Post Office
Jan 9, 2011 ISSUE ALERT: Bay City Sewer/Water Crises Rising to Surface This Month
Jan 9, 2011 The Coach, Lynn Conway, Played Many Roles in His Admirable Career
Jan 8, 2011 Bay City Post Office Building For Sale, Counter Service to Remain
Jan 8, 2011 New County Board Chair Tilley Sees 'Turbulent Financial Times Ahead'
Jan 8, 2011 Papers of British Diplomat Sir Henry Strachey Acquired by Clements Library
Jan 8, 2011 Walleye Hatcheries Working Overtime After Disinfectant Found to Cut Disease
Jan 4, 2011 Exercise Changes Your Life Forever, Rotarians Learn from Cusick, Gasta
Jan 2, 2011 Closing of Saginaw's Venerable Germania Club Stirs Discussion of Tax Issue
Jan 2, 2011 Major University Presence Needed Downtown, Says County Commissioner
Jan 1, 2011 Famed Bay City Author Ed Jablonski Gives Impressions of Gershwin Pianist
Dec 31, 2010 Duke Legend Christian Laettner to Headline Hoops Program in Bay City
Dec 31, 2010 Repeal of Law Allowing City Employees to Live Outside City Sought
Dec 30, 2010 Lots of Needed Road Projects, Little Money to Accomplish Them, Planner Says
Dec 26, 2010 Canvassing Board Chair Suspects Voter and Precinct Worker Error in Primary
Dec 26, 2010 New Year's Eve Smoking Ban Protest Eyed by Bar, Restaurant Owners
Dec 26, 2010 Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum Officials Hope to Tow USS Edson in Spring
Dec 26, 2010 Swearing In of Judges Gill, Janer Draws Full House to State Theatre
Dec 25, 2010 Battle of the Bulge That Began 66 Years Ago Recalled by Old Soldier Here
Dec 25, 2010 Bay City Historical 'First:' U-M Regents Meet Here in Tribute to Clements
Dec 19, 2010 After Coast Guard OK, Sunken Tug in Slip Raised, Beating Expected Timetable
Dec 19, 2010 All Economic Signs Pointing Up for Midland-Based World Chemical Leader
Dec 19, 2010 HRATCH BASMADJIAN: World Traveler Says Bay City is Best Place to Live
Dec 18, 2010 Ban on Sunday Morning Booze Sales to be Reconsidered by Bay City Commission
Dec 18, 2010 Saginaw's Synergy Medical Education Alliance Launched by CMU Board OK
Dec 17, 2010 "My Door is Open, My Phone is On" -- New State Rep. Charles Brunner
Dec 14, 2010 Christmas in Tough Times Hikes Salvation Army Local Families in Need to 800
Dec 12, 2010 Nexteer, Largest Chinese Auto Investment in U.S.: Will Company Stay Here?
Dec 12, 2010 Stabenow Would Have Tough Time in Michigan in 2012, Obama Not So Much
Dec 11, 2010 Bay City Can Reduce Voting Precincts from 27 to 9, Says Clerk
Dec 11, 2010 Caregiver Training Program to Start in May at Delta College
Dec 11, 2010 Chamber Awakens Huge Eye Opener Crowd to Music of Christmas
Dec 11, 2010 Citizens Now Can Access Bay City Geographical Crime Information Online
Dec 11, 2010 City Hall Cleanup/Dry Out Winds Down as Restoration Phase is Contemplated
Dec 11, 2010 Commission President Chris Shannon Named Bay City's New Mayor
Dec 5, 2010 All That Jazz!!! High Schoolers From Area Perform Tuesday at State Theatre
Dec 5, 2010 City Commission to Appoint Interim Mayor, Eye Sunday AM Beer-Wine Sale Ban
Dec 5, 2010 State Police Report 73% Less Driving Fatalities During Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 4, 2010 Barcia Lauds Gougeon in Farewell; Mayes Leaves Legacy of Area Tourism Bill
Dec 4, 2010 Hemlock Semiconductor Hikes Saginaw County Investment to $275 Million
Dec 4, 2010 Only Archival Film of Engel Era Football Preserved by Sports Hall of Fame
Dec 4, 2010 Post Office Consolidation Plan Promises One Day Service to Bay Area
Dec 4, 2010 Saginaw Bay Survey by George Meade Documented by Old City Newspaper
Dec 3, 2010 Bay Regional Medical Center Elects Officers
Nov 30, 2010 Dr. Steven Ingersoll Sketches Front Porch Renaissance Ideas at Rotary
Nov 28, 2010 Belleman Wondering About Sunday Morning Booze Sales Applications
Nov 28, 2010 Federal Judge Approves Chippewa Isabella Settlement Over AG's Objections
Nov 27, 2010 New Rogue Otsego County Casino Has Other Tribes on Warpath
Nov 27, 2010 State Proposes Tight Financial Strictures on Beefed Up Local Tourist Bureau
Nov 27, 2010 USS Edson Promoters Get EPA Approval; But Wait, There's More!
Nov 27, 2010 Winter Maintenance on Freighters Employs 1,200 at Great Lakes shipyards
Nov 21, 2010 City Manager Sets Sked for Sewer Fund Advisory Committee
Nov 21, 2010 County Tightens Belt, Commissioners to Eye Health Benefit Curbs on Tuesday
Nov 21, 2010 Daniel J. Morrell's Sole Survivor Dennis Hale Draws 300 to Bay City Program
Nov 21, 2010 Rotary Foundation Touches Other People, Opens Horizons, Says Gagliardi
Nov 21, 2010 Washington Needs to Take a Lesson From Lansing on Bipartisan Cooperation
Nov 20, 2010 Campaign to Call Congress Underway by Michigan League for Human Services
Nov 20, 2010 Legendary Bay City Book Collector William L. Clements Also Was an Author
Nov 20, 2010 Old Car Collectors Focus of New Delta College TV Documentary
Nov 19, 2010 Devendorf Clings to Life With 15 Points in Loss to Perth for 0-7 Tigers
Nov 19, 2010 Economic Forecast: Despite Clouds, Michigan to Gain Jobs in 2011
Nov 14, 2010 Belleman Forms Emergency Public-Private Committee to Eye Utility Costs
Nov 14, 2010 Mayor Brunner to Resign Monday Night, Shannon, Newsham Seen Possible Picks
Nov 14, 2010 Voters of 2010: Welcome to the Past -- Echoes of The 1930 Election
Nov 13, 2010 Lincoln's Cronies - A Motley Group, 71 lb. Tom Thumb to 350 lb. Judge Davis
Nov 7, 2010 Bay County and Northern Folks: Get Used to the Name "Congressman Benishek"
Nov 7, 2010 Civil War Roundtable Meets Wednesday for Lincoln Cronies Presentation
Nov 7, 2010 Property Tax Millage to be Levied Tuesday by Board of Commissioners
Nov 7, 2010 What Did Lumberjacks Do When They Weren't Chopping Wood?
Nov 7, 2010 Witches of November Climbing on Their Brooms to Sweep Great Lakes
Nov 6, 2010 Class Warfare: When We Go For Our Guns, How Will We Know Who to Shoot?
Nov 6, 2010 The Reality of Radical Tea Party Politics Poses the Greatest Future Threat
Nov 6, 2010 Upsets, Close Battles Highlight Bay County General Election Races
Nov 1, 2010 Eovations Continues Bay City's Historic Role As Innovator of Wood Products
Oct 31, 2010 Ex-Commissioner Virginia Hutter Asks City Action on High Water-Sewer Rates
Oct 31, 2010 Voters Still in the Dark on Primary Election Results Despite FOIA Request
Oct 30, 2010 Trinity Episcopal Morgue Unveiled After Many Hidden Decades
Oct 26, 2010 Digital 360 Technology Wows Rotary Club Visitors to Delta Planetarium
Oct 25, 2010 USS Edson Project Set to Go Here, But Mired in Navy Bureaucracy in D.C.
Oct 24, 2010 Accuracy Tests of Voting Machines Slated in Five Townships This Week
Oct 23, 2010 City Commission to Meet at Depot Site At Least Through Year's End
Oct 23, 2010 City Using Former Social Security Building, Other Temporary Quarters
Oct 23, 2010 Former Bay City Superintendent Joe Gonzales Makes NBC World News
Oct 23, 2010 Trinity Episcopal Mortuary to be Unveiled After Decades at Saturday Event
Oct 17, 2010 Elm Lawn Cemetery Honors Vaudeville Figure Killed Here in 1925 by Leopard
Oct 17, 2010 Harold Who? and Handy Football Mates to be Honored at Western-Central Game
Oct 17, 2010 State History Awards Given at Frankenmuth Conference
Oct 15, 2010 McLaren Acquisition of Mt. Pleasant Hospital Creates Tie to Medical School
Oct 13, 2010 Jeff Mayes Calls on Opponent to Support Hire Michigan First Plan
Oct 12, 2010 Bay County Library System Seeks to Retain Services with Renewal Millage
Oct 12, 2010 Doctors Without Borders Founder to Speak at Delta College Wednesday Oct. 20
Oct 10, 2010 Bernero, Snyder Only Debate Seen as a Draw by PBS Pundits
Oct 10, 2010 Michigan Judge's Ruling Upholding Federal Health Care is First in Nation
Oct 9, 2010 Bay City Utility Customers Rack Up $400,000 Past Due Accounts in One Month
Oct 3, 2010 Bay County Community Needs Answers About Several Key Public Issues
Oct 3, 2010 Confederate Judge Saves Indian in Murder Trial on Mackinac Courthouse Lawn
Oct 3, 2010 Nuremburg Trial Documentary Revival Involves Two Bay City Soldiers
Oct 2, 2010 Michigan Journalists' "Truth Squad" Calls "Foul" on Green Ads Against Mayes
Sep 26, 2010 Proposed Michigan Constitutional Convention: Unneeded Distraction, Cost,
Sep 26, 2010 Short-Handed Tri City Icehawks Lose Two at Home to Ft. Wayne Federals
Sep 25, 2010 Bay County's Tourism Potential Unrealized as Welcome Site Shifts
Sep 19, 2010 "We're Gonna Get the Big Bad Sheriff!" (Joe Arpaio)
Says Ex-Bay Cityan
Sep 19, 2010 Bay City Weighing Whether to Abandon Current Water Source in Inner Bay
Sep 19, 2010 Coast Guard Recognition Day, Oct. 3, Designated by Bay County Commission
Sep 19, 2010 HELL'S HALF MILE Comes to Life Again With Film Festival
Sep 19, 2010 Local Artist Sara Urband Murphy to Compete in State ArtPrize Competition
Sep 12, 2010 Bay County Eyes Allocation of $3.1 Million Federal Bonds to Renosol Corp.
Sep 12, 2010 Carbonne Lorraine of Bay City Now Part of Mersen USA Corporation.
Sep 12, 2010 Don't Let Omer Fool You, Change is Something That Goes On All the Time
Sep 12, 2010 WHO REALLY WON? We'll Never Know Real Results of the August Primary Vote
Sep 5, 2010 On Labor Day 2010, Time to Reflect on Michigan's Economic Direction
Sep 5, 2010 WATER FOLLIES: Bay City, Saginaw-Midland Can't Reach Agreement
Aug 29, 2010 Bay City's Water/Sewer Problems Date Back 138 Years
Aug 29, 2010 Steam Engines to Highlight Thumb Octagon Barn Days Sept. 10-11-12
Aug 29, 2010 Whitestone Point Water for Bay County From Saginaw-Midland Appears Closer
Aug 29, 2010 Who Says Nothing is New on Historic Mackinac Island? Have a Look at Our Pix
Aug 24, 2010 Rotary Camp Florida Serves Children Suffering from Cancer and Other Disease
Aug 22, 2010 Civil War 150th Anniversary Commemoration Beginning This Year
Aug 22, 2010 Defoe Built Presidential Yacht "Honey Fitz" Undergoing Refit in Florida
Aug 22, 2010 Laid Off GM Workers to Get First Priority in $20 Million Bay City Expansion
Aug 22, 2010 Michigan Falls in Casey Foundation Report on Child Well Being
Aug 22, 2010 Settlement Pending in Saginaw Chippewa Suit; Ancient Federal Fraud Charged
Aug 21, 2010 Downtown Bay City Farmer's Market in Full Mid-Summer Bloom
Aug 20, 2010 Do-All Inc. Seeking Donations of School Supplies for 900 Children This Fall
Aug 15, 2010 Books by the Thousands Recirculated at Bay County Library System Book Sale
Aug 15, 2010 Did Joe the Plumber Help Dan the Doctor Get GOP 1st District Nomination?
Aug 15, 2010 Fourteenth Amendment is All That Stands Between America and Fascism
Aug 15, 2010 Old YWCA Camp Maqua, Now Private Residences, Lives On Mainly in Memories
Aug 10, 2010 CEO Chris Girard Explains Mission, Operational Procedures, of Do-All, Inc.
Aug 10, 2010 Federal $250,000 Grant to Improve Delta Program, Add Lithium Battery Lab
Aug 8, 2010 California Oil & Gas Producer Exploring Bay County Depths
Aug 8, 2010 Joe the Plumber Backed Benishek Claims 14 Vote Lead in Congress Seat
Aug 8, 2010 New Book Explains Torch Lake Named for Indians Spearing Fish by Torchlight
Aug 8, 2010 Standish Prison Eyed by Feds to Ease Jammed Facilities, Rep. Stupak Says
Aug 8, 2010 The Cornucopia Corner: Area Farm Markets Listed From Alma to West Branch
Aug 8, 2010 Why Does He Ride? Former Bay Cityan Todd Majeski Overcame Cancer, Now Helps
Aug 7, 2010 Benishek Holds One Vote Lead Over Allen as Recount Looms for Stupak Seat
Aug 1, 2010 Do-All, Disability Resources Center, Raise $10,000 at Golf Outing
Aug 1, 2010 Dr. Hans C. Jeppesen Tells Rotarians Statistical Story of U.S. Health Care
Aug 1, 2010 Governor Has Given Bay County Voters a Dilemma for District Judge
Aug 1, 2010 Sister Mary Epple Celebrates Half Century as Mercy Sister
Jul 31, 2010 Love it or Not, Social Security 75th Anniversary to be Marked Aug. 14
Jul 30, 2010 What Happened Almost 99 Yrs. Ago in Bay City?
Nothing is Not the Answer!
Jul 25, 2010 $6.8 Million Investments in Obsolete Properties to Get City Review Aug. 2
Jul 25, 2010 Big Questions to be Answered Aug. 3 in District Judge, State Rep Races
Jul 25, 2010 Governor Granholm Failed to Interview in Barnes Appointment, Jacobs Claims
Jul 25, 2010 Rotarians Hear About Clean Water Project in the Dominican Republican
Jul 24, 2010 Chamber After Hours Attracts Nearly 300 to Dobson Fire Truck Museum
Jul 18, 2010 104,000 Michigan Workers to Lose Unemployment Benefits Prematurely
Jul 18, 2010 Pirates. Mateys and Visitors Just "Loved" the Tall Ships Festival
Jul 14, 2010 Inventor Buddies Hope to Grab Market With Innovative Products
Jul 14, 2010 Solution in Sight for Asian Carp: Ship Them Back to China as Food Products!
Jul 12, 2010 If Those Jobs Aren't Coming Back, Where Is Everybody Going to Work?
Jul 11, 2010 Chippewa, Feds Fight State Motion to Void Land Claim Under 1877 Law
Jul 11, 2010 Entrepreneur Extraordinary Art Dore Puts the Big House, BARTS Up for Sale
Jul 11, 2010 Julie Felske Named to Northwood Executive Director of Alumni Relations Post
Jul 11, 2010 Tall Ships Nothing New Here; Shipbuilding Began in Bay City 156 Years Ago
Jul 9, 2010 Consumers Energy Recent Deals to Surpass Entire State Present Wind Output
Jul 7, 2010 Dow Corning CEO Stephanie Burns Named to President's Export Council
Jul 7, 2010 Dow R&D Investments in 500 Projects Worldwide Seen $1.6 Billion This Year
Jul 7, 2010 Linwood Icehouse Museum Awaits Placement in Park Next Week
Jul 5, 2010 Area Financial, Industrial Leaders Await New GM Initial Public Offering
Jul 5, 2010 The Big Question Remains Unclear: Can I Vote a Primary Split Ticket ?
Jul 3, 2010 Momentous Indian Lawsuit Slated to Begin Aug. 10 in Bay City Federal Court
Jun 30, 2010 Centenarian Recalls Notorious Bandit Steve Madaj
Boarding at Family Farm
Jun 30, 2010 Remains of Boy Governor Moved, Recalling His Part in Founding Bay City
Jun 27, 2010 Bay City's Ancient History Returns to the Headlines After 380 Years
Jun 27, 2010 Field, Dow, Gerstacker, Wickes Gifts Lead $23 Million SVSU Fund Drive
Jun 27, 2010 Is the Asian Carp Invasion of the Great Lakes Underway?
Jun 27, 2010 Property Tax Sales Begin July 21 Under New State Rules
Jun 27, 2010 Wastewater Plant Boasts Energy Conservation, Power Generation Potential
Jun 23, 2010 Bay City Firm, Renosol Corp., Part of Green Revolution in Automotive Field
Jun 23, 2010 Library Reschedules Brian Hayes & Ulysses the Frisbee Dog to Aug. 11
Jun 23, 2010 South End Political Forum Attracts 10 Candidates, About 100 Spectators
Jun 22, 2010 What Can Save Michigan? Only Talent, Says Report by Michigan Future, Inc.
Jun 21, 2010 Fireworks Festival Fundraiser Slated Thursday June 24 at Both Tim Horton's
Jun 20, 2010 Angie Price Tells Rotarians of Dangers of Social Networking
Jun 20, 2010 Dr. Ernest Yoder, Founding Dean, Envisions Role of CMU Medical College
Jun 20, 2010 Is Nexteer Union Vote Reminiscent of Habitant Furniture Strike in 1960s?
Jun 18, 2010 Hundreds Throng Garden Walk on Gorgeous Day for Benefit of Do-All, Inc.
Jun 16, 2010 "Pure Michigan" Ad Campaign Harkens Back to Leonard Gas TV 1956-70
Jun 16, 2010 Candidate Forums Slated June 23-24 by South End Citizens District Council
Jun 15, 2010 Vice President Biden Due at Battery Plant Groundbreaking Monday in Midland
Jun 13, 2010 "Ghostly Legends" Trolley/Bus Tours to Begin June 25 From Antique Center
Jun 13, 2010 City Commission to Hold Executive Sessions Monday on Water & Sewer Issues
Jun 13, 2010 Expansion of Pinconning Park to be Considered by Bay County Commissioners
Jun 11, 2010 Why Tom Izzo SHOULD NOT Leave Michigan State to Coach Pros at Cleveland
Jun 9, 2010 Health Care 'As We Know It' Will Change Starting Next Year Says Bay Med CEO
Jun 9, 2010 State House Panel Approves Hike in Tourism Tax in Bay, Midland Counties
Jun 8, 2010 Junior Achievement Has Waiting List of Schools Wanting Program for Students
Jun 6, 2010 "Healing Our Waters" Coalition
Springs Into Action to 'Save' Saginaw Bay
Jun 6, 2010 Battle Escalates to Keep Bay City State Park Beaches Clean for Swimmers
Jun 6, 2010 Chamber to Hear Bay Regional Medical Center CEO on Health Care Bill Effect
Jun 6, 2010 Housing Rehabilitation Program on Tap Tuesday for County Commissioners
Jun 6, 2010 MEDC Announces Funding for Farmers Markets Under 'Farm to Food' Program
Jun 6, 2010 State Board of Canvassers Certifies Bay County Primary Election Candidates
May 31, 2010 Bishop Cistone of Saginaw Marks Memorial Day with Mass at Calvary Cemetery
May 31, 2010 Public Input Sought for Great Lakes Water Level Study by Local Member
May 30, 2010 Did Consumers Energy Management Shift, Natural Gas Find, Change Local Plan?
May 30, 2010 Labor Cost Reductions to be Prime Topic at June 21 City Commission Meeting
May 30, 2010 Mayes to Open New Headquarters in Run for Barcia's State Senate Seat
May 29, 2010 Consumers Coal Plant Pullback Makes National News; Gas Switch Possible
May 26, 2010 "Arsenal of Democracy" Movie 2 p.m. Sunday at State Theatre to Benefit Vets
May 26, 2010 UNDERWAY!
Bay Area Family Y Ground Breaking Marks Start of Construction
May 25, 2010 City Should Consider More Cooperation with County, Entrepreneurship
May 23, 2010 Center Avenue Sewer Costs Less Than Half the Estimates, City Manager Says
May 23, 2010 City Issues 19 Layoff Notices, Manager Says Core Services at Risk
May 23, 2010 No Raw Sewage in Sewer Overflows Into River or Bay Says County Official
May 22, 2010 County Health Department Reports Few Problems with New Smoke Free Law
May 19, 2010 Bay City, Saginaw Among State Communities to Receive $161 Million Grant
May 19, 2010 Michigan Smoking Law Named for the Late Dr. Ron Davis, East Lansing
May 19, 2010 OLLI Members Tour Washington, Meet with Senator Stabenow, Near 10th Year
May 16, 2010 'Green Jobs' Training Initiative in Construction, Solar Launched by SVSU
May 16, 2010 Bay City Attorney David Powers Named to Great Lakes Water Levels Study
May 16, 2010 Jennifer C. Barnes -- (Article Under Review)
May 14, 2010 Australia Next Stop for Fast-Rising Pro Basketball Star Eric Devendorf
May 14, 2010 Hastily Appointed Judge Barnes, Rivals Jacobs, Janer Head to Court
May 13, 2010 Hartwick Pines State Park, Grayling, to Mark 75 Years July 19
May 12, 2010 End of an Era: Eugene Gwizdala Ends 24 Years County Commission Service
May 12, 2010 Trained Workers Needed for Green Economy, State Underfunds Adult Education
May 9, 2010 Natural Gas Leasing Bonanza Brings in $178 Million to the State in One Day
May 8, 2010 Bay City Readies $7.5 Million Bond for Streets, Sewers, Water Improvements
May 8, 2010 John Glenn Bowling Team State Champs Again with Kowalski-Block Coaching
May 5, 2010 165 Vendors Make Big Splash at Great Lakes Bay Regional Expo
May 5, 2010 Free Agent Spartan Blair White from Saginaw Popular with Indy Colts Fans
May 2, 2010 Bay County Eying Electronic Traffic Ticketing, Several Millage Requests
May 2, 2010 Career Center Chef Andy Bacigalupo Tells Rotarians About Salt, Dr. Oz Show
May 2, 2010 ITC Holdings Aims to Connect Green Energy From Thumb to Hemlock HSC, Grid
Apr 28, 2010 Attorney General Mike Cox to Keynote Bay Republican Lincoln Day Dinner
Apr 28, 2010 City Launches Big Projects: RiversEdge Cleanup, RR Crossing, Street Repairs
Apr 25, 2010 Chevy Cruze Parts Production Adds New Element to Bay City, Flint Plants
Apr 25, 2010 City to Put Bay3TV Spotlight on Budget Work Sessions, Pawn Shops
Apr 25, 2010 Great Lakes Water Levels Expected to be Below 2009, Future Drop Seen
Apr 25, 2010 Huge Crowd of 500 Attend Bay Medical Foundation MASH Auction at DoubleTree
Apr 21, 2010 BANG! A Really Bad Idea --Do It Yourself Fireworks - to Raise State Funds
Apr 21, 2010 Bay County Real & Personal Property Value Down 6.42 Percent in a Year
Apr 21, 2010 Dow Chemical Solar Shingles to be Available Soon, Company Announces
Apr 21, 2010 Mosquito Control Treatments Underway Throughout Bay County
Apr 21, 2010 SVSU Slates Global Business Academy Seminars in Cass City, On Campus
Apr 18, 2010 CMU Medical School Developer Slated to Speak at Tri-County Economics Club
Apr 18, 2010 Gov. Granholm Says Auto Industry Future Much Brighter Than Year Ago
Apr 16, 2010 City Light & Power Department Slates POWER TO SAVE Energy Expo April 29
Apr 16, 2010 General and Mrs. U.S. Grant Appear at Civil War Round Table in Bay City
Apr 16, 2010 Record Number of Shooters at Bennett-Powell Memorial Pheasant Shoot
Apr 15, 2010 Eric Devendorf Switches Teams in New Zealand After Police Incident
Apr 14, 2010 After Five Suicides, Michigan Solons Eye Anti-Bullying Legislation Again
Apr 13, 2010 Cool on "Captain Hook? Not Hot for "The Nerd?" How About Kniffen "The Kid?"
Apr 11, 2010 Saginaw Trees Transformed Into Benches Aid Michigan Farm Market Association
Apr 11, 2010 Stupak Just Kept Digging a Deeper Hole for Himself; Then He Jumped In
Apr 10, 2010 Can Agriculture and Farmer's Markets Save the Michigan Economy?
Apr 9, 2010 Engler Says: Count Me Out in Rumored U.S. Senate Race
Apr 8, 2010 Saginaw VA Medical Director Vows to Bay Vets to Stress Customer Service
Apr 7, 2010 Alternative Energy Investments Projected at Wind Council Meeting Here
Apr 7, 2010 Saginaw Circuit Judge Borchard Tells Challenges of Dealing With Crime
Apr 4, 2010 Bay City Times/Saginaw News Celebrates Added Tuesday Newsstand Edition
Apr 4, 2010 Bay County Health Department Slates Information Sessions on Smoke Free Law
Apr 4, 2010 Dee Dee Wacksman Profiles Annie Edson Taylor Bay City's "Queen of the Mist"
Apr 4, 2010 Dr. Orlen J. Johnson Medical Science Library Dedicated at Bay Med Hospital
Apr 4, 2010 Early Start on Great Lakes Shipping Season Said Sign Economy is Improving
Apr 4, 2010 New Dimensions Seeks Volunteers for Maintenance at Pine Ridge Cemetery
Apr 4, 2010 Unexpected Spartan Run in NCAA Tournament Still Leaves Fans Gasping
Mar 28, 2010 Cassandra Johnson is BeMo's Candidate for Top Area Bartender
Mar 28, 2010 Great Lakes Shipping Prospects Uncertain As Season Gets Underway
Mar 28, 2010 Health Care Reform Seen Reducing Insurance Costs, Producing Federal Savings
Mar 28, 2010 Hey, Tom Izzo: Why Not Give Isiah Dahlman a Chance to Step Up?
Mar 28, 2010 Kirk Timm Awarded Knight of the Legion of Honor Medal by French Government
Mar 28, 2010 Magistrate Abel Torres Announces for 74th District Court Judgeship
Mar 28, 2010 Offshore Windmills Whip Up Controversy; Meeting Set Thursday at SVSU
Mar 28, 2010 Old Masonic Temple Getting Inside Spruce-Up as Preservation Plans Proceed
Mar 28, 2010 What Does Health Care Reform Mean For Us in Michigan?
Mar 24, 2010 Property Value Reductions Seen Costing City $1 Million in Taxes for 2011
Mar 24, 2010 Rep. Stupak Denies Trading Health Care Vote for U.P. Airport Funding
Mar 22, 2010 3 GOP Hopefuls Take Lead in Governor Race Polling; Dillon Leads Dems
Mar 20, 2010 Erika of the Wil-Lew: What Makes a Good Bartender? Remember What they Drink
Mar 20, 2010 Glory Days of Bay City Basketball Recalled by Ex-Coach, Oldster Exploits
Mar 18, 2010 Bay Area Chamber Annual Dinner Draws Huge Crowd of 456
Mar 16, 2010 "Everyone Has a Story," Says Author Rick Sigsby of "The Valley of Athletes"
Mar 16, 2010 Coast Guard Begins Ice Breaking in Upper Lakes, Readying for Shipping
Mar 14, 2010 "Greatest Generation" Film May 30 at State Theatre to Benefit Veterans Fund
Mar 14, 2010 Bay County Library Use Increases Twice the National Average
Mar 14, 2010 City-County Water Authority Proposed; May Tap Lake Huron, End Disputes
Mar 14, 2010 How Did the Housing "Bubble" Affect the Automotive Industry?
Mar 14, 2010 New Pool Boiler at $25,000 or $2,500 Solar System? Bay County to Decide
Mar 9, 2010 Vigorous Growth Predicted for Dow AgriSciences Through New Chemistry
Mar 7, 2010 Key West, Henry Flagler's Paradise, Attracts Michiganians, 2 Million a Year
Mar 5, 2010 Devendorf Lights Up New Zealand With 49 Points in First Game at Waikato
Mar 1, 2010 MLHS Releases Report on State Budget Cuts Affecting Child Well-Being
Feb 28, 2010 City Focuses On Saving Downtown Post Office with help from U.S. Rep. Kildee
Feb 28, 2010 Record Crowd of 450 Jams Country Club for Weidner Foundation Wine Tasting
Feb 22, 2010 GM Sale of Nexteer to Chinese Would Imperil More American Jobs
Feb 21, 2010 In Our Whackadoodle Political World, Third Party May be the Only Answer
Feb 21, 2010 Oldtime Lumber Days to Return? Saginaw River Global Biomass Exporting Seen
Feb 21, 2010 Rotary Donation Helps Wayfinding Program Get Off the Ground
Feb 21, 2010 SHIP AHOY! Contract Reportedly Let for Towing of USS Edson Here from Philly
Feb 21, 2010 USS Edson Museum to Hold Fundraiser to Erect Malleable Iron Flag Pole
Feb 19, 2010 Mayor Brunner Calls for Special City Commission Meeting on Pay Raise Issue
Feb 18, 2010 GM to Invest $10.5 Million, Add 17 Jobs for Engines at Bay City PowerTrain
Feb 17, 2010 GM to Announce Bay City Role in Fuel Efficient Global "Ecotec" Engine
Feb 17, 2010 Joe Biden Here: "Recovery Act Saved Jobs and Helped Michigan Families"
Feb 14, 2010 Baltacha Upsets No. 1 Hradecka in Dow Corning Tennis Classic at Midland
Feb 14, 2010 Bay County Fair Board Proposes "Employee Appreciation Day" at the Fair
Feb 14, 2010 Veterans Benefit "Greatest Generation" Movie Slated May 30 at State Theater
Feb 12, 2010 MSU Outlines Plan: Making the Move to a Green Economy
Feb 12, 2010 Region "Coming Alive" Economically, Says Brad Kessel at Chamber Event
Feb 11, 2010 Memo to New Zealand: Give Eric Devendorf a Chance to Play Basketball!
Feb 11, 2010 Polish Hot Flash Marta Domachowska Wins Third Match at Dow Corning Tourney
Feb 10, 2010 Sobriety Court Would Allow DUI Cases to Drive in 45 Days with Auto Shutoff
Feb 10, 2010 Women Tennis Pros Scrap at Dow Corning Classic for Sunday Finals Shootout
Feb 9, 2010 New Delta Planetarium Featuring "Circle Vision" To Open to Public Feb. 19
Feb 9, 2010 White House Launches $78.5 Million Attack on Asian Carp to Save Great Lakes
Feb 8, 2010 Is New "Environmental Justice" Plan Route to Cleaner Saginaw Bay Beaches?
Feb 8, 2010 Old Coal Mines in Bay County Still Interest U.S. Department of Interior
Feb 7, 2010 City Commission to Tour Facilities, Consider Consolidating Voting Precincts
Feb 7, 2010 Ice Fishing Good Just Off the Saginaw River Channel, Says Capt. Dan
Feb 7, 2010 Saginaw Connection Still in Negotiations for CMU Medical School
Feb 6, 2010 Harry Gill First to Declare for Circuit Judge Race; Other Candidates Seen
Feb 4, 2010 Dow to Locate New "POWERHOUSE" Solar Shingle Plant in Midland
Feb 3, 2010 Bay Medical Foundation Presents M*A*S*H* Charity Auction April 22
Feb 3, 2010 Republican Swing Vote Vaughn Begick Puts Colleen Maillette into County Post
Feb 3, 2010 TV Personality Donna Brazile to Appear at Delta College Feb. 11
Feb 2, 2010 Granholm to Propose Retirement Incentives for State Employees
Feb 1, 2010 Making the Case for Youth Universal Service and a $2 Per Hour Training Wage
Jan 31, 2010 Bill Rustem Tells Rotarians About Building a New and Prosperous Michigan
Jan 31, 2010 Discovery of New Bird Species in Peru Subject of Free Talk at Northwood
Jan 31, 2010 Economy Drives Record Enrollment of 11,787 at Delta College
Jan 31, 2010 Ex-GOP Congressman Schwarz May Seek Governor's Post as Independent
Jan 31, 2010 Former Bay City Mayor Buda, Bangor Trustee Maillette Seeking County Post
Jan 31, 2010 Retired Lawyer Al Hicks Publishes Book on Fishing with his Grand-daughter
Jan 31, 2010 State Failing to Comply with Headlee Amendment, Local Governments Charge
Jan 31, 2010 SVSU Workshop Pushes Aquaponic Greenhouses to Conserve Energy
Jan 31, 2010 The NEW DOW Leads Bio-economy Development in Great Lakes Bay Region
Jan 30, 2010 Dow to Report 83 Percent Stock Hike in 2009, Sees Continued Growth
Jan 24, 2010 Alden & Vada Dow Foundation Marks 50 Years Since Founding in 1960
Jan 23, 2010 Kids Count Finds 5-Year Education Improvement, Fewer Dropouts in Bay County
Jan 23, 2010 Supreme Court Refuses to Close Ship Canal; Carp DNA Found in Lake Michigan
Jan 22, 2010 Comic D.L. Hughley to Appear Jan. 29 at Delta College for Heart Research
Jan 22, 2010 Trinity Episcopal Church Book Features 22 Stained Glass Windows, History
Jan 22, 2010 Wildfire Credit Union to Add Branch on Wilder in Bay City, State in Saginaw
Jan 21, 2010 City May End Up With 2,000 Buildings on National Historic Register
Jan 21, 2010 Supreme Court Decision on Corporate Political Giving Questioned
Jan 20, 2010 BUY AMERICAN -- One Light Bulb at a Time
Jan 18, 2010 Public Input Sought Feb. 10 on $51 Million in M-84/I-75 Improvements
Jan 17, 2010 Bay City Country Club 12 Year Long Financial Tangle Ends with Art Dore Deal
Jan 17, 2010 How Did Flint's Mark Ingram, Heisman Trophy Winner, Wind Up at Alabama?
Jan 16, 2010 Federal Funds Flowing to Four Projects to Clean Up Saginaw Bay
Jan 15, 2010 Did Bay Cityan, or Troubled Rival Army Officer, Drop the First Aerial Bomb?
Jan 15, 2010 Navy Edging Closer to Considering Donation of Destroyer Edson to Bay City
Jan 15, 2010 WWII Marine Sgt. Christine Gavrila, 88, Featured in Detroit Documentary
Jan 14, 2010 China Becoming 'Better World Citizen' Says Dow Global Business Director
Jan 12, 2010 Bay County-Based Dow Corning Creating 1,500 Jobs in Solar Technology
Jan 12, 2010 John Lore on Regionalism Draws Full House to Chamber Eye-Opener Breakfast
Jan 10, 2010 Goodnow to receive 2010 Spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. Award
Jan 10, 2010 Gregory Construction Low Bidder at $1,494,400 on City Hall Roof Repairs
Jan 10, 2010 Mayes Aims for Senate, Declaring: "I Hope to Have the Opportunity to Serve"
Jan 9, 2010 Delta Q-TV to Host Regional Community Forum 9 p.m. Monday, Jan. 18
Jan 9, 2010 The Ice is Up, Honey: See You in the Spring--Fishing Villages of the 1890s
Jan 7, 2010 Dawn Klida to Replace District Judge Craig Alston, New Commissioner Sought
Jan 7, 2010 Eric Devendorf, Bay City's Hope for the NBA, Waived by Reno Bighorns
Jan 7, 2010 Granholm 'Endorses' Republican Snyder for Governor, Campaign Says 'Nix!'
Jan 6, 2010 Lansing Rumor Has John Engler House-Hunting in Michigan; Senate Run Eyed?
Jan 5, 2010 Brian Elder Named Chairman of the Bay County Board of Commissioners
Jan 4, 2010 James G. Birney Named to Alabama Lawyers Hall of Fame
Jan 3, 2010 Bay County Budget Choice: Animal Control Officer or Community Center Pool
Jan 3, 2010 Continuing Haggling by Environmental Groups May Raise Cost of Coal Plant
Jan 3, 2010 Heading into 19th Civilized Decade, Has Great Lakes Bay Region Found Niche?
Jan 2, 2010 Ann Arbor Woman Who Inspired 'Rosie the Riveter' Dies at 86 in Chicago
Dec 29, 2009 Consumers Gets DEQ Air Permit for $2.3 Billion Plant, 5 Old Units to Close
Dec 29, 2009 Gosh, Am I Glad I Bought That Dow Stock a Year Ago, It's Up $20 a Share!!!
Dec 27, 2009 $13 Million Coming From Great Lakes Fund to Stop Jumping Jumbo Carp
Dec 27, 2009 City Prepares for "New Normal," the Hardscrabble Post Recession Economy
Dec 27, 2009 He Shoots! He Scores! Devendorf Gets First Points as "D" League Pro at Reno
Dec 27, 2009 School Problems Start with Funding Favoring Higher Education Over K-12
Dec 27, 2009 Teen Smoking Still Declining, But at a Slower Rate, U-M Study Shows
Dec 26, 2009 Legislature Passes Reforms, Schools to Share $400 Million
Dec 25, 2009 Devendorf This Week May Achieve Lifetime Goal: Playing in the NBA
Dec 25, 2009 Jeff Daniels Goes From Sellout at State Theater to U-M for Honorary Degree
Dec 24, 2009 Former Surgeon General to Keynote Regional MLK Celebration at SVSU Jan. 13
Dec 24, 2009 In Half Century, Northwood goes from 70 Students to 33,000 Graduates
Dec 20, 2009 City of Bay City Goes High Tech on Facebook; Police Department Now Texting
Dec 20, 2009 Houghton Lake Accountant's $900K Fraud Highlights Michigan Problem Gambling
Dec 20, 2009 USDA Seeks Citizen Input on Natural Resources, Conservation Practices
Dec 20, 2009 WHNN's Citadel Broadcasting Files for Bankruptcy Protection
Dec 19, 2009 Christmas 1833 in Bay City's 3 Log Cabins Recalled by St. Ignace Pioneer
Dec 17, 2009 "Expanded Vision" Seen by John Lore for Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance
Dec 15, 2009 GlobalWatt Solar Panel Manufacturer to Add 500 Jobs to Great Lakes Bay Area
Dec 15, 2009 Lynn Conway Classic Men's and Women's Basketball Slated Friday, Saturday
Dec 15, 2009 Sun Shining on Plans of State, Local Leaders for World Solar Headquarters
Dec 13, 2009 2009 Holiday Parlour Tour Features Eight Buildings, Enthusiastic Crowds
Dec 13, 2009 Great Lakes Bay Regional Bioeconomy Cluster Conference
Dec 13, 2009 Mike Stodolak Named Chairman of Bay Medical Foundation Board
Dec 13, 2009 Stables, Timothy's Fine Tobacco Exempted from State Smoking Ban
Dec 13, 2009 Wickes Foundation Supports Delta College Training Programs with Donation
Dec 11, 2009 Menlo Logistics May Expand in Monitor Park; $35 Million Solar Plant Rumored
Dec 10, 2009 Michigan Soon to Have River Raisin National Historic Battlefield, Monroe
Dec 8, 2009 Midland's Bill Schuette, Attorney General Candidate Leads Straw Polling
Dec 6, 2009 Bay City Cheers National Launch Of Chevrolet Volt To Begin In California
Dec 6, 2009 Brian Elder Urges Governor to Expedite Consumers Coal Plant Permit
Dec 6, 2009 CMU School of Medicine to Involve Students Beginning in Middle School
Dec 6, 2009 Many Hungry: Give to Food Banks for Christmas, MLHS Urges
Dec 6, 2009 Michigan House Speaker Andy Dillon's Health Care Plan May Sink Bid for Guv
Dec 6, 2009 State Rep. Jeff Mayes Declares Candidacy for Barcia's State Senate Seat
Dec 5, 2009 NCAA Football Game of the Year Saturday Highlights Flint's Mark Ingram
Dec 2, 2009 Lots of Things to Do For Christmas in the Bay City Area
Dec 1, 2009 New Bay City Charter School Seen As State Eyes $400 Million Federal Funds
Nov 29, 2009 Bay City's Meltdown Movie to Reprise Wednesday at State Theatre
Nov 29, 2009 Food Stamps Feeding Hungry in Bay, Midland and Saginaw Counties
Nov 29, 2009 Get New Michigan Enhanced Drivers License/Passport at All SecState Offices
Nov 29, 2009 USS Edson Gets $240,000 Grant from MEDC, Ship May Come in Spring
Nov 28, 2009 City Officials Cite Progress in Meeting With Washington Big Wigs on Autos
Nov 28, 2009 Dow-Tata Deal for 1,250 Jobs in Midland Reverses Worldwide Trend
Nov 26, 2009 Candidate for Governor Alma Wheeler Smith Has a Plan, and a Story
Nov 26, 2009 County May Cut Employee Pay by 5 Percent, Raise Hotel Room Taxes
Nov 22, 2009 Bay City's Historic Aladdin Company Recalled in Old Magazine Articles
Nov 22, 2009 City Manager Objects to Move of Bay3TV to Charter Channel 99
Nov 22, 2009 Dear Senator Reid: Those Who Forget History Are Condemned to Repeat It!
Nov 22, 2009 General Motors Transfers $800,000 in Environmental Liability to City
Nov 22, 2009 Scientists Poised to Poison Voracious Carp in Battle to Save Great Lakes
Nov 20, 2009 Center Avenue Christmas Parlour Tour Slated to Step Off Dec. 5-6
Nov 19, 2009 Delta Staff Member Named 2009 Michigan Professor of the Year
Nov 18, 2009 Dow Buys Kokam Battery Company, Consolidates Technology in Midland
Nov 18, 2009 Memorial Service Set Saturday for Mariners Lost on Sunken Great Lakes Ships
Nov 16, 2009 Dow Solar Shingle Named One of 50 Top Inventions of 2009 by Time Magazine
Nov 15, 2009 1,250 Jobs Potential in Planned Dow Chemical, Indian Company Tata Venture
Nov 15, 2009 Ex-Prisoners in the Community Pose Knotty Problem for Local Policymakers
Nov 15, 2009 If You Are Sick With Flu, Stay Home Says County Health Official Joel Strasz
Nov 15, 2009 U of M Fans: Don't Give Up On Football Coach Rich Rodriguez Yet
Nov 12, 2009 Undrafted by the NBA, Devendorf Says He's Ready to Sign to Play in Israel
Nov 8, 2009 Bay County Congressman Bart Stupak's Amendment Key to Health Bill Victory
Nov 8, 2009 City Suing Blue Cross/Blue Shield for $4.2 Million, Alleging 'Hidden Fees'
Nov 8, 2009 Isabella County at Nearly 25 Percent Poverty Despite Casino Bucks Bonanza
Nov 8, 2009 Wind, Solar Energy Not Seen Replacing Coal, Nuclear Any Time Soon
Nov 7, 2009 Murder in the Thumb Book Still Raising Eyebrows in Bay City, Mid-Michigan
Nov 4, 2009 Trask Unsure About Recount in One Vote Loss to Jim Irving in 5th Ward
Nov 2, 2009 Jim Abbot Among Saginaw Valley Conference Athletes of All Time, Author Says
Nov 1, 2009 $1.2 Million Brian's House Expansion Draws 200 Open House Visitors
Nov 1, 2009 Bay City Movie "Meltdown" Sells Out the House at the State Theatre
Oct 29, 2009 Farwell's Woodsman Chippers Aims to Chip Away at Biomass Energy Market
Oct 29, 2009 Regionalism Promotion is Newest Mantra of Tri-County Business Leaders
Oct 28, 2009 Michigan to Kansas: Give Us Back Our DeHoCo Prisoners from Pre-1875
Oct 28, 2009 Reign of Corruption: Afghanistan? No the United States of America
Oct 26, 2009 Over 400 Bay Area Chamber "On the Go" Attendees
Get Regionalism Pep Talk
Oct 24, 2009 Chippewa Casino Short of Water
Bay City Eyes Temp Fix for Tribe
Oct 24, 2009 Hickner, Wind Energy Group to Discuss Shoreline Visibility on Nov. 10
Oct 24, 2009 Police Sting Busts 17 of 102 Bay City Stores for Underage Alcohol Sales
Oct 21, 2009 Midwestern Premiere of Bay City Filmed "Meltdown" Oct. 30 at State Theatre
Oct 18, 2009 Faces of Local Officialdom Destined to Change Radically in Near Future
Oct 18, 2009 Public Hearing Slated Tuesday on Bay County 2010 Budget
Oct 16, 2009 Michigan Port Collaborative Summit Slated Oct. 28-29 in Lansing
Oct 13, 2009 Linked-In, Twitter Expert Says He Has Millions of Contacts Worldwide
Oct 13, 2009 Local Government Consolidation Seen Attractive to Cash-Pinched Units
Oct 12, 2009 Former Bay Cityan Gary E. LaForrest Publishes Novel, "Dubious Identity"
Oct 12, 2009 Granholm, Cherry Spurn Workers at Lansing Rally for Power Plant Approval
Oct 11, 2009 FDIC That Started in Thumb Area Faces Increased Pressure with Bank Failures
Oct 11, 2009 Time for Gov. Granholm to Go! Power Plant Obstruction is Latest Outrage
Oct 8, 2009 Saginaw Chippewa Land Case Set for Trial in Bay City Next August
Oct 7, 2009 Economist Packs Delta Auditorium with talk How To Make Michigan Great Again
Oct 6, 2009 Where Have All the Bullets Gone? Stockpiled for Another Fort Sumter?
Oct 5, 2009 Economist to Speak Oct. 7 at Delta College on Making Michigan Great Again
Oct 4, 2009 Mackinac Before Photography Described by Brian Dunnigan, Clements Library
Oct 4, 2009 Why Chicago Didn't Get The 2016 Olympic Games: The Dog Ate the Application
Oct 1, 2009 City Makes Tough Calls - Demolish 3 IB Hulks, Pump $295,000 Into Marketing
Sep 30, 2009 State Office Windmill Up and On, Demolition Begins at IB Site
Sep 27, 2009 Highland Regiment Re-enactor Describes, Dress, Arms, Life of Soldier
Sep 27, 2009 Patti McTaggart's 12 Years of Paintings of River of Time Displayed
Sep 26, 2009 "We'll Get It Done," Says Rep. Mayes About State Budget Agreement
Sep 26, 2009 Republican Cox Poised for Governor Run, But Manoogian Mansion Scandal Looms
Sep 21, 2009 Michael Moore: Philosopher-Genius, Or Just Plain Kook from Flint, Michigan?
Sep 20, 2009 City Eyes $9.6 Million Bonds for Streets, Federal Recovery Zone Designation
Sep 20, 2009 City May Give OK for Scrap Sale of Historic Industrial BrownHoist Buildings
Sep 20, 2009 Tah, Dah!!! 20th Annual River of Time Splashes on Local Scene Friday
Sep 13, 2009 Andrea Hales, Rod Sundstrom, 10-Minute Rotarians Describe Life Experiences
Sep 13, 2009 City Eyes Consultant to Help Find Businesses Avoiding Personal Property Tax
Sep 13, 2009 County Commission Eyes Collaboration for Health Insurance Cost Reduction
Sep 11, 2009 Local Users of MBS Airport Projected to Save $7 Million Annually
Sep 9, 2009 Bay County Building to Rise Even Higher With Public Safety Radio Tower
Sep 9, 2009 Smokers, Tax Loopholes Eyed as Revenue Sources for Michigan Budget Deficit
Sep 7, 2009 38 Years After Bungled S-M Water Merger, City Finally May Try Again
Sep 7, 2009 Crops Running 7-10 Days Behind Because of Cool, Damp Summer
Sep 7, 2009 Read My Lips! New Michigan Group Seeks Higher Taxes to Fix Budget Deficits
Aug 31, 2009 Brian Elder Announces Candidacy for State Representative
Aug 30, 2009 $52 Million Investment Boosts Future for GM Bay City Powertrain Plant
Aug 30, 2009 Ireland Follows U.S. in Everything, Even Economic Disasters, Irish Moan
Aug 22, 2009 Welcome to Ireland, Muhammad Ali! The Greatest Irish Boxer of All Time
Aug 17, 2009 It's Been Five Years: Time to Review Casino Taxes, Adjust Inequities
Aug 16, 2009 Bay City Times Reaches 85 Percent of Area Residents, Says Publisher
Aug 16, 2009 Bay City's Trenton Robinson May Start at Free Safety for MSU Spartans
Aug 16, 2009 Bay County Considering Establishing Land Bank Authority for Foreclosures
Aug 16, 2009 Folks, We Already Have "Death Panels." They're Called Insurance Companies
Aug 16, 2009 Sept. 12 Face-off Looms for CMU Top Receiver Brown, MSU Safety Robinson
Aug 16, 2009 Standish Makes New York Headlines With Desire to Host Gitmo Prisoners
Aug 16, 2009 State Supreme Court Orders Release of Documents in MSU Privacy Case
Aug 9, 2009 City Gets $2.6 Million in Grants, May Rebuild 7 Streets, Hire 3 Cops
Aug 9, 2009 Dillon-Cherry at Odds Over Plan to Merge Public Employee Health Care Plans
Aug 8, 2009 Bay Area Community Foundation Receives $50,000 for Arenac Scholarship Fund
Aug 5, 2009 Local Job Picture Brightens with Battery-Driven U.S. Stimulus Plans
Aug 5, 2009 Town Hall "Protesters" Not Conservatives But Reactionary Political Hacks
Aug 4, 2009 What is the Truth About Sales in the Cash for Clunkers Program?
Aug 2, 2009 New Bishop Offers Compassion for Jobless, Children Abused in the Church
Aug 1, 2009 How St. Lawrence Seaway, Invasive Species Threaten to Destroy Great Lakes
Jul 29, 2009 Michigan's New Legal "Pot" Program "Smoking" As Thousands Sign Up
Jul 26, 2009 Bay City Points Out That Combined Sewer Overflows Release Minimal Pollution
Jul 26, 2009 Realtors, Associates Get Boost From Habitat, Dow Chemical for Paint n Pride
Jul 23, 2009 Solar Energy Conference Set Oct. 15 at SVSU, $15 Million in Grants Offered
Jul 22, 2009 Annual Cruise Into History Features Eric Jylha Narration, Bob Bloenk Music
Jul 22, 2009 Increase in Boating at State Parks Result of Higher Water, Walleye Boom
Jul 19, 2009 Memorial Eyed at Bay City State Park for Longtime District Supervisor
Jul 18, 2009 Election Expert Jocelyn Benson to Speak July 28 at Democratic Picnic
Jul 16, 2009 Bay City's All-time Best Basketball Player Still Seeks Future in NBA
Jul 16, 2009 Dr. Howard Hurt to Retire as Bay County Medical Director
Jul 14, 2009 Michigan Can Become Leader in Clean Energy, Says Midland Expert
Jul 12, 2009 Bay Special Care Hospital Open House Slated Thursday, July 23
Jul 12, 2009 Saginaw Site Still Considered for Medical School Being Developed by CMU
Jul 11, 2009 Term Limits Take Out Most Experienced State Legislators, Say Barcia, Mayes
Jul 10, 2009 Bay Future Chair Backs New Consumers Plant, Says Alternative Energy Lagging
Jul 8, 2009 Flint Fireworks Cancellation Reportedly Boosted Bay City Event to Record
Jul 8, 2009 Tax Loopholes, Medicaid Fraud Cost State Taxpayers Billions; Action Looms
Jul 5, 2009 What Was Happening in Michigan in 1776 When the Nation Was Born?
Jul 1, 2009 Big Problems, Positive Projects Envelop Bay City All At The Same Time
Jun 28, 2009 Bay City Motor Co. Car in Public Enemies Film to be Released Wednesday
Jun 27, 2009 DNR Structure Will Give DEQ Policies More Clarity, Say Local Legislators
Jun 24, 2009 State Park Beach Cleanup Grooms Shore for Big Meijer Volleyball Tourney
Jun 22, 2009 City Commission Decides to Think Over Budget, But Deficits Still Loom
Jun 20, 2009 Center Avenue Waterline Project on Track, Quality Testing Underway
Jun 20, 2009 Michigan Needs to Recall Its Heritage as Birthplace of Universal Freedom
Jun 19, 2009 MICHIGAN BUDGET CRISIS: Senate Vote Targeting Low-Income Families Hit
Jun 14, 2009 City Estimates $5.3 Million Cost of Shoring Up Bridges, Seeks Funding
Jun 14, 2009 Gene Gillette Digs Into Bay County Coal Mines, Comes Up With Book
Jun 14, 2009 Want to See What Your New MBS Airport Terminal Will Be Like?
Have a Look
Jun 12, 2009 Bay County Commission May Go On Record Opposing Closing of Standish Prison
Jun 7, 2009 Dow Chemical Has Technology to Capture C-0-2 Emissions, Says Expert
Jun 6, 2009 Jobs for Released Prisoners a Priority in the New Michigan Economy
Jun 5, 2009 Beach Wellness Volleyball Set June 27 at State Recreation Area
Jun 4, 2009 GM "Packaged" Bankruptcy May Have Saved 40,000 Jobs, Untold Losses
Jun 1, 2009 State Approves Consumers Renewable Energy Plan, Cuts Cost to Customers
May 31, 2009 Finally, Today, the Sun is Coming Out for Auto Industry with GM-UAW Deal
May 30, 2009 Downtown Bay City Farmers Market Open at New Location, Washington & Sixth
May 30, 2009 Home Loan Borrowers in Michigan Now Have More Negotiating Power
May 29, 2009 History is the "Glue" That Holds Together Community, Gives People Identity
May 24, 2009 Clements Library's New Director to Speak Thursday at U-M Club at DoubleTree
May 23, 2009 Former Bay City Educators Doing Well in Other School Settings
May 23, 2009 New Edwin Black Book, Nazi Nexus," Connects Hitler to U.S. Financial Crisis
May 22, 2009 "Pure Michigan" Ads Plus New Network Putting Golfers on Tees, Heads in Beds
May 21, 2009 Civil War Heritage of Bay County to Shine in Glorious Memorial Day Event
May 19, 2009 Rotary Holds Meeting, Tour at Restored Victorian-Era Pere Marquette Depot
May 17, 2009 County Commissioner Brian Elder Leads Charge on Hire Michigan First Support
May 15, 2009 After 200 Years, Future of Newspapers in Michigan is Uncertain
May 14, 2009 City's First Large Scale Windmill Awaits Planning Commission Approval
May 14, 2009 Michigan Tourism Talk on Tap Monday at Tri-County Economics Club
May 13, 2009 Watch Out, Farm Markets, Buyers! The Giant Food Conglomerates Are Coming
May 9, 2009 Universal National Service May Be Key to High School Dropout Problem
May 8, 2009 How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm After They've Seen Bay City?
May 7, 2009 Germans Testing Carbon Sequestration for Coal-Fired Generating Plants
May 7, 2009 Great Lakes Sailing Days Recalled by Former Steamer Frontenac Shipmates
May 5, 2009 "Incredible Shrinking Human Service Safety Net" Cited by State Civic Leader
May 3, 2009 Michigan Lottery Annual Sales Holding Strong While Casinos Lagging
May 2, 2009 USS Edson to Journey Here Through Quebec, As Soon As EPA Sounds the Bell
Apr 28, 2009 Confronting Notorious Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Ex-Bay Cityan Plans Film
Apr 27, 2009 Several Local, Area Winners Receive Awards at Michigan History Day
Apr 26, 2009 Ron Bloomfield's Maritime Bay County Ties Together Vital Local History
Apr 25, 2009 The Windmills Are Coming, The Windmills Are Coming! Green Energy Alert!
Apr 25, 2009 William L. Clements Library Celebrates Anniversary of Birth of Founder
Apr 19, 2009 Delta College Students Describe Partnership Supporting Education in Kenya
Apr 19, 2009 For 84 Years How to Care for Veterans Graves Continues to Concern Citizens
Apr 19, 2009 Instead of Tea Parties, Why Not Switch to "We Need Jobs" Rallies?
Apr 16, 2009 Economy to Begin Growing by End of Year, Predicts Chamber Expert
Apr 14, 2009 Threat of Outside Agitators Looms Over Consumers Public Input Hearings
Apr 12, 2009 COME CLEAN SATURDAY! Mayor's Day, RailTrail/Riverwalk Cleanup Slated
Apr 12, 2009 Future of Electric Cars, Furnaces Balance Environmental Concerns on Coal
Apr 8, 2009 Michigan Underground May Be Key to Future of Coal-Fired Energy
Apr 7, 2009 T.L. Handy Group Seeks Nominations for Distinguished Alumni Award
Apr 5, 2009 Beach Wellness Run Slated May 16 at Bay City State Recreation Area
Apr 5, 2009 Consumers Supercritical Pulverized Clean Coal Plant Said Beneficial
Apr 5, 2009 Nobody Gives Spartans a Chance - That's the Way We Like It!
Apr 2, 2009 Bay County Aims to Save $80,000 With Payoff of Depot Parking Lot Bonds
Mar 29, 2009 It's Not GM Chairman Rick Wagoner Who Should Go, But Senator Chris Dodd
Mar 26, 2009 400 "Business Positives" Cheer at Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting 2009
Mar 26, 2009 United Way Allocates Nearly $800,000 to Help Local Residents
Mar 24, 2009 Ryan Decker of Western Among Dozens of Students at Rotary Vocational Day
Mar 22, 2009 Ah, And Wasn't It a Foine Day for the Irish at the Bay City Rotary Club?
Mar 21, 2009 As Showdown Looms, Full Story on Coal Plant is Hidden From Public View
Mar 21, 2009 Corrigan Moving Systems Marks 80 Years, Springing From the Great Depression
Mar 19, 2009 $90 Million in Federal Stimulus Funds to Boost Tri-County Area Schools
Mar 15, 2009 Saginaw Home Builders Show Crowds Down, Enthusiasm Up
Mar 14, 2009 Carrier Alert Launched by City, Postal Service to Aid Electric Customers
Mar 12, 2009 The Poor and Unemployed: At the Same Time Our Burden and Our Strength
Mar 6, 2009 Bay County to Consider Two Tax Breaks for $2.7 Million Industrial Expansion
Mar 4, 2009 Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Idiot!
WHOOPS, I'm So Sorry
Mar 4, 2009 Walleye Thriving Due to Absence of Alewives in Bay, Lake Huron, DNR Says
Mar 1, 2009 Sex Scandal Erupts in Florida Senior Citizen Community, The Villages
Feb 26, 2009 Bay County Eyes Added Stake in Tri-County Solar World Ambitions
Feb 22, 2009 Halting a Coal-Fired Power Plant in Michigan Will Hurt Only Economy, Jobs
Feb 22, 2009 Holiday Inn Express Draws Huge Crowd at Chamber After Hours Gathering
Feb 22, 2009 MEA Proposed Early Retirement Incentive Eyed as Drain on Fund
Feb 22, 2009 Saginaw's Mudd Family Snared by "Catch 22" Federal Court Decision
Feb 18, 2009 EPA Approval Only Hurdle Remaining for USS Edson Berthing in Bay City
Feb 18, 2009 Race for Governor in 2010 Already Shaping as Cherry vs. Patterson or Cox
Feb 15, 2009 Angel Food Ministries Helps Neighbors in Time of Need One Box at a Time
Feb 15, 2009 Czech Star Hradecka Wins Dow Corning Tennis Classic Over Greek Wild Card
Feb 15, 2009 Stimulus Projects Sought for Michigan Total $2.7 Billion So Far
Feb 14, 2009 Sage Gave Library, 8,000 Books in 1884; Today's Collection is 80,000
Feb 12, 2009 Great Lakes Bay Regional Partnership to Target Solar Companies
Feb 10, 2009 "Prosperity Agenda" Outlined for Bay City by Michigan Municipal League
Feb 10, 2009 $12000 Plus $3000 Diamond Tennis Bracelet to Champ Sparks Dow Corning Pros
Feb 8, 2009 Black History Month: Outmoded Vestige of Racism or Justifiable Recognition?
Feb 8, 2009 Gov. Granholm DID NOT Stop All Coal-Fired Power Plants in Michigan
Feb 7, 2009 Home Show Opens in New Venue, Bay County Civic Arena
Feb 7, 2009 Michigan's Only Pro Tennis Tournament Underway Now in Midland
Feb 5, 2009 Don't Sell Bay City Electric Light & Power, But Make Sure Service is Humane
Feb 4, 2009 Gov. Granholm Touts 1,000 Job Gains at Hemlock Semiconductor in State Talk
Feb 3, 2009 Chamber's Seward Urges Public Campaign
To Back Consumers Construction
Feb 1, 2009 Tribute to George W. Stevenson Recalls Glory Days of Bay City High Schools
Jan 30, 2009 German POW Exhibit to Visit Here June 3 with Michigan Sugar Sponsorship
Jan 28, 2009 Bay Regional Medical Center in Top 3 in U.S. for ICU Nutrition Services
Jan 26, 2009 Why Gridlock Snarls Washington and Works Against the Peoples' Interest
Jan 25, 2009 Friends of Celtic Culture Concert by Millish Brings Innovative Sound
Jan 25, 2009 Obama Sparks Rash of Political Books with Range of Views, Coulter to Ifill
Jan 25, 2009 Renosol May Add 120 New Jobs in Composite Auto Springs Plant Here
Jan 23, 2009 Google Exec Dave McCann, Central High Graduate, Explains Company Success
Jan 21, 2009 Stock Market Down on Obama? Nope, Traders Realized U.S. Banks Are Insolvent
Jan 20, 2009 Bay Area Community Foundation Gets McGillivray $1.2 Million Education Gift
Jan 20, 2009 Want Walleye?
Saginaw River Now Ice Fishing Mecca for Mid-Michigan
Jan 19, 2009 School Board to Kick Off Search for New Superintendent Jan. 26
Jan 18, 2009 City, Bay Area Housing Revitalizing, Rehabilitating Housing
Jan 17, 2009 Estimated $6.5 Billion Regional Construction Projects Said on Fast Track
Jan 17, 2009 Here's Why We Needed a Bridge Over the Straits of Mackinac
Jan 16, 2009 Will Michigan's Economy Bounce Back? U-M Biz School Experts Say YES!!!
Jan 15, 2009 County to Combine Legal Defense Jobs, Post 96 Seasonal Positions
Jan 15, 2009 YWCA of Bay County to Restructure; Meeting Set at Noon Friday
Jan 14, 2009 Saginaw Valley Torch Club Provides Intellectual Platform for Region
Jan 11, 2009 Brunner, Elder Said Jockeying for State Rep. Post Run in 2010
Jan 11, 2009 Budget Squeeze, Winter Woes to Confront City Commission Monday Night
Jan 4, 2009 Bay County May Sell Madison Lot for $439,237 to Bay-Arenac Behavioral
Jan 2, 2009 Future of Bay City Mall Said Tied to Finance Restructuring, Fraud Lawsuit
Dec 31, 2008 Port of Bay City Could Benefit From Tax Cut on Short Sea Shipping
Dec 31, 2008 Widespread Ice Cover on Great Lakes May Cause Further Hike in Water Levels
Dec 30, 2008 DNR Baiting Ban Aimed at Keeping Healthy Deer Herd, Official Tells Rotary
Dec 28, 2008 A New Years Resolution for Us All: Invest in America, Restore Common Sense
Dec 28, 2008 Job 1 For Obama Administration: Prosecute the XX@@## Banks Who Took Bailout
Dec 27, 2008 Groundbreaking Planned in Spring for $15.5 Million Bay Area Family Y
Dec 21, 2008 Jennifer Granholm May Have Other Options Than Obama Cabinet Post
Dec 21, 2008 State, Local Tax Free Status Set for Four Tool & Die Shops by City Fathers
Dec 21, 2008 Tri-County Regional Path Explored to Link Bay City, Saginaw, Midland
Dec 18, 2008 If They Kill the UAW, It Will Have to Be Reinvented and Expanded South
Dec 18, 2008 Southern States Give Billions in Subsidies to Foreign Automakers
Dec 14, 2008 Brad Light Tells Rotary How, Why Local Firm Builds Houses for Russia
Dec 13, 2008 Chamber's Call to Action to Support Consumers Power Expansion Needs You!
Dec 13, 2008 Dow Corning Announcement May Be Win-Win for Both Michigan and Tennessee
Dec 13, 2008 Dow Corning Silicones Make Wind Power More Efficient With Lubrication
Dec 13, 2008 Hope for Mid-Michigan in a Research Facility for Isotopes at Michigan State
Dec 7, 2008 As Auto Industry Teeters, Bay City and Area Ponders its Future
Dec 7, 2008 CCC Camps of Depression Era May Make Comeback in Obama Jobs Plan
Dec 7, 2008 Thousands Troop Through Decorated Homes on Holiday Parlour Tour
Dec 4, 2008 World's Largest Indoor WaterPark
Eyed to Spark Bay City's Tourism Future
Nov 30, 2008 Bay County to Flyspeck Payroll List for Possible Cuts to Meet Deficit
Nov 30, 2008 Billboard: "Sharia Law Threatens America" Alarms I-75 Motorists
Nov 30, 2008 Mr. Mayor Tells All About His Trip to Washington to Try to Save Auto Giants
Nov 29, 2008 "Trickle-Down" Economy is "Whizzing" U.S. Middle Class Out of Existence
Nov 23, 2008 Bay City Mayor, City Commission to Peer Into Financial Crystal Ball
Nov 23, 2008 Drinking the Auto Industry Assassination Kool Aid
Will Surely Destroy Us
Nov 23, 2008 U.S. Defenseless Without Manufacturing, Says Michigan Congressman McCotter
Nov 19, 2008 Like a Medieval Kangaroo Court, Congress Pillories the Auto Industry
Nov 16, 2008 New Dow Corning Process Lowers Cost of Solar Energy, Hikes Panel Production
Nov 16, 2008 When Detroit 3 Auto Giants, Booth Newspapers Stumble, Economic Peril Real
Nov 15, 2008 Doomed Freighter E.M. Ford Dodged Scrapman's Torch for Half a Century
Nov 15, 2008 Tankship Jupiter Explosion Launched Ric Mixter on Independent Video Career
Nov 13, 2008 Steamship Carl D. Bradley Went Down 50 Years Ago on November 18
Nov 9, 2008 Bald Eagles Becoming More Populous in Saginaw Bay Watershed
Nov 9, 2008 Birney Family Scoring on Broadway, Hollywood, Literary World
Nov 9, 2008 GM Teeters on Bankruptcy But Continues Funding Chevy Volt, Bay City's Hope
Nov 9, 2008 National Public Policy Response Urged to Halt Plunge in Teen Employment
Nov 9, 2008 Quanicassee River Dammed by Beavers, May Have to Be Dynamited
Nov 9, 2008 Republicans Seem More Intent on Regaining Power Than in National Progress
Nov 6, 2008 Obama, McCain Demonstrate Spirit of National Unity Needed to Meet Crises
Nov 5, 2008 Goes on a State Theater Ghost Tour of Bay City
Nov 2, 2008 Health Care is Top Issue Locally As Well As Nationally
Nov 2, 2008 Continues to Show High Growth in Readership
Oct 31, 2008 Energy Initiative Latest Thrust to Return Michigan to Economic Prosperity
Oct 30, 2008 Delta College Corporate Services Slated for Chamber Eyeopener Tuesday
Oct 29, 2008 Will Election Results Resemble 1840, 1932, 1980 That Turned on the Economy?
Oct 28, 2008 State MEDC Chief Says to Business, Cities, Counties: You Gotta Have A Plan!
Oct 26, 2008 Bay City's Carbone Lorraine, World Leader in Three Industry Areas, Booming
Oct 26, 2008 Don't Look Now, But We Could End Up With a McCain-Biden Administration!!!
Oct 25, 2008 Exploding Solar Energy Business Seen Warming Region With Thousands of Jobs
Oct 21, 2008 Don't Cap Michigan Film Tax Credits, Says Film Office Communications Chief
Oct 19, 2008 County Commission Pay Complaints Fail to Suggest What Remedy is Proposed
Oct 17, 2008 New Report Finds 26 Percent of Michigan Working Families are Low-Income
Oct 15, 2008 Congressman Stupak Says Wood Chip to Auto Fuel Facility First in Nation
Oct 15, 2008 Gettelfinger Or Anuzis Will Lead Electors to Cast Michigan's 17 Ballots
Oct 15, 2008 Only Air Quality Permit Delays Consumer Energy Expansion, New Midland Plant
Oct 15, 2008 Saginaw Project Among Dozen OKd by Michigan Economic Growth Authority
Oct 14, 2008 Money, Education and the Future of the Country: What Do We Really Want?
Oct 12, 2008 Bay County Poised for Huge Economic Comeback: Only One Drawback
Oct 12, 2008 Bay Regional Medical Center Wins Yantz Award as Business-Education Partner
Oct 12, 2008 Historian Jim Petrimoulx Obtains New Headstones for Civil War Veterans
Oct 12, 2008 Historical Society Annual Tour Features Six Homes, City Hall
Oct 10, 2008 Bay City General Motors Plant Seen Getting Boost From Chevy Volt Project
Oct 5, 2008 Bay City Rotary Club Schedules Michigan Economic Development Leaders
Oct 5, 2008 Local Educators to Participate in Dropout Prevention Summit in Lansing
Oct 5, 2008 Stem Cell Research Proposal
Aimed at Economic Development Plus Research
Oct 4, 2008 Like Joe Biden, I Really Don't Know Where to Start on the Economy
Oct 2, 2008 Bay Health Plan Millage Would be Cut or Scrapped if Fed Insurance is OK'd
Sep 28, 2008 Maj. H.R. Edson, Maj. Gen. Merritt Edson's Son, Wants to See Ship Have Home
Sep 24, 2008 CMU Med School A Go By 2011 - Saginaw, Midland, Mt. Pleasant Locations Eyed
Sep 23, 2008 Deer Hunting: New Technology Makes Hunter Invisible, Unscentable, Effective
Sep 21, 2008 Home Foreclosures May Bring Federal Cash Windfall to Bay County
Sep 21, 2008 Nursing/Health Science Students Run Open House at New Career Center Wing
Sep 20, 2008 Definition of Government Hysteria: One Sick Deer Causing Feeding Ban
Sep 14, 2008 Lipstick on a Pig: Blunder, Targeting Sarah Palin,or Clever Political Trap?
Sep 12, 2008 Rotary's Generosity "Legendary," Says Pistons Great Ray Scott
Sep 11, 2008 Ah Nostalgia! Central '51 Class Relives Old Times at Saginaw Bay Yacht Club
Sep 11, 2008 Federal Omnibus Housing Bill May Include Funding for City of Bay City
Sep 7, 2008 City, County Could Get Added Revenue In Proposed Tax Change
Sep 7, 2008 Clash Between Executive Branch, Congress Could Escalate Over Earmarks
Sep 7, 2008 Earmarks? Give Us More, Says U.S. Rep. Dale Kildee at Chamber Luncheon
Sep 4, 2008 Quarreling Candidates and Surrogates Leave Wonder About Solutions
Sep 1, 2008 Medical School Proposed for Saginaw Eyed by Central Michigan University
Aug 31, 2008 Bay Area Youth Dropout Prevention Summit to be Held in Bay City Sept. 15
Aug 31, 2008 Crim Race Official Outlines Big Plans for Flint-Based Foundation
Aug 31, 2008 Toxic Fluid Handling Equipment Demonstrated by Inventor at Local Firm
Aug 29, 2008 Companies Investing $658 Million in Michigan Expansions
Aug 28, 2008 Universal Health Care: Socialism or Good Business and Smart Policy?
Aug 26, 2008 Conservative Mackinac Island Ablaze for Obama as Elites Throng Fundraiser
Aug 22, 2008 140 Cruise Into History, View Tall Ships, on 2nd Annual River Tour
Aug 21, 2008 Heat is on Presidential Candidates to Support Great Lakes Cleanup Plan
Aug 20, 2008 Who Has the Biggest Problem in 2008 Election: WE DO! - Finding The Truth
Aug 17, 2008 City Commission to Get New Dow Y Update, Housing, Financial Reviews Aug. 25
Aug 17, 2008 If the Medium is the Message, Presidential Forum Sending the Wrong Signals
Aug 17, 2008 Joining Saginaw Area Crime Database on City Commission Agenda Monday
Aug 17, 2008 State Theater Sign Goes Into Bay County Historical Museum Archives
Aug 15, 2008 UAW Endorses Bay Health Plan to Provide Affordable Health Care for Working
Aug 13, 2008 Naysayers, Bah!
Invest Michigan! Shows Money to Transform State Economy
Aug 10, 2008 City Manager Studying Public Safety Administration Over Police & Fire
Aug 10, 2008 Cruise Into History Aug. 21: View Ships, Aid Trombley House, Pine Ridge
Aug 10, 2008 Time for Bay City to Join 23 Other State Cities in Neighborhood Association
Aug 7, 2008 Illinois, Wisconsin Senior Tourists Enjoy Vintage Baseball in Bay City
Aug 5, 2008 Fresh Vegetable Sales in Full Swing During National Farmers Market Week
Aug 2, 2008 Couple Stabbed to Death May Have Witnessed
Drive-By Drug House Shooting
Aug 2, 2008 Linwood St. Anne's 38th Annual Festival Hits Heavenly Note With Polka Mass
Aug 1, 2008 Bay City's GM PowerTrain Positioned for Expansion with 100% Tax Exemption
Jul 31, 2008 Benefits of Restoring Great Lakes Eyed By Bay Area Community Foundation
Jul 29, 2008 4660 Bay, Saginaw Taxpayers Fail to File for Economic Stimulus Payments
Jul 27, 2008 Americans Always Expect to Win,
Says Former Air Force General About Iraq
Jul 27, 2008 Saginaw Bay Yacht Club Hosts Oldies Classic Car Show During Open House
Jul 20, 2008 Miss Pat Ankney Puts 42 Years of Student Advice Into A Book and CD
Jul 20, 2008 Remember When Bush-Cheney Took Office? Gasoline Was $1.50 Per Gallon!
Jul 16, 2008 U.S. Industry Slowly Committing Suicide
Taking National Economy With It!
Jul 13, 2008 City May Use Landfill Gas to Meet Renewable Energy Requirement
Jul 13, 2008 Michigan Cavalry Played Key Role at Gettysburg 145 Years Ago
Jul 13, 2008 Ramona Non Profit Consulting Aims to Aid Other Non Profit Organizations
Jul 13, 2008 Rotary Gives 400 Love Bags That Help Foster Children Gain Self Esteem
Jul 8, 2008 Non-Profit Casino to Open Thursday at Big House Sports Bar
Jul 8, 2008 The $64 Trillion Question: How Does the U.S. Get Out of Depression?
Jul 6, 2008 Bay Cityan Part of Big Mackinac Bridge Celebration 50 Years Ago
Jul 6, 2008 City's First Wind Turbine Set to Go Up at New State Office Building
Jul 6, 2008 Sheriff John Miller's Jail Inmate Work Program Saves County Dollars
Jul 3, 2008 Michigan Stem Cell Research Proposal May Be on November Ballot
Jul 3, 2008 Why Are the Wealthy Supporting Obama When They Know Their Taxes May Double?
Jun 29, 2008 Fly Fishing Talk Recalls Ernest Hemingway's Love of Northern Michigan
Jun 29, 2008 Former Bay Cityan, Author Howard Kohn Now a Public TV Show Host in Maryland
Jun 29, 2008 Obama-Hillary Dream Ticket Now Appears Even More Likely
Jun 29, 2008 Phragmites Demonstration Project in Hampton May Be Great Lakes Model
Jun 29, 2008 The Green Revolution in Michigan Starting Right Here in Bay City
Jun 26, 2008 Dancing Jack Perry, Here from Oregon
Recalls Youth Performers of 1950s
Jun 18, 2008 Dale Martin Named New Superintendent of Coldwater School District
Jun 18, 2008 Oompah! -- Frankenmuth Bavarian Festival Parade Highlights Event
Jun 18, 2008 Pere Marquette Depot Boffo at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Jun 15, 2008 It Was a Banner Day for the Rotary Club of Bay City, Thanks to Barb Fisher!
Jun 15, 2008 Northern Michigan Creating Internet Partnership to Bring Web to Rural Areas
Jun 15, 2008 Restored Pere Marquette Depot Opens Today with First Tenants in 39 Years
Jun 14, 2008 Gilbertson Optimistic on State Funds for New Health Building at SVSU
Jun 12, 2008 Entrepreneur's Day Slated June 18 at Delta College
Jun 12, 2008 Was Robert Kennedy's Assassination a CIA Hit or First Shot in Arab Jihad?
Jun 10, 2008 Detroit Free Press Video Editor Mike Wendland Films Wolves in U.P.
Jun 7, 2008 After Obama vs. McCain, Michigan May See Cherry vs. DeVos
Jun 5, 2008 All Aboard the Love Boat! Benefit Cruise Set June 26 for Brian's House
Jun 5, 2008 Indomitable Hillary Wins Popular Vote But Only if Michigan is Counted
Jun 1, 2008 27 Yachts Parade Past Saginaw Bay Yacht Club in Annual Blessing of Fleet
May 31, 2008 Take a Tour of Pinconning with the Camera of
May 29, 2008 Great Lakes Water Research Institute Proposed by Kozicki, Mayes
May 28, 2008 Salvation Army Honors Gilbertson, Seward, Capello for Volunteerism
May 26, 2008 Graff Chevrolet's Lisa Kusey Challenges Maier Scholarship Winners to Excel
May 26, 2008 Saginaw Valley "Hot School" Growing Fast, Says New Athletic Director
May 26, 2008 Studio 23 Displaying A.G. Edwards Museum Exhibition Art Collection
May 25, 2008 Bay City to Consider New Franchise to Get Cable TV Service from AT&T
May 22, 2008 Local Governments Get $378,543 from Saganing Eagle's Landing
May 18, 2008 Bay City Goes Hollywood: Filming Here This Week, Local Car Makes Big Time
May 18, 2008 Referees Exchange Whistle-Tooting Memories at Krzysiak's
May 18, 2008 Students Help Ready Pine Ridge Cemetery for 150th Anniversary May 26
May 15, 2008 Presidential Politics May Not Be Ready to Reflect a Post Racial Maturity
May 11, 2008 $3.2 Million Software Firm Project Downtown On Tap Tuesday for County
May 11, 2008 Dow Corning May Get $36 Million/Year Tax Break to Expand More Here
May 8, 2008 Michigan Moves Closer to Smoking Ban in Workplaces, Bars, Restaurants
May 4, 2008 Photo Donors Flock to Historical Museum; More than 250 Old Photos Scanned
May 3, 2008 Gas Prices and Short Visit Travel Trends May Favor Tourism in Bay County
May 1, 2008 Cheryl Burzynski Elected Vice President of Long Term Hospitals Association
May 1, 2008 City Manager, Commission Chewing On $133 Million Budget For Another Week
May 1, 2008 Pinconning, Buena Vista Townships Get USDA Cash for Sewer Projects
Apr 28, 2008 Bay County Students Among Honorees at Michigan History Day
Apr 27, 2008 Bay City May Soon Have First Native Son Playing in the NBA - Eric Devendorf
Apr 26, 2008 DEQ Resolves Water Quality Issues at Large Midland County Dairy
Apr 26, 2008 Navy Officials Very Positive in Recent Visit to Edson Dock on Saginaw River
Apr 26, 2008 Paid On-Call Firefighter Plan Highlights City Finance/Policy Meeting Monday
Apr 26, 2008 Rotarians Given Identity Theft Tips by Attorney General's Representative
Apr 25, 2008 June 16 Ribbon-Cutting Slated for Depot; Funds Still Needed for Landscaping
Apr 20, 2008 City Gets $200,000 Grant from EPA for Uptown at Rivers Edge Cleanup
Apr 20, 2008 Ownership of 5 Tri-City Cemeteries in Court, Elm Lawn Gate Closed by City
Apr 20, 2008 Poor Quality Drinking Water May be Caused by Lower Water Levels: U-M Study
Apr 20, 2008 Rotary District 6310 Welcomes West African Group Study Exchange Team
Apr 20, 2008 Should We Be Bitter in Michigan Just Because Jobs and Livelihood Were Lost?
Apr 19, 2008 Beach Wellness Run/Walk Draws 300 Plus to Bay City State Recreation Area
Apr 18, 2008 Blue Water Angels Offer $1 Million Per Year to Tri-City Area Entrepreneurs
Apr 16, 2008 A River Runs Through It, Theme of Scotsman Ron McGillivray's Life
Apr 16, 2008 T.J. Newsham Wants to Know: Is Bay City Ready for Semi-Pro Basketball?
Apr 13, 2008 Born in No Man's Land, Charlton Heston Had Michigan Ties, Loved Bay City
Apr 13, 2008 Kawkawlin River Overflows
Tittabawassee Near Flood Stage, Farmers Fret
Apr 11, 2008 G'Day, Mate! Rotary District 6310 Hosts the Aussies From Sydney
Apr 10, 2008 Lincoln-Douglas Debate Recreated in Bay City After 150 Years - It's a Draw!
Apr 10, 2008 McGillivray was Heart and Soul of Bay City for More Than Seven Decades
Apr 8, 2008 Donations of Clothing, Household Items Pour in for Manor House Fire Victims
Apr 4, 2008 50-Star Flag Designer Bob Heft of Saginaw is Nation's Largest Flag Dealer
Apr 4, 2008 April 6 Marks 50th Anniversary of Capital Airlines Tri-City Airport Crash
Apr 4, 2008 Breaking Journalism Rules An Age Old Problem for Ink Stained Wretches
Apr 2, 2008 Lincoln and Douglas Re-enactors to Recreate Historic Debate Here Wednesday
Mar 30, 2008 Bay City Area, Nation's Most Affordable Housing Market, Getting Better
Mar 30, 2008 Worst May Be Over for Auto Industry, Say Ann Arbor Analysts
Mar 28, 2008 Proposed EPA Boat Permits, Discharge Rules Threaten Recreational Boaters
Mar 27, 2008 Killer John List's Body Lies Unclaimed in New Jersey Morgue
Mar 23, 2008 37 Years Ago Bay City's Foreign Correspondent Warned of Mid-East Trouble
Mar 23, 2008 Former Bay City Bartender Said Most Crooked Cop in Chicago History
Mar 20, 2008 Michigan Still Getting Rhett Butler Treatment From Presidential Candidates
Mar 20, 2008 Only Way to Dodge Race War in Nation is for Dems to Draft Al Gore
Mar 16, 2008 Deal Reported on New Consumers Plant Here, Energy Plan Key to Local Growth
Mar 13, 2008 County to Apply for Elder-Friendly Community Designation
Mar 13, 2008 What Really Happened to Madonna's Key to Bay City? Ask The Doll!!!
Mar 9, 2008 Madonna, First All-As and University of Michigan Student, Then Rock Star
Mar 9, 2008 Ron Bloomfield Puts Bay City Shipbuilding into Historical Perspective
Mar 8, 2008 If the U.S. Is In A Recession, Why Don't Economists Know It??? Workers Do!!
Mar 6, 2008 Educational Gap Growing Between Rich and Poor/Middle Class
Mar 6, 2008 Should Michigan and Florida Hold New Primary Elections? OF COURSE!!!
Mar 2, 2008 Deadline for Digital Television: Feb. 18, 2009 -- Get Ready For New Age
Mar 2, 2008 Dow Seeks to Invest In, Acquire Smaller Companies, Solidify Profits
Mar 2, 2008 General Grant Talk Slated at Civil War Round Table March 12 at Stein Haus
Mar 2, 2008 The Rest of the Story: What Candidates Don't Say About Problems with NAFTA
Feb 24, 2008 Bay Commitment Aimed at Raising Education Levels, Workforce Skills
Feb 24, 2008 If Auto Jobs Aren't Coming Back, Where Are New Jobs Coming From?
Feb 24, 2008 What the Pundits Are Saying About the Presidential Primary and the Race
Feb 21, 2008 Don't Look Now, But Federal Rebates May Not Measure Up to Expectations
Feb 21, 2008 Governor Lauds Idlewild Resort in Honor of Black History Month
Feb 21, 2008 Saginaw Future Boasts of $1.1 Billion Investment, 808 New Jobs Last Year
Feb 21, 2008 You Have Not Heard it All: How About Cherry Hamburgers! For Health!!!
Feb 20, 2008 Tom Hickner Files for Re-election, Pledging Intergovernmental Cooperation
Feb 17, 2008 Bay City Principal Looks at China, Japan Schools, Says Ours More Creative
Feb 17, 2008 Carbone Exec Tells It Like It Is at Bay Chamber State of the Community
Feb 17, 2008 Democrats Should Accept DNC Offer
To Pay for Michigan Primary Re-Vote
Feb 14, 2008 Bioagriculture in the Saginaw Valley Topic of Feb. 25 Tri-County Econ Club
Feb 14, 2008 Gasparilla Festival More for Health Than Pirate Loot That Just Keeps Coming
Feb 14, 2008 Supercharged Local Economy Seen if New Plants Fly for LS Power, Consumers
Feb 10, 2008 Homeowner Applications Being Accepted
For Summer Riverfront Workcamp
Feb 10, 2008 Michigan Primary Race Not Over for Clinton vs. Obama, McCain vs. Huckabee
Feb 7, 2008 Clinton, Obama Down to the Wire As McCain Veep Speculation Grows
Feb 7, 2008 Florida: What a Country!
Feb 7, 2008 Sage Advice for the Don't Count Michigan Out Crowd
Feb 3, 2008 Franks Great Outdoors Issues First Catalog with Linwood Beach Marina
Feb 3, 2008 Nigeria is Focal Point for Rotary's Fight Against Polio, Say Cusicks
Feb 3, 2008 What's Up With the Republicans in Lansing Dragging Feet on Electric Plan?
Jan 31, 2008 Michigan's Economic Future Not An Oxymoron, Says MSU Prof-Author Ballard
Jan 27, 2008 Drums and Sacred Smoke Signal Economic Hope as the Eagle Lands at Saganing
Jan 27, 2008 UAW Chief Says Union Ready to Partner with Rotary in Community Development
Jan 23, 2008 NASDAQ Listed Steel Dynamics Now Owns Bay City OmniSource, 42 Scrap Yards
Jan 23, 2008 UAW Concessions of About $1,000 Per Vehicle Give Big 3 Chance to Succeed
Jan 20, 2008 City Faces $170 Million Plus in Needs
Town Halls Set For Residents Input
Jan 20, 2008 New Advanced Cancer Detection Scanner Now in Use at Bay Med Jeppesen Center
Jan 17, 2008 Bowling in Unionville and Sebewaing
Is Old Home Week & King of the Hill
Jan 17, 2008 Garber Boys, Girls Stumble Against Birch Run; Travel To Caro on Friday
Jan 17, 2008 Michigan Caught Media Glare During Primary, Some Buzz Good, A Lot Bad
Jan 17, 2008 Summer Water Quality Study to Zero in on Effects of Large Cattle Farms
Jan 17, 2008 Thumb Villages of Sebewaing, Caro, Caseville, Port Austin Seek City Status
Jan 13, 2008 Another Wolverine Spotted in Michigan, This One Near West Branch
Jan 13, 2008 Here's How One Politician Would Save Michigan: Guess Who It Is?
Jan 13, 2008 Water Withdrawal Issue to Splash Over Bay City on Monday Night
Jan 10, 2008 2007 Home Sales in Bay County Top 2006 in Numbers, Dollar Volume
Jan 10, 2008 Does Michigan Matter in the Big Political Picture? How About Economics?
Jan 10, 2008 Obesity is More Expensive Problem Than We May Think: Sue Crane
Jan 10, 2008 Some Civil War After the Battle Photos Were Staged, Jylha Tells CWRT
Jan 6, 2008 Eric Jylha to Speak on Civil War Photography Wednesday Night at Stein Haus
Jan 6, 2008 More Hours, Extra Days, Open Sage Announced by Library Officials
Jan 6, 2008 Why Ron Paul is America's Best Hope for an Honest Presidential Election
Jan 3, 2008 See Sample Ballots for Next Tuesday's Presidential Primary Election
Jan 3, 2008 Thoughts from the Presidential Primaries: The American People Demand Change
Dec 30, 2007 China Undergoing Accelerated Industrial Revolution
WSJ Bureau Chief Says
Dec 30, 2007 Dow Plans $5 Billion China Investment; Kuwait Joint Venture Key
Dec 30, 2007 National Historic Landmark Designation to be Sought for Destroyer USS Edson
Dec 30, 2007 Neurosciences New Area of Advance for Bay Regional Medical Center
Dec 23, 2007 Chippewa Won't Seek to Claim Central Michigan University as Indian Country
Dec 23, 2007 German Work Ethic Key to Frankenmuth:
Pictorial History by Jeremy Kilar
Dec 23, 2007 Hope for Michigan's Future Rests With Presidential Candidates
Dec 23, 2007 Saganing Eagle's Landing Casino, Eagle Bay Marina, Rising Out of Snow & Ice
Dec 16, 2007 Riverdawgs Give Tri-City Area Youth Opportunities for National Competition
Dec 16, 2007 Tennis Commentator, Onetime Star Tracy Austin to Appear at Midland Classic
Dec 15, 2007 Read How We Lost Jim Barcia in Congress Because of Illegal Immigration
Dec 13, 2007 Coast Guard Cutter Hollyhock Removing Buoys, River Dredging Suspended
Dec 13, 2007 Eagle's Landing Casino Delayed Until February; Tribe Eyes Adding 2,000 Jobs
Dec 13, 2007 Michigan Laws Proposed to Punish Employers Who Hire Illegal Immigrants
Dec 13, 2007 Northwood Grad, GM Exec Ken Theis Named State IT Director by Governor
Dec 9, 2007 Author Tom Nanzig to Speak Wednesday at Civil War Round Table
Dec 9, 2007 Firefighter Rescue Work Saved Lives in Wenonah Hotel Blaze 30 Years Ago
Dec 9, 2007 Supply Side Economics Guru Laffer: Tax Ideas Not Partisan But Common Sense
Dec 6, 2007 Bay City Flash Eric Devendorf Off to Roaring Start at Syracuse
Dec 5, 2007 Coat Drive for Kids Set Tuesday by Bay City Public Schools Transportation
Dec 2, 2007 Bay City Could Have Been Buick Headquarters, Durant Biographer Says
Dec 2, 2007 Maybe It's Time For Michigan to Go For Independent Presidential Candidates
Dec 2, 2007 New Michigan Business Tax Said Geared to Spark Economic Growth
Dec 1, 2007 No Need to Scrap Coal Generating Plants to Green Nation, Says Study
Nov 28, 2007 Legislature Seen Near Deal on Re-Regulation of Power, Vital to Bay Project
Nov 25, 2007 150th Anniversary of Death of James G. Birney Marked Nov. 25
Nov 25, 2007 New Owners of Elm Lawn, 4 Area Cemeteries Take Over Dec. 31 in Fraud Case
Nov 21, 2007 Hits Milestone: 2,200 On-Line Articles
Nov 18, 2007 Author J.R. Watson Reissues Ever-Popular Wenona Beach Book
Nov 18, 2007 Reporter Tim Younkman Recalls Wenonah Hotel Fire 30 Years Ago Dec. 10
Nov 16, 2007 Franciscan Priest Visits Bay City St. Mary on Food for the Poor Appeal
Nov 13, 2007 Lower Budget Up for Approval in December by County Board of Commissioners
Nov 11, 2007 Arena Football Comes to Tri-Cities: Saginaw Sting 7-Man March Kickoff Set
Nov 11, 2007 Attorney General Mike Cox Impressed by Spirit and Espirit of Rotary Clubs
Nov 11, 2007 INSTANT TAX BREAK! County Eyes Levy of 0.9953 Mill for Library Operations
Nov 11, 2007 Tennis the Menace, New Entrance Set for Dow Corning Classic at Midland
Nov 7, 2007 First for Library After Positive Vote: Fix Up South End Branch
Nov 4, 2007 Mice, Rats, Skunks, All in a Day's Work for Wildlife Expert Ron Mitrzyk
Nov 4, 2007 New Building to Return Family Y
to Washington Ave After Half a Century
Nov 2, 2007 VIDEO: Brunner Would Veto Income Tax; Wooley Wants Volunteer Firefighters
Nov 2, 2007 VIDEO: Library's Carlyon Favors Reopening South End Branch When Possible
Oct 31, 2007 Hooters Bar is Not For Drinks, But A Saginaw River Shoal Needing Dredging
Oct 28, 2007 Sorry, Kids, You Can't Go to the Library, Your Grandfather Voted Against It
Oct 28, 2007 State Budget Talks Expected to Go Down to Wire; $440 Million in Cuts Eyed
Oct 21, 2007 Pinconning-Standish Rotary Club Chartered
127 Attend at Chippewa Center
Oct 20, 2007 U.S. Navy to Inspect New Dock Readied for USS Edson at Independence Park
Oct 14, 2007 80,000 More Michigan Children Would Get Insurance if Bush Veto is Trumped
Oct 14, 2007 Reasons Why Passage of Library Millage is Crucial to Bay County
Oct 14, 2007 Saginaw Libraries Said to Have One of Midwest's Best Historical Collections
Oct 14, 2007 Tumultuous Valley Season to End With Bang, or Crash, On Friday
Oct 7, 2007 Dow-Sponsored Saints, Sinners and Sauvignon Set at SVSU Fredericks Gallery
Oct 7, 2007 Dr. Howard Knobloch, 96, Bay City Pediatrician, Tells All in Memoirs
Oct 7, 2007 Garber, Glenn Football Coaches Talk About Their Bottom Line: Character
Oct 7, 2007 Low Water Continues to Plague Great Lakes Shippers, Boaters and Fishers
Oct 7, 2007 Nobel Prize Oct. 12, Michigan Vote Jan. 15 Could Vault Gore to Presidency
Oct 7, 2007 SVSU's Harry Leaver Is Upbeat About Tri-City Area Economy
Oct 4, 2007 Avoiding State Government Shutdown Was Ugly,
And May Get Worse
Sep 30, 2007 DEAL! State Teeters on Brink of Shutdown, But Budget Talks Extended 30 Days
Sep 30, 2007 Petoskey Hotel Icon Stafford Smith Had Only One Job All His Life
Sep 30, 2007 UAW Membership Starts Voting on New Contract That Leaders Have Okayed
Sep 30, 2007 Wenonah Hotel Burned Nearly 30 Years Ago: Read What May Have Caused Fire
Sep 29, 2007 Re-enactors Bask in Balmy Weather at River of Time Living History Event
Sep 26, 2007 Fabiano Brothers Market Place Corporate Center May Draw 8 More Enterprises
Sep 24, 2007 The Historic UAW Strike "Nobody Wanted" Shuts Bay City GM PowerTrain
Sep 19, 2007 Why No State Budget? Read Why Yellow Dogs and Elephants Are Afraid to Vote!
Sep 16, 2007 Crowd Wowed by Taste and Theatrics of State Theatre, Mike Brush Band
Sep 16, 2007 The Untold Story of Why Friday Was Michigan's Biggest News Day in Decades
Sep 13, 2007 Washington Place Buzzing as Bowling Leagues Start, Car Show Set
Sep 12, 2007 Eric Jylha, Dave Rogers to Narrate Saginaw River History Cruise Sept. 28
Sep 12, 2007 Midland Entrepreneur John Rapanos Now Also An Inventor -- See His New Idea
Sep 9, 2007 Attempting to Upstage New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan Sets Jan. 15 Primary
Sep 9, 2007 Citizens Committee Works for Unity
In Library Millage Election Nov. 6
Sep 6, 2007 Western's Justin Gwizdala Top Rusher as Warriors Top Valley in Offense
Sep 4, 2007 Library Board Chairman Don Carlyon Cites Economic Importance of Libraries
Sep 3, 2007 State History Conference Slated Sept. 29-30 in Mount Clemens
Aug 29, 2007 18 Ramps For Handicapped Built By 200 Delphi Volunteers in Bay City-Saginaw
Aug 29, 2007 Saginaw Valley Grid Race Shakeout Seen in Key Thursday Night Games
Aug 28, 2007 Issues of Justice for Children Discussed by Probate Judge Karen Tighe
Aug 26, 2007 Central High Addition Gets Special City Inspection OK to Open on Time
Aug 26, 2007 Central Wolves Out-Mud Saginaw 24-6;
Flint SW Surprises Midland Dow
Aug 26, 2007 Drunk Driving Crackdown Heads Toward Labor Day Weekend
Aug 26, 2007 Issues of Democracy Defined in Struggle Over Iraq War Policy
Aug 19, 2007 Appledore Tall Ships Sailing to East Coast, Nova Scotia This Summer
Aug 19, 2007 Chemical Bank Hosts Realtors, at Loons Game
Aug 19, 2007 City Could Net About $1.5 Million in Sale of Uptown Site, Plus Developments
Aug 19, 2007 Friends of the Library to Put Up $25,000 Cost of Entire November Election
Aug 19, 2007 Garber-Pinconning Showdown Friday Night Football Game May Be Key to Season
Aug 12, 2007 Castaways is the Happening Place on the Kawkawlin River
Aug 12, 2007 Graff to Partner on High School Football Coverage
Aug 12, 2007 Study of Proposed Maritime Heritage Center's Economic Impact to be Unveiled
Aug 5, 2007 Beach Volleyball Tournament to be Held at Bay City State Park
Aug 5, 2007 Global Business Seminars to be Offered by Saginaw Valley State University
Aug 5, 2007 Maier & Associates Charitable Foundation Has Agenda Focusing on Youngsters
Aug 5, 2007 Rotary Club of Bay City Second in District in Foundation Giving
Jul 29, 2007 House Passes Smoking Ban for All Restaurants, Bars and Casinos
Jul 29, 2007 Information Sought About 1940s Mystery House Near James Clements Airport
Jul 29, 2007 Penzien-Steele Funeral Home
Dates to Days Undertakers Sold Furniture
Jul 29, 2007 TIMBER!!! Market for Wood Returns Century After End of Lumbering
Jul 21, 2007 Bay Cityans to Shine on Broadway With New Players Musical Comedy?
Jul 19, 2007 Old School Days Recalled in New Book By Old-Time Teacher, Odeal Sharp
Jul 17, 2007 Job Growth at Dow Corning Hemlock Semiconductor Fueled by Market Explosion
Jul 15, 2007 Bay County Real Estate Said Affordable, Buyer's Market, Near Record Volume
Jul 15, 2007 It's A Gabion Wall
Bay City Welcome Sign Triumph of Leadership Bay Count
Jul 8, 2007 GHOSTS UP CLOSE Walking Tour Draws Good Crowds to Downtown Crime Scenes
Jul 8, 2007 State Leaving Money On The Table: Cardinal Sin of Gambling
Jul 4, 2007 Control of Animal Factories Aim of Bills Eyed by Michigan Senate Dems
Jul 4, 2007 The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont: Like Northern Michigan With An Attitude
Jul 1, 2007 Bay is Only Area County With No Reported Emerald Ash Borer Infestation
Jul 1, 2007 Hotels Planned at I-75 Pinconning Exit To Serve Tourists, Casino Traffic
Jul 1, 2007 New Bay City Rotary President Rob Clark Fired Up, to be Installed Tuesday
Jun 24, 2007 David McCullough Lauds John Dann, Retiring Director of Clements Library
Jun 15, 2007 USS Edson Funding Bolstered by Loan From Bay County Growth Alliance
Jun 12, 2007 Can't Swim in the Bay? Try the Community Center Pool -- It's Ready to Go!
Jun 10, 2007 Museum Curator Recalls Industrial Brownhoist, Employees Lament Job Losses
Jun 5, 2007 Rita Salogar, Honored for Nursing, Volunteer Work Laid to Rest at St. Mary
Jun 5, 2007 USS Edson Project Gets $100,000 Boost from Local Donors
Jun 3, 2007 Bowfishing for Carp, Gar Pike and Goldfish - Unlimited Fun!!!
Jun 3, 2007 Early Rotary Support Was Critical to Depot Restoration, Says Curtiss
Jun 3, 2007 Pete Howey to Head Bay County Historical Society, State Elks Vets Committee
Jun 3, 2007 Tourism Can Flourish by Marketing Mid-Michigan, Say CVB Directors
Jun 1, 2007 Disney, Little Caesar's Heir, Masterminding Grayling Theme Park?
May 28, 2007 State Park Beach Back in Business on Grand & Glorious Memorial Day
May 27, 2007 Robots May Get Saganing Jobs; Virtual Dealers to Blink at Casino Patrons?
May 22, 2007 Dakar, Senegal a Wonder for Bay City Rotary Group Study Exchange Team
May 20, 2007 Holy Cow! Vast Hike in Cattle, Factory Farms, May Be Causing Beach Muck
May 19, 2007 Woof, Woof! Humane Society Pet Walk
Draws 49 Dogs, Owners, Too
May 8, 2007 The Great Lakes Loons: Breaking News, and History in Local Baseball
May 6, 2007 Bay County Merger With Saginaw-Midland Water System Would Make Good Sense
May 1, 2007 Bay City's Warren Avis, Car Rental Pioneer, Leaves Legacy of Positive Ideas
Apr 30, 2007 Grandest Grand Opening Set Friday at Revitalized Bay Valley Hotel
Apr 29, 2007 Local History Now Gets Some Respect, Says Professor/Author Jerry Kilar
Apr 27, 2007 Bell Clangs Capping
Re-dedication of Restored Kawkawlin Indian Church
Apr 24, 2007 Casino at Saganing Reservation, 290 Jobs, Announced, Ending Rumors
Apr 22, 2007 Bennett-Powell Pheasant Shoot Benefits Bay Medical Foundation
Apr 22, 2007 Kawkawlin Indian Church to be Rededicated by Tribal Officials Tuesday
Apr 16, 2007 Re-enactors Give Inside View of Numerous Retakes During Civil War Movies
Apr 15, 2007 Bay City Inventor to Present Robotic Fueling Concept to SAE in Detroit
Apr 15, 2007 Downtown Market Idea Gaining Speed, Looking For a Champion
Apr 10, 2007 Bay City Independents Baseball Team Ready to Take Town Back to 1880s Again
Apr 8, 2007 Arts Groups to Rally April 18 at State Capitol to Protest Grant Moratorium
Apr 3, 2007 New Bay City Police Chief Promises No Nonsense Approach to Crime
Apr 1, 2007 Hooray for Hollywood Bay Med Auction Raises About $60,000 for MRI Equipment
Mar 27, 2007 Local Movie Extras to Bring Civil War Films to Life April 11 at DoubleTree
Mar 25, 2007 Global Warming Movie Draws Big Crowd to State Theater; Debate Heats Up
Mar 18, 2007 400 Women Fought in the Civil War; Some Were Nurses, Spies
Mar 18, 2007 Brunner, Wooley Said Considering Race for Mayor; Finances the Issue
Mar 18, 2007 More Books Being Printed, Libraries Still Highly Relevant, Torch Club Hears
Mar 11, 2007 Beach Wellness Campaign Targets Condition of State Park for Swimming
Mar 11, 2007 Ice Clearing To Start in Great Lakes for March 21 Opening of Seaway
Mar 6, 2007 Debate on Global Warming Said Over; Measures Underway for Change
Mar 4, 2007 150 Attendees Cram Bay County Session of Mid-Michigan Inventors Group
Mar 4, 2007 Bay Future to Aid Firms to Connect with Mid-Michigan Foreign Trade Zone
Mar 4, 2007 Michigan, Tri-County Area on the Cutting Edge as International Issues Loom
Feb 27, 2007 MSU President Lou Anna Simon Gets Dose of Bay City's Spartan Spirit
Feb 27, 2007 Walleye Bonanza & Open Water
Make Dangerous Conditions on Saginaw Bay
Feb 25, 2007 City Income Tax Might Fly If Trade Offs Like Lower Property Taxes Adequate
Feb 25, 2007 Joyce Hardy Named President of Free Clinics of Michigan, Great Lakes Board
Feb 18, 2007 Report From Florida: Frankly, My Dear, I'd Rather Be In Bay City, Michigan
Feb 17, 2007 Economics Club Talk: Is Retirement Destined to Become a Thing of the Past?
Feb 16, 2007 Resigned Prosecutor Who Was Chippewa Advocate Faces More Federal Scrutiny
Feb 11, 2007 Book About Teddy Roosevelt's Most Intrepid Journey Gets Boffo Review
Feb 11, 2007 Jill Craybas Wins Second Dow Corning Tennis Title as Midland Tourney Ends
Feb 4, 2007 Bloomfield Hills Player Stays Alive in Dow Corning Tennis at Midland
Feb 4, 2007 Martin Luther King Scholarship Program Started in Bay City Goes Tri-County
Feb 4, 2007 Michigan Science, Dedicated to Ted Doan, Published by Mackinac Center
Feb 4, 2007 St. Patrick's Day Parade Schedule of Activities & Entry Deadline Announced
Jan 28, 2007 Civil War Round Table to Hear Tim Younkman Feb. 21 at Stein Haus
Jan 28, 2007 Dow Corning Tennis Classic to Heat Up Midland Feb. 4-11
Jan 28, 2007 Flu Pandemics Have Kept Red Cross Busy Over the Years
Jan 28, 2007 State, FCC Cable Reform May Impact City Revenues, Franchising Regulation
Jan 27, 2007 Advertising Representative Visits Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Jan 21, 2007 Great Lakes Trip Offered as Prize in Boatnerd Raffle
Jan 21, 2007 Simmons Jewelry Loves Valentines Day, Says Gemologist David Nelsen
Jan 18, 2007 Kettering University Offers New Masters Degree in Engineering Management
Jan 17, 2007 Can Governments Cooperate to Save Tax Dollars? Meeting in Lansing Jan. 31
Jan 16, 2007 Partnerships, Industry Relations Aims of Saginaw Valley State University
Jan 14, 2007 City Town Halls Begin Tuesday; State Revenue Sharing Reauthorization Eyed
Jan 11, 2007 Chippewa Supporter in Justice Department, Linked to Abramoff Case, Resigns
Jan 7, 2007 City Eyes 1 Day Fireworks
Considers Raising Parking Fines from $5 to $25
Jan 7, 2007 Feds Side With Chippewa in Huge Land Suit Against State - Schedule Sought
Jan 2, 2007 Mild Winter No Help to Water Levels; Saginaw River Lags, Seaway Sets Record
Jan 1, 2007 Gov. Granholm Takes Oath for Second Term as Economic Crisis Grows
Dec 31, 2006 Bay City is a Better Place Because of Guys Like Engel and Boutell
Dec 25, 2006 Where's Santa Really From? Michigan, Of Course!
Dec 24, 2006 Entertainment Medley Highlights Rotary Christmas Program
Dec 24, 2006 Tri-County Marketing Spurred By Cooperation, New Regional Publication
Dec 17, 2006 Governor Granholm, Senator Levin Support Bay City Bid for Destroyer Edson
Dec 17, 2006 Milt Higgs Unravels Mysteries of Abortion Controversy
Dec 11, 2006 Preservation of Michigan Lighthouses is Goal of New Federal Initiative
Dec 10, 2006 1932 Arrests in Bay City Precipitated Historic Midland Bank Robbery Attempt
Dec 10, 2006 Pere Marquette Union Station Depot $6.4 Million Renovation Is A Go
Dec 10, 2006 Urban Gambles Fail: Casinos Fall Short of Glimmering Economic Promise
Dec 7, 2006 Did Bay County & State Voters Give Exclusive Casino Franchise to Detroit?
Dec 4, 2006 Low Water Levels Slow Local Maritime Traffic; Other Ports Boom
Dec 3, 2006 Elected Library Board Idea Resurfaces After 14 Years, Voter Dissatisfaction
Dec 3, 2006 Libraries Need to Change, Heemstra Tells Lions; Elected Board Eyed
Dec 1, 2006 See Dick & Jen Run: "Instant" Book Tells Story of An Election Landslide
Nov 26, 2006 Chair Fred Cook Resigns Wenonah Park Properties Board, John Lore Appointed
Nov 26, 2006 Shut Bridges? Cut Cops? Hike Taxes? Eric Jylha to Help Us Decide
Nov 19, 2006 Guy T. (Tim) Moulthrop Honored As Mid-Michigan Outstanding Fundraiser
Nov 19, 2006 Mrs. Valentine Goes to Lansing, and Joins the Blue Tiger Democrats
Nov 12, 2006 What I Learned Last Summer on the Saginaw River: Dynamic Port Potential
Nov 10, 2006 Elks Launches Drive: Invites Prospective Members, Guests to Visit Club
Nov 5, 2006 Guido Garguillo, RI Scholar, To Speak to Rotarians This Week
Nov 5, 2006 Library's Secret Weapon:
People Who Use and Treasure The Service
Nov 1, 2006 Bay Future Signs On With Ann Arbor Automotive Think Tank, Gets Aggressive
Oct 30, 2006 Seaway Shipping Increases 30 Percent From Overseas Steel Cargo Imports
Oct 29, 2006 Dr. Jerry Decker's Mission is to Replace Oil Usage with Wind Energy
Oct 29, 2006 Lobbyists, Bosses, Ideologues "Puppetize" Candidates, Issues
Oct 24, 2006 Seminars Nov. 2 in Midland to Connect Innovation, Technology
Oct 23, 2006 Author of New Book "Great Lakes Murder, Mayhem, Booze and Broads," Honored
Oct 22, 2006 Delta College Chocolate Affair
To Raise Money for Underprivileged Kids
Oct 20, 2006 Corcoran Labs to Provide Plastinization of Bodies for Funeral Purposes
Oct 20, 2006 Major Study to Eye Dredging in St. Clair River Suspected of Draining Lakes
Oct 15, 2006 New Chippewa Casino Said Set to Open Dec. 1 at Saganing, Arenac County
Oct 15, 2006 Rotarians to Hear Dr. Jerry Decker on Alternative Energy -- Windmills
Oct 11, 2006 Bay Future, City Aides Oppose County Exec's Plan to Lure Downstate Firms
Oct 9, 2006 Seaway Traffic Booming Despite Record Low Great Lakes Water Levels
Oct 8, 2006 State Proposal Recommendation Summary: Vote "No" On All Except 3, Doves
Oct 8, 2006 State Theatre Wins State Historical Society Top Award for Preservation
Oct 6, 2006 Proposed 144 Slip Marina Would Turn Uptown into Venice-Like Downtown Area
Oct 1, 2006 Ballot Proposal Analysis: Prop. 2006-05: Educational Funding Guarantee Law
Oct 1, 2006 Rotarians to Hear Federal Home Loan Bank Official on Tuesday
Sep 25, 2006 Consumers Energy May Be Poised to Expand Karn-Weadock Facility Here
Sep 24, 2006 Bay City Draws Thousands to River of Time,
State History Conference
Sep 24, 2006 Election Issue Analysis: Proposal 2006:04 - Eminent Domain
Sep 18, 2006 Invasive Plants Targeted by Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy
Sep 17, 2006 Bay City to Host State History Conference This Weekend for 1st Time
Sep 17, 2006 Election Issue Analysis: Mourning Dove Hunting Small Downside: Vote "Yes"
Sep 13, 2006 City Gears for Economic Rebound; Uptown, Airport Among Projects Planned
Sep 8, 2006 Pre-Election Series:Analysis of Affirmative Action Issue on November Ballot
Sep 6, 2006 Destroyer Edson Near Success: Backers Sign 99 Year Lease With Bangor Twp.
Sep 4, 2006 Ten Minute Rotarians on Tap Tuesday at Rotary Club of Bay City
Aug 31, 2006 Analysis of Issues on Nov. 7 General Election by Citizens Research Council
Aug 31, 2006 NAFTA, CAFTA AND TRASHTA: Dems Trumpet Canadian Trash Deal, GOP Stews
Aug 27, 2006 How Leaders Are Recruiting New Industry to Highlight "Bay Area On The Go"
Aug 27, 2006 Real Estate Sales in Bay County Said Rebounding in August
Aug 20, 2006 Alice and Jack Wirt Deserve All the Recognition the Community Can Give Them
Aug 20, 2006 Epic Issues at Stake in Saginaw Chippewa vs. State of Michigan Suit
Aug 20, 2006 Group Study Exchange Team from India to Highlight Rotary on Tuesday
Aug 20, 2006 Michigan Notable Books: A Program Highlighting Stories About the State
Aug 15, 2006 Women's Health Conference Sept. 20 at DoubleTree by Bay Regional Med Center
Aug 12, 2006 Saginaw River Depths 9 Feet Too Low Cause Dredging Emergency, Dilemma
Aug 10, 2006 River of Time State History Conference
A Visitor's Educational Bonanza
Aug 6, 2006 "Phantom" Voters Remain on Michigan Registered Voter Rolls As Primary Looms
Aug 6, 2006 Books, Libraries, Vital Part of Bay County Life for Over 150 Years
Jul 30, 2006 City, 8 Unions, Town Hall Meetings to Eye Budget, "Revenue Enhancement"
Jul 30, 2006 Fish Smart: Eat Smart Day In the Park Draws Thousands to Saginaw
Jul 23, 2006 Sen Levin Moves Saginaw River Dredging Funds Ahead as Work Begins
Jul 22, 2006 City Has Estimated $60 Million Unfunded Liabilities, Manager Tells Rotary
Jul 20, 2006 Saginaw River Has 220 Year History of Tall Ships Dating to the Trombleys
Jul 16, 2006 14 Bay City Area Boats Among 244 Yachts in World's Largest Racing Fleet
Jul 16, 2006 City Manager Belleman Brings His "Utility Road Show" to Rotary on Tuesday
Jul 13, 2006 Economic Drama of the Saginaw Valley Building Toward Inevitable Crescendo
Jul 9, 2006 Futurist Lou Glazer Helps Bay County Leaders Sketch a Vision of Progress
Jul 8, 2006 Hilarious Harry Jarkey Still Goin' Strong, Celebrates 93rd Aug. 11 in Vegas
Jul 2, 2006 County Market Bonanza:
6 Straight Days, Pig Roast, Draw Thousands
Jun 25, 2006 Futurist Lou Glazer Here Wednesday in County Session on New Economic Agenda
Jun 25, 2006 Leadership Bay County Grads Strut Their Stuff, Describe Projects, at Rotary
Jun 23, 2006 Local Educator Among 400 to Visit China for Language Program Orientation
Jun 18, 2006 Bay Regional Medical Center
Is Part of Nationwide Lifesaving Campaign
Jun 18, 2006 Hey Swimmers: You Can Now Reach the Bay Without Getting Stuck in the Muck!
Jun 18, 2006 No Hablo: Many Americans Are Grousing About Spanish Language Incursions
Jun 17, 2006 The Hill: Where the Nation's Problems Start, And Roll Downward to Plague Us
Jun 10, 2006 Frankenmuth's Waterpark Hotel
Adds Splash to USA's Largest Family Eatery
Jun 10, 2006 Whoosh! Waterfall Park Spurts "Cool Cities" Spirit in Downtown Bay City
Jun 4, 2006 Bay City Schools Offer Chinese Language Immersion Program with MSU
Jun 4, 2006 Wednesdays in The Park Start This Week with Bay Concert Band
Jun 2, 2006 Chrysler CEO LaSorda Wows the Island Conference, We Make Nice with the Gov
May 29, 2006 C’mon up! The 'swimmin’s' fine at Bay City State Recreation Area
May 28, 2006 Sue Murphy to Tell Rotarians About Preschool Chinese Language Program
May 21, 2006 "The Real Paul Bunyan" Film Documentary Set for Release This Summer
May 21, 2006 Bay City Loses a Friend with Death of Ted Doan of Dow Chemical Last Tuesday
May 17, 2006 "Textualism," Justice Scalia, Intrigue Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan
May 14, 2006 New Waterfall Park Fountain, Crowds, Flowing in Downtown Bay City
May 14, 2006 Storytellers Draw Crowd to State Theatre; Format May be Repeated
May 13, 2006 Can "Internet Inventor" Al Gore Redefine Himself As A Winner ?
May 13, 2006 Michiganians Oppose Liberal Immigration Policy, Favor Border Control
May 12, 2006 $12 Million Distribution Center, 200 Jobs, OKd;
Park Expansion May End
May 12, 2006 Mid-Michigan" Crimes of the Century"
Focus of Storyteller Trio Tonight
May 7, 2006 Bay City Schools to be One of Three Chinese Language Preschools in State
May 7, 2006 Tall Ship Challenge to be Presented to Rotary by Shirley Roberts
May 7, 2006 Tax Reform May Cause City Bond Interest Rates Hike, Says City Commissioner
May 5, 2006 BRMC's CEO Bob Wright Moving to McLaren Unit in Ingham County
Apr 30, 2006 Seven Cruise Ships to Tour Great Lakes This Year; Why Not a Bay City Stop?
Apr 23, 2006 Don Massnick to Lead Long Range Rotary Planning Session Tuesday
Apr 23, 2006 Regional Economic Development on Tap
Monday at Tri-County Economics Club
Apr 21, 2006 Governor Puts Campaign Against High Gas Prices Into Overdrive
Apr 16, 2006 Dick DeVos to Speak to GOP Here May 16; Pundit Hannity to Promote Michigan?
Apr 16, 2006 Waterfall Park at Foot of Third Nearly Ready for the Water, Visitors
Apr 9, 2006 Civil War Historian Ray Herek to Speak Wednesday at Stein Haus
Apr 9, 2006 J.S. Bach's Passion of St. Matthew
Fills St. Mary Church on Palm Sunday
Apr 9, 2006 Saginaw Bay Fishing Booms - Walleye, Perch Gain From Lack of Alewives
Apr 3, 2006 Abe Lincoln History Trip to Springfield, Illinois, Set by Civil War Group
Apr 2, 2006 City Offers Free Land to Bay Area Family Y to Relocate on Uptown Site
Apr 2, 2006 Exchange Student Melinda Boysik Says Goodbye to Rotarians This Week
Mar 31, 2006 Lafayette Bridge Opens to Ship Traffic and 2006 Shipping Season is Underway
Mar 26, 2006 What Ever Happened to the Tradition of Respect for the Opinions of Others?
Mar 25, 2006 He's Just My Baby Daddy: Effects Of New Type of Relationship Perplex Writer
Mar 19, 2006 Port Leader Webber Extends Olive Branch to Environmentalists Opposing Plan
Mar 19, 2006 Record St. Patricks Day Parade Blessed by Sun, Great Crowd Turnout
Mar 18, 2006 1938 Mercedes Owned by Hermann Goering's Doctor for Sale Downtown Bay City
Mar 12, 2006 "The Finest" Library Auction Nets $20,000 Plus, Far Exceeding Expectations
Mar 12, 2006 First of Two Vocational Days Draw High School Students to Workplace, Rotary
Mar 12, 2006 How Michigan Can Re-energize with Agri-Energy Conference Slated for Saginaw
Mar 11, 2006 The Political Imperatives of Journalism: Why We Do What We Do
Mar 5, 2006 Disastrous Sinking of Sultana on Tap Wednesday for Civil War Round Table
Mar 5, 2006 Red Cross Community Disaster Response Program Slated for Rotary Tuesday
Mar 4, 2006 Crowds Laud Izy on Triumphant Return with Olympic Bronze Speedskating Medal
Feb 26, 2006 Bay City's Olympic Rookie Izykowski Wins Bronze in 5000 Meter Relay
Feb 26, 2006 Bay County Part of New Mott-Funded Labor Education, Auto Industry Thrust
Feb 19, 2006 P.O.W.E.R. Fund Vital to Local Growth, But Electric System Surplus Required
Feb 15, 2006 Dow Corning Technology, Bay City Tied to World Record Human Bodies Exhibits
Feb 15, 2006 Izy Has Shot at Olympic Medal by Qualifying for Finals in 5000 Meter Relay
Feb 12, 2006 $2 Million Growth Alliance Loan to Boost Depot Project, Key County Growth
Feb 12, 2006 Old Defoe Freighter, Now Voyageur Independent, Finds New Life on Seaway
Feb 12, 2006 Rotary to Hear About Saginaw Symphony Orchestra from Director
Feb 5, 2006 Charlton Heston Loved Bay City's Wenonah Hotel, Donated to Princess Mosaic
Feb 5, 2006 Lawsuit Sets Up Chippewa Battle with State in Federal Court over Lands, Law
Feb 3, 2006 Colder Weather Due This Week, NOAA Meterologists Predict
Jan 31, 2006 Abramoff Ready to Drop the Other Shoe As Political Fates Hinge on Scandal
Jan 30, 2006 Bay Medical Center Nuclear Medicine Technologist Receives Certification
Jan 29, 2006 Emmy-Nominated TV Producer Ric Mixter Deep Into Preserving Maritime History
Jan 29, 2006 Pere Marquette Depot Restoration Chugs onto Main Track at City Hall Monday
Jan 29, 2006 Twenty-one Countries Represented in Dow Corning Tennis at Midland Feb. 5-12
Jan 27, 2006 Let's Make History Together, Governor Says in State of the State
Jan 25, 2006 O'Hare's & Midland Street Pub Slate Weidner Foundation Chili Cookoff Sunday
Jan 23, 2006 "Eric Devendorf: Enemy of the State"-Syracuse University Newspaper Headline
Jan 21, 2006 List of "Banished Words" Released by Lake Superior State University
Jan 21, 2006 Warehouse Center in Monitor Would Be Among Top 10 County Taxpayers
Jan 20, 2006 Forecast for Bay, Lake Ice: Wavy, Soft, Squishy; Year-Round Shipping Eyed
Jan 18, 2006 Global Warming Causing Lack of Ice?
Artic Permafrost Thaw Threatened
Jan 15, 2006 Library Asks Earlier Election Date In Millage Vote Strategy Plan
Jan 15, 2006 Spartan Alumni "Go Green"
For Scholarship Program Feb. 25 at Bay Valley
Jan 15, 2006 Vintage Baseball to Continue:
Bay City Independents Post 10-4 Record
Jan 14, 2006 Minor League Baseball Team in Midland Revives 125 Year Old Tradition Here
Jan 11, 2006 Whither the Wily Wolverine, the Fearsome, Leaping Ubly Ugly?
Jan 10, 2006 Retraining, Support Groups, Classes Offered by Bay Regional Medical Center
Jan 9, 2006 Court Okays New Michigan Casino Accused Lobbyist Abramoff Tried to Block
Jan 8, 2006 Bloody Business of Civil War Medicine On Tap Wednesday Night at Stein Haus
Jan 8, 2006 GM May Stay, Expand, Says Belleman as He, Hickner Peer Into Crystal Ball
Jan 7, 2006 Did Wolverine Spotted in Ubly Area Come Across Ice From Ontario?
Jan 1, 2006 It's a New Year and Hopeful Signs Abound Amid the Confusion and Doubt
Jan 1, 2006 Long Ships Passing, Story of the Great Lakes, is a Timeless Classic
Jan 1, 2006 The "Bay City Promise" Education Endowment;
A Goal to Be Considered
Dec 25, 2005 Rumors Persist About Casino or Resort at White's Beach in Arenac County
Dec 25, 2005 Stock of Bay City Carbon Firm in 1940s Quickly Skied from $100 to $18,000
Dec 18, 2005 Deer Harvest Down; Meeting Monday in Midland to Eye Deer Population
Dec 18, 2005 Don't Miss Christmas Program with Students Directed by Leo Najar
Dec 18, 2005 Outlook for 2006 May Brighten Quickly with Developments in the Works
Dec 11, 2005 About 300 Jobs Seen Result of Pending Tax Sharing Agreement at Tech Park
Dec 11, 2005 Bijou Orchestra is Boffo with Third Holiday Pops Concert
Dec 11, 2005 City of Bay City Making Plans to Lose State Revenue Sharing, GM Plant
Dec 11, 2005 New Wirt Library to be Occupied in Early January; Opening Seen in February
Dec 11, 2005 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar Melinda Boysik Tells About Hungary
Dec 11, 2005 State History Conference Scheduled in Bay City Sept. 22-24
Dec 4, 2005 "It's A Wonderful Night" Charity Ball Slated Saturday, Dec. 10
Dec 4, 2005 China’s Navy Will Overtake U.S. Fleet by 2015; Where are Midwest Shipyards?
Dec 1, 2005 Ghosts and Guardians of the Great Lakes III on PBS at 8 pm Tonight, Dec. 1
Nov 27, 2005 Gales of November, Recalling Fitzgerald Sinking, Now Cultural Phenomenon
Nov 27, 2005 Handy High Reunion Brings Back Lots of Red Spirit, Memories
Nov 27, 2005 Northwood University Football Boasts Outstanding Graduation Record
Nov 27, 2005 Perch are Back In Saginaw Bay
'And They're Big'
Say Veteran Anglers
Nov 20, 2005 Get in The Holiday Spirit on a Trip Through Historic Trombley-Centre House
Nov 20, 2005 Saginaw Chippewa Involved as Sen. McCain Threatens Witness with Contempt
Nov 13, 2005 Answers to Big Three's "Black October" Are People, Says Pat Carrigan
Nov 13, 2005 Lake Placid's "Affluent Beggar"
Tells All About Resort in Adirondacks
Nov 10, 2005 Positive Patient Survey Nets Bay Regional Medical Center National Award
Nov 6, 2005 Almost Everywhere You Go There's A Bay City History Connection
Nov 3, 2005 FYI: Community News From Church, Hospital Organizations
Nov 3, 2005 Leo Najar Makes the World Go Round at Rotary on Tuesday
Oct 31, 2005 Bay County Medical Care Facility Shows Off Two Wing Addition, Renovations
Oct 30, 2005 Education Reform Crusader Hopes to Change Achievement Trend
Oct 30, 2005 Indian Affairs "Show Me The Money" Hearing Reset for Wednesday
Oct 23, 2005 Ah, Nostalgia! Wenona Beach Amusement Park Closed 40 Years Ago
Oct 23, 2005 Energy Crisis Could Help Michigan, SVSU Science Prof Tells Rotarians
Oct 18, 2005 Sen. McCain to Reconvene Indian Gaming Hearings Wednesday in Washington
Oct 16, 2005 Bring Back American Spirit of Unity, Says WWII Marine Vet George W. Zwiker
Oct 14, 2005 Go Red! All Handy High Reunion to Pull in Scattered Wildcats Oct. 22
Oct 14, 2005 Industry/Worker Alliance Against China Aims to Save American Jobs
Oct 9, 2005 Bay County Medical Care Facility Sets Open House Oct. 26
Oct 8, 2005 Old General Hospital Section to Fall as Bay Regional Med Center Expands
Oct 7, 2005 Tuesday Program: Honduras Water Project; Thursday: International Night
Oct 2, 2005 Auburn Library Hosts 20 Local Authors Including 9-Year-Old Reese Haller
Oct 2, 2005 Civil War Round Table To Kick Off Third Year with "Show and Tell" Oct. 12
Oct 1, 2005 Connection Between Abraham Lincoln and James G. Birney and Sons Explored
Sep 25, 2005 Program Focus: Can Dow, U.S. Chemical Industry, Survive High Oil Prices?
Sep 21, 2005 Story Started in Bay City in 1875 Continues Revival with Opera in Omaha
Sep 17, 2005 Gov. Granholm Keynote, Tour to Hot Spots, Development Sites Set Tuesday
Sep 16, 2005 Munger Among 128 Michigan "Shadow Towns" Tracked in New History
Sep 12, 2005 United Way Kicks Off Campaign Tuesday with "Day of Caring"
Sep 11, 2005 City Commission Monday Night to Consider Endorsement of School Bond Issue
Sep 11, 2005 Rob's Excellent Desk Junk Auction on Tap This Week: Bring Your Spare Cash!
Sep 4, 2005 Senate Bill May Not Bar City From Offering Cable Television and Broadband
Sep 4, 2005 Two of the Six Appledore Tall Ships Call Bay City Home Port
Aug 28, 2005 French Asserting Rights to 326-Year-Old Vessel Found in Lake Superior
Aug 28, 2005 State Police Trooper Joe LaBelle to Bring Tracking Dog to Rotary
Aug 27, 2005 Survivor Challenges Book on Sinking of Freighter Cedarville 40 Years Ago
Aug 27, 2005 Thumb Octagon Barn Slates Fall Family Days Sept. 9-11
Aug 21, 2005 Bay City Type Entrepreneurs Needed to Revive State's Economy
Aug 21, 2005 Buffalo, Moose, Elk Once Roamed Bay City Area, Not to Mention Wolves
Aug 20, 2005 Alex Mitchell, LaMarr Woodley Lead 41 Area Gridders at Michigan Colleges
Aug 19, 2005 Football Schedules Including Big Ten Composite Schedule
Aug 14, 2005 Atomic Energy Contract Put Bay City Firm in Graphite Purification Business
Aug 14, 2005 Stop SPAM! SunGard Collegis Helps Delta College Manage Computers
Aug 7, 2005 Boathouse, Iron Bridge, Other Condos Have Important Historical Settings
Aug 7, 2005 Historical Museum Completes 10 Years of Improvements Worth $1.25 Million
Jul 31, 2005 Huron County Approves Wind Energy Project; Turbines Also Planned in Oceana
Jul 30, 2005 Mayors, Start Your Stoves: The Celebrity Chili Cook Off Heats Up Sept. 18
Jul 29, 2005 Killer of Bay City Cowboy Lawman George Wellman Unmasked by Old News Story
Jul 24, 2005 Bay Economic Revival Underway with Tech Park, Entrepreneurial Activity
Jul 24, 2005 Group Study Exchange Team to Japan
Is Featured This Week at Rotary
Jul 24, 2005 Migrant Farm Labor Numbers Crunched
By Pickling Cucumbers from India
Jul 17, 2005 "New York, New York" Destination Attractions Developing in Bangor
Jul 15, 2005 Day Escape Spa Attracting Hundreds of Health Conscious Customers
Jul 10, 2005 New Waterline to Lake Huron at AuGres, Saginaw-Midland Merger Discussed
Jul 10, 2005 Rotarians Say Hello to New Prexy Ralph Knop, Goodbye to Scholar Anna Pleth
Jul 3, 2005 Bay City's Ashley Anderson is a Pioneer of Two Men and A Truck
Jul 3, 2005 Whither the Modern American Conservative Movement, Founded in Mid-Michigan?
Jun 27, 2005 Sea Cadet Ship Grayfox Again Giving Tours in Bay City
Jun 26, 2005 Bay County Interest Income Expected to Nearly Triple This Year
Jun 26, 2005 Chicago One Big Rotary Meeting with 40,000 Rotarians in Town
Jun 25, 2005 Photo of Famed Bay City Abolitionist James Birney Sells for $450 on E-Bay
Jun 17, 2005 Cool Cities Advisory Committee to Present Cool Bay City Plans
Jun 17, 2005 Windmill Investments About to Blow Big Bucks into Huron County
Jun 16, 2005 Dow Corning Plant in Auburn Expands Global Leadership in Silicon Technology
Jun 14, 2005 United Way Mature Drivers Program Aids Seniors With Skills Tests
Jun 12, 2005 Bay Regional Medical Ctr. Poised for Expansion;
Rated 2nd in Heart Care
Jun 12, 2005 Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine
Extended to Saginaw County, Coleman Area
Jun 8, 2005 The Yuan, Health Care, Education, GM Crucial to State, Bay City Future
Jun 5, 2005 Corabelle's Draws Raves for Revival of Bay City's Famous Red Lion Coney Dog
Jun 5, 2005 One Year Run of Civil War Era Bay City Press-Times is Discovered
Jun 5, 2005 Wednesday is Camp Day at Tim Horton's: Stop In and Buy a Hot Drink for Kids
May 28, 2005 Bay Area Community Foundation 14th Largest in State, Has $25 Million Assets
May 25, 2005 USS Edson, One of Few Ships Named for a Marine, Closer to Bay City Move
May 22, 2005 Bay City Tourism Needs Boost: USS Edson, Lighthouse Would Help
May 22, 2005 Task Force, Legislators Aim to Control Aquatic Nuisances in Ship Ballasts
May 22, 2005 Van Dyke Pledges Continuation of Growth Alliance, Eyes Business Incubator
May 15, 2005 BUY, BUY MISS AMERICAN PIE! Drive Your Chevy to the Levee and Buy American!
May 15, 2005 Hundreds Brave Chill to Dedicate Rexer-Jablonski Park on Water Street
May 13, 2005 Soap Opera Star Brad Cole to Perform at Bay City Red Cross Benefit May 29
May 11, 2005 Former Reagan Science Advisor Says Dioxin "Won't Kill A Bullfrog"
May 10, 2005 Bob Sherman's Call on a Friend Boosts Bay Med Volunteer Clinic
May 5, 2005 Rotarians Identify Dozens of Cultural Improvements in Bay City
May 1, 2005 Clements Library Preserves Revolutionary Trove, Smith Maritime Collection
May 1, 2005 Granholm to Ask Voters in November for Fund to Grow Jobs, Diversify Economy
Apr 29, 2005 If Wal-Mart Trend is Inevitable, How Can Bay County Use it to Create Jobs?
Apr 28, 2005 Charity Island Dinner Cruises to Begin in June; Rustic Lodge Stays Offered
Apr 26, 2005 Kelly Martin, Motivated Entrepreneur, Stands Up for Those With Legal Needs
Apr 24, 2005 Rotarians Dedicate Historic Kiosk in Downtown Micro-Park
Apr 21, 2005 Abe Lincoln Says Without Him Slavery May Have Continued Another 50 Years
Apr 21, 2005 Retiree Pensions, Health Care Benefits Eyed in Education Funding Shortfall
Apr 17, 2005 Local Civil War Round Table Marks End of Second Year at Dinner Thursday
Apr 15, 2005 Cormorant, Prey Fish Reports to Key Lake Huron Fishery Workshop April 30
Apr 14, 2005 Voters to Cast Ballots on New Voting Machines in May Election
Apr 13, 2005 Defoe-Built Research Vessel Knorr Deserves a Medal For Its Performance
Apr 10, 2005 First Merged City Government Appointed City Hall Janitors, Set Clocks
Apr 10, 2005 Four District Governors Attend Bay City Rotary Club Meeting
Apr 10, 2005 Tax Agreement, Tech Park Expansion Key to 300 Jobs
Apr 8, 2005 New Models, Health Care Concessions Seen As Keys to GM Revitalization
Apr 7, 2005 Democratic Swat Team Here Saturday to Present Social Security Position
Apr 3, 2005 GM Spokesperson Paul Ballew Gives Insiders View of Global Sales Struggle
Apr 1, 2005 Dan Kildee Named to State Land Bank Fast Track Authority Board
Mar 30, 2005 Bay City's Dean Lockwood to be on the Bench With Pat Summitt vs. MSU Sunday
Mar 27, 2005 140th Anniversary of Lincoln Death to be Marked April 21 in Bay City
Mar 27, 2005 DoubleTree Hotels to Plant 10,000 Trees for Arbor Day , April 29
Mar 26, 2005 Gospel Music the Topic of Speaker Rev. Desmon Daniel at Bay City Rotary
Mar 24, 2005 Granholm Budget Deal May Put More People to Work in Bay City
Mar 23, 2005 Bay Area BrandPrint Provides Focus for Tourism, Development Efforts
Mar 20, 2005 Larry Cook's Life was Bay City's Version of "It's a Wonderful Life"
Mar 19, 2005 "Bonnie Blue Flag," Not "Dixie," Was Rebels Favorite Song, Says Leo Najar
Mar 17, 2005 Vintage Baseball Team Will Look Like, Play Same Rules as 1882 Bay City Team
Mar 16, 2005 Former Bay Cityan Gen. Bruce MacDonald on State Military Base Task Force
Mar 12, 2005 Career Days on Tap for Two Weeks at Bay City Rotary; Speaker Dave Smith
Mar 10, 2005 Boat Launch Transfer from Bay County to Bangor Township Key to Ship Museum
Mar 10, 2005 More Units to March in St. Patrick's Day Parade, Including Red Hat Society
Mar 9, 2005 Mid-Michigan Indian Gambling Bonanza Leads Chippewa Into Political Morass
Mar 6, 2005 BAISD Skills USA Program in Rotary Spotlight on Tuesday
Mar 6, 2005 Hucksters Clip-Clopped Across Bay City in the Depression Years & Earlier
Mar 3, 2005 Bay City Native Todd Majeski's Firm Supports World's Fastest Electric Car
Mar 1, 2005 Saginaw Chippewa Tribe Again in National News Spotlight Because of Lobbyist
Feb 26, 2005 Bay City Rotary Clubs Celebrate Centennial with Gala Bash at DoubleTree
Feb 23, 2005 Despite Big Gambling Bucks, Indians 50 Years Behind, Harvard Study Shows
Feb 20, 2005 Charges of Excessive Draining of Lakes Michigan/Huron Refuted by Army Corps
Feb 20, 2005 Rotary Clubs to Celebrate Centennial Wednesday Evening at the DoubleTree
Feb 18, 2005 CMU Professor, Son of P.O.W., and German Scholar Pen Holocaust Blockbuster
Feb 16, 2005 USTA Names Dow Corning Champ Laura Granville 'Circuit Player of the Week'
Feb 15, 2005 USS Michigan In the Spyglass of Marine Historians Saturday
Feb 13, 2005 Dow Stock All-Time High; Insiders Sell $17 Million, Acquire $44 Million
Feb 13, 2005 Rockefeller Pal Flagler Hit Gold Despite Bust in Saginaw Salt Industry
Feb 12, 2005 Fountain of Youth Elixir Energizes Columnist to Run Gasparilla 5-K Race
Feb 3, 2005 Governor Names County Executive Hickner to State Workforce Panel
Feb 2, 2005 Standard Federal Economist Sees Hope Amid Worries in 2005
Jan 30, 2005 Paul Bunyan Operetta by Benjamin Britten Seeing Amazing Revival
Jan 30, 2005 Two Most Fascinating People of the 20th Century? Franklin & Winston
Jan 28, 2005 Sail Training Conference Sked Here in November Heralds Return of Tall Ships
Jan 27, 2005 Bay Cityans Were In the Saddle As Custer Immortalized the Wolverines
Jan 26, 2005 Bay City Poised to Grab Share of Michigan Tourism Increase Forseen in 2005
Jan 23, 2005 City Eyes Industrial Plant with 130 Jobs, New Bank, Breaker Cove Renewal
Jan 23, 2005 Dolly Parton Book Project for 0-5 Age Kids Takes Bay-Arenac By Storm
Jan 23, 2005 Weather Moderating, But Snowfall Already is Two-Thirds of Normal Winter
Jan 20, 2005 90 Acre Apartment Style Senior Citizen Complex
Planned in Frankenlust
Jan 20, 2005 Join the Bay County Citizen Corps,
Be Part of Homeland Security Effort
Jan 20, 2005 Mysterious Charitable Snowman
Reportedly At Work Somewhere in County
Jan 16, 2005 Civil War Round Table to Meet Wednesday, 7 p.m., at the Lincoln Center
Jan 16, 2005 Imagination Library to Be Highlighted by Bay-Arenac ISD Supt. Mike Dewey
Jan 15, 2005 Six New Medical Enterprises Join Bangor Commercial Park Development
Jan 12, 2005 Bonnie and Clyde Gang Members Arrested Here in 1932 Enroute to Bank Heist
Jan 9, 2005 Bay Area Chamber's Valerie Roof to Speak on "Family Friendly Businesses"
Jan 9, 2005 Libraries Even More Useful in the Internet Age As Information Gateways
Jan 7, 2005 Al Conklin, Age 95, Recalls "Hitchhiking Chicken" and "Pretty Boy" Floyd
Jan 4, 2005 Battle On to Bar Asian Carp, Another Threat to Great Lakes Fishing
Jan 4, 2005 Bay County May Have to Divest Community Center, Ice Rink, Pinconning Park
Jan 2, 2005 Rotarians to Hear State of Bay County, Bay City from Hickner, Belleman
Jan 1, 2005 Dow Shift to Global Energy Sources Sustains Giant Chemical Firm's Profits
Dec 28, 2004 11 Identity Theft Laws Passed by Legislature, Signed by Governor Granholm
Dec 26, 2004 Christmas-New Year Luminaries, Snow Pile, Bond Dale Court Neighborhood
Dec 26, 2004 Ten Minute Rotarians Take the Rostrum at the Bay City Rotary Club This Week
Dec 25, 2004 Spencer's Restaurant in Saginaw Township Marks Three Years Since Opening
Dec 24, 2004 Idea for Bronner's World Famous Christmas Store Hatched in Bay City in 1951
Dec 19, 2004 Rotary Slates Annual Christmas Program Featuring Homegrown Talent
Dec 18, 2004 Michigan High School Dropouts 30%, College 82%, Cherry Commission Reports
Dec 17, 2004 Want A Job? Long Haul Truck Driving May Be Your Meal Ticket
Dec 14, 2004 Cracked Egg Breakfast Restaurant Goes Evenings: "Bistro Night" Set Thursday
Dec 13, 2004 Firefighters Take Trucks Downtown For Tour of Scottish Rite Masonic Center
Dec 12, 2004 Jim Griffiths to Recall Transition to Women in Rotary, Their Contributions
Dec 12, 2004 Two New Offerings by Brandow, Katzinger Hit Bay City History Book Market
Dec 12, 2004 Whooping Cranes From Michigan First In South Carolina Since 1850
Dec 11, 2004 Central High Student Jessica La Berge Reports on School Facilities Needs
Dec 11, 2004 Hemingway's Ghost Appears Incarnate at Secret Walloon Lake Cottage
Dec 10, 2004 Fundraising Soars for USS Edson, Hopes Dim for Honey Fitz Deal
Dec 8, 2004 Addition of About 1,000 Homes in Western Suburbs Concerns School Planners
Dec 5, 2004 Central Ace, Elks State Hoop Shoot Champ Eric Devendorf Commits to Syracuse
Dec 5, 2004 Milt Higgs, Delegate to the 1963 State Constitutional Convention, to Speak
Dec 3, 2004 Two More Gray Wolves Tracked in Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan
Dec 1, 2004 Holiday Events Scheduled at Historic Trombley-Centre House
Nov 30, 2004 Schools Vital to Economic Development, Says S.C. Johnson Site Manager
Nov 28, 2004 Christine Greve, Small Business Center Director, Scheduled by Rotary
Nov 28, 2004 United Way Campaign Still Accepting Support as Report Session Set Wednesday
Nov 27, 2004 Bay City a Little "Cooler" With State Award for Reconstruction of Broadway
Nov 26, 2004 Choo! Choo! Train Chugs in With Santa Saturday at Santa House
Nov 25, 2004 Rapacious Cormorants Decimating Perch, Smelt in Lake Huron
Nov 21, 2004 Bay City Folklore in Library's Children's Literature Research Collection
Nov 21, 2004 Dr. John S. Lore Moves From Bay Future to Key Detroit Medical Center Post
Nov 21, 2004 Rotary to Hear of Mid-Michigan Children's Museum
at Tuesday Meeting
Nov 17, 2004 Bay City Recalls its Successful Heritage as Leaders Confront Economic Seas
Nov 16, 2004 Some Sturgeon Caught in Saginaw Bay Said to Be Exotic Varieties
Nov 14, 2004 Free Trade Called "Tremendous Negative" for Bay County's Manufacturing Base
Nov 14, 2004 Rotary Foundation Takes Spotlight This Week With Kathy Czerwinski
Nov 14, 2004 Video Software Helps Improve Sports Performance, Worker Productivity
Nov 7, 2004 Don Carlyon to Describe Benefits of Nebraska Unicameral Legislature
Nov 7, 2004 Local Group Trying to Bring Home Historic Presidential Yacht "Honey Fitz"
Nov 4, 2004 Manufacturing Employment Revitalization a Potential Boost to Area Economy
Nov 1, 2004 Bay County Voters Casting Ballots for President 43rd Time Since 1836
Oct 31, 2004 Shearer Building Developer Jim Reid to Take Rotary Podium Tuesday
Oct 28, 2004 Get Instant Updated Election Results on
Oct 27, 2004 Bay City's First Wooden Waterlines Unearthed at Site of New Library
Oct 24, 2004 Congressman Kildee Suggests Joint Port Authority to Increase Water Freight
Oct 24, 2004 Lansing Political Reporter Peter Luke to Give Timely Insight on Campaigns
Oct 24, 2004 What Really is the Issue Over Expansion of Valley Center Technology Park?
Oct 22, 2004 Development Leaders Determined to Prove County is not Anti-Business
Oct 21, 2004 Ground Broken for Boathouse Condos After City Commission Grants Tax Break
Oct 17, 2004 Danish Exchange Student to Speak Tuesday at the Bay City Rotary Club
Oct 17, 2004 Education is the Key to Economic Develpment, Chamber Summit Agrees
Oct 17, 2004 Judge Penzien Recalled as Tough on Crime, Making Bay County Safe Community
Oct 17, 2004 Mayor, Crowd Gives Local Soldiers a Sendoff to Iraq at Handy Gathering
Oct 10, 2004 District Governor Ruby Iwamasa Set for Rotary Club Visit Tuesday
Oct 10, 2004 Middle East Perspective in Focus Monday at Chamber Kildee Luncheon
Oct 10, 2004 University of Michigan Survey Ranks Hilton No. 1; Kent Rates DoubleTree
Oct 8, 2004 Take the State Theatre's "Psycho Tour," Hear Bay City's Eeriest Crime Tales
Oct 3, 2004 Bob Sarow Headlines Civil War Round Table with Oct. 20 Presentation
Oct 3, 2004 International Night Update on Tap for Bay City Rotary Club this Week
Oct 3, 2004 Marine History Group Signs Licensing Agreement with Dow for Old Lighthouse
Oct 3, 2004 Presidential Candidates Goldwater, Humphrey Came Here 40 Years Ago
Sep 26, 2004 Bay Future, Inc., Lifts Off for Economic Development with 17-Member Board
Sep 26, 2004 County Commission OK Sought to Moor Destroyer Near Independence Bridge
Sep 26, 2004 Ten Minute Rotarians On Tap Tuesday; Club Participates in Paint & Pride
Sep 19, 2004 Chamber Business/Education Summit Slated Oct. 1 at DoubleTree
Sep 19, 2004 City Lagoon on State Park Drive Was Donated by Dow Chemical Co. in 1935
Sep 19, 2004 Greyhound Rescue Program on This Week's Rotary Club Agenda
Sep 18, 2004 Return to Glory Days of Bay City Football Recall Legendary Engel Era
Sep 13, 2004 Investigation of Flight 93 Explosion May Lead to Sources in Bay City
Sep 12, 2004 Kantzler Fund Sparked Local Redevelopment, Now Aided by Midland Foundations
Sep 12, 2004 Pere Marquette Depot to Be Center for Motorcoach Tours, BACF Headquarters
Sep 6, 2004 Dealing with Job Losses from Globalization Calls for Facing the Problem
Sep 5, 2004 Pere Marquette Depot Renovation in Rotary Club Spotlight This Week
Sep 4, 2004 The State Budget: What Does It Mean to Us?
Sep 2, 2004 Take a Nature Walk Through Bay City's Historic Treasure Land -- Vets Park
Aug 29, 2004 Rotary to Hear Update on International Night 100th Anniversary Program
Aug 26, 2004 Baseball Hit Homerun in Lansing, Could Do Same in Bay City, Says Hollister
Aug 25, 2004 Cha-Ching: "Cool City" Designation Pays Off in $800,000 in Grants
Aug 25, 2004 DoubleTree Hotel Hits 100 Percent Occupancy, Raising Economic Expectations
Aug 25, 2004 War of 1812 Had Great Impact on Saginaw Valley; Veterans Were Pioneers Here
Aug 22, 2004 Rotary Selects "Twin Club" in Turkey; Ten Minute Rotarians On Tap Tuesday
Aug 21, 2004 Dow's New CEO Andrew Liveris Eyes Global Sales Growth, Product Innovation
Aug 21, 2004 Salt Wells in Midland Spouted Brine and Led to Dow Chemical's Billions
Aug 20, 2004 Youngsters Learning to Sail Downtown -- on the Saginaw River
Aug 18, 2004 Bay County 29th in Knowledge Economy Index, 3rd in Digital Economy
Aug 18, 2004 DoubleTree Up to 52% Occupancy in Aug.
Jennison Boathouse Project a Go
Aug 15, 2004 No Tax Money Will Be Sought for Bay City Baseball Team, Says Seward
Aug 15, 2004 Will the Real Bay City Please Stand Up: It's Time for the Future
Aug 14, 2004 Bay City Boat Lines Adds Third Vessel, Sister Ship to Princess Wenonah
Aug 11, 2004 Grant Aims to Teach Which Saginaw River Watershed Fish are Safe to Eat
Aug 11, 2004 New U-M Study: Work in Schools, Offices, Hospitals Replaces Factories
Aug 11, 2004 Three Local Elementaries, Hughes, McAlear-Sawden and Mackensen Get A Grades
Aug 8, 2004 Rotarians to Hear Chamber's Pitch on Minor League Baseball by Mike Seward
Aug 8, 2004 What's Bay City's Best Story? Tales of Hometown Heroes Past and Present
Aug 7, 2004 New Central Library Cost Set at $10,857,063; Old Jail Demolition Starts
Aug 6, 2004 It's Fair Time Again! Bay County Fair and Youth Exposition Tuesday-Saturday
Aug 4, 2004 Political Leadership Program Seeks 24 Fellows; Homeland Security Course Set
Aug 1, 2004 Bay Medical Care Facility Expanding to Meet Continual Waiting List
Aug 1, 2004 Downtown View to Vastly Improve With Earth Berm Hiding OmniSource Recyclers
Aug 1, 2004 Future Job Growth May Depend on Political Decisions on Valley Center Park
Aug 1, 2004 Rotary to Hear Bob Chadwick on Tuscola County Project Employing Disabled
Jul 28, 2004 Home Health Care Patients Will Be Served By Other Agencies, Hickner Says
Jul 28, 2004 Treaty of Saginaw's 185th Anniversary Recalls Chippewa Tribe's History
Jul 25, 2004 Asbestos Removal to Delay Old Jail Demolition, Cost Estimate Doubles
Jul 24, 2004 New Laws to Speed Process of State Permits for Liquor, Food, Lottery
Jul 24, 2004 Origins of Rotary Traditions Developed During a Century of Service
Jul 23, 2004 Soaring Eagle Casino Has Soared Over $3 Billion Since Opening in 1998
Jul 21, 2004 Bay City's Roots in the Paul Bunyan Tales To Be Subject of Documentary Film
Jul 20, 2004 River City Lumberjack Festival July 31 Brings Back Real Paul Bunyans
Jul 19, 2004 Great Lakes Water Protection Agreements Up for Public Review
Jul 18, 2004 Bay Metro Transit Celebrates 30th Anniversary
Riders Total 21.8 Million
Jul 17, 2004 Baseball Stadium Could be County Non-Tax Bond Financed, Mayor Katt Says
Jul 16, 2004 Gov. Granholm Urges New Commission to Meet Challenge of Higher Education
Jul 9, 2004 Tourism Lessons from Abroad; $5 Billion Industry in Ireland
Jul 6, 2004 Grave Gesture Helps Heal Catholic-Protestant Conflict on Clare Island
Jul 3, 2004 Bay Futures Contract, Early Tax Collection on County Commission Agenda
Jul 2, 2004 Mike Stoner To Take Gavel from Rob Monroe as 2004-2005 Rotary President
Jun 30, 2004 Educational Improvement is Top Goal of Town Hall Forum Participants
Jun 30, 2004 Midland to Host National Junior Tennis Tournament Beginning Saturday
Jun 30, 2004 Terry Watson's Most Intrepid Fireworks Fundraiser Almost Cost His Life
Jun 27, 2004 Fourth of July Parade on Saturday to Have 50 Entries Including Six Queens
Jun 27, 2004 Here's Your Chance to Help Shape Bay County's Future Economic Growth
Jun 27, 2004 Theatrical History of Bay City Goes Back to 1865; Famous Names Played Here
Jun 26, 2004 River Has Been Roaring for A Century in Bay City
Jun 23, 2004 Bay City Masonic Temple May Be On National Register of Historic Places
Jun 23, 2004 Bay City Rotary to Hear Chuck Cusick on Guatemala Trip
Jun 23, 2004 Gougeon Bros. Product Part of First Private Manned Mission by SpaceShipOne
Jun 23, 2004 Gov. Granholm Appoints Commission to Increase University Graduates, Jobs
Jun 20, 2004 Michigan Cases Set Civil Rights Landmarks, Attorney Tells Local NAACP
Jun 20, 2004 Old China Being Replaced by Expressways and Skyscrapers, U.S. Teacher Says
Jun 18, 2004 Five Concerts in Historic Bay City Venues Announced by Bijou Orchestra
Jun 18, 2004 Traveling Decorator Opens Banana Bay Imports, Exotic Furnishings Store
Jun 17, 2004 New Animal Control and Care Shelter Stresses Educational Aspects
Jun 15, 2004 DeVos Graduate School of Management Launches New Global Executive Program
Jun 13, 2004 Dow Corning Consolidates 3-State Operations Here, Sees New "Silicon Valley"
Jun 13, 2004 Hilton Corporation Exudes Confidence in New Bay City Hotel Property
Jun 13, 2004 New Global Power China in Spotlight Tuesday at Bay City Rotary Club
Jun 10, 2004 Boathouse Condos An Extension of the Rowley-Gregory "Vision" for Bay City
Jun 9, 2004 City Manager Belleman Eyes Half Mill Per Year Property Tax Rollback
Jun 6, 2004 "Bay Area On The Go" Expo Wednesday Kicks Off New Hotel-Conference Center
Jun 6, 2004 Bay County Sports Hall of Fame Members Selecting Seven 2004 Inductees
Jun 6, 2004 Open House Set Thursday & Friday at New Animal Control and Care Center
Jun 6, 2004 Rotarians to Hear Bay Medical Care Facility Administrator, Supporters
Jun 6, 2004 Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy, Midland Schools Top Tri-County MEAP Scores
May 30, 2004 "Most Liberal" State Legislator Finds Way to Work With Republicans
May 30, 2004 Arts Incubator Idea Hatching Here as State Pushes "Creative Communities"
May 30, 2004 International Night, History of Bay City Rotary Club To Be Spotlighted
May 29, 2004 Sixty Percent of Patients at New Bay Med Health Clinic are "Working Poor"
May 23, 2004 Friends of Pine Ridge Cemetery to Sponsor 5th Annual Memorial Day Event
May 23, 2004 Rotary Program This Week to Highlight Michigan Sports Unlimited
May 23, 2004 Seventh Saginaw Riverfront Housing Complex Opens Soon at Bay Harbor Marina
May 22, 2004 Museum Gallery Fetes Patrol Craft Contribution to Victory in World War II
May 21, 2004 26th Street Market Revitalizes Old Warehouse, Soon to Offer Farm Produce
May 16, 2004 Plans for Destroyer USS Edson to be Located Here May Be Headed for Approval
May 16, 2004 Trip to Niger, West Africa, in Rotary's PolioPlus Campaign on Tap Tuesday
May 15, 2004 Signs to Sprout Soon at 25 Bay City in Bloom Pocket Park Sites
May 14, 2004 Gasoline Boycott Called for Wednesday But May Not Help High Price Trend
May 9, 2004 Condominiums Plus Many Attractions Make Bay City "Cooler" City Than Most
May 9, 2004 Dr. William Anderson Reveals Intimate Details of Civil War in History
May 9, 2004 The "Catch 22s" of Globalization Shown by the Jobs Outsourcing Dilemma
May 6, 2004 Same-Season Gender Sports Ruling to Strain Schools, Says Mark Gaubatz
May 2, 2004 Deer Acres Kicks Off 15 Special Events with Exotic Animal Exhibit May 8-9
May 2, 2004 Las Vegas Magic Designer's "Mitten Mania" Could Spark Camp Snoopy Type Plan
May 2, 2004 Rotary District Conference Draws 200 From 31 Area Clubs
May 2, 2004 Work Toward Consensus and Move Ahead, Lt. Gov. Cherry Tells Chamber Leaders
Apr 25, 2004 Sesquicentennial Celebrated by Trinity Episcopal Church
Apr 24, 2004 Ed Jablonski Rose from Bay City Polish Newspaper Family to Famed Author
Apr 24, 2004 Laura Ogar, County Environmental/Community Development Director, to Speak
Apr 22, 2004 State Director of History, Arts & Libraries to Speak Here Thursday
Apr 18, 2004 Bay City in Bloom Community Beautification
to be Highlighted Tuesday
Apr 18, 2004 Four Churches Aided by Birney Family to be Recognized on Memorial Day
Apr 16, 2004 Spring Comes to the Bay County Library System in Auburn's "Fields of Gold"
Apr 11, 2004 Food of Faith Serves 155 Needy People Weekly at Trinity Episcopal Parish
Apr 11, 2004 Governor Granholm Announces Launch of Statewide Online Summer School
Apr 2, 2004 Players to Host Community Theatre State Convention May 14-16
Apr 2, 2004 River City Ramblings: I Wouldn't Have Seen It If I Hadn't Believed It
Mar 31, 2004 Bill Bowen, Joyce Hardy, RN, to Enlighten Rotarians on Free Health Clinic
Mar 31, 2004 GM Economists See U.S. Employment Gains,
More Profits From Market Share
Mar 27, 2004 Honey Fitz Found Basking in Florida; Bay City Ships Dwindle to Precious Few
Mar 26, 2004 "Branding" Process Steadily Gaining Support as Economic Development Tool
Mar 25, 2004 Final Bay Cultural Arts Plan to Be Presented at Rotary, Economic Forum
Mar 25, 2004 Rotary Club Volunteers Help Raise $4,665 for Delta College Q-TV
Mar 21, 2004 Western High Parents Raising Funds to Build a Health and Fitness Building
Mar 20, 2004 Area Boy Scout Executive Jason McCoy Takes Rotary Podium Tuesday
Mar 20, 2004 K-12 and Workforce Education Key Factors in Region Needing Improvement
Mar 20, 2004 Kingfish Restaurant Carries On Bay City Historical Theme for Over 140 Years
Mar 20, 2004 Researchers Find Rare Photos, News Reports of Capt. James G. Birney IV
Mar 14, 2004 Ah the Glories of Michigan's Spring; Potholes Grab Even the Governor's Eye
Mar 14, 2004 Rotary Slates Second Week of Vocational Days for High School Students
Mar 14, 2004 Shamrocks Sprout This Weekend for Half Century Mark of St. Patrick's Day
Mar 14, 2004 Ships Due Soon on Rising Lakes; Princess Wenonah, Appledore Eye New Season
Mar 13, 2004 Engineering Degrees Offered in the Tri-County Area Through Michigan Tech
Mar 10, 2004 The Rambler Rides Again:
A Look at the Political Realism of Community
Mar 7, 2004 DDA Helped Delhi Township Grow Tax Base 3 1/2 Times in 15 Years: McFadyen
Mar 7, 2004 High School Students to Attend Rotary Club For Vocational Days Mentoring
Mar 6, 2004 Restaurant Scene Undergoing Change as Bay City Market Ripens for Chains
Feb 29, 2004 Al McFadyen, Former Bay City Development Director, Speaks Tuesday at Rotary
Feb 29, 2004 Future of Sugar Industry Looks Sweeter Overseas Than in Saginaw Valley
Feb 28, 2004 Doubletree Opening Slated June 1; Will It Trigger Explosion of Growth?
Feb 27, 2004 County Compromise on DDA Tax Sharing May Be in the Works, Says VanDyke
Feb 22, 2004 City Commission Approval Sought for Mooring Destroyer USS Edson Downtown
Feb 22, 2004 Hello, Las Vegas: Cliff Dice in Bay City Calling to See If Everything's OK
Feb 22, 2004 Three Meetings This Week Seen Key to Economic Development, Jobs in Bay
Feb 21, 2004 Hilton Doubletree Opening, Report on Events Scheduled to Highlight Rotary
Feb 15, 2004 Cliff Dice to Speak Tuesday to Bay City Rotary Club on Global Business
Feb 15, 2004 Fast-Growing Bay Regional Medical Center Plans $50 Million Addition
Feb 15, 2004 Midland Tennis Fans See Potential of 14-Year-Old Czech Star Vaidisova
Feb 15, 2004 The Bay Area on the Go! Will Be First Major Event at New Hilton Doubletree
Feb 8, 2004 Dice Corporation, Dow Corning, Dominate "Michigan Business Report" Magazine
Feb 8, 2004 Focus Economic Development Efforts on Creation of New Jobs, Says Appraiser
Feb 7, 2004 Rotary Club to Hear Cliff Van Dyke Tuesday on Value, Future of DDAs
Feb 6, 2004 Delta College to Show Off Upgraded Facilities in Feb. 29 Open House
Feb 1, 2004 Attention State Economic Developers: Williams Township is in Bay County
Feb 1, 2004 Battle Looming Over County Plan to Restrict DDA Developments, Retain Taxes
Jan 31, 2004 Women's Tennis Tour Rising Stars to Compete in 16th Dow Corning Classic
Jan 27, 2004 Economist Dr. Anthony Chan Sees Economy Growing, Jobs as "Achilles Heel"
Jan 25, 2004 Does Bay County Have An Identity? Yes, Tradition of Industrial Innovation!
Jan 24, 2004 'Branding' Summit Meeting Jan. 29 Responds to Negative Manufacturer Survey
Jan 23, 2004 Age-Old Dr. Mudd Case Takes New Twist in Post 9/11 Military Tribunals
Jan 18, 2004 State Capitol at 125 Years; Bay Cityan's Part in Current Building Recalled
Jan 18, 2004 Tom Brennan Dies at 78; Recalled as One of Bay City's Most Positive Guys
Jan 9, 2004 County Executive, City Manager Suggest Ways to Cooperate for Savings
Dec 28, 2003 Uptown at RiversEdge Should First be Green Area for Community Use
Dec 24, 2003 Bay City Diplomat at Center of Founding of Republican China in 1913
Dec 22, 2003 Bay City May Get Destroyer Edson as Big Apple Clears Space for Concorde
Dec 15, 2003 Bay City's "Destination Attraction" Should Highlight Anti-Slavery Ties
Dec 14, 2003 Bay City On the Right Track in Encouraging Attractions for Young Workers
Dec 14, 2003 Bay City Walking Dredge Still A "Destination Attraction" in Naples, Florida
Dec 12, 2003 Delphi Ahead of the Curve as Governor Eyes Manufacturing Revival
Nov 25, 2003 New Housing Growth Peaks in Past Three Years; Decline Seen This Year
Nov 23, 2003 Civil War Round Table Meeting Explores Lincoln Assassination Through Expert
Nov 16, 2003 Major Destination Attraction Needed to Fund Future RiversEdge Development
Nov 15, 2003 RiversEdge May Feature Marinas, Ship Displays, Park, Housing
Nov 9, 2003 "Titanic" Accomplishment of Bay City Built Ship Noted at History Conference
Nov 4, 2003 MEDC Pledges Funding for Strategic Plan for Bay County Economic Development
Oct 30, 2003 New Local Poet, Adrienne Lewis, Releases Chapbook "Coming Clean"
Oct 28, 2003 Hotel/Conference Center Projected at $21 Million Annual Economic Impact
Oct 26, 2003 Cultural Planners Forsee Arts Development, Marketing Leading to Jobs
Oct 25, 2003 7th Michigan Cavalry Civil War Round Table Charges into Pages of History
Oct 20, 2003 Economic Development Study, Coalition Executive Director Planned
Oct 15, 2003 Bay City Grandma's Pride:
Four Grandsons on Same Central Football Team
Oct 12, 2003 MBS Region Should Seek "Smartzone" Status
for Global Competitiveness
Oct 10, 2003 Governor's Council of Economic Advisors Aims to Revive Manufacturing
Oct 7, 2003 Birney Family Grave Location Reveals Unknown Daughter Born in Bay City 1843
Oct 6, 2003 New Chamber Program Aims at Reading Improvement, Core Democratic Values
Oct 6, 2003 State Senate Finance Committee Hearing Draws Support for End to Health Tax
Oct 2, 2003 New City Manager Will Take Collaborative Approach in Planning Improvements
Sep 29, 2003 Economic Development Alliance Developing Through Forums, City "Summit" Plan
Sep 29, 2003 River of Time Links Actual History Since it Occurs on James Birney's Farm
Sep 23, 2003 DeVos Challenges Local Business People on Volatile Education Issues
Sep 22, 2003 Unions and Management Need to Join to Stop Michigan's Economic Decline
Sep 18, 2003 7th Michigan Cavalry Civil War Round Table Formed by Local Historians
Sep 18, 2003 Men's and Women's Collegiate Tennis Competition Top Midland Schedule
Sep 17, 2003 K-12 Education Funding Hinges on Appeal Now Before Supreme Court
Sep 12, 2003 Birney Sword Purchase Secured; Civil War Artifact to be Presented Sept. 27
Sep 12, 2003 Lottery, Court Ruling May Open Doors of Many New Indian Casinos in Michigan
Sep 12, 2003 Near Century-Old Factory Building May Be Focal Point of RiversEdge
Sep 5, 2003 Smithsonian Magazine To Visit River of Time September 27-28
Sep 4, 2003 Bay Charter School Has 357 Students
Aims for 600 in Three Years
Sep 4, 2003 Historic Convent Restoration Project Progresses
Aug 27, 2003 China's Paper Tiger, Unfair Currency Advantage, Stirs Gov. Granholm
Aug 26, 2003 Bay City to Make Pitch to Host 2006 State History Conference
Aug 22, 2003 Gourmet Tasting Event Set Sept. 4 to Support Historic State Theatre Project
Aug 20, 2003 Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy Acquiring Wooded Wetlands in Arenac County
Aug 18, 2003 Jim Baker: Remembered for His Personality, Talents as Trial Lawyer
Aug 12, 2003 Indian Tribe Reportedly Eyeing Bay Valley Site For Casino Location
Aug 10, 2003 Water Quality Awaits Governmental Action Under State Bond Issue
Aug 7, 2003 Home Made Ice Cream Empresario Now Offers Over 100 Flavors
Aug 3, 2003 Thumb Octagon Barn Being Transformed Into Agricultural Museum by 'Friends'
Aug 2, 2003 Bay City - Music Center of the Midwest - Is Dream of Arts Promoters
Jul 27, 2003 Aug. 2-3 Will be Two "Ducky" Days at Bay City State Recreation Area
Jul 27, 2003 Fresh Vegetables Hit the Stands as Michigan's Produce Season Arrives
Jul 26, 2003 Bay City's Architectural Treasures Highlight American Bungalow Magazine
Jul 21, 2003 SVSU Adding Nearly 20 Percent to Campus Buildings, Enrollment Seen 9,000+
Jul 17, 2003 The Tattler Unveils Violent Bay City History from the Early Days
Jul 2, 2003 Great Lakes Cancer Institute Links Bay Area to World Class Care&Research
Jun 28, 2003 Oldtime Pharmacy Gets Cheers as Big House Sports Bar Grows Bigger
Jun 24, 2003 Saginaw River Marine History in Princess Wenonah Tour Focus August 2
Jun 23, 2003 Rueger Farms Subdivision in Monitor is County's Newest Development
Jun 21, 2003 Destroyer Escort Sailors Gather in Bay City, Honor Lost Heroes
Jun 15, 2003 Central High Class of 1929, Gathers For 74th Reunion
Jun 10, 2003 State May Send Some Saginaw Prisoners Home Soon to Save Money
Jun 9, 2003 More Bay City Connections to Important Historical Figures Discovered
Jun 1, 2003 Congressman Kildee Analyzes Terrorist Threats, Economic Policy
May 21, 2003 Author Discovers Local Burial Site of Soldier from Elite Sharpshooter Unit
May 13, 2003 Old Rail Center Revival Plan Recalls Glory Days of the 1950s Downtown
May 10, 2003 New York Doctor Warns About Nation's Failure to Prepare for Terrorism
Apr 26, 2003 Downtown Renaissance to Escalate This Year with Several Projects Pending
Apr 26, 2003 Rivers "Healthy" Bacteriologically, Saginaw Health Official Says
Apr 22, 2003 'ALOFT' Soars With History of Bay County Aeronautics
Apr 20, 2003 Bay City Has Remade Itself in the Past 20 Years for the New Economy
Apr 15, 2003 Rally 'Taps' Pride forThose Who Serve, and Memories of Those Who Served
Apr 14, 2003 Bay, Midland Excluded from Mid-Michigan Intermodal Trade Corridor Plan
Apr 5, 2003 Economic Development Report of 20 Years Ago Was Largely Ignored by Leaders
Apr 3, 2003 Arts Group Gathering Opinions to Shape Cultural Future of Community
Mar 27, 2003 Crumbling Elm Lawn Chapel First Target of Restoration Committee
Mar 22, 2003 Custom Wooden Boatbuilder Launches Rowing Livery in Saginaw River
Mar 20, 2003 How Is High Speed Internet Access the Key to Economic Growth?
Mar 16, 2003 Birney Historical Society
Sword Dinner Set April 1
Mar 16, 2003 Coast Guard Steps Up Patrols on River and Bay for Homeland Security
Mar 14, 2003 Elm Lawn Cemetery Gatehouse, Chapel Concern of Architectural Review Group
Mar 13, 2003 Olivet College Gets Student "Buy-In" for Personal Responsibility
Mar 10, 2003 Spring Concert Showcases Saginaw Bay Symphony Stable of Soloists
Mar 2, 2003 Bay City Says Yes to Ohno; Speedskater on his Way to World Championships
Mar 2, 2003 Do You Really Want to be President, Boys and Girls?
Feb 26, 2003 Rotary Peace Scholar Asserts: 'Peace is a Necessity'
Feb 26, 2003 Selling Governor's Residence on Mackinac Island Bad Idea
Feb 25, 2003 How to Keep Center Avenue Pristine is Subject of Group Planning
Feb 25, 2003 Mackinac Center's Reed Knifes Through Peach Cobbler, State Budget
Feb 11, 2003 Future Women's Tennis Tour Stars Lamade, Granville Shine at Midland
Feb 10, 2003 Dow Chemical Following Dow Corning in Restructuring Aimed at Profitability
Feb 6, 2003 Tourism Season Promises Exciting Series of Events
Feb 5, 2003 Nasty Talk Show Mentality Now Prevalent Not Conducive to a Democracy
Feb 5, 2003 Regional Planning Commission Tackling Job of Revitalizing Area Economy
Jan 28, 2003 Court Reluctantly Grants Another Delay in Gonzales' Texas School Case
Jan 27, 2003 Economic Uncertainty to Persist Until Iraq Situation is Resolved
Jan 26, 2003 South African Exchange Student is Enthusiastic Booster of Her Country
Jan 25, 2003 Classic Film Showing to Benefit Civil War Hero's Sword Acquisition
Jan 15, 2003 Gonzales Case May Go To Trial Next Month in Texas
Jan 14, 2003 Tri-City Area Racks Up Six Straight Years of Economic Gains, Ranks 147th
Jan 10, 2003 Bay County Looks to Saginaw Future for Economic Development Format
Jan 8, 2003 The 'New Dow Corning' Remakes Its Public Image
Jan 3, 2003 Physicians McGee, McFarland Honored with Allen Award
Jan 2, 2003 Change is the Future for Frankenlust Township
Dec 31, 2002 County, City, Face Good News, and Bad, on the New Year
Dec 31, 2002 It's Time for Unity and Marketing "Renaissance River City"
Dec 18, 2002 Ghosts are Bay City's
Latest Tourist Draw
Dec 16, 2002 Monitor Industrial Park Expansion Supported
Dec 15, 2002 Can the Tri-Counties Replicate Lansing's Success with General Motors?
Dec 13, 2002 River of Light Tour Illuminates City Until January 19
Dec 3, 2002 Economy & Jobs Are Major
Concern of Bay, Midland &
Saginaw Counties
Nov 25, 2002 Job Skills Gap Growing,
Delta President Says
Nov 20, 2002 Dow Speedskating Championships Called 'Biggest Event' Ever in Bay County
Nov 20, 2002 Veterans Remember . . .
Hope Public Doesn't Forget
Nov 19, 2002 Hero of Gettysburg . . .
Capt. Birney's Sword May Come to Museum
Nov 19, 2002 Tourism Brings In About $66 Million a Year to Bay County Economy, Says MSU
Nov 4, 2002 'Saving' the Lives of Children and Families
Nov 4, 2002 Civil War Cannon at Pine Ridge Cemetery Gets New Base
Nov 4, 2002 Drug Free Workplace
Key to Safety
Nov 4, 2002 Groups Vying to Be First Conference at New Hotel
Nov 4, 2002 Planners Wrestle With Housing Needs in Bay County
Nov 4, 2002 Valley Center Technology Park Providing 924 Jobs
Aug 3, 2002 Stock Market Got You Down?
Jul 4, 2002 An Old Town of Interesting History & Many Stories
Jun 6, 2002 Community Volunteers Working
To Save Pine Ridge
May 23, 2002 Cultural Plan in the Works
To Help Bay Community
Qualify for Grants


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