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May 05, 2018 PAVILION LAUNCH SET: Musical Events to Use New Wenonah Park Facility Dave Rogers
Apr 08, 2018 DISINVESTMENT= $2.5B: In 25 Years, Michigan Has Gutted Education Funding Dave Rogers
Feb 11, 2018 BRIDGES ROAD MAP: Secret to Township Voter Approval? Follow 1970 Plan Dave Rogers
Jan 15, 2018 Letter To The Editor: Mary K Freel MyBayCity Staff
Nov 16, 2017 BEWARE TAX PLAN: Mott Foundation Says Proposal Will Hurt Charities, People Guest Columnist
Nov 03, 2017 Daylight Savings . . . MyBayCity Staff
Oct 27, 2017 NEW JFK THEORY: Bay City Gun, Ballistics Expert Analyzes Assassination Dave Rogers
Aug 17, 2017 J. BOB TRAXLER: "Father" of the Michigan Lottery Reflects on Long Career Voice Your Opinion
Jun 18, 2017 Father's Day 2017 -- My Top Five Famous Dads O. J. Cunningham
May 17, 2017 WHY MICHIGAN? Drop in High School Age Population Perplexing Dave Rogers
Mar 18, 2017 The Story of Stuff Project Exec Not Happy With Nestle Letters to the Editor
Feb 05, 2017 GAG RULE RETURNS: Recent Actions on Abortion Harken Back to Slavery Days Dave Rogers
Jan 21, 2017 SAILING INTO HISTORY: Frank Boles Documents Great Lakes Bulk Carriers Dave Rogers
Nov 27, 2016 KIDS & SCHOOL: No Way Education Gets Better With 6-7 Hours of TV Per Day Dave Rogers
Nov 11, 2016 Letter to the Editor:
Wenonah Park Pavilion
MyBayCity Staff
Nov 08, 2016 Letter To Editor:
Subject:Wenonah Park Project
Voice Your Opinion
Oct 31, 2016 ONE MAIN ISSUE: How America Treats Poor, Elderly, Minorities at Stake Dave Rogers
Sep 30, 2016 INGERSOLL CASE: "Not Motivated Exclusively by Greed," Judge Rules Dave Rogers
Jul 15, 2016 Barcia Press Release Sets the Record Straight About County Exec Election MyBayCity Staff
Jul 10, 2016 DICK JANKE: Persistence in Pursuit of Community Benefit Pays Off Dave Rogers
Jun 12, 2016 PREDATORY LENDERS: Payday Loans (390% Interest) Under Fire Dave Rogers
May 11, 2016 KILLING DEMOCRACY? Michigan's Emergency Manager Law Under Fire Dave Rogers
May 01, 2016 TRANSPARENCY? Actual Documents From Governor's Website Dave Rogers
Apr 04, 2016 BARCIA'S BOSS: "Earmark Lobbyist" Bob Livingston Endorses Trump Dave Rogers
Mar 26, 2016 FOOD INSECURITY: Retired School Folks Sponsor Kids Summer Meal Program Dave Rogers
Mar 05, 2016 MARINES STAND TALL: Corps Rejects Recruit Who Displayed Racial Hatred Dave Rogers
Mar 01, 2016 VETERANS vs. U.S: Chemical Weapons Testing Case Drags On Dave Rogers
Feb 18, 2016 MICHIGAN FUTURE? Auto Boom Hasn't Reduced Low Prosperity, Report Says Dave Rogers
Nov 22, 2015 WAIT FOR IT...CIA Now Admits JFK Killing Coverup, Details in 2017 Dave Rogers
Nov 02, 2015 REDUCING INEQUALITY: IMF Study Says Unions Prevent Greed by Wealthy Dave Rogers
Sep 24, 2015 CARSON TOPS LIST: Michigan Poll Gives Surgeon Nod, 24-22 Over Trump Dave Rogers
Sep 16, 2015 TRUMP-SANDERS? Maybe We Need a Bipartisan Presidential Ticket, Why Not? Dave Rogers
Aug 27, 2015 REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH? Many Americans Think Riches Amassed Unfairly Dave Rogers
Aug 27, 2015 TRUMPED! Both Clinton and Trump Win More Favor Than Jeb Bush in Michigan Dave Rogers
Feb 23, 2015 DEVILISH DETAILS! Voter Approval on Road Plan Goes South When Details Heard Dave Rogers
Feb 18, 2015 ALICE WIRT: Longtime Community Benefactor Mourned, Husband Jack Remembered Dave Rogers
Feb 05, 2015 BANDIT ALERT! Wall Street Comes to Buena Vista, Buys High School for $5 Mil Dave Rogers
Feb 02, 2015 Punxsutawney Scam
Hey Phil, I Got a Message For You
O. J. Cunningham
Feb 01, 2015 LANSING SHOOTOUT: Gov. Snyder Says Green's Gun Bills Need to Wait in Line Dave Rogers
Jan 26, 2015 ROADS DOOMED? State Voters Historically Have Rejected Tax Proposals Dave Rogers
Dec 22, 2014 SCHUETTE CUTS SCHOOLS: Attorney General OK's Aid Fund for Hockey Arena Dave Rogers
Dec 21, 2014 SAVING DOW: Embattled Firm Crucial to Continued Employment, Growth Here Dave Rogers
Nov 28, 2014 CRIME DROPS: But Prison Costs Remain High Despite 15 Percent Reduction Dave Rogers
Oct 13, 2014 U PACKING HEAT? Green Says Trained, Armed Citizens Answer to Deadly Attacks Dave Rogers
Aug 03, 2014 BARNYARD SPAT: Was Farm Bureau Director Fired for Not Supporting Moolenaar? Dave Rogers
Jul 30, 2014 TOSS UP: State's Economy On Track Despite Snyder Unfavorables, Poll Shows Dave Rogers
Jul 18, 2014 BISHOP ON IMMIGRANTS: Cistone Recalls Kids' Plight on Central America Trip Dave Rogers
Jun 16, 2014 GREAT LAKES TOO? Chemical Weapons Dumping Started Century Ago Dave Rogers
May 30, 2014 MICHIGAN RISES: Water Key to Manufacturing Edge Over South, West States Dave Rogers
Apr 14, 2014 NEW BALLPARK: Dems in Full Court Press to Regain State Senate Seat Dave Rogers
Apr 06, 2014 HOW MUCH SAFER? New $72 Million Water Plant Uses Membrane Technology Dave Rogers
Apr 05, 2014 HEALTH CARE: Re Obamacare -- "We Can't Go Back," Says SVSU Dean Dave Rogers
Mar 20, 2014 REBEL HOARD? William Birney Civil War Origin Theories Link California Gold? Dave Rogers
Dec 04, 2013 What if we made education about how to be Healthy and Happy? Josh Sharrow
Sep 19, 2013 HEALTH CARE FIGHT: Progress Michigan Challenges Legislators on New Law Dave Rogers
Aug 24, 2013 Painting the Baptist Church -- FUNNY MyBayCity Staff
Aug 02, 2013 IRELAND & MICHIGAN: Celtic Tiger Awaking Slowly, Shaking Into New Life Dave Rogers
Aug 02, 2013 PERILOUS MOVES: Detroit Bankruptcy May Cost All Citizens More in Long Run Dave Rogers
Jul 05, 2013 Knock . . . Knock . . . MyBayCity Staff
Feb 01, 2013 Weather in Michigan Josh Sharrow
Dec 16, 2012 The Connecticut Shooting . . . O. J. Cunningham
Dec 13, 2012 Men . . . You Have Been Warned . . . MyBayCity Staff
Nov 27, 2012 Studies Show Josh Sharrow
Nov 24, 2012 Folded Napkin -- Trucker's Story MyBayCity Staff
Nov 19, 2012 Save Your Golf Course Money Voice Your Opinion
Nov 19, 2012 Thanks for the Coverage Voice Your Opinion
Sep 07, 2009 Read My Lips! New Michigan Group Seeks Higher Taxes to Fix Budget Deficits Dave Rogers
Aug 05, 2009 Making The Grade -- A Discussion of Socialism Voice Your Opinion
Jul 20, 2009 Special to MyBayCity
From Chuck Brooks, Bay Area Family Y
Voice Your Opinion
Jul 10, 2009 Bay Future Chair Backs New Consumers Plant, Says Alternative Energy Lagging Dave Rogers
Jun 20, 2009 Expect City Commissioners to Over-ride Mayor's Veto of Layoffs MyBayCity Staff
Jan 20, 2009 THE LAW IS THE LAW !! MyBayCity Staff
Dec 13, 2008 Hope for Mid-Michigan in a Research Facility for Isotopes at Michigan State Dave Rogers
Mar 20, 2008 Only Way to Dodge Race War in Nation is for Dems to Draft Al Gore Dave Rogers
Mar 02, 2008 If You Are Interested In A Intensively Toned Body & Ripped Abs.. Read This Julie Munger
Mar 01, 2008 What's Holding Bay City Back? Guest Columnist
Feb 07, 2008 Clinton, Obama Down to the Wire As McCain Veep Speculation Grows Dave Rogers
Dec 15, 2007 Read How We Lost Jim Barcia in Congress Because of Illegal Immigration Dave Rogers
Oct 07, 2007 SVSU's Harry Leaver Is Upbeat About Tri-City Area Economy Dave Rogers
Jun 12, 2007 My First Visit To The Dow Diamond Julie Munger
May 13, 2007 Dear Mayor Buda:
I'd Like to Rent an Office in City Hall for $1
O. J. Cunningham
Apr 27, 2007 Supercross 2007
Ford Field, Detroit
Julie Munger
Apr 19, 2007 Tired of High Fuel Prices, Looking for Ways to Improve Fuel Economy? Julie Munger
Apr 16, 2007 Remember The Terrorist That Tried To Light His (BOMB) Shoe On Fire? O. J. Cunningham
Apr 13, 2007 Bay City's Passion Play Julie Munger
Mar 11, 2007 Spring Fever? Summer Fever? Julie Munger
Feb 19, 2007 Be Thankful For Snow & Cold Temperatures Julie Munger
Feb 16, 2007 Discussion - South End Proposed Neighborhood Letters to the Editor
Feb 13, 2007 Is it gonna snow? Stephen Kent
Feb 12, 2007 Kozicki Touched a Bay City Nerve That Needs a Real Jolt Dave Rogers
Feb 06, 2007 Sectarian Violence in Iraq Dates to 600 A.D. Dave Rogers
Jan 28, 2007 The Word on the Street . . . Speeders Beware! O. J. Cunningham
Jan 23, 2007 American Idol? Julie Munger
Jan 11, 2007 Chippewa Supporter in Justice Department, Linked to Abramoff Case, Resigns Dave Rogers
Jan 06, 2007 NCAA College Football Needs A Playoff System - Now! O. J. Cunningham
Jan 05, 2007 World History - As it Really Might Have, Possibly, Kinda Happened O. J. Cunningham
Jan 04, 2007 Odd How Things Don't Always Turn Out They Way We Want Them To . . . O. J. Cunningham
Jan 02, 2007 Pluck My Eyes Out Momma, I've Seen It All O. J. Cunningham
Dec 21, 2006 AEROSMITH follow-up Julie Munger
Dec 20, 2006 Rocky VI Scheduled for December 20 Julie Munger
Dec 17, 2006 With The 1st Pick in the 2007 NFL Football Draft, The Detroit Lions pick . O. J. Cunningham
Dec 12, 2006 Fighting the cold & flu season Julie Munger
Dec 08, 2006 Those Were The Days My Friend, We Thought They'd Never End O. J. Cunningham
Dec 04, 2006 Elected Library Board Idea Resurfaces After 14 Years, Voter Dissatisfaction Dave Rogers
Dec 04, 2006 No Flush Thursday Concept Hits a Nerve With Readers Letters to the Editor
Dec 04, 2006 Reader Starts Week With a Laugh . . .
'The Crappy One, of Course.'
Letters to the Editor
Nov 29, 2006 Readers Remember Coaches - Zappone & Engel O. J. Cunningham
Nov 26, 2006 USC Slaps Notre Dame 44-24, Moves Into BCS Spotlight O. J. Cunningham
Nov 24, 2006 Every Day, It's-a-Gettin' Closer . . . Goin' Faster Than a Roller-Coaster O. J. Cunningham
Nov 23, 2006 Thanksgiving thought for the day . . . O. J. Cunningham
Nov 20, 2006 Damn Those 'It Me' Spam E-mails O. J. Cunningham
Nov 20, 2006 Reader Remembers Vince Zappone . . . Letters to the Editor
Nov 20, 2006 Thanksgiving Wednesday Is Biggest Bar Night of the Year Julie Munger
Nov 18, 2006 Ohio State 42 - Michigan 39 O. J. Cunningham
Nov 17, 2006 Hey . . . Coach Zappone . . . Coach Vince Zappone! O. J. Cunningham
Nov 10, 2006 City Income Tax Worst Idea of the Year Dave Rogers
Nov 10, 2006 Rutgers Hands Notre Dame a $16 Million PayDay O. J. Cunningham
Nov 07, 2006 Letters - We Get Letters
MyBayCity Readers Offer Opinion, Insight
O. J. Cunningham
Nov 05, 2006 Library Letters Letters to the Editor
Nov 05, 2006 Turkey Day is Still 3 Weeks Away O. J. Cunningham
Nov 01, 2006 Definition of a Blog O. J. Cunningham
Sep 24, 2006 Election Issue Analysis: Proposal 2006:04 - Eminent Domain Dave Rogers
Sep 17, 2006 Election Issue Analysis: Mourning Dove Hunting Small Downside: Vote "Yes" Dave Rogers
Jun 18, 2006 No Hablo: Many Americans Are Grousing About Spanish Language Incursions Dave Rogers
Apr 03, 2006 Letters - We Get Letters
My Bay City Readers Offer Opinion, Insight
O. J. Cunningham
Jul 16, 2005 The Best Commencement Speech of the Year, By A College Dropout Guest Columnist
Aug 18, 2003 Jim Baker: Remembered for His Personality, Talents as Trial Lawyer Dave Rogers
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