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Article Archive:

Jun 26, 2016 DREAM REALIZED: Tourism Envisioned by 1929 Water Carnival Coming True Dave Rogers
Jun 18, 2016 Happy Sounds O. J. Cunningham
Jun 17, 2016 YES, JACK - Cinnamon Rolls, Health Care & College Should Be Free Dave Rogers
Jun 08, 2016 I'm Not Easily Offended -- (OK, That's a Lie) O. J. Cunningham
Jun 03, 2016 TRICKLE DOWN? Another Look at the Effects of Misguided Economics Today Dave Rogers
May 28, 2016 THIRD PARTY: Gary Johnson May Trip Up Trump at White House Door Dave Rogers
May 20, 2016 VOODOO ECONOMICS: Reagan's Laffer Curve Ideas Not Funny Today Dave Rogers
May 19, 2016 COFFEE! I Had No Idea How Complicated it Would Get O. J. Cunningham
May 17, 2016 A Lemonade Stand Is A Bad Business! Josh Sharrow
May 14, 2016 GMO DISPUTE: Sugar Beet Labeling Fight Threatens Local Farmers Dave Rogers
May 08, 2016 SCHUETTE STANDS FIRM: Atty. Gen. Says "Nothing Off Table" in Flint Dave Rogers
May 04, 2016 FLINT DILEMMA: Don't Drink the Water -- Or the Kool-Aid Dave Rogers
Apr 29, 2016 EXPENSIVE MUCK: Loss of Swimming Beach Costs $228K Per Day Dave Rogers
Apr 21, 2016 FLINT WATER: Schuette's Charges Don't Absolve Snyder, Free Press States Dave Rogers
Apr 17, 2016 RAND & RYAN: Can We Keep the Speaker of the House Out of Our Houses? Dave Rogers
Apr 07, 2016 COLLABORATION: City, County Join in Computerized Mapping Dave Rogers
Apr 05, 2016 EMPIRE TOTTERING? Columnist Phil Power Prays for Nation, Eyes Uprising Dave Rogers
Apr 03, 2016 VETERANS' SYNERGY: Program Aims to Benefit Workers, Ex-Offenders Dave Rogers
Mar 30, 2016 COUNTY EXECUTIVE: Government Structure Needs Re-examination Dave Rogers
Mar 26, 2016 NOTHING NEW: Misinformation Has Plagued Mankind Throughout History Dave Rogers
Mar 19, 2016 I Need to Write More Columns. Josh Sharrow
Mar 18, 2016 HISTORIC CANNON: Bay Cast Foundry Re-creating Dahlgren for Battery Park Dave Rogers
Mar 14, 2016 CAMPAIGN VIOLENCE: Candidates Have Duty to Tamp it Down Dave Rogers
Mar 04, 2016 MICHIGAN IN FOCUS: Trump Stumps in Cadillac, Dems Debate in Flint Dave Rogers
Feb 28, 2016 TAX CUT FOLLY: Flint is Poster Child for Refusal of State to Fund Cities Dave Rogers
Feb 16, 2016 CRUNCH TIME: $600 M for Flint? "Goodness, We Must Be Careful," Senator Says Dave Rogers
Feb 14, 2016 ONE WORD: Describes This Year's National Elections - Yuuuuuge! Dave Rogers
Feb 09, 2016 WHO'S A PROGRESSIVE? Michigan & Bay City Wellspring of Movement Dave Rogers
Jan 31, 2016 How to Buy Salsa on the INTERNET O. J. Cunningham
Jan 30, 2016 4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION? "Companies Can Do Well by Doing Good" - Liveris Dave Rogers
Jan 27, 2016 DARK ELECTIONS: Rep. Matt Bierlein Joins Action Against State Gag Law Dave Rogers
Jan 20, 2016 FLINT FALLOUT: "Poisoning of An American City" - Time Magazine Dave Rogers
Jan 19, 2016 DARK WATER: Children Suffer Most From Toxic Politics of Flint Crisis Dave Rogers
Jan 16, 2016 CYBER CAR THIEVES: Are Keyless Entry Auto Models Vulnerable? Dave Rogers
Jan 11, 2016 DELTA DILEMMA: How Would College Use Millions From TV Station? Dave Rogers
Jan 08, 2016 PRISON COSTS: Michigan Senate Holds Up Gov. Snyder's Reforms Dave Rogers
Jan 01, 2016 GERRYMANDERING OUT? Citizens Retrieving Power From Lunatic Fringe Dave Rogers
Dec 26, 2015 CHRISTMAS MIRACLE: Hungry Travelers From Afar Find Bounty in Bay City Dave Rogers
Dec 16, 2015 WHEN JOHNNY Came Marching Home to Bay City, 1919 Dave Rogers
Dec 11, 2015 TAX RULINGS SLAMMED: Bay County Loses $5.8 Million in Past 5 Years Dave Rogers
Dec 10, 2015 'The Full Catastrophe' Continues to Impress -- Now in Grand Rapids O. J. Cunningham
Dec 08, 2015 Thank You State Police Sgt. Yvonne Brantley Josh Sharrow
Dec 02, 2015 GUNS IN SCHOOL? Poll Shows Michigan Public Solidly Opposed, Green Bashed Dave Rogers
Nov 27, 2015 HISTORIC ANNIVERSARY: 13th Amendment Abolishes Slavery 150 Years Ago Dec. 6 Dave Rogers
Nov 20, 2015 DARK STORES: Legislature Zeroing In On Property Tax Loopholes Dave Rogers
Nov 15, 2015 EXPLOSIVE TALE: State History Magazine Features Bay City Alkali Site Dave Rogers
Nov 11, 2015 ALL AMERICAN VETERAN: Col. Roger Donlon, 81, Still Answering Call to Duty Dave Rogers
Nov 08, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Leaf Me Out Of It
Diane Szczepanski
Oct 28, 2015 HOLY GRAYLING: Exhibit at CMU Clarke Library by Dr. Robert Kohrman Dave Rogers
Oct 22, 2015 UNLIMITED GROWTH: State Sees "Indefinite Increases" of Charter Schools Dave Rogers
Oct 18, 2015 JUSTIFIABLE PRIDE: Spartans and Wolverines Both Can Claim Victory Dave Rogers
Oct 14, 2015 Seriously? Put Away the Damn Phone. O. J. Cunningham
Oct 11, 2015 WHITHER THE NEWS? Finding Unvarnished Truth Columnist's Quest Dave Rogers
Oct 08, 2015 Death? Always Get a Second Opinion O. J. Cunningham
Sep 25, 2015 CONFEDERATE FLAG? Meaning is No Mystery, Psychologists Contend Dave Rogers
Sep 12, 2015 TENNIS TOUTED: Group Backs New Court Complex To Replace Many Removed Dave Rogers
Sep 07, 2015 DELIVERED BY GOD? Dennis Hale's Talk Here Revealed Ship Sinking Mysteries Dave Rogers
Aug 23, 2015 SLAVERY LINGERS: Nobel Prize Winner Krugman Links Race to Right Wing Ideas Dave Rogers
Aug 14, 2015 GET YOUR GUN: It's Time to Go Back to School With Open Carry & Sen. Green Dave Rogers
Aug 09, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Perfect World
Diane Szczepanski
Aug 01, 2015 DARK MONEY: Manoj Bhargava, 5-Hour Energy Founder, Tops GOP Donors List Dave Rogers
Jul 23, 2015 POVERTY REPORT: Michigan Kids, Poor Shafted by Legislature, Analyst Charges Dave Rogers
Jul 18, 2015 DICKENSIAN? Poverty in Bay County Appears Something Like 1840s England Dave Rogers
Jul 16, 2015 Bay City's Sunrise Pedal Trolley is Good Fun & Good Business Josh Sharrow
Jun 26, 2015 BIRNEY RISES AT LAST: Bay City Pioneer's Words Undergird Historic Ruling Dave Rogers
Jun 21, 2015 Ten Thousand Articles
And Most of Them Weren't Crap
O. J. Cunningham
Jun 19, 2015 DE DAY: Destroyer Escort Sailors Recall Winning the Nazi Submarine War Dave Rogers
Jun 12, 2015 Billy Joel . . . We Know All The Words O. J. Cunningham
Jun 07, 2015 PRISON CRISIS: Michigan Freeing Low Level Criminals to Cut Costs Dave Rogers
May 27, 2015 AGGIE HERO: Bay City's Francis I. Lankey Wrote Fight Song, Died in War Dave Rogers
May 25, 2015 It's a Day to Remember Our Fallen Soldiers O. J. Cunningham
May 25, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Roll With It
Diane Szczepanski
May 21, 2015 CHARACTER COUNTS: Calling Teachers for Medal of Honor Curriculum Workshop Dave Rogers
May 17, 2015 But Wait! . . . There's More! . . . (There's Always More) O. J. Cunningham
May 17, 2015 LAKE HURON HISTORY: MV Cedarville Sinking 50 Years Ago Recalled Dave Rogers
May 17, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Cut it Out!
Diane Szczepanski
May 14, 2015 BAY CITY GEMS: State Historic Group Tours Airport, City Hall, Center Avenue Dave Rogers
May 14, 2015 Local Drummer Zach Brunett Puts Away Drumsticks For Family. Josh Sharrow
May 07, 2015 SNYDER FOILED: Presidential Hopes (If Any) Dashed by Failure of Road Vote Dave Rogers
May 03, 2015 CHARTER OVERSIGHT: More Government Accountability, Mandated Audits Sought Dave Rogers
May 03, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Call To Action
Diane Szczepanski
Apr 28, 2015 ELEPHANTS SPAR: It's Snyder vs. Patterson in GOP Battle over No-Fault Auto Dave Rogers
Apr 26, 2015 GHOSTBOXES? Future of Closed Big Retailer Stores Clouds Local Economies Dave Rogers
Apr 26, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
DOH! Rats!
Diane Szczepanski
Apr 24, 2015 This Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye O. J. Cunningham
Apr 19, 2015 Thinking out Loud
Spring Song
Diane Szczepanski
Apr 15, 2015 SUN PEEKING OUT? Hemlock, Reeling From TN Closure, Hopes Clouds Clear Dave Rogers
Apr 12, 2015 7,000 People Die Everyday in the USA O. J. Cunningham
Apr 12, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Diane Szczepanski
Apr 05, 2015 What If You Lost Your Phone? O. J. Cunningham
Apr 04, 2015 ALZHEIMER'S CAMPAIGN: Rotary Clubs Whipped Polio, Now Funding New Research Dave Rogers
Mar 29, 2015 GAY MARRIAGE: Study Shows 2004 Michigan Ban Vote Helped Bush Get Elected Dave Rogers
Mar 29, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Diane Szczepanski
Mar 27, 2015 Bay City Doesn't Need Another . . . Josh Sharrow
Mar 25, 2015 Here's the Full Scoop on this Season Called SPRING O. J. Cunningham
Mar 25, 2015 The Story of Little Frankie The Debit Card Compromiser. Josh Sharrow
Mar 22, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Mystery Solved
Diane Szczepanski
Mar 21, 2015 NEAR MISS? Finally, the Story of How Bay City Almost Became Home to Buick Dave Rogers
Mar 18, 2015 MARV KUSMIERZ: Passionate Bay City Historian Deserves to Be Remembered Dave Rogers
Mar 15, 2015 Only One Body . . . But, OMG ! O. J. Cunningham
Mar 14, 2015 EPA EAGLES SOAR: National Bird Thrives on Chemical Ban, Habitat Protection Dave Rogers
Mar 11, 2015 NO DUCK STAMP: Fearsome Gavel Looms Over Convicted Dr.Ingersoll Dave Rogers
Mar 08, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Do It Yourself-er...NOT
Diane Szczepanski
Mar 07, 2015 'The Following,' (FOX) Episode #1, Season #3 --> Body Count = 10 O. J. Cunningham
Mar 07, 2015 COLORFUL CAST: Ingersoll Trial Jury Deliberation Resumes Monday Dave Rogers
Mar 04, 2015 WANT A LIGHTHOUSE? Please Buy the Gravelly Shoals Light So I Don't Have To Dave Rogers
Mar 02, 2015 Still Got A Lot of Living To Do O. J. Cunningham
Mar 01, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Growing Up
Diane Szczepanski
Feb 22, 2015 Some Days Are Just Better Than Others O. J. Cunningham
Feb 22, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Frozen Heaven
Diane Szczepanski
Feb 20, 2015 BLACK DIAMONDS: Talk Eyes Area Blacks in Civil War, More History Notables Dave Rogers
Feb 18, 2015 No School . . . Too Cold?!? Josh Sharrow
Feb 15, 2015 Better One? Better Two? O. J. Cunningham
Feb 15, 2015 BUT FOR GOD'S GRACE...There Go I; Homelessness Below Zero a Tough Gig Dave Rogers
Feb 15, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Diane Szczepanski
Feb 13, 2015 GUNS = DEATHS: New Study Shows More Guns Result in More Gun Killings Dave Rogers
Feb 11, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Heave Ho!
Diane Szczepanski
Feb 09, 2015 Local Musicians React to Tom Petty, The Grammies & Sam Smith O. J. Cunningham
Feb 01, 2015 SAD SEDUCTION: Jeb & Mitt Out as Rand, Ted and Marco Drink Koch Kool Aid Dave Rogers
Feb 01, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
4th Down and Goal
Diane Szczepanski
Feb 01, 2015 What Time Is It In Australia?
I Don't Even Know What Day It Is.
O. J. Cunningham
Jan 24, 2015 Retire? Not Me! -- If I Did
I'd be Cruising on the Princess Wenonah
O. J. Cunningham
Jan 20, 2015 $RICHIE RICH$: Kenneth Dart Tops Michigan at $5.8 Billion As Top Dogs Growl Dave Rogers
Jan 19, 2015 Drive Faster . . . Hit Fewer Deer O. J. Cunningham
Jan 18, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
What Did You Say??
Diane Szczepanski
Jan 14, 2015 CHARTER FLAWS: Online "Schools" vs. Traditional Bricks & Mortar Weighed Dave Rogers
Jan 13, 2015 I HAVE A HEADACHE . . . O. J. Cunningham
Jan 04, 2015 Thinking Out Loud
Here Kitty, Kitty
Diane Szczepanski
Jan 02, 2015 AULD LANG SYNE: To: Guv, Legislature - Cancel Vote in May, Fix Roads Now! Dave Rogers
Dec 26, 2014 CHARTER TAKEOVER? Public Schools Transformed to Corporate Profit Centers Dave Rogers
Dec 21, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Kid At Heart
Diane Szczepanski
Dec 20, 2014 LAME CALL: Legislators Duck Road Crisis, Toss Ball to Voters Next May Dave Rogers
Dec 18, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Zap It
Diane Szczepanski
Dec 17, 2014 Say "NO" To Cheap-Ass Gas O. J. Cunningham
Dec 13, 2014 JERRY COLE: One of Few Bay Cityans to Graduate U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Dave Rogers
Dec 11, 2014 PERPLEXING POLL: Voters Say State on Track But They're No Better Off Dave Rogers
Dec 08, 2014 All I Want For Christmas Is . . . Whaaaaaat? O. J. Cunningham
Dec 08, 2014 SCHOOL REFORM? Since Proposal A (1994), Michigan's Educational Focus Wavers Dave Rogers
Dec 05, 2014 CRUNCH TIME: Retaining Democracy Takes Wisdom, Tolerance, Courage Dave Rogers
Nov 30, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Winter Welcome
Diane Szczepanski
Nov 26, 2014 FARMING & ARMING: Scholar's Research Tracks Fertilizer Link to Explosives Dave Rogers
Nov 26, 2014 Working For The Weekend or Thanksgiving Josh Sharrow
Nov 23, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Let's Talk Turkey
Diane Szczepanski
Nov 19, 2014 ENGEL STADIUM: Lest We Forget, Coach Elmer Was a Marine Hero of Iwo Jima Dave Rogers
Nov 14, 2014 BAY CITY TAKES OFF: James Clements Airport Symbol of Aviation History Dave Rogers
Nov 09, 2014 HONKERS HEADING SOUTH? Nope, Most Geese Stay Here; Find Out Why Dave Rogers
Nov 09, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Dear Santa
Diane Szczepanski
Nov 02, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
What Time Is It?!
Diane Szczepanski
Oct 29, 2014 BOOK FOLLIES:Tales Of a Bumpkin Thrashing in the Moat Before Castle Academe Dave Rogers
Oct 26, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Moon Pie Mayhem
Diane Szczepanski
Oct 26, 2014 VICTORY STAKE: Michigan's Ill-Advised Insult Adds Motivation to Spartans Dave Rogers
Oct 22, 2014 NON-PROFIT? - Koch Brothers Throw Millions at Michigan, Other Dem Campaigns Dave Rogers
Oct 18, 2014 GETTING IT WRONG: American History Magazine Blows Chemical Weapons Facts Dave Rogers
Oct 18, 2014 Thinking out Loud
My Turn
Diane Szczepanski
Oct 12, 2014 Sunday -- A Beautiful Day Ruined by Fantasy Football O. J. Cunningham
Oct 11, 2014 MINIMUM WAGES: Future Michigan Increases Keyed to Consumer Price Index Dave Rogers
Oct 06, 2014 EDUCATION - UP OR DOWN? Michigan Governor's Battle Key K-12 School Funding Dave Rogers
Oct 05, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Why, Thank You!
Diane Szczepanski
Oct 04, 2014 THE RIGHT THING: City Embrace of Oppressed Children Example to Nation Dave Rogers
Oct 02, 2014 SKULL ISLAND: New Book Explores Indian Massacre, British Chemical Firm Site Dave Rogers
Sep 28, 2014 TONI & TRISH: Hospice in Auburn Area Has Had 300 Guests Since Start in 2008 Dave Rogers
Sep 21, 2014 TAX FAIRNESS: Corporate Inversions Targeted by Coalition of Citizen Groups Dave Rogers
Sep 19, 2014 WHY ON EARTH? Would Mr. Republican Milliken Not Endorse AG Bill Schuette Dave Rogers
Sep 18, 2014 HELL'S ONE MILE: Local Mystery Author Tim Younkman Expands Violent District Dave Rogers
Sep 15, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Shine On
Diane Szczepanski
Sep 13, 2014 MILLIKEN SPEAKS: Michigan's Longest Serving Guv Picks Peters for Senate Dave Rogers
Sep 08, 2014 CHILD LABOR OK? Michigan Allows Children Age 12 to Work Fields With Parent Dave Rogers
Sep 02, 2014 WHY NO WWII GAS? Issue Raised in Book "G-34 Paradox' Discussed by Vets Dave Rogers
Sep 01, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Night Terrors
Diane Szczepanski
Aug 31, 2014 TOXIC TELEMARKETING: Bay City Back in Immigrant Spotlight After 64 Years Dave Rogers
Aug 28, 2014 JARKEY HONORED: Inimitable Comedian Harry Jarkey Final Act at Wenona Beach Dave Rogers
Aug 26, 2014 LAND OF GIANTS: Gargantuan Whites Ruled Midwest, Author States in New Book Dave Rogers
Aug 20, 2014 MUSSELS = MUCK: Invasive Species Grow Algae; Scientists Mull Action Dave Rogers
Aug 17, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Missing Robin
Diane Szczepanski
Aug 16, 2014 CLEAN BEACH? New Efforts Underway to Keep Muck Off State Park Swim Area Dave Rogers
Aug 10, 2014 EDUCATION GAP: High School Graduation Rates Lag; Immigrants Said Growth Key Dave Rogers
Aug 10, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Oh, To Be A Kid Again
Diane Szczepanski
Aug 07, 2014 GREEN MACHINE: Bay County Came Through for Big Spending Senator Dave Rogers
Aug 03, 2014 3 FOR THE MONEY: Midland, Saginaw, Bay City All See Downtown Growth Dave Rogers
Aug 03, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Wine Cures Everything
Diane Szczepanski
Jul 27, 2014 SUE THE PREZ? One Main Problem That May Thwart John Boehner Dave Rogers
Jul 27, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Diane Szczepanski
Jul 24, 2014 HONORING SAILORS: Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum Slates Fall Events Dave Rogers
Jul 20, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Chapter 1
Diane Szczepanski
Jul 18, 2014 Scented Jeans Josh Sharrow
Jul 13, 2014 DOW CORNING @ UPTOWN: Population & Tax Base Rise Inspiring Dave Rogers
Jul 13, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Diane Szczepanski
Jul 11, 2014 LOST OPPORTUNITY: Vassar Protests Greet Possible Placement of Refugees Dave Rogers
Jul 07, 2014 THIS IS HISTORY! St. Mary, Visitation Members Jam Unity Mass in New Parish Dave Rogers
Jun 29, 2014 I'll Watch (And Hate) Under the Dome Season II O. J. Cunningham
Jun 29, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
For My Ears Only
Diane Szczepanski
Jun 29, 2014 WINDSHIELD FACTOR: Dump Michigan Legislators Who Fail to Act on Roads Dave Rogers
Jun 22, 2014 Fast Food Wars Are "ON"
They're Wrapping Food Around Other Food
O. J. Cunningham
Jun 22, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Coffee Anyone?
Diane Szczepanski
Jun 15, 2014 Ready to Rumble At the Home Depot (HD) Cart Corral O. J. Cunningham
Jun 13, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Bee Cool
Diane Szczepanski
Jun 11, 2014 NOW WE KNOW! Catholic Archbishop Carlson Unclear Sex With Children a Crime Dave Rogers
Jun 09, 2014 JOBA? JOBA? JOBA?
Where Is Todd Jones When You Need Him?
O. J. Cunningham
Jun 04, 2014 APOSTOLIC VISITATION: Papal Representative Reported Investigating Bishop Dave Rogers
Jun 01, 2014 WAS SWAINSON FRAMED? Supreme Court Justice Wouldn't Be Convicted Today Dave Rogers
May 25, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Flower Power
Diane Szczepanski
May 19, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Sands of Time
Diane Szczepanski
May 18, 2014 Go Mulch Yourself! O. J. Cunningham
May 11, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Mom's Day
Diane Szczepanski
May 07, 2014 The Most Interesting Man In The World Is . . . ANNOYING! O. J. Cunningham
May 05, 2014 FISHERS BUGGED: Late Hatches of Mayflies Cause Streams of Frustration Dave Rogers
Apr 29, 2014 REAL SEAFOOD: 'Godfather' of Ann Arbor, Dennis Serras, Eyes Bay City Dave Rogers
Apr 26, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Diane Szczepanski
Apr 24, 2014 Cunningham Allegedly ALREADY Turned on AC Unit Josh Sharrow
Apr 21, 2014 BASEBALL 2014: The Umpire Is (NOT) Always Right O. J. Cunningham
Apr 20, 2014 CATHOLIC MOVES: Pope Francis Actions Against Clergy Sex Abuse Gives Hope Dave Rogers
Apr 16, 2014 All Dogs Go To Heaven. O. J. Cunningham
Apr 09, 2014 SAVING BADGER: Imperiled Car Ferry May Be Saved by Natural Gas Conversion Dave Rogers
Apr 06, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
What's My Password Again??
Diane Szczepanski
Apr 03, 2014 CHAMBER ROUSER: Dynamic Visions 4-Yr College Downtown, Paraleon Pier at Bay Dave Rogers
Apr 03, 2014 Doggie Beaches -- There Were Thousands of Turdlettes Rolling in the Water O. J. Cunningham
Apr 02, 2014 Measuring Success Josh Sharrow
Mar 29, 2014 DETROIT SURGES: Automation Alley Reports Tech Growth Tops Silicon Valley Dave Rogers
Mar 23, 2014 BRIGHT LIGHTS: City Electric Light and Power Company Shines Through Dave Rogers
Mar 23, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
My Dog Did THAT!?
Diane Szczepanski
Mar 20, 2014 DOCTORS' STAND? Physicians Conflicted As Health Care Debate Comes to Head Dave Rogers
Mar 17, 2014 St. Patrick's Day Revisited -- 10 Years Ago O. J. Cunningham
Mar 16, 2014 MONUMENTAL: Blizzard, Flood Caused Delay of 1973 St. Patrick's Day Parade Dave Rogers
Mar 16, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Unwelcome Visitors
Diane Szczepanski
Mar 11, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Fake ID
Diane Szczepanski
Mar 10, 2014 FINN'S CHALLENGES: City Finances, Hotel Debt, P.O.W.E.R. Fund Legacy Loom Dave Rogers
Mar 09, 2014 REVOLUTION (TV SERIES) -- Wake Me! I'm Dreaming Again O. J. Cunningham
Mar 05, 2014 BIRNEY PROFILED: Bay City Pioneer Compared to Character in 12 Years a Slave Dave Rogers
Mar 02, 2014 SPLIT DECISION? Close City Commission Vote Seen on Hiring Richard Finn Dave Rogers
Mar 02, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Polish Perfect
Diane Szczepanski
Feb 27, 2014 BILL THOMAS: LA Times Editor, Native Bay Cityan, Reaped Pulitzer Prizes Dave Rogers
Feb 25, 2014 KATE UPTON
One Small Step for Swimsuit - One Giant Step for Mankind
O. J. Cunningham
Feb 22, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Diane Szczepanski
Feb 20, 2014 CHAMBER SOARS: Project Progress Excites Huge State of Community Crowd Dave Rogers
Feb 16, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Early Bird
Diane Szczepanski
Feb 10, 2014 TENNIS TORNADO: Rising Star Alicia Black, 15, Enlivens Dow Corning Tourney Dave Rogers
Feb 03, 2014 That's When a Smoke was a Smoke . . . O. J. Cunningham
Feb 02, 2014 50 YEARS OF FAME: Terry McDermott Won Gold, Joined Beatles on Ed Sullivan Dave Rogers
Feb 01, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Diane Szczepanski
Jan 24, 2014 WORLD WAR I: As Centenary Nears, Bay County's Role is Recalled Dave Rogers
Jan 22, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
"Wash Me"
Diane Szczepanski
Jan 21, 2014 Organizing Chaos Josh Sharrow
Jan 12, 2014 ALL HAIL SHALE! Dow Leads Manufacturing Resurgence, Sees Job Boom Dave Rogers
Jan 12, 2014 Thinking Out Loud
Home Sweet Home
Diane Szczepanski
Jan 07, 2014 THE $5 DAY: Henry Ford Paid More So Folks Could Buy His Cars, Right? WRONG! Dave Rogers
Jan 03, 2014 MSU MIRACLE! Failure to Launch Not an Option for Gutsy Spartans Dave Rogers
Dec 30, 2013 The Best of Times? O. J. Cunningham
Dec 29, 2013 LEAN $ GREEN: Bay County to Consider Joining State Energy Financing Plan Dave Rogers
Dec 29, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
Another New Beginning
Diane Szczepanski
Dec 19, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
'Tis The Season
Diane Szczepanski
Dec 19, 2013 URBAN BLIGHT: Dan Kildee's Brainchild Aims to Transform Land Policy, Cities Dave Rogers
Dec 17, 2013 GM GROWTH: Eliminate Two-Tiered Wage Structure, Union Official Urges Dave Rogers
Dec 10, 2013 PAPER BOY $$$: Carl A. Gerstacker's Story, and Other Routes to Riches Dave Rogers
Dec 10, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
A Little Dirt Never Hurt Anybody
Diane Szczepanski
Dec 04, 2013 13,400 NEW AMERICANS: Gov. Snyder Says Immigrants Strengthen State, Nation Dave Rogers
Dec 01, 2013 CIVIL WAR MYSTERIES: Tim Younkman to Speak Dec. 11 on Buffalo Soldiers Dave Rogers
Nov 29, 2013 BUCKEYE BULL#XO&&&: Ohio Guv Boo-Boo May Get Game Face Mush, Like Lions Did Dave Rogers
Nov 22, 2013 SAY WHAT? "Experts" Gush Over Lakes Huron-Michigan Rise, But Take a Look! Dave Rogers
Nov 19, 2013 It Sounded Dirty When She Said ... "The Rut" O. J. Cunningham
Nov 17, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
Long Live Scarlett
Diane Szczepanski
Nov 17, 2013 UNSUNG BARS OF BAY CITY: Ex-Newsman (Who Else?) Blogs About Quirky Saloons Dave Rogers
Nov 15, 2013 One Of These Four (4) Is Not Like the Others O. J. Cunningham
Nov 11, 2013 Ender's Game
Maybe Better With Will Smith
Not Kristen Stewart
O. J. Cunningham
Nov 11, 2013 HEALTH DEBATE 1952: Truman vs. Ike Proves Little Change in Philosophies Dave Rogers
Nov 09, 2013 MARDI LINK: At Library She Tells of Trials Becoming Full-Time Writer Dave Rogers
Nov 03, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
Google, Twitter, Yahoo & The Web
Diane Szczepanski
Oct 27, 2013 BAY ACCESS: Paraleon Beach Revisited: Chamber Sets Saginaw Bay Priority Dave Rogers
Oct 27, 2013 OBAMACARE HACKED? No Signup Problems in Michigan May Be Rare in U.S. Dave Rogers
Oct 18, 2013 REAL SEAFOOD: Gourmet Restaurant, Upscale Living Here Youth Strategy? Dave Rogers
Oct 13, 2013 SVSU AT 50!: Saginaw Bay State College Was Tentative Name of School Dave Rogers
Oct 13, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
Fall in Love
Diane Szczepanski
Oct 10, 2013 ROCK OF FAITH: First Presbyterian Church Opens 1891 Time Capsule Dave Rogers
Oct 06, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
Lap of Luxury
Diane Szczepanski
Sep 29, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
Down Time
Diane Szczepanski
Sep 18, 2013 WANTED: OBITUARY WRITER Josh Sharrow
Sep 16, 2013 CHURCH CLOSINGS: Peter Borre, Boston Consultant, Speaks Here Oct. 1 Dave Rogers
Sep 14, 2013 CRANKY & COSTLY: Grand Rapids Press Joins Boo Birds on Medicaid Gap Dave Rogers
Sep 13, 2013 SCHOOL OR JAIL: Detroit Parents of Truants May Hear From Prosecutor Dave Rogers
Aug 30, 2013 Labor Day Camping 2013 Josh Sharrow
Aug 26, 2013 BOUNTY DOOM: Grim Aftermath of Sinking of Tall Ship that Visited Bay City Dave Rogers
Aug 25, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
Tomato Time
Diane Szczepanski
Aug 22, 2013 SEAWAY @ 55: Economic Potential May Finally Arise Renewed From Great Lakes Dave Rogers
Aug 18, 2013 There's No Miggy Like Our Miggy O. J. Cunningham
Aug 11, 2013 TOMATOES @ 76: An Ode to Tomato Man, Bay City's Hero on Walnut Street Dave Rogers
Aug 11, 2013 Torii Hunter is MY TIGER O. J. Cunningham
Aug 07, 2013 IS U.S. DIFFERENT? Absence of Hate, Once Our Hallmark, Fading? Dave Rogers
Jul 21, 2013 PEN STATE? Prisons Gobble Up 23 Percent of State Budget Dave Rogers
Jul 18, 2013 FIX LOW WATER! Group Formed in Bay City Mounts Restoration Campaign Dave Rogers
Jul 13, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
Summer Song
Diane Szczepanski
Jul 13, 2013 U.P. CONTROVERSY: Strife Has Stalked Upper Peninsula for a Century Dave Rogers
Jul 07, 2013 GRINCH DEBATE: Who Says State Incentives Don't Help Create Employment? Dave Rogers
Jul 03, 2013 IPHONE GURU: Nation's Top Expert -- PC Mike Wendland From Bay City Dave Rogers
Jun 28, 2013 Josh & Shawn Video From Last Week's Hagen Ford Event Josh Sharrow
Jun 27, 2013 MPG OBSOLETE? EPA Moving from Regulating Fuel Economy to Greenhouse Gases Dave Rogers
Jun 23, 2013 GREAT LAKES BAY: Is It Clicking? Or Do We Need a Clearer Brand? Dave Rogers
Jun 22, 2013 The Wedge Salad at American Kitchen is the New #1 O. J. Cunningham
Jun 22, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
2013 -- Year Of The Gnat
Diane Szczepanski
Jun 16, 2013 Big Mosquitoes Used As Targets At Shotgun Fundraiser O. J. Cunningham
Jun 15, 2013 EPA AG GAG: Feds Support States Threatening Whistleblowers Dave Rogers
Jun 11, 2013 BOOTSTRAPPER OUT: Mardi Jo Link's Book Launch Set Saturday in Traverse City Dave Rogers
Jun 10, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
That's What Friends Are For
Diane Szczepanski
Jun 08, 2013 WOLF HUNT - LET'S VOTE: November 2014 May Be Set for Ballot Initiative Dave Rogers
May 30, 2013 WILLIAM CLEMENTS: His Two Lives to be Subject of Talk by Bob Sarow Dave Rogers
May 19, 2013 DROUGHT SOLUTION? New MSU Process Saves Rainfall, Doubles Yield Dave Rogers
May 12, 2013 Are You Afraid to Watch TV's Hannibal? O. J. Cunningham
May 12, 2013 Mother's Day Vs. Father's Day Josh Sharrow
May 12, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
Cool Mom Oxymoron
Diane Szczepanski
May 12, 2013 WILLERTZ ON PHIL HART: Ex-Bay City Mayor's Biography of Senator Published Dave Rogers
May 05, 2013 MONARCH NO MORE: Historic Power Plant of Street Railway Recalled Dave Rogers
Apr 25, 2013 Spring? -- Shove It! (YEAH!!) You Heard Me Right O. J. Cunningham
Apr 22, 2013 HEMINGWAY TALE: Did Saginaw's Jack Parker Really Tell Papa His Books Stunk? Dave Rogers
Apr 20, 2013 Due To Violent Content
Viewer Discretion Is Advised
O. J. Cunningham
Apr 12, 2013 Smokers are Tough Cookies Josh Sharrow
Apr 11, 2013 Gasoline Math O. J. Cunningham
Apr 07, 2013 I'm Putting a NASCAR Decal on My Truck O. J. Cunningham
Apr 07, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
Wait A Minute
Diane Szczepanski
Apr 06, 2013 TENNIS COACHING LEGENDS: Among Michigan Greats, Jean Hoxie, George Purdy Dave Rogers
Mar 23, 2013 Bay City Paddleball Tournament Named After Randy Wackerle O. J. Cunningham
Mar 16, 2013 JESUITS RISE AGAIN: New Pope Symbolizes Rebirth, Restoration Michigan Needs Dave Rogers
Mar 13, 2013 BAY CITY LUCKY? Open Carry Guns, School Reform Tiffs Not Happening Here Dave Rogers
Mar 13, 2013 Senior Citizens Sing-a-Long
Share This With Someone Old
O. J. Cunningham
Mar 10, 2013 SOLAR SOLUTIONS -- Dow Corning Sues German Firm, Makes New Wafer Deal Dave Rogers
Mar 08, 2013 WHY QUIT NOW? Levin to Focus on Tax Loopholes, Revenue in Finale Dave Rogers
Mar 06, 2013 WHY IMMIGRATION REFORM? Many Pickers Can't Reach Michigan Farms, Orchards Dave Rogers
Mar 03, 2013 Thinking Out Loud-Winter Blahs Diane Szczepanski
Mar 01, 2013 Chubby Checker Is Upset With an "APP" Called "The Chubby Checker" O. J. Cunningham
Feb 24, 2013 ENERGY CRISIS! Solar Shingle Guru Dr. James Stevens Cites Need for Solution Dave Rogers
Feb 24, 2013 SONG TITLE: "Ain't That A Pisser?"
It's Daytona 500 Weekend (2013)
O. J. Cunningham
Feb 17, 2013 JUNGLE FIGHT! Former U-M Scholar at Center of Academic, Media Dispute Dave Rogers
Feb 17, 2013 This "No Twinkie" Thing Has Gone Far Enough O. J. Cunningham
Feb 10, 2013 A Storm . . .Er . . . Fish . . . Called Wanda . . . Er . . . Nemo O. J. Cunningham
Feb 10, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
Beautiful Moments
Diane Szczepanski
Jan 31, 2013 PURE WATER: The Late Mike Studders Started the Ball Rolling on S-M Deal Dave Rogers
Jan 26, 2013 I Always Wanted a Moat . . Tom Brady's Got a Moat . . Screw You, Tom Brady O. J. Cunningham
Jan 25, 2013 "Pintucky" Style Bachelor Josh Sharrow
Jan 20, 2013 Thinking Out Loud
Quick Stop Shopping
Diane Szczepanski
Jan 16, 2013 Every Man Owns A Socket Set Josh Sharrow
Jan 06, 2013 Once In A Lifetime -- Led Zeppelin O. J. Cunningham
Jan 02, 2013 LIBERUM VETO BACK?: Congress Hamstrung By Egomaniacs Defying Will of People Dave Rogers
Dec 29, 2012 Mathematics:
The Correct Answer
O. J. Cunningham
Dec 29, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Wouldn't It Be Nice?
Diane Szczepanski
Dec 21, 2012 DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN: Prosperity Spawns Social Ferment, Much Like 1930s Dave Rogers
Dec 17, 2012 GUN CONTROL NOW!
Assault Weapons, Multiple Bullet Clips Have to Go
Dave Rogers
Dec 16, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Loss Of Words
Diane Szczepanski
Dec 07, 2012 Where Did You Hear About Us? Josh Sharrow
Dec 06, 2012 UNIONS INEVITABLE? Job Opportunity, Pay Equity Making Bargaining Essential? Dave Rogers
Dec 05, 2012 You Might Want to Hate It . . . But If You Watch . . . You Won't. O. J. Cunningham
Dec 02, 2012 Spelling . . . Schmelling . . .
Maybe It Really Doesn't Matter . . .
O. J. Cunningham
Dec 01, 2012 Jayden Lamb Remembered Josh Sharrow
Nov 26, 2012 Artificial Booger Flavoring Josh Sharrow
Nov 25, 2012 Cyber Monday Christmas Shopping?
Maybe You Should Travel Incognito
O. J. Cunningham
Nov 25, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
My Hills Are Alive
Diane Szczepanski
Nov 18, 2012 Touchdown Jesus Has It All Under Control O. J. Cunningham
Nov 10, 2012 Where The Hell Is My Cell Phone? Josh Sharrow
Nov 04, 2012 I'm Happier Than . . . O. J. Cunningham
Nov 04, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Laugh At Your Own Risk
Diane Szczepanski
Oct 28, 2012 MBS NEW TERMINAL: Federal Government Paid $35 Million, Economic Boost Seen Dave Rogers
Oct 28, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Did You Know...?
Diane Szczepanski
Oct 27, 2012 Think About It -- The Mayonnaise Jar MyBayCity Staff
Oct 14, 2012 I Could Go All The Way O. J. Cunningham
Oct 14, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Got It?
Diane Szczepanski
Oct 14, 2012 TV-12 Reporter Terry Camp's Question to Paul Ryan Logical, Not "Strange" Dave Rogers
Oct 14, 2012 What Would George Romney Say About Willard "Mitt" Romney? Dave Rogers
Oct 07, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Seven Deadly Sins
Diane Szczepanski
Sep 16, 2012 Work? . . .What Is It Good For? . . . Absolutely Nothing . . . O. J. Cunningham
Sep 16, 2012 World's Leading Expert on Penguins Started at Central Michigan University Dave Rogers
Sep 09, 2012 Are They Running Out of Names for Scary Movies? Josh Sharrow
Sep 09, 2012 Half the People in the Country Are Freeloaders Who Pay No Taxes, Right? Dave Rogers
Sep 09, 2012 Rest In Peace -- Mill End Store O. J. Cunningham
Sep 09, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Spicing It Up
Diane Szczepanski
Sep 03, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Labor of Love
Diane Szczepanski
Aug 26, 2012 I Bought a Notre Dame Flag
You Know . . The One That Pisses Everyone Off
O. J. Cunningham
Aug 26, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
On Deck
Diane Szczepanski
Aug 19, 2012 GAS PRICES? Why Do They Keep Going Up, and What Can We Do About It? Dave Rogers
Aug 19, 2012 I Could Work Just 8 Seconds a Day
How Tough Could It Be?
O. J. Cunningham
Aug 19, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Out Of Season
Diane Szczepanski
Aug 12, 2012 Marrying Off My Daughter
Just Another Day in the Life of a Dad?
O. J. Cunningham
Aug 12, 2012 Paul Ryan Ignites Great Debate About Morality, Role of Government Dave Rogers
Aug 12, 2012 Proud to Present Country's Hot Mess Tour Josh Sharrow
Aug 12, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
You Say Tomato
Diane Szczepanski
Aug 05, 2012 Thinking out Loud
Man's Best Friend
Diane Szczepanski
Aug 05, 2012 Whiskey In A Can
What Will They Possibly Think of Next?
O. J. Cunningham
Jul 29, 2012 Leave Me & My Toilet Paper Alone O. J. Cunningham
Jul 29, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries
Diane Szczepanski
Jul 28, 2012 FOLLOW THE MONEY: Who Calls Shots in Michigan Politics? At What Cost? Dave Rogers
Jul 22, 2012 Reflections on Jeff Julian and the Aurora Colorado Massacre Dave Rogers
Jul 22, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Minor Grievances
Diane Szczepanski
Jul 15, 2012 Tear Paterno's Statue Down at Penn State O. J. Cunningham
Jul 15, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Getting Personal
Diane Szczepanski
Jul 08, 2012 Talking Urinal Cakes - The New Normal O. J. Cunningham
Jul 08, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot
Diane Szczepanski
Jul 08, 2012 Why Not Bring Back Government Jobs Like FDR Did During the Depression? Dave Rogers
Jul 01, 2012 I Need Ball Boys/Girls O. J. Cunningham
Jul 01, 2012 Intrusive Cashiers Josh Sharrow
Jul 01, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Freedom's Just Another Word...Or Is It?
Diane Szczepanski
Jun 24, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Strawberry Fields Forever
Diane Szczepanski
Jun 17, 2012 ALABAMA vs MICHIGAN: Football Game this Fall Not the Only Connection Dave Rogers
Jun 17, 2012 Mark Your Calendars
Time To Crank Up The Summer Pace
O. J. Cunningham
Jun 17, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Ties That Bind
Diane Szczepanski
Jun 10, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
On Cloud Nine
Diane Szczepanski
Jun 10, 2012 Try Something New! Josh Sharrow
Jun 10, 2012 WHAT'S HAPPENING?
Commissioner Tom Ryder Wants City-County Water Update
Dave Rogers
Jun 03, 2012 Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes
Doesn't Sound Quite Right To Me
O. J. Cunningham
Jun 03, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
If The Slipper Fits - Wear It
Diane Szczepanski
May 27, 2012 Milton Higgs, Art Pominville: Noted Lawyers in the Area's Best Tradition Dave Rogers
May 26, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
If Memory Serves Me
Diane Szczepanski
May 20, 2012 The Damn Bridge Is Open . . . Again! O. J. Cunningham
May 20, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
I Quit
Diane Szczepanski
May 19, 2012 Motorcycle Fatalities Down in Michigan Despite Helmet Law Change? Dave Rogers
May 13, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Because I'm Your Mom-That's Why
Diane Szczepanski
May 06, 2012 Depression Galvanized Bay City Social Activist Florence Tye Jennison Dave Rogers
May 06, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
It Figures
Diane Szczepanski
May 06, 2012 Thunder Shirt . . . The Perfect Choice For Mothers O. J. Cunningham
Apr 29, 2012 Allow Concealed Guns on Campus? A Really Knotty Question That Defies Answer Dave Rogers
Apr 29, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
I Shop-Therefore I Am
Diane Szczepanski
Apr 29, 2012 Why Do You Have Your Hand In My Pocket? O. J. Cunningham
Apr 22, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
I Scream-You Scream
Diane Szczepanski
Apr 15, 2012 After Century Slumber, Rip Van Winkle Would Find Similar Political Issues Dave Rogers
Apr 15, 2012 Look! . . . Gas Is 'DOWN' to $3.68 Per Gallon O. J. Cunningham
Apr 15, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Changing Gears
Diane Szczepanski
Apr 14, 2012 Countdown Clock to 12/21/2012 MyBayCity Staff
Apr 08, 2012 Creating New Traditions Josh Sharrow
Apr 08, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
He Had Me At Hello
Diane Szczepanski
Apr 01, 2012 Are Social Security, Medicare at Risk in High Court Health Care Decision? Dave Rogers
Apr 01, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Believe It or Not
Diane Szczepanski
Mar 25, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Hell in a Handbag
Diane Szczepanski
Mar 20, 2012 Billionaire Spanx Founder Sara Blakely Has Bay City Connection Dave Rogers
Mar 18, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Up In Smoke
Diane Szczepanski
Mar 11, 2012 Are Muskrats Meat or Fish? Some Catholics Say Pope OKd 'Rats Lenten Fare Dave Rogers
Mar 11, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Right On
Diane Szczepanski
Mar 04, 2012 Limits of Free Speech Under Severe Test With Limbaugh, O'Reilly Rants Dave Rogers
Mar 04, 2012 Michigan: Axis of Evil or Just Ground Zero for Political Movements? Dave Rogers
Mar 04, 2012 Study Shows:
Young Americans Now Get Majority Of Exercise While Drunk
O. J. Cunningham
Mar 04, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Royal Flush
Diane Szczepanski
Feb 26, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Of National Interest
Diane Szczepanski
Feb 19, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
It Makes Scents
Diane Szczepanski
Feb 19, 2012 You'll Never See These Ads Again O. J. Cunningham
Feb 18, 2012 Should Right-to-Work Become Major Public Policy Issue in Michigan? Dave Rogers
Feb 14, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Be Mine
Diane Szczepanski
Feb 14, 2012 What Did You Do On Super Bowl Sunday?
I Went Steelhead Fishing
O. J. Cunningham
Feb 05, 2012 Punxsutawney Scam
Hey Phil, I Got a Message For You
(Spoiler Alert)
O. J. Cunningham
Feb 05, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
A Corny Tale
Diane Szczepanski
Feb 05, 2012 Time For A Serious Column Josh Sharrow
Jan 29, 2012 Dangers of Corporations Warned by William Cook, Michigan Law Quad Donor Dave Rogers
Jan 29, 2012 Groundhog Day Is Here -- Better Plan -- Let's Just Skip February O. J. Cunningham
Jan 29, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Don't Get Your Undies In A Bunch
Diane Szczepanski
Jan 29, 2012 Too Fat? Take A Stand? Excuse me? Josh Sharrow
Jan 22, 2012 Hey, Tom Izzo: Ease Up on the Trash Talk About the Wolverines!!! Dave Rogers
Jan 22, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Beauty Sleep
Diane Szczepanski
Jan 15, 2012 Stars Without Makeup - The Face of Fame Josh Sharrow
Jan 15, 2012 T-Bowing, V-Bowing, C-Bowing --- I Don't Like Any of It -- Stop It O. J. Cunningham
Jan 15, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Time Change
Diane Szczepanski
Jan 15, 2012 Wenonah Toll Could Have Been High as 50 With Earlier Fire, Chief Observed Dave Rogers
Jan 08, 2012 Thinking Out Loud
Practice Makes Perfect...Or Does It?
Diane Szczepanski
Jan 02, 2012 Lions QB Matthew Stafford Is "The Man" O. J. Cunningham
Dec 25, 2011 After Pearl Harbor, What Happened to Local Air Corps Flier Rush H. Willard? Dave Rogers
Dec 25, 2011 Thinking Out Loud
You Look Mahvelous!
Diane Szczepanski
Dec 18, 2011 Places I Have And Have Not Been O. J. Cunningham
Dec 18, 2011 Plan Now & Make 2012 Your Year . . . Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Dec 18, 2011 Thinking Out Loud Again
Sock It To Me
Diane Szczepanski
Dec 11, 2011 Thinking Out Loud Again Chronicles
The Dirty Truth
Diane Szczepanski
Dec 04, 2011 Bay City Yard Sale Facebook Group Josh Sharrow
Dec 04, 2011 Will Federal Agency Probe Derail Chevy Volt, Stall Michigan Recovery? Dave Rogers
Nov 27, 2011 Can We Talk Christmas Now? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 27, 2011 Thinking Out Loud Again Chronicles
Griswold Disease
Diane Szczepanski
Nov 27, 2011 Urinal Etiquette Josh Sharrow
Nov 20, 2011 Remains of Dead Crewmen Returning to Sunken Wreck of Steamship Cedarville Dave Rogers
Nov 20, 2011 Thinking Out Loud Again Chronicles
Perfect Moments
Diane Szczepanski
Nov 17, 2011 Customer Service Is The Key! Josh Sharrow
Nov 13, 2011 "Becoming Dr. Q" An Inspirational Book for Anyone Who Strives to Achieve Dave Rogers
Nov 13, 2011 Is This For Real ? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 13, 2011 SawzAll . . . My Tool of Choice O. J. Cunningham
Nov 13, 2011 Support Local Music Josh Sharrow
Nov 13, 2011 Thinking Out Loud Again Chronicles
Moon Therapy
Diane Szczepanski
Nov 06, 2011 I Don't Watch TV -- I Watch DVR O. J. Cunningham
Nov 06, 2011 Thinking Out Loud Again Chronicles Diane Szczepanski
Oct 30, 2011 2011 Deer Hunting Season Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Oct 30, 2011 I'm getting tired of supporting my . . . FURNACE! Josh Sharrow
Oct 30, 2011 Thinking Out Loud Again Chronicles Diane Szczepanski
Oct 23, 2011 All You Can Eat? I Think Not! Josh Sharrow
Catch One Pass Like Spartan Keith Nichol
Dave Rogers
Oct 23, 2011 NFL Red Zone TV -- I Had No Clue O. J. Cunningham
Oct 23, 2011 Thinking Out Loud Again Chronicles Diane Szczepanski
Oct 16, 2011 Hey NBA! . . . Seriously!
"Nobody Cares"
Cancel The Whole Damn Season
O. J. Cunningham
Oct 16, 2011 Thinking Out Loud Again Chronicles Diane Szczepanski
Oct 16, 2011 What People Are Saying About Last Choice Country Josh Sharrow
Oct 16, 2011 Will Bay County Get Aboard the Michigan Port Collaborative at Long Last? Dave Rogers
Oct 09, 2011 The-Thinking Out Loud Again-Chronicles Diane Szczepanski
Oct 02, 2011 Bay City-Bay County Aim to Use Membrane Plant for Ultra High Quality Water Dave Rogers
Sep 25, 2011 I Know What You Did on Sunday O. J. Cunningham
Sep 25, 2011 Michigan Homeowners Face Making Up Deficits Caused by Tax Cut Plan Dave Rogers
Sep 25, 2011 Our Office Staff Has Turned Into Coffee Snobs Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Sep 18, 2011 Lions & Tigers & Brian Kelly . . . Oh My! O. J. Cunningham
Sep 08, 2011 TRUTH SEEKING: The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Law Dave Rogers
Sep 05, 2011 Michigan Workers May Want to Consider Buddy Roemer's Free/Fair Trade Talk Dave Rogers
Sep 05, 2011 The Hot Chick at The Cupcake Store Profiled Me Josh Sharrow
Sep 04, 2011 Do You Believe In Heaven ? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Sep 04, 2011 What Does A Trillion Dollars REALLY Look Like? O. J. Cunningham
Aug 19, 2011 Nine Things That Will Disappear in Your Life Time O. J. Cunningham
Aug 14, 2011 2 Words - Waffle House Josh Sharrow
Aug 14, 2011 Great Lakes Bay Region, Now Including Isabella, Should Boost Export Markets Dave Rogers
Aug 14, 2011 Weekend TV Golf Sucks Without Tiger Woods O. J. Cunningham
Aug 10, 2011 Why Are Brits Rioting and Not Americans? It's the Social Contract, Stupid! Dave Rogers
Aug 07, 2011 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Aug 07, 2011 Michigan's Billionaire "Kitty Litter King" Foundation Creating Jobs Dave Rogers
Aug 07, 2011 Verlander on Pace For Tiger Strikeout Career Mark O. J. Cunningham
Aug 02, 2011 Finger Lickin Good ! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jul 24, 2011 'If You Smoke, You Die,' Says FDA Ad Campaign O. J. Cunningham
Jul 24, 2011 Faced with Anarchy, the President Must Use 14th Amendment on Debt Impasse Dave Rogers
Jul 17, 2011 NORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRM . . . O. J. Cunningham
Jul 17, 2011 Benishek Hailed as Member of "Magnificent 11" Ryan Budget Backers Dave Rogers
Jul 17, 2011 The "Dole" Ends in Michigan After 4 Years; Rep. Horn: "Make Your Own Job" Dave Rogers
Jul 10, 2011 Hey Girl, I'm in a . . .Tribute Band? Josh Sharrow
Jul 10, 2011 It's A Love/Hate Relationship . . . Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jul 10, 2011 Kinder, Gentler 4-Way Stops O. J. Cunningham
Jul 10, 2011 We the People Pledge Allegiance to....Secret Tax Nullifier Grover Norquist? Dave Rogers
Jul 04, 2011 'Image Tribes' Affinities Sorting Us Into Perpetual Conflict, Author Claims Dave Rogers
Jul 04, 2011 Financial Road to Freedom Josh Sharrow
Jul 04, 2011 I Want To Die Laughing O. J. Cunningham
Jul 03, 2011 Kennecott Mining Plan Called "Cultural Clash" Tearing U.P. Apart Dave Rogers
Jun 26, 2011 Best of Times . . . O. J. Cunningham
Jun 26, 2011 I'm Glad I Have a Female Cat, Not a Daughter. Josh Sharrow
Jun 19, 2011 Father's Day 2011 -- My Top Five Famous Dads O. J. Cunningham
Jun 12, 2011 Time Is Running Out --- Countdown to the END O. J. Cunningham
Jun 11, 2011 'Michigan is Yours' Plan to Add 7 Casinos Using Poll for Signature Campaign Dave Rogers
Jun 10, 2011 Ithaca Superintendent's Answer: Policy Makers Value Prisons Over Schools Dave Rogers
Jun 05, 2011 Schoooooools OUT for Summer! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jun 03, 2011 GM's Reuss Right On with Vision of Detroit as Transportation Innovation Hub Dave Rogers
May 22, 2011 95 Million - Game On Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
May 22, 2011 End-Of-World 'Rapture' Is A No-Show
I'm Glad I Didn't Eat The Big Buford
O. J. Cunningham
May 15, 2011 Did Bart Stupak Quit Congress Out of Fear of C Street Disclosures? Dave Rogers
May 15, 2011 Homicide / Blood / Body Fluid / Vomit / Rodent Feces / Tear Gas / Urine / O. J. Cunningham
May 08, 2011 Happy Mother's Day O. J. Cunningham
May 06, 2011 Emergency Financial Managers May Make Matters Worse, Some Officials Charge Dave Rogers
Apr 30, 2011 Dogs Live For the Present O. J. Cunningham
Apr 24, 2011 Water Should Unite Bay City, Bay County Officials, Not Divide Them Dave Rogers
Apr 24, 2011 Wicking Apparel May 'Look Cool' But May Not Be So 'Cool' Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Apr 17, 2011 Results Not Typical . . . O. J. Cunningham
Apr 17, 2011 U.S. Constitution Should Be First Thing Legislators Consult Dave Rogers
Apr 17, 2011 Where Am I Going ??? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Apr 10, 2011 $86,400 Each Day O. J. Cunningham
Apr 10, 2011 I Can Sing . . . Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Apr 10, 2011 Only 10 Michiganders on America's 400 Wealthiest List, None From Here Dave Rogers
Apr 03, 2011 Awesomeness - A Good Good Night Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Mar 27, 2011 Japanese Disaster Recalls Nuclear Industry History In Great Lakes Bay Area Dave Rogers
Mar 27, 2011 Upon Arising . . . Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Mar 26, 2011 Proposed Local Government Changes by Gov. Snyder Have Been Needed for Years Dave Rogers
Mar 20, 2011 Kiss Me -- I'm Irish O. J. Cunningham
Mar 13, 2011 I Think I Ate Too Much Advertising O. J. Cunningham
Mar 13, 2011 I Thought I'd Seen It All . . . Until . . . Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Feb 27, 2011 The Domino Effect Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Feb 20, 2011 No Time For Coffee??
Just Take a Swig of This!!
O. J. Cunningham
Feb 19, 2011 Snyder's Dilemma for Michigan: Be Like Wisconsin, Or Like Montana Dave Rogers
Feb 13, 2011 Why Rich Folks Have the Biggest Stake in the Incomes of Poor Folks Dave Rogers
Feb 06, 2011 Fun Ideas For Valentine's Day Weekend Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Feb 06, 2011 It May Be Super Bowl Sunday
But It's Only a Week To Valentine's Day
O. J. Cunningham
Jan 30, 2011 "Nexteer: Not Trojan Horse, Stab in Heart," Says State Sen. Roger Kahn Dave Rogers
Jan 30, 2011 Hey Mr. Groundhog -- Get It Right This Year (Please!) O. J. Cunningham
Jan 28, 2011 Last Week's Hype Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jan 23, 2011 Did China Save Nexteer From Bankruptcy? Brits Seem to Think So -- We Don't Dave Rogers
Jan 23, 2011 W-T-F? . . . Who You Calling Ophiuchus?
(Pronounced OFF-ee-YOO-kuss)
O. J. Cunningham
Jan 16, 2011 TV Jeopardy to Feature IBM's Watson vs Ken Jennings & Brad Rutter on Feb 14 O. J. Cunningham
Jan 16, 2011 What I Did on My Night Off Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jan 15, 2011 Visits Dr. Martin Luther King's Church in Montgomery, Alabama Dave Rogers
Jan 09, 2011 Go For It -- Find The Finger
Win Gift Cards at Old City Hall
O. J. Cunningham
Jan 09, 2011 The Coach, Lynn Conway, Played Many Roles in His Admirable Career Dave Rogers
Jan 02, 2011 About My 'Dash', Jack's Death & Other Topics Relating to Year's End O. J. Cunningham
Jan 02, 2011 Closing of Saginaw's Venerable Germania Club Stirs Discussion of Tax Issue Dave Rogers
Jan 02, 2011 Time . . . Ticking Away Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jan 01, 2011 Pain in the Neck Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Dec 25, 2010 STUPID STUFF #1: TV Remote Controls Stephen Kent
Dec 19, 2010 You Think I Know
But . . . I Really Don't
O. J. Cunningham
Dec 18, 2010 Passing The Pencil Test Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Dec 12, 2010 Christmas -- Most, Loveliest Time of the Year -- HUMBUG! O. J. Cunningham
Dec 12, 2010 Nexteer, Largest Chinese Auto Investment in U.S.: Will Company Stay Here? Dave Rogers
Dec 12, 2010 Simply Beautiful Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 28, 2010 (BLEEP) (BLEEP) LeBron James O. J. Cunningham
Nov 28, 2010 I Want a Shirt that says "I Survived Hurricane Tomas!" Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 21, 2010 My Winning Turkey for Thanksgiving Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 21, 2010 Washington Needs to Take a Lesson From Lansing on Bipartisan Cooperation Dave Rogers
Nov 20, 2010 Listen To Me
I'm Old & Have Plenty To Say
O. J. Cunningham
Nov 07, 2010 MOSHI -- Technology (And More) For the Idiot Inside of Me O. J. Cunningham
Nov 06, 2010 Class Warfare: When We Go For Our Guns, How Will We Know Who to Shoot? Dave Rogers
Nov 06, 2010 The Reality of Radical Tea Party Politics Poses the Greatest Future Threat Dave Rogers
Oct 31, 2010 Maybe It's the Cold Weather . . . But . . . O. J. Cunningham
Oct 31, 2010 What I've Been Hearing . . . Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Oct 24, 2010 Halloween -- Guess What I'm Thinking About Dressing Up As? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Oct 24, 2010 It's a Damn Conspiracy . . . I Know It Is . . . O. J. Cunningham
Oct 10, 2010 The Healthiest Meal of The Day Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Oct 03, 2010 Bay County Community Needs Answers About Several Key Public Issues Dave Rogers
Sep 25, 2010 Bay County's Tourism Potential Unrealized as Welcome Site Shifts Dave Rogers
Sep 19, 2010 HELL'S HALF MILE Comes to Life Again With Film Festival Dave Rogers
Sep 19, 2010 My Lasik Experience, Under the Laser and Behind the Laser Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Sep 19, 2010 Too Much on my Mind O. J. Cunningham
Sep 12, 2010 What the Hell Happened to the Miracle Finish? O. J. Cunningham
Sep 05, 2010 On Labor Day 2010, Time to Reflect on Michigan's Economic Direction Dave Rogers
Sep 05, 2010 Twenty-eight Foot Long Gator Creates Stir in Alabama O. J. Cunningham
Aug 29, 2010 Still Using Margarine Instead of Butter?
This might change your mind!
Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Aug 29, 2010 Who Says Nothing is New on Historic Mackinac Island? Have a Look at Our Pix Dave Rogers
Aug 15, 2010 Fourteenth Amendment is All That Stands Between America and Fascism Dave Rogers
Aug 15, 2010 It's Still Not Too LateTo Get The Beach Body You Want Before Summer Ends Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Aug 08, 2010 Why Does He Ride? Former Bay Cityan Todd Majeski Overcame Cancer, Now Helps Dave Rogers
Aug 01, 2010 Governor Has Given Bay County Voters a Dilemma for District Judge Dave Rogers
Aug 01, 2010 I Will Be Slappin' the Sauce on the Ribs This Friday Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jul 25, 2010 Governor Granholm Failed to Interview in Barnes Appointment, Jacobs Claims Dave Rogers
Jul 25, 2010 Look At Me
I Can Be 'Centerfield'
O. J. Cunningham
Jul 12, 2010 If Those Jobs Aren't Coming Back, Where Is Everybody Going to Work? Dave Rogers
Jul 11, 2010 Happy Anniversary to ME
It's All About The Numbers
O. J. Cunningham
Jul 05, 2010 A Grand Slam Fourth of July Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jul 05, 2010 Area Financial, Industrial Leaders Await New GM Initial Public Offering Dave Rogers
Jun 27, 2010 Bay City's Ancient History Returns to the Headlines After 380 Years Dave Rogers
Jun 22, 2010 4.2 Million Gallons A Day Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jun 20, 2010 Is Nexteer Union Vote Reminiscent of Habitant Furniture Strike in 1960s? Dave Rogers
Jun 20, 2010 It's Easy to be a Dad on Father's Day O. J. Cunningham
Jun 11, 2010 NCAA says that Reggie Bush took over $300,000 during his USC career O. J. Cunningham
Jun 11, 2010 Why Tom Izzo SHOULD NOT Leave Michigan State to Coach Pros at Cleveland Dave Rogers
May 31, 2010 I Wanted To Write About Kirk Gibson
But Kobe Changed My Mind
O. J. Cunningham
May 30, 2010 Did Consumers Energy Management Shift, Natural Gas Find, Change Local Plan? Dave Rogers
May 30, 2010 What Should I Wear? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
May 25, 2010 City Should Consider More Cooperation with County, Entrepreneurship Dave Rogers
May 24, 2010 Secretariat (1973)
Coming To A Theater In October
O. J. Cunningham
May 23, 2010 If You Are Interested In A Intensively Toned Body & Ripped Abs.. Read This Julie McCallum
May 16, 2010 Jennifer C. Barnes -- (Article Under Review) Dave Rogers
May 16, 2010 What is Multi-Colored, Black, Chrome and Sounds Like Thunder? O. J. Cunningham
May 12, 2010 Trained Workers Needed for Green Economy, State Underfunds Adult Education Dave Rogers
May 09, 2010 Along My Path Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
May 09, 2010 Give Me the Damn Remote!
Battle At My House Over DVR Storage
O. J. Cunningham
May 05, 2010 Free Agent Spartan Blair White from Saginaw Popular with Indy Colts Fans Dave Rogers
May 01, 2010 Interested in a Total Body Transformation? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Apr 25, 2010 Friday Call Between Jimmy Clausen & N.D. Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick O. J. Cunningham
Apr 21, 2010 BANG! A Really Bad Idea --Do It Yourself Fireworks - to Raise State Funds Dave Rogers
Apr 18, 2010 Gov. Granholm Says Auto Industry Future Much Brighter Than Year Ago Dave Rogers
Apr 13, 2010 Cool on "Captain Hook? Not Hot for "The Nerd?" How About Kniffen "The Kid?" Dave Rogers
Apr 11, 2010 Stupak Just Kept Digging a Deeper Hole for Himself; Then He Jumped In Dave Rogers
Apr 09, 2010 Tiger Woods Is Good For Watching Golf on TV O. J. Cunningham
Apr 04, 2010 Unexpected Spartan Run in NCAA Tournament Still Leaves Fans Gasping Dave Rogers
Mar 28, 2010 Famous People Whose Middle Name is "THE" O. J. Cunningham
Mar 28, 2010 Hey, Tom Izzo: Why Not Give Isiah Dahlman a Chance to Step Up? Dave Rogers
Mar 20, 2010 Glory Days of Bay City Basketball Recalled by Ex-Coach, Oldster Exploits Dave Rogers
Mar 14, 2010 City-County Water Authority Proposed; May Tap Lake Huron, End Disputes Dave Rogers
Mar 14, 2010 Do You Eat Tilapia ? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Mar 13, 2010 Spring Ahead is Sunday March 14 O. J. Cunningham
Mar 07, 2010 Alice Returns (?) To Wonderland Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Mar 06, 2010 Car Insurance Will Be Free (For Me) In Just Four Years O. J. Cunningham
Mar 05, 2010 Devendorf Lights Up New Zealand With 49 Points in First Game at Waikato Dave Rogers
Feb 23, 2010 You Might Be A Michigander Guest Columnist
Feb 22, 2010 GM Sale of Nexteer to Chinese Would Imperil More American Jobs Dave Rogers
Feb 21, 2010 I'm Feeling LUCKY!! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Feb 21, 2010 In Our Whackadoodle Political World, Third Party May be the Only Answer Dave Rogers
Feb 21, 2010 Local Fireworks Tradition Is Fueled by Volunteer Efforts O. J. Cunningham
Feb 11, 2010 Memo to New Zealand: Give Eric Devendorf a Chance to Play Basketball! Dave Rogers
Feb 01, 2010 Making the Case for Youth Universal Service and a $2 Per Hour Training Wage Dave Rogers
Jan 31, 2010 State Failing to Comply with Headlee Amendment, Local Governments Charge Dave Rogers
Jan 30, 2010 What A Circus!!! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jan 24, 2010 Are You In The Front Row? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jan 20, 2010 BUY AMERICAN -- One Light Bulb at a Time Dave Rogers
Jan 17, 2010 How Did Flint's Mark Ingram, Heisman Trophy Winner, Wind Up at Alabama? Dave Rogers
Jan 16, 2010 POP EVIL Adds Second Show at the State Theater Bay City Julie McCallum, Entertainment Editor
Jan 14, 2010 China Becoming 'Better World Citizen' Says Dow Global Business Director Dave Rogers
Jan 10, 2010 Women Drivers and Snow! UGH! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jan 03, 2010 100% Productive Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jan 03, 2010 Continuing Haggling by Environmental Groups May Raise Cost of Coal Plant Dave Rogers
Jan 03, 2010 Florida's Massacre of Cincy Shows Weakness of 2nd Tier Unbeaten Teams O. J. Cunningham
Jan 03, 2010 Heading into 19th Civilized Decade, Has Great Lakes Bay Region Found Niche? Dave Rogers
Dec 29, 2009 Gosh, Am I Glad I Bought That Dow Stock a Year Ago, It's Up $20 a Share!!! Dave Rogers
Dec 27, 2009 Every Day Is A New Adventure Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Dec 27, 2009 School Problems Start with Funding Favoring Higher Education Over K-12 Dave Rogers
Dec 27, 2009 Spending Christmas With Family . . . Priceless O. J. Cunningham
Dec 20, 2009 Did You Watch New Orleans vs. Dallas? (Me Neither) O. J. Cunningham
Dec 20, 2009 Houghton Lake Accountant's $900K Fraud Highlights Michigan Problem Gambling Dave Rogers
Dec 20, 2009 What NOT to Do! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Dec 15, 2009 Sun Shining on Plans of State, Local Leaders for World Solar Headquarters Dave Rogers
Dec 13, 2009 Flirty Girl Stripper Poles -- For That Girl Who Has Everything O. J. Cunningham
Dec 13, 2009 Is It Too Early to Talk About Labadie PIG GIG 2010 ??? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Dec 06, 2009 Michigan House Speaker Andy Dillon's Health Care Plan May Sink Bid for Guv Dave Rogers
Dec 06, 2009 The Beat Goes On -- Magic, Kobe & Now Tiger O. J. Cunningham
Dec 05, 2009 $3 MILLION DOLLAR FANTASY BRA Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Dec 02, 2009 Bay City Stroller (Clinging to Life) Seen Near Library in Downtown Bay City O. J. Cunningham
Nov 29, 2009 'Poor Charlie' Weis Will Leave Notre Dame With Casket Full of Cash O. J. Cunningham
Nov 28, 2009 Dow-Tata Deal for 1,250 Jobs in Midland Reverses Worldwide Trend Dave Rogers
Nov 26, 2009 Candidate for Governor Alma Wheeler Smith Has a Plan, and a Story Dave Rogers
Nov 22, 2009 Dear Senator Reid: Those Who Forget History Are Condemned to Repeat It! Dave Rogers
Nov 22, 2009 If You Can't Beat Them . . . Join Them! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 19, 2009 Julie & OJ Are on Facebook -- Be Our Friend O. J. Cunningham
Nov 17, 2009 Are You A Creeper? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 15, 2009 Ex-Prisoners in the Community Pose Knotty Problem for Local Policymakers Dave Rogers
Nov 15, 2009 My Tribute to Deer Season Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 15, 2009 Rhoden Says College Football BCS Format Is Consumer Fraud - I Agree O. J. Cunningham
Nov 08, 2009 Isabella County at Nearly 25 Percent Poverty Despite Casino Bucks Bonanza Dave Rogers
Nov 08, 2009 Unbelievable! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 01, 2009 Fall Back 2009 -- 60 Minutes of Free Time
How Did You Spend Your Hour?
O. J. Cunningham
Oct 28, 2009 Michigan to Kansas: Give Us Back Our DeHoCo Prisoners from Pre-1875 Dave Rogers
Oct 28, 2009 Reign of Corruption: Afghanistan? No the United States of America Dave Rogers
Oct 28, 2009 What Starts With "F" and Ends in "K"? O. J. Cunningham
Oct 27, 2009 I Saw MY First Sign of The Holiday Season Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Oct 18, 2009 Faces of Local Officialdom Destined to Change Radically in Near Future Dave Rogers
Oct 11, 2009 Time for Gov. Granholm to Go! Power Plant Obstruction is Latest Outrage Dave Rogers
Oct 06, 2009 Where Have All the Bullets Gone? Stockpiled for Another Fort Sumter? Dave Rogers
Oct 04, 2009 Why Chicago Didn't Get The 2016 Olympic Games: The Dog Ate the Application Dave Rogers
Oct 04, 2009 Why Does Victory Taste So Good? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Oct 03, 2009 Watching Saturday Football
Mich/MSU --- ND/Washington
O. J. Cunningham
Sep 30, 2009 Business Interruption Features in a Business Owners Policy (BOP) Brandon Sutkowi
Sep 28, 2009 Lions' Fans , , , I Think We Found Ourselves A QB O. J. Cunningham
Sep 27, 2009 At The End of A Rainbow Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Sep 26, 2009 Republican Cox Poised for Governor Run, But Manoogian Mansion Scandal Looms Dave Rogers
Sep 21, 2009 Michael Moore: Philosopher-Genius, Or Just Plain Kook from Flint, Michigan? Dave Rogers
Sep 19, 2009 A Night With JuJu Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Sep 13, 2009 Charlie Weis -- You Blew It On Saturday O. J. Cunningham
Sep 13, 2009 I Had One Hundred & Twenty-Five Shots this Weekend! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Sep 07, 2009 38 Years After Bungled S-M Water Merger, City Finally May Try Again Dave Rogers
Sep 07, 2009 Am I Getting A Bad 'Rep' ?? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Aug 30, 2009 Bees Swarm the Bay City Offices of TriCity Buzz Television Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Aug 30, 2009 Ireland Follows U.S. in Everything, Even Economic Disasters, Irish Moan Dave Rogers
Aug 22, 2009 Welcome to Ireland, Muhammad Ali! The Greatest Irish Boxer of All Time Dave Rogers
Aug 18, 2009 MIND GAMES Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Aug 17, 2009 It's Been Five Years: Time to Review Casino Taxes, Adjust Inequities Dave Rogers
Aug 16, 2009 Folks, We Already Have "Death Panels." They're Called Insurance Companies Dave Rogers
Aug 09, 2009 Dillon-Cherry at Odds Over Plan to Merge Public Employee Health Care Plans Dave Rogers
Aug 09, 2009 I've Been Thinking . . . O. J. Cunningham
Aug 05, 2009 Policy Differences:
Workers' Compensation vs. Employer's Liability
Brandon Sutkowi
Aug 05, 2009 Town Hall "Protesters" Not Conservatives But Reactionary Political Hacks Dave Rogers
Aug 04, 2009 What is the Truth About Sales in the Cash for Clunkers Program? Dave Rogers
Aug 02, 2009 I Got Beat-up Over 'Fight Nights' Weekend Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Aug 02, 2009 My Michigan Summer August Gardening Tips & Recipes! MyBayCity Staff
Aug 02, 2009 YAWN . . . O. J. Cunningham
Aug 01, 2009 How St. Lawrence Seaway, Invasive Species Threaten to Destroy Great Lakes Dave Rogers
Jul 26, 2009 Bay City Points Out That Combined Sewer Overflows Release Minimal Pollution Dave Rogers
Jul 19, 2009 British Open Golf -- Tom "Geezer" Watson O. J. Cunningham
Jul 09, 2009 Help Me HELP YOU! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jul 09, 2009 Michigan Summer In Pictures! MyBayCity Staff
Jul 05, 2009 Joey Chestnut 3-Peats at Nathan's Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest O. J. Cunningham
Jul 05, 2009 What Was Happening in Michigan in 1776 When the Nation Was Born? Dave Rogers
Jul 01, 2009 Big Problems, Positive Projects Envelop Bay City All At The Same Time Dave Rogers
Jun 30, 2009 HEAT RELIEF? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jun 29, 2009 St. Stans Polish Festival 2009 In Pictures! MyBayCity Staff
Jun 28, 2009 Bay City Motor Co. Car in Public Enemies Film to be Released Wednesday Dave Rogers
Jun 28, 2009 What Do You Think Of When I Say 4th of July? O. J. Cunningham
Jun 22, 2009 City Commission Decides to Think Over Budget, But Deficits Still Loom Dave Rogers
Jun 21, 2009 My Annual Visit To Watch The Saginaw Sting Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jun 20, 2009 Michigan Needs to Recall Its Heritage as Birthplace of Universal Freedom Dave Rogers
Jun 14, 2009 Holy Trinity Annual Festival Kicks Off Summer 2009! MyBayCity Staff
Jun 12, 2009 How Do I Insure My Customer's Property While It's In My Possession? Brandon Sutkowi
Jun 10, 2009 In 1954, After Every Game
I Looked For My Name In The Bay City Times
O. J. Cunningham
Jun 07, 2009 'Life Is Good' Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jun 04, 2009 GM "Packaged" Bankruptcy May Have Saved 40,000 Jobs, Untold Losses Dave Rogers
May 31, 2009 Finally, Today, the Sun is Coming Out for Auto Industry with GM-UAW Deal Dave Rogers
May 17, 2009 Another New Shop Puppy? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
May 15, 2009 After 200 Years, Future of Newspapers in Michigan is Uncertain Dave Rogers
May 10, 2009 I Just Wrote a Column That Used the Word Sewage Twenty Times O. J. Cunningham
May 03, 2009 Staying Positive . . . Is It Really Effective? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
May 03, 2009 Try To Do Just One Thing at a Time
O. J. Cunningham
May 01, 2009 Swine Flu Video Update MyBayCity Staff
Apr 29, 2009 April Showers Bring May Flowers
And Tiger Baseball Fever
O. J. Cunningham
Apr 26, 2009 Change of Menu Options At My House Tonight! MyBayCity Staff
Apr 19, 2009 Instead of Tea Parties, Why Not Switch to "We Need Jobs" Rallies? Dave Rogers
Apr 15, 2009 How Much Money Is In A Wad of Cash? O. J. Cunningham
Apr 12, 2009 Future of Electric Cars, Furnaces Balance Environmental Concerns on Coal Dave Rogers
Apr 12, 2009 Hell's Best Kept Secret Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Apr 12, 2009 What Is Prune Belly Syndrome? MyBayCity Staff
Apr 08, 2009 More Than One Million Workers Suffer From Eye Injuries Each Year in the U.S Brandon Sutkowi
Apr 05, 2009 Nobody Gives Spartans a Chance - That's the Way We Like It! Dave Rogers
Apr 05, 2009 What Does April Mean? MyBayCity Staff
Apr 02, 2009 Are You On Facebook? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Mar 29, 2009 It's Not GM Chairman Rick Wagoner Who Should Go, But Senator Chris Dodd Dave Rogers
Mar 25, 2009 Thats BULL !! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Mar 21, 2009 As Showdown Looms, Full Story on Coal Plant is Hidden From Public View Dave Rogers
Mar 15, 2009 It's Sinful! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Mar 12, 2009 The Poor and Unemployed: At the Same Time Our Burden and Our Strength Dave Rogers
Mar 08, 2009 Free Cell Directory Assistance
Who Ya Gonna Call?
O. J. Cunningham
Mar 05, 2009 Insurance For Small Business
Here's a List of Things You NEED to Know
Brandon Sutkowi
Mar 04, 2009 Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Idiot!
WHOOPS, I'm So Sorry
Dave Rogers
Mar 01, 2009 Saving Abel - Seether - Nickelback - Sell Out Joe Louis Arena Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Mar 01, 2009 Sex Scandal Erupts in Florida Senior Citizen Community, The Villages Dave Rogers
Feb 22, 2009 "Marlobama Madness" - Are You Going To Finish Strong This Year? MyBayCity Staff
Feb 22, 2009 Halting a Coal-Fired Power Plant in Michigan Will Hurt Only Economy, Jobs Dave Rogers
Feb 22, 2009 Living The Dream . . . Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Feb 12, 2009 How Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day? MyBayCity Staff
Feb 12, 2009 Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
Let's Flush Every Color Into the Saginaw River
O. J. Cunningham
Feb 10, 2009 Why Should You Consider Directors & Officers Liability Insurance? Brandon Sutkowi
Feb 08, 2009 Black History Month: Outmoded Vestige of Racism or Justifiable Recognition? Dave Rogers
Feb 05, 2009 Don't Sell Bay City Electric Light & Power, But Make Sure Service is Humane Dave Rogers
Feb 05, 2009 Looking for St. Patrick's Day Information? MyBayCity Staff
Jan 26, 2009 Why Gridlock Snarls Washington and Works Against the Peoples' Interest Dave Rogers
Jan 25, 2009 "Marlobama Madness" MyBayCity Staff
Jan 25, 2009 Inauguration Day -- Thoughts & Observations O. J. Cunningham
Jan 23, 2009 Brazilian Springs Bottled Water 'Spokes-Frog' Needs a Name Rehana Brown
Jan 23, 2009 It's Important to Service Your Diving Equipment Annually Angie Klapish
Jan 21, 2009 Stock Market Down on Obama? Nope, Traders Realized U.S. Banks Are Insolvent Dave Rogers
Jan 18, 2009 All Eyes on Washington, DC
Looking For The Inauguration Scoop?
MyBayCity Staff
Jan 15, 2009 Detroit Making Automobile Headlines With A Piece Of Obama's Past! MyBayCity Staff
Jan 15, 2009 Stop . . Listen to the Music . . . O. J. Cunningham
Jan 11, 2009 How 'Bout Those Gators & Not So Saintly Tim Tebow O. J. Cunningham
Jan 10, 2009 Employee Dishonesty
Is Your Business Covered?
Brandon Sutkowi
Jan 04, 2009 Madonna, Detroit Lions, Sewage & Uptown at River's Edge O. J. Cunningham
Jan 04, 2009 Welcome To The Jungle! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jan 01, 2009 EXERCISE VS. WORKING OUT Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Dec 30, 2008 I Didn't Know - Do You Know? MyBayCity Staff
Dec 28, 2008 A New Years Resolution for Us All: Invest in America, Restore Common Sense Dave Rogers
Dec 28, 2008 Bay Area Chamber Announces New Officers and Directors for 2009 Bay Area Chamber of Commerce
Dec 28, 2008 Job 1 For Obama Administration: Prosecute the XX@@## Banks Who Took Bailout Dave Rogers
Dec 21, 2008 Who Would You Let Pack Your Parachute? O. J. Cunningham
Dec 18, 2008 If They Kill the UAW, It Will Have to Be Reinvented and Expanded South Dave Rogers
Dec 17, 2008 Happy 65 -- Friends Party for Cunningham's Milestone Birthday MyBayCity Staff
Dec 14, 2008 Can You Keep A Secret? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Dec 13, 2008 Chamber's Call to Action to Support Consumers Power Expansion Needs You! Dave Rogers
Dec 07, 2008 'In God We Trust' Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Dec 07, 2008 As Auto Industry Teeters, Bay City and Area Ponders its Future Dave Rogers
Dec 04, 2008 My Personal Winter Driving Safety Tips Brandon Sutkowi
Nov 30, 2008 $21 Million Reasons Why ND's Charlie Weiss Has to Go
Let's Cut Him Loose
O. J. Cunningham
Nov 30, 2008 Billboard: "Sharia Law Threatens America" Alarms I-75 Motorists Dave Rogers
Nov 30, 2008 TriCityBuzz Television Pays Off for Fans of TV Show Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 29, 2008 "Trickle-Down" Economy is "Whizzing" U.S. Middle Class Out of Existence Dave Rogers
Nov 23, 2008 "Marlo Makeover" - Weight Loss, Slower Than Molasses! MyBayCity Staff
Nov 23, 2008 Drinking the Auto Industry Assassination Kool Aid
Will Surely Destroy Us
Dave Rogers
Nov 23, 2008 I Know Nothing About Football
Except That I Know NOTHING About Football
O. J. Cunningham
Nov 21, 2008 Frustration With Detroit Lions' William Clay Ford Boils Over To Television O. J. Cunningham
Nov 19, 2008 Like a Medieval Kangaroo Court, Congress Pillories the Auto Industry Dave Rogers
Nov 16, 2008 Thanksgiving . . . A Time To Be Thankful . . But Also A Time to Give . . Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 16, 2008 When Detroit 3 Auto Giants, Booth Newspapers Stumble, Economic Peril Real Dave Rogers
Nov 09, 2008 GAS PRICES?? -- Somebody's Pulling My Chain . . . O. J. Cunningham
Nov 09, 2008 Republicans Seem More Intent on Regaining Power Than in National Progress Dave Rogers
Nov 07, 2008 Before You Hire an Agent for Your Commercial Insurance Brandon Sutkowi
Nov 06, 2008 How Many Visits Can You Make to Hooters In A Single Week Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 06, 2008 Obama, McCain Demonstrate Spirit of National Unity Needed to Meet Crises Dave Rogers
Nov 02, 2008 Christmas Music ALREADY? I Haven't Even Devoured A Turkey Yet!!! MyBayCity Staff
Oct 31, 2008 Energy Initiative Latest Thrust to Return Michigan to Economic Prosperity Dave Rogers
Oct 30, 2008 Intern Program Working Out Really Well at MyBayCity O. J. Cunningham
Oct 26, 2008 Don't Look Now, But We Could End Up With a McCain-Biden Administration!!! Dave Rogers
Oct 26, 2008 Golf Course Windmills & Lion Quarterbacks O. J. Cunningham
Oct 26, 2008 The Effects Lying Can Have On A Teenager's Life... MyBayCity Staff
Oct 22, 2008 Insurance - Who Needs It? Brandon Sutkowi
Oct 19, 2008 County Commission Pay Complaints Fail to Suggest What Remedy is Proposed Dave Rogers
Oct 15, 2008 BUZZ TV Seeks Mascot For New Local TV SHOW O. J. Cunningham
Oct 15, 2008 DStreet Foundation Makes First Bandwagon Donation To Local Family! MyBayCity Staff
Oct 14, 2008 Money, Education and the Future of the Country: What Do We Really Want? Dave Rogers
Oct 12, 2008 Bay County Poised for Huge Economic Comeback: Only One Drawback Dave Rogers
Oct 08, 2008 Healthy Tips For "Trick-or-Treat" MyBayCity Staff
Oct 08, 2008 Unleash The Monster In You! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Oct 05, 2008 Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame
Fight Song is 100 Years Old
O. J. Cunningham
Oct 05, 2008 He Said / She Said Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Oct 04, 2008 Like Joe Biden, I Really Don't Know Where to Start on the Economy Dave Rogers
Oct 02, 2008 Modeling Career? Save $100 on Portfolio Photo Shoot Debra Groulx
Sep 28, 2008 2008 Ryder Cup - Phenomenal Win For U.S.A. Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Sep 28, 2008 Maj. H.R. Edson, Maj. Gen. Merritt Edson's Son, Wants to See Ship Have Home Dave Rogers
Sep 21, 2008 How to Look 10 Years Younger & 20 Lbs Lighter in Every Photo You Take Debra Groulx
Sep 21, 2008 To Be Made Over Or Not To Be?
The Tri City Buzz "Marlo Makeover" Segment
MyBayCity Staff
Sep 20, 2008 Definition of Government Hysteria: One Sick Deer Causing Feeding Ban Dave Rogers
Sep 14, 2008 Create Halloween Costumes This Year And Make Lasting Memories! MyBayCity Staff
Sep 14, 2008 Hey Man, Nice Shot! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Sep 14, 2008 Lipstick on a Pig: Blunder, Targeting Sarah Palin,or Clever Political Trap? Dave Rogers
Sep 07, 2008 Clash Between Executive Branch, Congress Could Escalate Over Earmarks Dave Rogers
Sep 07, 2008 Weather . . . It's Just a Matter of Perspective O. J. Cunningham
Sep 04, 2008 Having Trouble Sleeping? Lack Energy During the Day? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Sep 04, 2008 Quarreling Candidates and Surrogates Leave Wonder About Solutions Dave Rogers
Aug 28, 2008 Universal Health Care: Socialism or Good Business and Smart Policy? Dave Rogers
Aug 27, 2008 Take Your Aim - Fire Away! Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Aug 26, 2008 Conservative Mackinac Island Ablaze for Obama as Elites Throng Fundraiser Dave Rogers
Aug 24, 2008 Spam Spam Spam - Death To All Spammers O. J. Cunningham
Aug 21, 2008 I'm Going To Open My Own Gas Station and Sell Gas Really Cheap O. J. Cunningham
Aug 20, 2008 Who Has the Biggest Problem in 2008 Election: WE DO! - Finding The Truth Dave Rogers
Aug 17, 2008 If the Medium is the Message, Presidential Forum Sending the Wrong Signals Dave Rogers
Aug 16, 2008 Australian Jessica Chalk Is A Singer Worth Knowing About O. J. Cunningham
Aug 14, 2008 Housing Market? Could It Get Any Worse? Scott Janke - Real Estate Mortgages
Aug 14, 2008 What is a Billion Dollars? 35 Million Gallons? O. J. Cunningham
Aug 13, 2008 Dental Sealants Can Provide Dental Protection Ken Nelson, DDS, Dentistry
Aug 13, 2008 Naysayers, Bah!
Invest Michigan! Shows Money to Transform State Economy
Dave Rogers
Aug 10, 2008 Time for Bay City to Join 23 Other State Cities in Neighborhood Association Dave Rogers
Aug 07, 2008 How To Avoid Common Wedding Disasters Debra Groulx
Aug 07, 2008 Just a Reminder . . . No More Capital Letters Unless You Pay Up O. J. Cunningham
Aug 06, 2008 The Most Fun You Can Have At One Big Shin Dig Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Aug 04, 2008 Discussion: MyBayCity's Coverage of the Hetzel Story & Farragut Street Fire O. J. Cunningham
Jul 22, 2008 Todd Jones -- Please Bring In Somebody Else
Any Jones Will Do
O. J. Cunningham
Jul 20, 2008 Photographs Tell The Wedding Story The Best Debra Groulx
Jul 16, 2008 U.S. Industry Slowly Committing Suicide
Taking National Economy With It!
Dave Rogers
Jul 08, 2008 The $64 Trillion Question: How Does the U.S. Get Out of Depression? Dave Rogers
Jul 05, 2008 You Said a Mouthful -- Nathan's HotDogs & Wimbledon Tennis Fill Me Up O. J. Cunningham
Jul 03, 2008 Taxpayers May Foot the Bill for Government Mortgage Rescue Program Scott Janke - Real Estate Mortgages
Jul 03, 2008 Why Are the Wealthy Supporting Obama When They Know Their Taxes May Double? Dave Rogers
Jul 02, 2008 No Barfing Allowed -- Pass Me Another Hot Dog, Please O. J. Cunningham
Jun 29, 2008 Obama-Hillary Dream Ticket Now Appears Even More Likely Dave Rogers
Jun 08, 2008 Lost in Translation - I Know What Federer and Nadal Were REALLY Saying O. J. Cunningham
Jun 07, 2008 After Obama vs. McCain, Michigan May See Cherry vs. DeVos Dave Rogers
Jun 05, 2008 Indomitable Hillary Wins Popular Vote But Only if Michigan is Counted Dave Rogers
Jun 01, 2008 Tim Roller's Wild Addiction Film Crew Visits Saginaw Bay Waters O. J. Cunningham
May 31, 2008 Take a Tour of Pinconning with the Camera of Dave Rogers
May 22, 2008 Mortgage Maze Can Be Difficult To Navigate for Home Buyers/Sellers Scott Janke - Real Estate Mortgages
May 18, 2008 Don't Be Offended, But, What Do Dogs Think About 'Doo-Doo'? O. J. Cunningham
May 15, 2008 Presidential Politics May Not Be Ready to Reflect a Post Racial Maturity Dave Rogers
May 15, 2008 Smoking Ban --- We're Up to Our Ashes in Conversation O. J. Cunningham
May 11, 2008 It's Anchors Aweigh As Boat Season Arrives in Bay City! Julie McCallum, Entertainment Editor
Apr 20, 2008 Should We Be Bitter in Michigan Just Because Jobs and Livelihood Were Lost? Dave Rogers
Apr 20, 2008 St. Mary's to Host Spaghetti Dinner For Victims of The Manor House Fire Julie McCallum, Entertainment Editor
Apr 10, 2008 Watch Out For Kids on Bicycles & Motorcyclists O. J. Cunningham
Apr 04, 2008 Breaking Journalism Rules An Age Old Problem for Ink Stained Wretches Dave Rogers
Mar 23, 2008 Redeeming Love Christian Embassy Features Passion Play over Easter Weekend Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Mar 20, 2008 666 Is The Daily Number
And It Has Nothing to Do With The Devil (I Hope)
O. J. Cunningham
Mar 20, 2008 First Day of Spring - Vernal Equinox is March 20, 2008 Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Mar 20, 2008 Michigan Still Getting Rhett Butler Treatment From Presidential Candidates Dave Rogers
Mar 16, 2008 2000 Runners/Walkers Compete in 35th Annual
Al Kayne's' St. Pat's Races
Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Mar 08, 2008 If the U.S. Is In A Recession, Why Don't Economists Know It??? Workers Do!! Dave Rogers
Mar 06, 2008 Should Michigan and Florida Hold New Primary Elections? OF COURSE!!! Dave Rogers
Mar 02, 2008 The Rest of the Story: What Candidates Don't Say About Problems with NAFTA Dave Rogers
Mar 02, 2008 VanBuren Theater Features: Hilarious Hillbilly Massacre O. J. Cunningham
Feb 24, 2008 Beer Collectors & Connoisseurs came to Bay City From All Over Michigan Julie McCallum, Entertainment Editor
Feb 24, 2008 If Auto Jobs Aren't Coming Back, Where Are New Jobs Coming From? Dave Rogers
Feb 17, 2008 Democrats Should Accept DNC Offer
To Pay for Michigan Primary Re-Vote
Dave Rogers
Feb 14, 2008 The "Four Letter" Word . . . RATS . . . O. J. Cunningham
Feb 10, 2008 Valentine's Pressure
One Thing For Sure . . . I'm Not Going to Jared!
O. J. Cunningham
Feb 07, 2008 Florida: What a Country! Dave Rogers
Feb 03, 2008 Dog-Gone-Good Chapter of NABA Presents
'Winter Swap 19'
Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Feb 03, 2008 Listen Carefully to the Promises Made by Those Seeking Elected Office O. J. Cunningham
Feb 03, 2008 What's Up With the Republicans in Lansing Dragging Feet on Electric Plan? Dave Rogers
Jan 24, 2008 Help Mend
A Child's Broken Heart
Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Jan 24, 2008 I'll Be Smiling When They Take Away Reggie Bush's 2005 Heisman Trophy O. J. Cunningham
Jan 17, 2008 Michigan Caught Media Glare During Primary, Some Buzz Good, A Lot Bad Dave Rogers
Jan 13, 2008 Here's How One Politician Would Save Michigan: Guess Who It Is? Dave Rogers
Jan 13, 2008 Watching Brett Favre Play Football In the Snow
Makes Me a Better Person
O. J. Cunningham
Jan 10, 2008 Does Michigan Matter in the Big Political Picture? How About Economics? Dave Rogers
Jan 03, 2008 Thoughts from the Presidential Primaries: The American People Demand Change Dave Rogers
Dec 23, 2007 Hope for Michigan's Future Rests With Presidential Candidates Dave Rogers
Dec 09, 2007 Supply Side Economics Guru Laffer: Tax Ideas Not Partisan But Common Sense Dave Rogers
Dec 01, 2007 No Need to Scrap Coal Generating Plants to Green Nation, Says Study Dave Rogers
Nov 21, 2007 Happy Thanksgiving To All MyBayCity Readers and Subscribers O. J. Cunningham
Nov 15, 2007 Three Former Neeto Buzzeeto Stylists Make Move to
Stylin' N Filin'
Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Nov 02, 2007 Bay County Sports Hall of Fame Celebrates 17th Year at Doubletree O. J. Cunningham
Oct 28, 2007 Sorry, Kids, You Can't Go to the Library, Your Grandfather Voted Against It Dave Rogers
Oct 14, 2007 Reasons Why Passage of Library Millage is Crucial to Bay County Dave Rogers
Oct 07, 2007 DERRINGER Entertains at Stein Haus Every Thursday in October O. J. Cunningham
Oct 04, 2007 Avoiding State Government Shutdown Was Ugly,
And May Get Worse
Dave Rogers
Oct 04, 2007 Singer in Stables Competition Has Message for Brother in Afghanistan O. J. Cunningham
Sep 30, 2007 Looking For Something?
Tour the Archive at
Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Sep 30, 2007 Petoskey Hotel Icon Stafford Smith Had Only One Job All His Life Dave Rogers
Sep 16, 2007 Do You Think it is Safe to Drink Tap Water? Julie McCallum,
Senior Staff
Sep 16, 2007 The Untold Story of Why Friday Was Michigan's Biggest News Day in Decades Dave Rogers
Sep 12, 2007 Phil Dirt & The Dozers End
Bay Arts Wednesday Night Summer Series
O. J. Cunningham
Sep 09, 2007 Citizens Committee Works for Unity
In Library Millage Election Nov. 6
Dave Rogers
Sep 09, 2007 Got Talent? "Bring It On" to Stables Every Wednesday Night O. J. Cunningham
Sep 03, 2007 Last Chance To Nominate - Then Cast Your Vote For The 7 Wonders of Bay City O. J. Cunningham
Aug 29, 2007 Blues Brothers Rock The Wenonah Bandshell O. J. Cunningham
Aug 26, 2007 Issues of Democracy Defined in Struggle Over Iraq War Policy Dave Rogers
Aug 19, 2007 Chemical Bank Hosts Realtors, at Loons Game Dave Rogers
Aug 12, 2007 Study of Proposed Maritime Heritage Center's Economic Impact to be Unveiled Dave Rogers
Aug 02, 2007 ONLINE Voting For Michigan Idol Competition is "Pretty Good Indicator" O. J. Cunningham
Jul 22, 2007 The Donkey In The Well O. J. Cunningham
Jul 13, 2007 I Just Love This Hometown of Mine O. J. Cunningham
Jul 08, 2007 Friday at the Falls
Is a Magical Experience
O. J. Cunningham
Jul 08, 2007 State Leaving Money On The Table: Cardinal Sin of Gambling Dave Rogers
Jul 04, 2007 Joey Chestnut Eats 66
Hot Dogs & Buns in 12 Minutes
O. J. Cunningham
Jul 04, 2007 The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont: Like Northern Michigan With An Attitude Dave Rogers
Jul 01, 2007 I Got To Meet Gallagher While He Was In Bay City O. J. Cunningham
Jun 24, 2007 "I Don't Smoke," She Said,
"But A Cigar Every So Often, Mmmmmmm."
O. J. Cunningham
Jun 17, 2007 Are You (Like Me) Getting Worried About Bay City? O. J. Cunningham
Jun 01, 2007 Disney, Little Caesar's Heir, Masterminding Grayling Theme Park? Dave Rogers
May 30, 2007 300 Is Something to be Proud Of O. J. Cunningham
May 30, 2007 All I Really Need to Know . . .
I Learned in Kindergarten . . .
O. J. Cunningham
May 27, 2007 Robots May Get Saganing Jobs; Virtual Dealers to Blink at Casino Patrons? Dave Rogers
May 20, 2007 Cell Phone Commercials Might Just Be The Best Thing on TV O. J. Cunningham
May 20, 2007 Holy Cow! Vast Hike in Cattle, Factory Farms, May Be Causing Beach Muck Dave Rogers
May 13, 2007 Limo Ride To Detroit Tiger Baseball Game Is Priced Right O. J. Cunningham
May 06, 2007 Bay County Merger With Saginaw-Midland Water System Would Make Good Sense Dave Rogers
May 06, 2007 Bay Valley Resort/Conference Center Grand Opening Signals Start of New Era O. J. Cunningham
Apr 29, 2007 UMICH Graduation Ceremony is Memorable Experience O. J. Cunningham
Apr 08, 2007 Arts Groups to Rally April 18 at State Capitol to Protest Grant Moratorium Dave Rogers
Apr 08, 2007 Tossing & Turning All Night?
Talk Radio Might Be For You
O. J. Cunningham
Mar 25, 2007 Global Warming Movie Draws Big Crowd to State Theater; Debate Heats Up Dave Rogers
Mar 25, 2007 One Thing at a Time - That's What My Dad Used to Tell Me O. J. Cunningham
Mar 18, 2007 Brunner, Wooley Said Considering Race for Mayor; Finances the Issue Dave Rogers
Mar 18, 2007 Everybody's Writing About Beer in Bay City, Michigan O. J. Cunningham
Mar 04, 2007 Michigan, Tri-County Area on the Cutting Edge as International Issues Loom Dave Rogers
Feb 27, 2007 Canonization of Al Gore Muddies Presidential Political Waters O. J. Cunningham
Feb 25, 2007 City Income Tax Might Fly If Trade Offs Like Lower Property Taxes Adequate Dave Rogers
Feb 25, 2007 What's All The Fuss About the South End Real Estate Development? O. J. Cunningham
Feb 18, 2007 I Thought I Had It Made When I Got NetFlix - Wrong Again!! O. J. Cunningham
Feb 18, 2007 Report From Florida: Frankly, My Dear, I'd Rather Be In Bay City, Michigan Dave Rogers
Feb 04, 2007 Michigan Science, Dedicated to Ted Doan, Published by Mackinac Center Dave Rogers
Feb 04, 2007 Punxsutawney Weather Prognosticator Says Spring Is Coming Early O. J. Cunningham
Jan 28, 2007 1953: When Life Was Simpler
Smith Brothers'? or Vick's?
O. J. Cunningham
Jan 28, 2007 State, FCC Cable Reform May Impact City Revenues, Franchising Regulation Dave Rogers
Jan 21, 2007 Winter Blahs - Is It Just Me, or Is January Television as Bad as It Seems? O. J. Cunningham
Jan 07, 2007 Feds Side With Chippewa in Huge Land Suit Against State - Schedule Sought Dave Rogers
Jan 01, 2007 Happy New Year
Hoping for a Very Brady 2007
O. J. Cunningham
Dec 31, 2006 Bay City is a Better Place Because of Guys Like Engel and Boutell Dave Rogers
Dec 24, 2006 Tri-County Marketing Spurred By Cooperation, New Regional Publication Dave Rogers
Dec 15, 2006 Library Millage & Affirmative Action - What Am I Missing Here? O. J. Cunningham
Dec 10, 2006 Urban Gambles Fail: Casinos Fall Short of Glimmering Economic Promise Dave Rogers
Dec 07, 2006 Did Bay County & State Voters Give Exclusive Casino Franchise to Detroit? Dave Rogers
Dec 04, 2006 Too Much Crap Has Always Been a Problem Here in Bay City O. J. Cunningham
Dec 03, 2006 Elected Library Board Idea Resurfaces After 14 Years, Voter Dissatisfaction Dave Rogers
Nov 19, 2006 Hey . . . Coach Zappone . . . Coach Vince Zappone . . . O. J. Cunningham
Nov 12, 2006 What I Learned Last Summer on the Saginaw River: Dynamic Port Potential Dave Rogers
Nov 05, 2006 Library's Secret Weapon:
People Who Use and Treasure The Service
Dave Rogers
Nov 05, 2006 Louisville, Boise St., West Virginia & Rutgers Should Sit At Kid's Table O. J. Cunningham
Oct 29, 2006 Lobbyists, Bosses, Ideologues "Puppetize" Candidates, Issues Dave Rogers
Oct 19, 2006 Watch Out For That Deer ! O. J. Cunningham
Oct 06, 2006 Proposed 144 Slip Marina Would Turn Uptown into Venice-Like Downtown Area Dave Rogers
Sep 24, 2006 My 'Give-a-Damn'
Is (Almost) Busted
O. J. Cunningham
Sep 10, 2006 WWW.YOUTUBE.COM
Crank It UPPPPPPP!!!!
O. J. Cunningham
Sep 03, 2006 Charlie Weiss Could Replace Jesus on the ND Library Mural O. J. Cunningham
Aug 31, 2006 NAFTA, CAFTA AND TRASHTA: Dems Trumpet Canadian Trash Deal, GOP Stews Dave Rogers
Aug 27, 2006 Summer Dog Days Near End:
Time to Regroup for Fall Fun
O. J. Cunningham
Aug 20, 2006 Alice and Jack Wirt Deserve All the Recognition the Community Can Give Them Dave Rogers
Aug 20, 2006 Michigan Notable Books: A Program Highlighting Stories About the State Dave Rogers
Aug 20, 2006 Television Advertising At Its Best O. J. Cunningham
Jul 20, 2006 Bay City Opens Arms and Bridges To Welcome Tall Ships - 2006 O. J. Cunningham
Jul 20, 2006 Saginaw River Has 220 Year History of Tall Ships Dating to the Trombleys Dave Rogers
Jul 13, 2006 Economic Drama of the Saginaw Valley Building Toward Inevitable Crescendo Dave Rogers
Jul 09, 2006 Futurist Lou Glazer Helps Bay County Leaders Sketch a Vision of Progress Dave Rogers
Jul 04, 2006 Midland Street Whine Walk
'The Lost Tapes'
O. J. Cunningham
Jun 30, 2006 Burger King Advertising . . .
Big SomeThing Chicken . . .????
O. J. Cunningham
Jun 18, 2006 New Drive-Through Trend:
Pay it Backward
O. J. Cunningham
Jun 17, 2006 The Hill: Where the Nation's Problems Start, And Roll Downward to Plague Us Dave Rogers
Jun 11, 2006 Midland Street West Side Wine Walk 2006 O. J. Cunningham
Jun 04, 2006 Bay City -- No Place to Spend a Weekend
According To Michigan.ORG
O. J. Cunningham
Jun 02, 2006 Chrysler CEO LaSorda Wows the Island Conference, We Make Nice with the Gov Dave Rogers
May 21, 2006 Bay City Loses a Friend with Death of Ted Doan of Dow Chemical Last Tuesday Dave Rogers
May 13, 2006 Can "Internet Inventor" Al Gore Redefine Himself As A Winner ? Dave Rogers
May 07, 2006 Memories Flood My Mind Each Year on the First Saturday in May O. J. Cunningham
Apr 30, 2006 Seven Cruise Ships to Tour Great Lakes This Year; Why Not a Bay City Stop? Dave Rogers
Apr 16, 2006 Dick DeVos to Speak to GOP Here May 16; Pundit Hannity to Promote Michigan? Dave Rogers
Apr 07, 2006 Detroit Lions 2006 NFL Schedule O. J. Cunningham
Apr 01, 2006 Gun Turret on Top of the Car Might Not Be A Good Idea O. J. Cunningham
Mar 26, 2006 Opening Day at the Fairground's 'Bark Park' Has Me A Little on Edge O. J. Cunningham
Mar 26, 2006 What Ever Happened to the Tradition of Respect for the Opinions of Others? Dave Rogers
Mar 25, 2006 He's Just My Baby Daddy: Effects Of New Type of Relationship Perplex Writer Dave Rogers
Mar 19, 2006 Pneumonia Defeated - Lucky For Me, 'Cuz The Medicine Is Running Out O. J. Cunningham
Mar 11, 2006 The Political Imperatives of Journalism: Why We Do What We Do Dave Rogers
Feb 19, 2006 P.O.W.E.R. Fund Vital to Local Growth, But Electric System Surplus Required Dave Rogers
Jan 31, 2006 Abramoff Ready to Drop the Other Shoe As Political Fates Hinge on Scandal Dave Rogers
Jan 21, 2006 List of "Banished Words" Released by Lake Superior State University Dave Rogers
Jan 14, 2006 Minor League Baseball Team in Midland Revives 125 Year Old Tradition Here Dave Rogers
Jan 01, 2006 It's a New Year and Hopeful Signs Abound Amid the Confusion and Doubt Dave Rogers
Dec 04, 2005 China’s Navy Will Overtake U.S. Fleet by 2015; Where are Midwest Shipyards? Dave Rogers
Nov 21, 2005 Too Many Ads, Too Many CSI-Type Shows on TV O. J. Cunningham
Nov 20, 2005 Saginaw Chippewa Involved as Sen. McCain Threatens Witness with Contempt Dave Rogers
Nov 13, 2005 Lake Placid's "Affluent Beggar"
Tells All About Resort in Adirondacks
Dave Rogers
Oct 18, 2005 Sen. McCain to Reconvene Indian Gaming Hearings Wednesday in Washington Dave Rogers
Oct 14, 2005 Industry/Worker Alliance Against China Aims to Save American Jobs Dave Rogers
Sep 16, 2005 In Search of the Elusive Thin Legged Katydid Stephen Kent
Sep 16, 2005 Munger Among 128 Michigan "Shadow Towns" Tracked in New History Dave Rogers
Sep 04, 2005 Two of the Six Appledore Tall Ships Call Bay City Home Port Dave Rogers
Aug 27, 2005 Survivor Challenges Book on Sinking of Freighter Cedarville 40 Years Ago Dave Rogers
Jul 10, 2005 Mellencamp & Fogerty At Soaring Eagle
Bring Back Images of Woodstock
O. J. Cunningham
Jul 03, 2005 Whither the Modern American Conservative Movement, Founded in Mid-Michigan? Dave Rogers
Jun 26, 2005 Chicago One Big Rotary Meeting with 40,000 Rotarians in Town Dave Rogers
Jun 08, 2005 The Yuan, Health Care, Education, GM Crucial to State, Bay City Future Dave Rogers
May 22, 2005 Bay City Tourism Needs Boost: USS Edson, Lighthouse Would Help Dave Rogers
May 15, 2005 BUY, BUY MISS AMERICAN PIE! Drive Your Chevy to the Levee and Buy American! Dave Rogers
May 01, 2005 Downtown Stroll Highlights The Good and the Fixable O. J. Cunningham
Apr 29, 2005 If Wal-Mart Trend is Inevitable, How Can Bay County Use it to Create Jobs? Dave Rogers
Apr 14, 2005 I Thought I Saw a Puddy-Tat . . . O. J. Cunningham
Apr 13, 2005 Defoe-Built Research Vessel Knorr Deserves a Medal For Its Performance Dave Rogers
Apr 05, 2005 Pumping Gas . . . O. J. Cunningham
Mar 25, 2005 Happy Easter To All O. J. Cunningham
Mar 20, 2005 First Day of Spring?
Spring Solstice?
Who's Kidding Whom?
O. J. Cunningham
Mar 20, 2005 Larry Cook's Life was Bay City's Version of "It's a Wonderful Life" Dave Rogers
Mar 09, 2005 Mid-Michigan Indian Gambling Bonanza Leads Chippewa Into Political Morass Dave Rogers
Mar 06, 2005 Hucksters Clip-Clopped Across Bay City in the Depression Years & Earlier Dave Rogers
Feb 25, 2005 NASCAR = Jeff Gordon, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw and Mud on my Tires O. J. Cunningham
Feb 12, 2005 Fountain of Youth Elixir Energizes Columnist to Run Gasparilla 5-K Race Dave Rogers
Jan 30, 2005 Paul Bunyan Operetta by Benjamin Britten Seeing Amazing Revival Dave Rogers
Jan 30, 2005 The Groundhog Better Get It Right This Year O. J. Cunningham
Jan 23, 2005 Johhny Carson, Legendary Talk Show Host Dies at 79 O. J. Cunningham
Jan 20, 2005 Hardee's Monster Thick Burger
1,420 Calories, 107 Fat Grams
O. J. Cunningham
Jan 20, 2005 Mysterious Charitable Snowman
Reportedly At Work Somewhere in County
Dave Rogers
Jan 09, 2005 Tsunami Death Toll Mounts in Southeast Asia O. J. Cunningham
Jan 04, 2005 Knock, Knock . . .
What's your REAL name?
O. J. Cunningham
Dec 26, 2004 Christmas-New Year Luminaries, Snow Pile, Bond Dale Court Neighborhood Dave Rogers
Dec 23, 2004 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year O. J. Cunningham
Dec 11, 2004 Hemingway's Ghost Appears Incarnate at Secret Walloon Lake Cottage Dave Rogers
Dec 05, 2004 Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree Stephen Kent
Dec 01, 2004 It's All About Big Food O. J. Cunningham
Nov 28, 2004 Thanksgiving Weekend . . .
I Hope Yours Was As Nice As Mine
O. J. Cunningham
Nov 22, 2004 AARP Follow-up - As Promised O. J. Cunningham
Nov 21, 2004 Bits & Pieces - T.O. & Housewives, the BC Times & a Weekend of TV Sports O. J. Cunningham
Nov 17, 2004 Bay City Recalls its Successful Heritage as Leaders Confront Economic Seas Dave Rogers
Nov 11, 2004 Not Quite Ready For Retirement - But I've Got My AARP Card O. J. Cunningham
Nov 07, 2004 Man-Soaps?
Don't Talk To Me During Sports Center
O. J. Cunningham
Nov 04, 2004 Manufacturing Employment Revitalization a Potential Boost to Area Economy Dave Rogers
Oct 27, 2004 Daily Flavor O. J. Cunningham
Oct 08, 2004 Food For Thought
I'll Eat Most Anything Off The Floor
O. J. Cunningham
Oct 03, 2004 Who You Calling Grandpa, Sonny?
(Let's NOT do the math)
O. J. Cunningham
Sep 26, 2004 Duck Season! Hurricane Season! Duck Season! Hurricane Season! O. J. Cunningham
Sep 19, 2004 City Lagoon on State Park Drive Was Donated by Dow Chemical Co. in 1935 Dave Rogers
Sep 13, 2004 Investigation of Flight 93 Explosion May Lead to Sources in Bay City Dave Rogers
Sep 02, 2004 Take a Nature Walk Through Bay City's Historic Treasure Land -- Vets Park Dave Rogers
Aug 18, 2004 Bay City Agrees To Sell Center Avenue Trees To Home Depot O. J. Cunningham
Aug 15, 2004 Will the Real Bay City Please Stand Up: It's Time for the Future Dave Rogers
Aug 08, 2004 What's Bay City's Best Story? Tales of Hometown Heroes Past and Present Dave Rogers
Jul 23, 2004 It's The Eve of Destruction - The Jail & Fish's Are Wrecking Ball Targets O. J. Cunningham
Jul 17, 2004 The Crawl . . . It's A Disease . . . It's Spreading . . . We're Doomed! O. J. Cunningham
Jul 09, 2004 Summer Television Is
A Very Bad Idea
O. J. Cunningham
Jun 20, 2004 Hex Fever - There Is No Cure! O. J. Cunningham
May 09, 2004 The "Catch 22s" of Globalization Shown by the Jobs Outsourcing Dilemma Dave Rogers
Apr 02, 2004 River City Ramblings: I Wouldn't Have Seen It If I Hadn't Believed It Dave Rogers
Mar 21, 2004 St. Patrick's Day, St. James, Notre Dame, Leprecahns, and More . . . O. J. Cunningham
Mar 11, 2004 Computer Grinzzzzzzzzzz O. J. Cunningham
Mar 10, 2004 The Rambler Rides Again:
A Look at the Political Realism of Community
Dave Rogers
Feb 22, 2004 Who Says People Look Like Their Dogs? O. J. Cunningham
Dec 24, 2003 Bay City Diplomat at Center of Founding of Republican China in 1913 Dave Rogers
Dec 22, 2003 Merry Christmas . . .
and a very . . .
Happy New Year
O. J. Cunningham
Dec 14, 2003 Bay City Walking Dredge Still A "Destination Attraction" in Naples, Florida Dave Rogers
Nov 26, 2003 Happy Thanksgiving Weekend O. J. Cunningham
Nov 24, 2003 Pop Quiz - Jungle O. J. Cunningham
Nov 09, 2003 "Titanic" Accomplishment of Bay City Built Ship Noted at History Conference Dave Rogers
Oct 10, 2003 Governor's Council of Economic Advisors Aims to Revive Manufacturing Dave Rogers
Oct 07, 2003 Stitch Calls It Quits After 600 Blooperball Wins O. J. Cunningham
Oct 07, 2003 Two years and twenty-seven days later... O. J. Cunningham
Oct 02, 2003 Coining Around O. J. Cunningham
Oct 02, 2003 First Salmon - Pere Marquette River - Baldwin, Mi Stephen Kent
Sep 25, 2003 Reality Television
Better Than Radio?
O. J. Cunningham
Sep 22, 2003 Unions and Management Need to Join to Stop Michigan's Economic Decline Dave Rogers
Sep 16, 2003 Have You Ever Wondered? O. J. Cunningham
Sep 12, 2003 At Least We Know Why The Deer Cross The Road In Indiana O. J. Cunningham
Sep 05, 2003 Smithsonian Magazine To Visit River of Time September 27-28 Dave Rogers
Aug 27, 2003 China's Paper Tiger, Unfair Currency Advantage, Stirs Gov. Granholm Dave Rogers
Aug 27, 2003 Labor Day Celebration - Last Fling of Summer O. J. Cunningham
Aug 21, 2003 35 Million Gallons of Sewage - That's A Lot of Crap O. J. Cunningham
Aug 08, 2003 Underrated: John Cusack, The Post Office and The Library System O. J. Cunningham
Aug 03, 2003 Thumb Octagon Barn Being Transformed Into Agricultural Museum by 'Friends' Dave Rogers
Aug 01, 2003 Registers Over 108,000+ Hits in July 2003 O. J. Cunningham
Jun 21, 2003 Destroyer Escort Sailors Gather in Bay City, Honor Lost Heroes Dave Rogers
Jun 20, 2003 Flying Car Will Solve All Of My Parking Problems O. J. Cunningham
Jun 09, 2003 More Bay City Connections to Important Historical Figures Discovered Dave Rogers
Jun 04, 2003 Weather Alert?
I'm not anal, I just need to know
O. J. Cunningham
May 30, 2003 Things I Learned Today . . .
While Looking Up "Other" Things
O. J. Cunningham
May 13, 2003 Old Rail Center Revival Plan Recalls Glory Days of the 1950s Downtown Dave Rogers
Apr 20, 2003 Bay City Has Remade Itself in the Past 20 Years for the New Economy Dave Rogers
Apr 05, 2003 Economic Development Report of 20 Years Ago Was Largely Ignored by Leaders Dave Rogers
Mar 27, 2003 Crumbling Elm Lawn Chapel First Target of Restoration Committee Dave Rogers
Mar 19, 2003 They Descended on Center Avenue Like Mad Lemmings O. J. Cunningham
Mar 02, 2003 Do You Really Want to be President, Boys and Girls? Dave Rogers
Mar 02, 2003 HOT ICE in Bay City Stephen Kent
Feb 27, 2003 Red Cross Provides Military Services Stephen Kent
Feb 26, 2003 Selling Governor's Residence on Mackinac Island Bad Idea Dave Rogers
Feb 05, 2003 Nasty Talk Show Mentality Now Prevalent Not Conducive to a Democracy Dave Rogers
Jan 28, 2003 Yippeeee Ki Yi Yippeeeeeee, Ki Yayyyyyyyyyyyy !!!! O. J. Cunningham
Jan 26, 2003 South African Exchange Student is Enthusiastic Booster of Her Country Dave Rogers
Jan 15, 2003 Gonzales Case May Go To Trial Next Month in Texas Dave Rogers
Jan 03, 2003 Fish On! MyBayCity Staff
Dec 31, 2002 It's Time for Unity and Marketing "Renaissance River City" Dave Rogers
Dec 18, 2002 'Twas The Week Before Christmas MyBayCity Staff
Nov 21, 2002 Bay City Plans Downtown Holiday Magic Guest Columnist
Nov 20, 2002 Dow Speedskating Championships Called 'Biggest Event' Ever in Bay County Dave Rogers
Nov 04, 2002 Valley Center Technology Park Providing 924 Jobs Dave Rogers
Aug 03, 2002 In Support of Local Libraries Stephen Kent
Aug 03, 2002 Stock Market Got You Down? Dave Rogers
Aug 01, 2002 All Roads Lead To
A Bright Bay City Future
O. J. Cunningham
Jul 04, 2002 26 Years Later - A New Electronic Publication - Coming Full Circle O. J. Cunningham
Jul 04, 2002 An Old Town of Interesting History & Many Stories Dave Rogers
Jul 03, 2002 Local Restaurant Poised for Takeover Chris Cunningham
Jun 19, 2002 This is my First Column! Chris Cunningham
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