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May 05, 2016 EDSON 9-1-1 ROLE: Destroyer Museum Ship Used as FBI "Command Cell" Dave Rogers
May 05, 2016 HISTORY AWARDS: Central, Handy, Bangor Students Win MI History Honors Dave Rogers
Apr 16, 2016 HISTORY HERE: Bay City Central High to Host Michigan History Day Dave Rogers
Mar 23, 2016 KNORR'S NEW FLAG: Defoe-Built Research Vessel Joins Mexican Navy Dave Rogers
Mar 11, 2016 CRUEL POLICY: Indian Removal of 1830s Led James Birney to Slavery Abolition Dave Rogers
Feb 11, 2016 NATIVE TREATIES: Former Bay Cityan Paul Johnson to Open CMU Exhibit Dave Rogers
Dec 20, 2015 NAVY VET RECALLS: Fred Sauer, 94, Served Aboard Historic Carrier Dave Rogers
Dec 12, 2015 GOUGEON SPEAKS: Explains General Meade Link to Local Civil War Vet Dave Rogers
Oct 04, 2015 MAMMOTH MYSTERIES: Why Huge Beasts Here? Who Killed Them? Dave Rogers
Sep 29, 2015 GERMAN POWs HERE: Rommel's Afrika Corps Captors Held in Michigan Camps Dave Rogers
Sep 24, 2015 John F. Kennedy Peace Capsule - Phase 2 Stephen Kent
Sep 23, 2015 John F. Kennedy Peace Capsule - Phase 1 Stephen Kent
Aug 23, 2015 SAGINAW HISTORY: Amazing Tale of Indian Captivity Started Here in 1789 Dave Rogers
Aug 16, 2015 MUSTARD GAS BACK! Deadly Chemical Weapon From World War I Has Local History Dave Rogers
Jul 13, 2015 HISTORY CITY: Bay City Loves its Past, As Sesquicentennial Pride Shows Dave Rogers
Jul 11, 2015 BRIDGEBUILDER: At 86, DeMara Recalls High Life on Mackinac Bridge Dave Rogers
Jul 02, 2015 WOLVERINES TRIUMPH: Last Day at Gettysburg 152 Years Ago Was Michigan Win Dave Rogers
Jun 14, 2015 CEMETERY ARCHEOLOGY: Soldier's Rest/Pine Ridge Probes Yield Amazing Finds Dave Rogers
May 31, 2015 Civil War Soldier Honored at Pine Ridge Cemetery Stephen Kent
May 30, 2015 HAIL TO VICTORS: Sousa Called University of Michigan Song "Best March Ever" Dave Rogers
May 17, 2015 EGAD, IT'S HISTORIC! Bay City's Part in Space Travel, Library of Americana Dave Rogers
Apr 10, 2015 STAGECOACH COMING! Yup, Pardner, Michigan Had Stagecoaches, Robberies Too Dave Rogers
Feb 14, 2015 REPUBLICAN SPLIT: Birthright Citizenship Spat Imperils GOP Legacy Dave Rogers
Jan 16, 2015 SOCIAL SECURITY: Republicans Overwhelmingly Favored Bill When Adopted Dave Rogers
Jan 04, 2015 FINDING AMELIA? Island Where Flyer's Bones Found to be Probed in June Dave Rogers
Dec 25, 2014 GRIFFIN FOUND? Divers Seeking Confederate Gold Discovered LaSalle's Ship Dave Rogers
Dec 13, 2014 GARBERS RECALLED: John & Melissa Were Essexville School, Community Pioneers Dave Rogers
Nov 24, 2014 INTERURBAN REMEMBERED: Electric Rail Line Connected Bay City With Downstate Dave Rogers
Nov 02, 2014 HEAR FITZ TAPES: Lost Radio Tapes of Edmund Fitzgerald Sinking Now Online Dave Rogers
Sep 11, 2014 CLEMENTS RECALLED: Officials Visit Home of Bay City Americana Collector Dave Rogers
Aug 17, 2014 ALADDIN ARCHIVES: Bay City's Ready-Cut Home Pioneers Made History Dave Rogers
Aug 11, 2014 WWI DRAGNET: Young Men Caught Without Draft Cards Hauled in to City Hall Dave Rogers
Aug 09, 2014 Sage Library History Presented Stephen Kent
Jun 23, 2014 HISTORY AWARDS: Bay City Students Among National History Day Competitors Dave Rogers
Jun 15, 2014 PORTSMOUTH EXPLORED: Museum Crowd Hears Local History From Grassroots Dave Rogers
Jun 07, 2014 D-DAY AT 70: Bay City Soldier Kirk Timm Recalls Landing on Omaha Beach Dave Rogers
Jun 03, 2014 SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED: Interview with Justice Kavanagh on Swainson Case Dave Rogers
Feb 14, 2014 WAR BONANZA: Dow Chemical Boomed, Threatened in WWI Debacle MyBayCity Staff
Jan 12, 2014 CHEMICALS & WAR: British-Owned Bay City Firm Competes with Dow, Germans Dave Rogers
Nov 22, 2013 JFK WAS HERE: How Many Recall Kennedy's Campaign in the Saginaw Area? Dave Rogers
Nov 03, 2013 Ric Mixter Presents: Great Storm of 1913 MyBayCity Staff
Sep 29, 2013 HISTORY AWARDS: Saginaw Castle Museum, Sanford Volunteer Win Top Honors Dave Rogers
Sep 28, 2013 River of Time Transforms Riverfront Park Into Living History Stephen Kent
Aug 10, 2013 DRILLING FOR BRINE: Clarke Historical Library Exhibit Ends This Week Dave Rogers
Jul 12, 2013 TALL SHIPS MADE HERE: Bay City Built Sailing Queens in Victorian Era Dave Rogers
Jun 22, 2013 GETTYSBURG @ 150: Recalling the Michigan Cavalry Brigade's Heroism Dave Rogers
Apr 29, 2013 NOT LUMBER, FUR & FISH: Primary Industries Quickly Died Due to Over-Use Dave Rogers
Mar 22, 2013 HEROIC SHIP COMING: Brig Niagara Played Key Role Saving Nation from Brits Dave Rogers
Mar 08, 2013 GOLD IN MICHIGAN??? Recalling Mysterious Find by State Geologist Houghton Dave Rogers
Jan 13, 2013 QUENTIN ROOSEVELT: Bay City National Guardsmen Found Airman's Grave Dave Rogers
Jan 13, 2013 WHY PURPLE GANG? Color of Rotten Meat, Teen Gangsters Tagged Dave Rogers
Jan 06, 2013 THE ABOLITIONISTS: PBS Documentary Begins Tuesday Night Dave Rogers
Dec 28, 2012 MAGNIFICENT MAGNESIUM: Forthcoming Book From MSU Documents Wonder Metal Dave Rogers
Dec 13, 2012 BIRNEY ON PBS: Bay City Pioneer Recognized as Alabama Abolition Leader Dave Rogers
Nov 18, 2012 Diary of Soldier in Bay City's 7th Michigan Cavalry Online at MSU Dave Rogers
Oct 21, 2012 Historian/Author to Help Unveil Historic Marker at Kentucky Slavery Site Dave Rogers
Oct 07, 2012 Indiantown Book, Castle Museum/Saginaw Historical Society, Win State Awards Dave Rogers
Oct 07, 2012 Oscar Bentley, Civil War Veteran, to be Memorialized Oct. 13 Dave Rogers
Oct 07, 2012 William Johnson of Mt. Pleasant Wins State Historical Service Award Dave Rogers
Sep 30, 2012 CUSTER WEEK:
Famed Boy General Gets His Due in Monroe This Week
Dave Rogers
Sep 30, 2012 INCLUDE: river of time articles Stephen Kent
Sep 30, 2012 River of Time - From Native Americans to World War II Stephen Kent
Sep 23, 2012 Michigan's Role in the War of 1812 Topic of Talk Tuesday in Saginaw Dave Rogers
Sep 16, 2012 Step Back in Time at ... River of Time MyBayCity Staff
Jul 22, 2012 SLAVERY VOTED DOWN: Presidential Election of 1864 Held Ominous Potential Dave Rogers
Jul 20, 2012 BATTLE ON MACKINAC ISLAND: How Michigan's Vacation Spot Influenced History Dave Rogers
Jul 08, 2012 Bay City Native Charles B. Warren "Almost" Became U.S. Attorney General Dave Rogers
May 20, 2012 Jim Crow Museum Opens to Teach Tolerance Near Former Black Resort Idlewild Dave Rogers
May 13, 2012 What Happened to Carl Boehringer, Bay Cityan Interned in Tokyo in WWII? Dave Rogers
May 06, 2012 Historic Carroll Park Set for Another Season Entrancing Residents, Visitors Dave Rogers
Apr 29, 2012 Essexville Lore Includes "Celebrated Cleveland Demon Baby" Yarn Dave Rogers
Apr 22, 2012 Why Did U.S. Win WW II? Saginaw Gun Plant Personified Patriotic Production Dave Rogers
Apr 15, 2012 Titanic Find Puts Bay City Ship Knorr in Pages of World Maritime History Dave Rogers
Mar 26, 2012 Final Quote Immortalized Bud Mars, Flyer Who Took Japan's Emperor Aloft Dave Rogers
Feb 28, 2012 Great Wenonah Fire AGAIN! Stephen Kent
Feb 18, 2012 Amelia Earhart Spy Plot Involved Bay City's Gen. Westover, Says NatGeo Film Dave Rogers
Jan 15, 2012 Michigan Civil War Video Draws Record Crowd to Stein Haus for Round Table Dave Rogers
Jan 15, 2012 Wenonah Fire Lecture Featured at Museum Stephen Kent
Jan 02, 2012 Lt. Willard's Plane Crashed in Ocean, Headed for Washington, D.C. Dave Rogers
Dec 18, 2011 New Details Emerge About French Settlement of Saginaw Valley Dave Rogers
Dec 12, 2011 After Pearl Harbor, Bay Cityan Carl Boehringer Incarcerated by Japanese Dave Rogers
Dec 11, 2011 Two Dozen Bay Cityans Were Stationed at Pearl Harbor During Japanese Attack Dave Rogers
Nov 19, 2011 Pinconning Rotary Club Hears Author Tell of Bay City's Birney Family MyBayCity Staff
Oct 30, 2011 Kentucky Slave Raids in Michigan Ignited Civil War 54 Years Earlier Dave Rogers
Oct 09, 2011 Polish Church "Wars" Like Bay City Commonplace at End of 19th Century Dave Rogers
Sep 25, 2011 Gen. David Bell Birney Medal, Kearny Cross, Surfaces at State History Meet Dave Rogers
Sep 25, 2011 Republican Turmoil at Bay City Armory in 1912 Led to Vote for Women in 1920 Dave Rogers
Sep 25, 2011 River Of Time Encampment Comes to River Front Stephen Kent
Sep 18, 2011 Museum Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Building Stephen Kent
Jun 12, 2011 Pine Ridge Cemetery Gets Long-Awaited Michigan Historic Designation Dave Rogers
May 13, 2011 Butch Cassidy Visited Bay City on the Run From 'Wild Bunch' Crime Wave Dave Rogers
Apr 17, 2011 Real Cause of Civil War Obscured in 150th Anniversary Recollections Dave Rogers
Mar 31, 2011 Could Mysterious Fuel Tank on Y Property Be From Bus Lines of 80 Years Ago? Dave Rogers
Mar 20, 2011 Bay County Historical Society Hosts Michigan History Day Stephen Kent
Mar 12, 2011 After 121 Years Weekly, George Washington's Bay City Democrat Goes Biweekly Dave Rogers
Mar 09, 2011 Bay City Mayor Woodruff Rode the Bull Moose to Congress for 34 Years Dave Rogers
Feb 24, 2011 Teddy Roosevelt in 1914 Visits Scene Here of Launching of Bull Moose Party Dave Rogers
Feb 22, 2011 Bay County Played Important Role in Michigan Highway System Development Dave Rogers
Jan 30, 2011 Did the U.S. Navy Win the Civil War? Local Scholars Make Case at Roundtable Dave Rogers
Jan 16, 2011 Worst Crime in Bay City History Occurred 90 Years Ago January 15 Dave Rogers
Dec 25, 2010 Battle of the Bulge That Began 66 Years Ago Recalled by Old Soldier Here Dave Rogers
Dec 25, 2010 Bay City Historical 'First:' U-M Regents Meet Here in Tribute to Clements Dave Rogers
Dec 04, 2010 Saginaw Bay Survey by George Meade Documented by Old City Newspaper Dave Rogers
Nov 21, 2010 Daniel J. Morrell's Sole Survivor Dennis Hale Draws 300 to Bay City Program Dave Rogers
Nov 20, 2010 Legendary Bay City Book Collector William L. Clements Also Was an Author Dave Rogers
Nov 13, 2010 Lincoln's Cronies - A Motley Group, 71 lb. Tom Thumb to 350 lb. Judge Davis Dave Rogers
Nov 07, 2010 Civil War Roundtable Meets Wednesday for Lincoln Cronies Presentation Dave Rogers
Nov 07, 2010 What Did Lumberjacks Do When They Weren't Chopping Wood? Dave Rogers
Oct 17, 2010 Elm Lawn Cemetery Honors Vaudeville Figure Killed Here in 1925 by Leopard Dave Rogers
Oct 17, 2010 State History Awards Given at Frankenmuth Conference Dave Rogers
Oct 03, 2010 Confederate Judge Saves Indian in Murder Trial on Mackinac Courthouse Lawn Dave Rogers
Sep 26, 2010 Annual River of Time Brings Living History to Bay City's Riverfront Stephen Kent
Sep 19, 2010 Step Back In Time Next Weekend Stephen Kent
Sep 12, 2010 Don't Let Omer Fool You, Change is Something That Goes On All the Time Dave Rogers
Aug 22, 2010 Civil War 150th Anniversary Commemoration Beginning This Year Dave Rogers
Aug 22, 2010 Defoe Built Presidential Yacht "Honey Fitz" Undergoing Refit in Florida Dave Rogers
Aug 22, 2010 Settlement Pending in Saginaw Chippewa Suit; Ancient Federal Fraud Charged Dave Rogers
Aug 15, 2010 Old YWCA Camp Maqua, Now Private Residences, Lives On Mainly in Memories Dave Rogers
Aug 08, 2010 New Book Explains Torch Lake Named for Indians Spearing Fish by Torchlight Dave Rogers
Jul 30, 2010 What Happened Almost 99 Yrs. Ago in Bay City?
Nothing is Not the Answer!
Dave Rogers
Jul 11, 2010 Tall Ships Nothing New Here; Shipbuilding Began in Bay City 156 Years Ago Dave Rogers
Jun 30, 2010 Centenarian Recalls Notorious Bandit Steve Madaj
Boarding at Family Farm
Dave Rogers
Jun 30, 2010 Remains of Boy Governor Moved, Recalling His Part in Founding Bay City Dave Rogers
May 13, 2010 Hartwick Pines State Park, Grayling, to Mark 75 Years July 19 Dave Rogers
Apr 16, 2010 General and Mrs. U.S. Grant Appear at Civil War Round Table in Bay City Dave Rogers
Apr 04, 2010 New Dimensions Seeks Volunteers for Maintenance at Pine Ridge Cemetery Dave Rogers
Mar 28, 2010 Kirk Timm Awarded Knight of the Legion of Honor Medal by French Government Dave Rogers
Mar 28, 2010 Old Masonic Temple Getting Inside Spruce-Up as Preservation Plans Proceed Dave Rogers
Mar 14, 2010 Students Participate in Michigan History Day Regional Competition Stephen Kent
Feb 08, 2010 Old Coal Mines in Bay County Still Interest U.S. Department of Interior Dave Rogers
Jan 24, 2010 Alden & Vada Dow Foundation Marks 50 Years Since Founding in 1960 Dave Rogers
Jan 15, 2010 Did Bay Cityan, or Troubled Rival Army Officer, Drop the First Aerial Bomb? Dave Rogers
Jan 15, 2010 WWII Marine Sgt. Christine Gavrila, 88, Featured in Detroit Documentary Dave Rogers
Jan 04, 2010 James G. Birney Named to Alabama Lawyers Hall of Fame Dave Rogers
Dec 19, 2009 Christmas 1833 in Bay City's 3 Log Cabins Recalled by St. Ignace Pioneer Dave Rogers
Dec 10, 2009 Michigan Soon to Have River Raisin National Historic Battlefield, Monroe Dave Rogers
Nov 22, 2009 Bay City's Historic Aladdin Company Recalled in Old Magazine Articles Dave Rogers
Oct 11, 2009 FDIC That Started in Thumb Area Faces Increased Pressure with Bank Failures Dave Rogers
Oct 04, 2009 Mackinac Before Photography Described by Brian Dunnigan, Clements Library Dave Rogers
Sep 30, 2009 Bay County Historical Society Premiers New Patrol Craft Sailors Video Stephen Kent
Sep 27, 2009 Historic Society Holds 20th River Of Time Stephen Kent
Jul 23, 2009 Bay County Historical Museum Opens Patrol Craft Sailors Exhibit Stephen Kent
Jun 14, 2009 Gene Gillette Digs Into Bay County Coal Mines, Comes Up With Book Dave Rogers
May 23, 2009 New Edwin Black Book, Nazi Nexus," Connects Hitler to U.S. Financial Crisis Dave Rogers
Apr 27, 2009 Several Local, Area Winners Receive Awards at Michigan History Day Dave Rogers
Apr 26, 2009 Ron Bloomfield's Maritime Bay County Ties Together Vital Local History Dave Rogers
Apr 25, 2009 William L. Clements Library Celebrates Anniversary of Birth of Founder Dave Rogers
Mar 21, 2009 Young Historians Compete on National History Day Stephen Kent
Mar 13, 2009 Flashback: Sage, Bay City Library, Cornell Univ. Benefactor O. J. Cunningham
Feb 14, 2009 Sage Gave Library, 8,000 Books in 1884; Today's Collection is 80,000 Dave Rogers
Jan 30, 2009 German POW Exhibit to Visit Here June 3 with Michigan Sugar Sponsorship Dave Rogers
Jan 17, 2009 Here's Why We Needed a Bridge Over the Straits of Mackinac Dave Rogers
Jan 01, 2009 Dom Perignon Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 22, 2008 Bay County Historical Society Holds Appraisal Fair Stephen Kent
Oct 12, 2008 Historian Jim Petrimoulx Obtains New Headstones for Civil War Veterans Dave Rogers
Jul 13, 2008 Michigan Cavalry Played Key Role at Gettysburg 145 Years Ago Dave Rogers
Jul 06, 2008 Bay Cityan Part of Big Mackinac Bridge Celebration 50 Years Ago Dave Rogers
May 18, 2008 Students Help Ready Pine Ridge Cemetery for 150th Anniversary May 26 Dave Rogers
May 04, 2008 Bay County Historical Society Features New Exhibits For Summer 2008! MyBayCity Staff
May 04, 2008 Photo Donors Flock to Historical Museum; More than 250 Old Photos Scanned Dave Rogers
Apr 28, 2008 Bay County Students Among Honorees at Michigan History Day Dave Rogers
Apr 10, 2008 Lincoln-Douglas Debate Recreated in Bay City After 150 Years - It's a Draw! Dave Rogers
Apr 04, 2008 April 6 Marks 50th Anniversary of Capital Airlines Tri-City Airport Crash Dave Rogers
Apr 02, 2008 Lincoln and Douglas Re-enactors to Recreate Historic Debate Here Wednesday Dave Rogers
Mar 27, 2008 Killer John List's Body Lies Unclaimed in New Jersey Morgue Dave Rogers
Mar 23, 2008 37 Years Ago Bay City's Foreign Correspondent Warned of Mid-East Trouble Dave Rogers
Mar 09, 2008 Ron Bloomfield Puts Bay City Shipbuilding into Historical Perspective Dave Rogers
Mar 02, 2008 General Grant Talk Slated at Civil War Round Table March 12 at Stein Haus Dave Rogers
Feb 21, 2008 Governor Lauds Idlewild Resort in Honor of Black History Month Dave Rogers
Jan 10, 2008 Some Civil War After the Battle Photos Were Staged, Jylha Tells CWRT Dave Rogers
Jan 06, 2008 Eric Jylha to Speak on Civil War Photography Wednesday Night at Stein Haus Dave Rogers
Dec 23, 2007 Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus: Timeless Classic Still Enchants Guest Columnist
Dec 09, 2007 Firefighter Rescue Work Saved Lives in Wenonah Hotel Blaze 30 Years Ago Dave Rogers
Nov 25, 2007 150th Anniversary of Death of James G. Birney Marked Nov. 25 Dave Rogers
Nov 25, 2007 Trombley House Will Be Open Between Thanksgiving and Christmas O. J. Cunningham
Oct 14, 2007 Historical Society Holds Annual Home Tour Stephen Kent
Sep 30, 2007 Wenonah Hotel Burned Nearly 30 Years Ago: Read What May Have Caused Fire Dave Rogers
Sep 29, 2007 Re-enactors Bask in Balmy Weather at River of Time Living History Event Dave Rogers
Sep 12, 2007 Eric Jylha, Dave Rogers to Narrate Saginaw River History Cruise Sept. 28 Dave Rogers
Sep 03, 2007 State History Conference Slated Sept. 29-30 in Mount Clemens Dave Rogers
Aug 12, 2007 A Trip Back In Time to Wenona Beach Stephen Kent
Jul 29, 2007 Information Sought About 1940s Mystery House Near James Clements Airport Dave Rogers
Jul 08, 2007 GHOSTS UP CLOSE Walking Tour Draws Good Crowds to Downtown Crime Scenes Dave Rogers
Jun 10, 2007 Museum Curator Recalls Industrial Brownhoist, Employees Lament Job Losses Dave Rogers
Apr 27, 2007 Bell Clangs Capping
Re-dedication of Restored Kawkawlin Indian Church
Dave Rogers
Apr 16, 2007 Re-enactors Give Inside View of Numerous Retakes During Civil War Movies Dave Rogers
Mar 27, 2007 Local Movie Extras to Bring Civil War Films to Life April 11 at DoubleTree Dave Rogers
Mar 18, 2007 400 Women Fought in the Civil War; Some Were Nurses, Spies Dave Rogers
Jan 28, 2007 Civil War Round Table to Hear Tim Younkman Feb. 21 at Stein Haus Dave Rogers
Dec 25, 2006 Where's Santa Really From? Michigan, Of Course! Dave Rogers
Nov 02, 2006 A Salute to Veterans - November 11th - Veterans' Day Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Oct 29, 2006 Museum to Hold Antiques Appraisal Event Stephen Kent
Oct 08, 2006 State Theatre Wins State Historical Society Top Award for Preservation Dave Rogers
Sep 24, 2006 River of Time Encampment Returns to Bay City Stephen Kent
Sep 17, 2006 Bay City to Host State History Conference This Weekend for 1st Time Dave Rogers
May 14, 2006 Storytellers Draw Crowd to State Theatre; Format May be Repeated Dave Rogers
May 12, 2006 Mid-Michigan" Crimes of the Century"
Focus of Storyteller Trio Tonight
Dave Rogers
Apr 09, 2006 Civil War Historian Ray Herek to Speak Wednesday at Stein Haus Dave Rogers
Apr 03, 2006 Abe Lincoln History Trip to Springfield, Illinois, Set by Civil War Group Dave Rogers
Mar 05, 2006 Disastrous Sinking of Sultana on Tap Wednesday for Civil War Round Table Dave Rogers
Dec 25, 2005 Stock of Bay City Carbon Firm in 1940s Quickly Skied from $100 to $18,000 Dave Rogers
Dec 11, 2005 State History Conference Scheduled in Bay City Sept. 22-24 Dave Rogers
Dec 01, 2005 Ghosts and Guardians of the Great Lakes III on PBS at 8 pm Tonight, Dec. 1 Dave Rogers
Nov 06, 2005 Almost Everywhere You Go There's A Bay City History Connection Dave Rogers
Oct 23, 2005 Ah, Nostalgia! Wenona Beach Amusement Park Closed 40 Years Ago Dave Rogers
Oct 01, 2005 Connection Between Abraham Lincoln and James G. Birney and Sons Explored Dave Rogers
Sep 25, 2005 15th Annual River of Time Stephen Kent
Aug 21, 2005 Buffalo, Moose, Elk Once Roamed Bay City Area, Not to Mention Wolves Dave Rogers
Jul 29, 2005 Killer of Bay City Cowboy Lawman George Wellman Unmasked by Old News Story Dave Rogers
Jun 25, 2005 Photo of Famed Bay City Abolitionist James Birney Sells for $450 on E-Bay Dave Rogers
Jun 05, 2005 One Year Run of Civil War Era Bay City Press-Times is Discovered Dave Rogers
May 01, 2005 Clements Library Preserves Revolutionary Trove, Smith Maritime Collection Dave Rogers
Apr 21, 2005 Abe Lincoln Says Without Him Slavery May Have Continued Another 50 Years Dave Rogers
Apr 17, 2005 Local Civil War Round Table Marks End of Second Year at Dinner Thursday Dave Rogers
Apr 10, 2005 First Merged City Government Appointed City Hall Janitors, Set Clocks Dave Rogers
Mar 27, 2005 140th Anniversary of Lincoln Death to be Marked April 21 in Bay City Dave Rogers
Feb 15, 2005 USS Michigan In the Spyglass of Marine Historians Saturday Dave Rogers
Feb 13, 2005 Rockefeller Pal Flagler Hit Gold Despite Bust in Saginaw Salt Industry Dave Rogers
Jan 27, 2005 Bay Cityans Were In the Saddle As Custer Immortalized the Wolverines Dave Rogers
Jan 16, 2005 Civil War Round Table to Meet Wednesday, 7 p.m., at the Lincoln Center Dave Rogers
Jan 12, 2005 Bonnie and Clyde Gang Members Arrested Here in 1932 Enroute to Bank Heist Dave Rogers
Jan 07, 2005 Al Conklin, Age 95, Recalls "Hitchhiking Chicken" and "Pretty Boy" Floyd Dave Rogers
Nov 21, 2004 Bay City Folklore in Library's Children's Literature Research Collection Dave Rogers
Nov 07, 2004 Local Group Trying to Bring Home Historic Presidential Yacht "Honey Fitz" Dave Rogers
Oct 03, 2004 Marine History Group Signs Licensing Agreement with Dow for Old Lighthouse Dave Rogers
Sep 25, 2004 14th Annual River of Time comes to Bay City Stephen Kent
Aug 25, 2004 War of 1812 Had Great Impact on Saginaw Valley; Veterans Were Pioneers Here Dave Rogers
Aug 21, 2004 Salt Wells in Midland Spouted Brine and Led to Dow Chemical's Billions Dave Rogers
Jul 28, 2004 Treaty of Saginaw's 185th Anniversary Recalls Chippewa Tribe's History Dave Rogers
May 22, 2004 Museum Gallery Fetes Patrol Craft Contribution to Victory in World War II Dave Rogers
May 16, 2004 Plans for Destroyer USS Edson to be Located Here May Be Headed for Approval Dave Rogers
May 09, 2004 Dr. William Anderson Reveals Intimate Details of Civil War in History Dave Rogers
Apr 18, 2004 Four Churches Aided by Birney Family to be Recognized on Memorial Day Dave Rogers
Mar 27, 2004 Honey Fitz Found Basking in Florida; Bay City Ships Dwindle to Precious Few Dave Rogers
Mar 20, 2004 Researchers Find Rare Photos, News Reports of Capt. James G. Birney IV Dave Rogers
Feb 08, 2004 Rock On! Freedom Rock! O. J. Cunningham
Jan 23, 2004 Age-Old Dr. Mudd Case Takes New Twist in Post 9/11 Military Tribunals Dave Rogers
Jan 18, 2004 State Capitol at 125 Years; Bay Cityan's Part in Current Building Recalled Dave Rogers
Nov 23, 2003 Civil War Round Table Meeting Explores Lincoln Assassination Through Expert Dave Rogers
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