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Article Archive:

Jun 17, 2018 POT VOTE DICEY: Legal Marijuana Not a Slam Dunk, Opponents Say Dave Rogers
Jun 03, 2018 50-YEAR VISION: Michigan Infrastructure a $4 Billion/Year Issue in Election Dave Rogers
Jun 03, 2018 MORE STEM TRAINING? Advocacy Group Backs Scientists for Congress Dave Rogers
Apr 04, 2018 DACA COSTS: Michigan League for Public Policy Cites $450 Million Loss Fears Dave Rogers
Feb 09, 2018 Joint City/County Commission Town Hall Addresses Bridge Question Stephen Kent
Jan 30, 2018 Bay City TOWN HALL Discusses Bridge Issues Stephen Kent
Jan 11, 2018 BRIDGE POSITION: Bay County Leadership Looks to City for Plan Dave Rogers
Dec 01, 2017 SCHOOL ACCOUNTABILITY: Rep. Elder, Dems, Introduce School FACT Bill Letters to the Editor
Aug 31, 2017 OUT! OUT! DANG PHRAGMITES!!! Treatment Starts Here Next Week Dave Rogers
Aug 22, 2017 FEMA TO HELP: Dates set for Home Rebuilding Aid in Midland Dave Rogers
Aug 17, 2017 FEMA Announces Disaster Recovery Application Sites for 4 Counties, Tribe Dave Rogers
Jul 15, 2017 FBI HITS FRAUD: Six Michigan Physicians, Saginaw Firm, Charged Dave Rogers
Jul 10, 2017 PARTISAN PULPITS? Shades of Nazis: House Eyes Political Churches Dave Rogers
May 26, 2017 ELDER NAMED: Bay City State Representative on Law Revision Commission Dave Rogers
Apr 14, 2017 BARCIA NAMED: Bay County Executive Gets County Executives Group Board Post Dave Rogers
Feb 18, 2017 117 YEAR TRAVESTY: Cheboygan Burt Lake Indian Band Sues for Justice Dave Rogers
Jan 28, 2017 DDA EYES EXPANSION: Monitor Township, Bay County Agree to Continue Park Dave Rogers
Jan 27, 2017 MDOT Schedules Public Open House to Discuss Lafayette Street Bridge Stephen Kent
Nov 19, 2016 MICHIGAN ELECTORS: Midland's Judy Rapanos on List of 16 To Confirm Prez Dave Rogers
Nov 10, 2016 COMING TOGETHER? President Trump Faces Tests on Unity, Jobs Dave Rogers
Nov 05, 2016 Innovative Way To Address Truancy MyBayCity Staff
Oct 16, 2016 POLLUTION RISKS: MDEQ, County Eye 6,900 Kawkawlin Watershed Septic Systems Dave Rogers
Aug 19, 2016 BRIDGE CLOSING? Independence is Vital, Irreplaceable Truck Route Dave Rogers
Jul 20, 2016 VETS ASSURED: Bay County to Replace Job Eliminated by State Dave Rogers
Jun 12, 2016 SMART 9-1-1:New Bay County Safety Service Popular with Citizens Dave Rogers
Jun 05, 2016 RULING LIGHTS DARK STORES: Legislator Still Wants Bill to Insure Tax Policy Dave Rogers
May 18, 2016 BARCIA VS. HICKNER: Longstanding County Building Disputes Eyed Dave Rogers
Apr 27, 2016 LEVIN HONORED: Destroyer USS Carl M. Levin Named in Detroit Dave Rogers
Apr 27, 2016 SAFE WASTE WATER: Bay City's Carbon Treatment Rare, Best, Say Experts Dave Rogers
Apr 21, 2016 STUDENT LOANS: Michigan Dems Launch Bills to Foil Predators Dave Rogers
Apr 16, 2016 REVENUE SHARING: Midland Republican Senator Leads Policy Reversal Dave Rogers
Mar 01, 2016 TRUMP, CLINTON LEAD: Michigan Primary Election Set March 8 Dave Rogers
Feb 25, 2016 Jan A. Miner Announces her Intentions to Run for Probate Court Judge O. J. Cunningham
Feb 18, 2016 Probate Judge John Keuvelaar Announces He Will Seek Another Term O. J. Cunningham
Feb 14, 2016 SENATE HURDLE: Former Bay Cityan Myra Selby's Nomination Also Pending Dave Rogers
Feb 06, 2016 PRISONERS EXONERATED: U-M Reports Record Number Wrongfully Convicted Freed Dave Rogers
Jan 08, 2016 PANHANDLERS EYED: County Executive Tom Hickner to Discuss Issue Tuesday Dave Rogers
Jan 02, 2016 TAX GRAB=$78 M: Locals Fight Big Box Tribunal Rulings Dave Rogers
Oct 30, 2015 Spencer 'Meet & Greet' Set For Thursday, November 5, 2015 O. J. Cunningham
Oct 05, 2015 MARINE PATROL: Bay County Eyes $250,000 New Vessel Dave Rogers
Sep 24, 2015 PROSECUTORS BORE IN: Steve Ingersoll Still Under the Federal Microscope Dave Rogers
Sep 05, 2015 WATER TURNED ON: Higher Quality Lake Huron Source Hooked to Local System Dave Rogers
Aug 14, 2015 RAIL TO WATER: Old D&M Railroad Now Site of Saginaw-Midland Waterlines Dave Rogers
Aug 01, 2015 NEW TROOPERS: State Police Graduate 62 From Trooper School Dave Rogers
Aug 01, 2015 SOCIAL SECURITY: More Secure -- Now Good Until 2035 -- Say Trustees Dave Rogers
Jun 18, 2015 LOCK 'EM UP! Old Flawed Idea Now Seen Unfair, Unsustainable by Policymakers Dave Rogers
Jun 11, 2015 HUMAN SERVICES FIRST: Vulnerable Adult Protocol Brings Award to County Dave Rogers
Jun 08, 2015 HIRING BOOM! State of Michigan, General Motors, Said Seeking Workers Dave Rogers
May 08, 2015 HEALTH CHALLENGE: County Pushes Employees to Wellness at 3.5 Miles Daily Dave Rogers
Apr 04, 2015 BAY COUNTY IN 3-D: Commission Aims Aerial Cameras to Boost GIS Program Dave Rogers
Mar 22, 2015 Governor Appoints Keuvelaar Probate Court Judge O. J. Cunningham
Mar 01, 2015 HANDS OFF: Legislature Passes New Green Gun Bill Removing County Discretion Dave Rogers
Feb 27, 2015 HIRE MI HEROES! Unemployed Vets Focus of Tax Credit Bill In Legislature Dave Rogers
Feb 20, 2015 TAKE A LOOK: I Dare You to Try and Figure Out if the Road Tax Plan is Good Dave Rogers
Feb 05, 2015 GUN CONTROL? Public Nearly Universally Opposes New Laws: PBS Poll Dave Rogers
Feb 05, 2015 POT CITIES GROW: Marijuana Decriminalization Trend Sweeps Across Michigan Dave Rogers
Feb 02, 2015 TAX CONSEQUENCES: Anderson Economic Group Tax Note on May Ballot Proposal Voice Your Opinion
Jan 25, 2015 SOCIAL SECURITY BATTLE: System Not Broke, Say Friends, Advocating Expansion Dave Rogers
Jan 20, 2015 RENEWABLE ENERGY: Also Make Clean Air a Priority, Group Urges Gov. Snyder, Dave Rogers
Nov 10, 2014 SCAM ALERT: Homeland Security Warns of Phony IRS Calls Targeting Seniors Dave Rogers
Nov 07, 2014 ELECTION SURPRISES: Bay County Doesn't Follow All State Outcomes Dave Rogers
Oct 10, 2014 WATER BILL $68M: Cost of New Plant, Lines Revised Down From $72 Million Dave Rogers
Oct 06, 2014 GUN COSTS UP? State Police Say Mike Green's Bill Would Cost $8.4 Million Dave Rogers
Oct 03, 2014 COST FLUCTUATING: County Revises Water Plant Bond Financing Dave Rogers
Jul 30, 2014 MILLAGE VOTE SET: County Puts Disclosure Ties On Historical Society Dave Rogers
Jul 22, 2014 SPOILER ALERT: Kingston School Trustee Jeffrey Phillips Vies for Senate Dave Rogers
Jul 18, 2014 SENATE PRIMARY: Green, Daley Swap Right Crosses, "Sacrificial Lamb" Lurks Dave Rogers
Jun 08, 2014 CONNECTION MADE: New Water Plant Hooked Up to Whitestone Line Dave Rogers
Feb 23, 2014 COUNTY ON PACE: Energy Efficiency Financing Eased Under New Program Dave Rogers
Feb 14, 2014 FINN OK'D: Letter Attesting to Manager's Fairness Convinces Commissioners Dave Rogers
Feb 08, 2014 FIX ROADS FIRST: Local Board Urges Snyder to Scrap Income Tax Cut Dave Rogers
Feb 08, 2014 LGBT SHOWDOWN? Bay County May be Focus of Tea Party at Tuesday Meeting Dave Rogers
Jan 24, 2014 Two City Commissioners "Looking Into" Issues at Richard Finn's Last Job Dave Rogers
Dec 28, 2013 JAIL COSTS RISE: County Commissioners Complain, But Approve Health Measure Dave Rogers
Dec 23, 2013 CITY HALL SHINES: Renovated Historic Structure Open House Set Jan. 27 Dave Rogers
Nov 03, 2013 INSTANT RUNOFF: Minneapolis Vote Tuesday Tests with Rank Choice Method Dave Rogers
Oct 12, 2013 OPEN CARRY: School Children Share State Capitol with Gun Advocates Dave Rogers
Oct 10, 2013 SHUTDOWN WOES: Government Turmoil May Affect 2014 Congress Races Dave Rogers
County Commissioners Make Deal With Canvassers, Clerk
Dave Rogers
Jul 26, 2013 STANDOFF??? County Board of Canvassers Goes to Mat with Commission Dave Rogers
Jul 03, 2013 GOVERNMENT TRUST: Survey by U-M/MSU Shows Citizens Growing More Wary Dave Rogers
Apr 30, 2013 NITROGEN THREAT: Is State Park Beach Muck From Excess Fertilizer, Manure? Dave Rogers
Mar 11, 2013 BAY COUNTY RISES WITH UPTOWN! Moody's Upgrades Bond Debt Rating to Aa3 Dave Rogers
Feb 07, 2013 Tom Hickner has been appointed to the MAC Committee O. J. Cunningham
Feb 01, 2013 CHANGE IT! Government Funding Reform Goal of Majority of Local Officials Dave Rogers
Jan 26, 2013 HISTORIC H-2-O PACT: Whitestone Water, New Plant to Serve Most Bay County Dave Rogers
Dec 19, 2012 GUV VETOES GUN LAW: Open Carry Act Nixed in Wake of Newton Massacre Dave Rogers
Dec 09, 2012 TSA ON WAY OUT? X-Ray Scanners Only One Problem Among Many Dave Rogers
Nov 19, 2012 Bay County is on the Straight and Narrow MyBayCity Staff
Dems Seen Retaking Seat Lost in Health Care Kerfuffle
Dave Rogers
Nov 01, 2012 GOV BACKS BRIDGE:
Canada Will Pay for Vital Transport Tie to Michigan
Dave Rogers
Oct 31, 2012 MICHIGAN IN PLAY? Romney Ad Blitz Here Countered by Obama Campaign Dave Rogers
Oct 28, 2012 BIG SENIOR ISSUE: Supreme Court Incumbents Criticized for Pension Tax Votes Dave Rogers
A Non-Partisan Look at the 6 Ballot Initiatives
Dave Rogers
Oct 21, 2012 SHEE'S BAACK!!! Jennifer Granholm Hits Atty. Gen. Schuette On Ballot Plan Dave Rogers
Oct 14, 2012 Bay County Commission Candidates to Attend Forum at Fremont Center Dave Rogers
Oct 07, 2012 Michigan Manufacturers Want the Bridge, Urge Rejection of Other Issues Dave Rogers
What's the Tie With the V.P. Debate Site?
Dave Rogers
Sep 16, 2012 BALLOT PROPOSALS: November Voting May Be Confused by Multiple Issues Dave Rogers
Sep 09, 2012 DNR Thanks Hunters, Celebrates 75 Years of Conservation Funding Success O. J. Cunningham
Aug 26, 2012 Reform Group Eyes Post-Election Audits, Citing Error-Prone Optical System Dave Rogers
Aug 23, 2012 Secretary of State Ruth Johnson Under Fire For Voter Citizenship Question Dave Rogers
Aug 12, 2012 Ex-Congressman Bart Stupak Now Lobbyist; Speaks Aug. 15 in California Dave Rogers
Aug 05, 2012 Kildee's Electric Vehicle Charging Bill Wins Unanimous Approval Dave Rogers
Jul 28, 2012 FOILED? Ex-State Rep. Wetters Loses FOIA But Pushes Bid to Oust Clerk Dave Rogers
Jul 15, 2012 HEALTH CARE MESS: Kildee Stands Firm, GOP Says Let Market Work Dave Rogers
Jul 01, 2012 BOOZE TALK: State Monopoly on Liquor Questionable, Says Mackinac Center Dave Rogers
Jun 24, 2012 BETTER WATER ON TAP! $59 Million Membrane Plant Construction Planned Dave Rogers
Jun 17, 2012 Candidate Forum Slated June 21 at Fremont Child and Senior Center Dave Rogers
Marijuana Issue May Smoke Up November Election
Dave Rogers
Jun 08, 2012 FLORIDA: Confederate Flag Still Flies Here, Folks; What Does That Mean? Dave Rogers
May 27, 2012 Planning Unified Michigan Theme of Detroit Regional Chamber on Mackinac Dave Rogers
May 17, 2012 Native American Drops Bid to Oust Dr. Benishek from Congress Dave Rogers
May 12, 2012 War Looms Between State vs. Local Governments & Schools Over Personal Taxes Dave Rogers
May 06, 2012 Young Professionals Propose Legislation O. J. Cunningham
May 04, 2012 Rep. Brunner Joins in Fight to Call for Green Jobs Legislation O. J. Cunningham
Apr 29, 2012 Brunner to Hold Coffee Hours on Monday, April 30 in Essexville MyBayCity Staff
Apr 08, 2012 Sen. Stabenow Plants "Grow It Here, Make It Here" Economic Initiative Dave Rogers
Mar 11, 2012 Rep. Charles Brunner to Host Senior Tax Town Hall Meeting O. J. Cunningham
Feb 26, 2012 Trying to Make Sense of Proposal A Effect on Your Property Tax Bill Change? Dave Rogers
Feb 17, 2012 Bay County G.O.P. to Host Presidential Primary Results Party O. J. Cunningham
Feb 14, 2012 Duranczyk to Run as Republican for Board of Commissioners MyBayCity Staff
Dec 18, 2011 No Bones About It
Dodger Swears to Nurture-Comfort-Protect Child Victims
John Keuvelaar
Oct 23, 2011 Candidate's Forum and South End Citizen's District Council Discuss Issues Diane Szczepanski
Oct 23, 2011 What is This Occupy Wall Street Movement? Do We Cheer, or Fret About It? Dave Rogers
Oct 09, 2011 State Police Posts at Bay City, Caro, West Branch, Gaylord Among 29 Open Dave Rogers
Sep 28, 2011 Cleaner AuGres Water for Bay County Seen Result of New Treatment Plant Dave Rogers
Sep 25, 2011 Governor Snyder Fires Up Huge Crowd
at Bay Area Chamber On the Go Event
Dave Rogers
Sep 11, 2011 Food Fight Down on the Farm
Gov. Snyder Touts High Value of Agriculture
Dave Rogers
Aug 21, 2011 Expert: Don't Expect Super Committee to Reach Solution to U.S. Dysfunction Dave Rogers
Aug 14, 2011 What was the Real Basis of the S&P U.S. Credit Downgrade? POLITICS! Dave Rogers
Jul 16, 2011 Bay County Wins Again; Rated in Top 10 Nationally For Digital Communication Dave Rogers
Jul 16, 2011 BULLETIN: China Urges "Responsibility;" Boehner Ties CCB Bill to Debt Deal Dave Rogers
Jul 10, 2011 Stand on Health Care Wins Gov. Snyder Praise from Human Services Group Dave Rogers
Jun 11, 2011 Senator Green Gets $500,000 for 2 City Bridges, Hopes for Permanent Fix Dave Rogers
Jun 03, 2011 It Took the State Five Months to Shut Down Illegal Vanderbilt Casino Dave Rogers
May 08, 2011 Proposed New City Ward Map Reduces Precincts from 27 to 9 MyBayCity Staff
May 01, 2011 Feud Underway at County Building As Clerk Demands More Staff MyBayCity Staff
Mar 18, 2011 Governor Rick Snyder's Explanation of His Tax Reform Proposals MyBayCity Staff
Feb 02, 2011 Bay County Drain Chief Says His Sewer Bill Went Up 500 Percent in Bay City Dave Rogers
Jan 30, 2011 Citizens Sewer Committee Eyes $1 Million/Year City Hall Department Charges Dave Rogers
Jan 30, 2011 Critics, Supporters Weighing Outcome of 8 Years of Granholm on Michigan Dave Rogers
Jan 30, 2011 Rep. Brunner, House Democrats Launch Michigan Jobs First Plan Dave Rogers
Jan 23, 2011 Bay City Rejects Saginaw Offer to Supply Treated Water Dave Rogers
Jan 23, 2011 Benishek, Camp Vote to Repeal Health Care Act, Kildee Opposed Dave Rogers
Jan 23, 2011 Consultant Says City Should Determine if Costly PCB Filtration is Necessary Dave Rogers
Jan 16, 2011 High City Sewer Bills Relief in Sight Under Plans by Manager Belleman Dave Rogers
Jan 09, 2011 ISSUE ALERT: Bay City Sewer/Water Crises Rising to Surface This Month Dave Rogers
Jan 08, 2011 Bay City Post Office Building For Sale, Counter Service to Remain Dave Rogers
Jan 08, 2011 New County Board Chair Tilley Sees 'Turbulent Financial Times Ahead' Dave Rogers
Dec 31, 2010 Repeal of Law Allowing City Employees to Live Outside City Sought Dave Rogers
Dec 30, 2010 Lots of Needed Road Projects, Little Money to Accomplish Them, Planner Says Dave Rogers
Dec 26, 2010 Swearing In of Judges Gill, Janer Draws Full House to State Theatre Dave Rogers
Dec 18, 2010 Ban on Sunday Morning Booze Sales to be Reconsidered by Bay City Commission Dave Rogers
Dec 17, 2010 "My Door is Open, My Phone is On" -- New State Rep. Charles Brunner Dave Rogers
Dec 12, 2010 Stabenow Would Have Tough Time in Michigan in 2012, Obama Not So Much Dave Rogers
Dec 11, 2010 Bay City Can Reduce Voting Precincts from 27 to 9, Says Clerk Dave Rogers
Dec 11, 2010 Commission President Chris Shannon Named Bay City's New Mayor Dave Rogers
Dec 05, 2010 City Commission to Appoint Interim Mayor, Eye Sunday AM Beer-Wine Sale Ban Dave Rogers
Dec 04, 2010 Barcia Lauds Gougeon in Farewell; Mayes Leaves Legacy of Area Tourism Bill Dave Rogers
Nov 21, 2010 City Manager Sets Sked for Sewer Fund Advisory Committee Dave Rogers
Nov 21, 2010 County Tightens Belt, Commissioners to Eye Health Benefit Curbs on Tuesday Dave Rogers
Nov 14, 2010 Belleman Forms Emergency Public-Private Committee to Eye Utility Costs Dave Rogers
Nov 14, 2010 Mayor Brunner to Resign Monday Night, Shannon, Newsham Seen Possible Picks Dave Rogers
Nov 14, 2010 Voters of 2010: Welcome to the Past -- Echoes of The 1930 Election Dave Rogers
Nov 07, 2010 Bay County and Northern Folks: Get Used to the Name "Congressman Benishek" Dave Rogers
Nov 07, 2010 Property Tax Millage to be Levied Tuesday by Board of Commissioners Dave Rogers
Nov 06, 2010 Upsets, Close Battles Highlight Bay County General Election Races Dave Rogers
Oct 31, 2010 Ex-Commissioner Virginia Hutter Asks City Action on High Water-Sewer Rates Dave Rogers
Oct 31, 2010 Voters Still in the Dark on Primary Election Results Despite FOIA Request Dave Rogers
Oct 30, 2010 A Vote That Really Works Stephen Kent
Oct 30, 2010 Janer Fundraiser Held at KingFish Restaurant in Bay City O. J. Cunningham
Oct 24, 2010 Accuracy Tests of Voting Machines Slated in Five Townships This Week Dave Rogers
Oct 23, 2010 City Commission to Meet at Depot Site At Least Through Year's End Dave Rogers
Oct 23, 2010 City Using Former Social Security Building, Other Temporary Quarters Dave Rogers
Oct 17, 2010 Most County Commission Candidates Oppose Health Coverage for Members MyBayCity Staff
Oct 13, 2010 Jeff Mayes Calls on Opponent to Support Hire Michigan First Plan Dave Rogers
Oct 10, 2010 Bernero, Snyder Only Debate Seen as a Draw by PBS Pundits Dave Rogers
Oct 10, 2010 Michigan Judge's Ruling Upholding Federal Health Care is First in Nation Dave Rogers
Oct 09, 2010 Bay City Utility Customers Rack Up $400,000 Past Due Accounts in One Month Dave Rogers
Oct 03, 2010 Another South End CDC Political Forum Scheduled Wednesday-Thursday MyBayCity Staff
Oct 02, 2010 Michigan Journalists' "Truth Squad" Calls "Foul" on Green Ads Against Mayes Dave Rogers
Sep 26, 2010 Proposed Michigan Constitutional Convention: Unneeded Distraction, Cost, Dave Rogers
Sep 19, 2010 Bay City Weighing Whether to Abandon Current Water Source in Inner Bay Dave Rogers
Sep 12, 2010 WHO REALLY WON? We'll Never Know Real Results of the August Primary Vote Dave Rogers
Sep 05, 2010 WATER FOLLIES: Bay City, Saginaw-Midland Can't Reach Agreement Dave Rogers
Aug 29, 2010 Bay City's Water/Sewer Problems Date Back 138 Years Dave Rogers
Aug 29, 2010 Whitestone Point Water for Bay County From Saginaw-Midland Appears Closer Dave Rogers
Aug 15, 2010 Did Joe the Plumber Help Dan the Doctor Get GOP 1st District Nomination? Dave Rogers
Aug 08, 2010 Joe the Plumber Backed Benishek Claims 14 Vote Lead in Congress Seat Dave Rogers
Aug 08, 2010 Standish Prison Eyed by Feds to Ease Jammed Facilities, Rep. Stupak Says Dave Rogers
Aug 07, 2010 Benishek Holds One Vote Lead Over Allen as Recount Looms for Stupak Seat Dave Rogers
Jul 31, 2010 Love it or Not, Social Security 75th Anniversary to be Marked Aug. 14 Dave Rogers
Jul 25, 2010 Big Questions to be Answered Aug. 3 in District Judge, State Rep Races Dave Rogers
Jun 23, 2010 South End Political Forum Attracts 10 Candidates, About 100 Spectators Dave Rogers
Jun 16, 2010 Brunner Receives Endorsement of Police Officers Association of Michigan MyBayCity Staff
Jun 09, 2010 Caprathe Endorses Gill As Replacement Judge in Upcoming Election O. J. Cunningham
Jun 06, 2010 State Board of Canvassers Certifies Bay County Primary Election Candidates Dave Rogers
May 30, 2010 Labor Cost Reductions to be Prime Topic at June 21 City Commission Meeting Dave Rogers
May 30, 2010 Mayes to Open New Headquarters in Run for Barcia's State Senate Seat Dave Rogers
Apr 28, 2010 Attorney General Mike Cox to Keynote Bay Republican Lincoln Day Dinner Dave Rogers
Apr 25, 2010 City to Put Bay3TV Spotlight on Budget Work Sessions, Pawn Shops Dave Rogers
Apr 21, 2010 Bay County Real & Personal Property Value Down 6.42 Percent in a Year Dave Rogers
Apr 09, 2010 Engler Says: Count Me Out in Rumored U.S. Senate Race Dave Rogers
Apr 07, 2010 Saginaw Circuit Judge Borchard Tells Challenges of Dealing With Crime Dave Rogers
Apr 04, 2010 Are You Counted? It's IMPORTANT! Stephen Kent
Mar 28, 2010 Health Care Reform Seen Reducing Insurance Costs, Producing Federal Savings Dave Rogers
Mar 28, 2010 Magistrate Abel Torres Announces for 74th District Court Judgeship Dave Rogers
Mar 24, 2010 Property Value Reductions Seen Costing City $1 Million in Taxes for 2011 Dave Rogers
Mar 24, 2010 Rep. Stupak Denies Trading Health Care Vote for U.P. Airport Funding Dave Rogers
Mar 22, 2010 3 GOP Hopefuls Take Lead in Governor Race Polling; Dillon Leads Dems Dave Rogers
Mar 01, 2010 MLHS Releases Report on State Budget Cuts Affecting Child Well-Being Dave Rogers
Feb 19, 2010 Mayor Brunner Calls for Special City Commission Meeting on Pay Raise Issue Dave Rogers
Feb 10, 2010 Sobriety Court Would Allow DUI Cases to Drive in 45 Days with Auto Shutoff Dave Rogers
Feb 08, 2010 Is New "Environmental Justice" Plan Route to Cleaner Saginaw Bay Beaches? Dave Rogers
Feb 07, 2010 City Commission to Tour Facilities, Consider Consolidating Voting Precincts Dave Rogers
Feb 06, 2010 Harry Gill First to Declare for Circuit Judge Race; Other Candidates Seen Dave Rogers
Feb 03, 2010 Republican Swing Vote Vaughn Begick Puts Colleen Maillette into County Post Dave Rogers
Feb 02, 2010 Granholm to Propose Retirement Incentives for State Employees Dave Rogers
Jan 31, 2010 Ex-GOP Congressman Schwarz May Seek Governor's Post as Independent Dave Rogers
Jan 31, 2010 Former Bay City Mayor Buda, Bangor Trustee Maillette Seeking County Post Dave Rogers
Jan 21, 2010 Supreme Court Decision on Corporate Political Giving Questioned Dave Rogers
Jan 10, 2010 Gregory Construction Low Bidder at $1,494,400 on City Hall Roof Repairs Dave Rogers
Jan 07, 2010 Dawn Klida to Replace District Judge Craig Alston, New Commissioner Sought Dave Rogers
Jan 07, 2010 Granholm 'Endorses' Republican Snyder for Governor, Campaign Says 'Nix!' Dave Rogers
Jan 06, 2010 Lansing Rumor Has John Engler House-Hunting in Michigan; Senate Run Eyed? Dave Rogers
Jan 05, 2010 Brian Elder Named Chairman of the Bay County Board of Commissioners Dave Rogers
Jan 03, 2010 Bay County Budget Choice: Animal Control Officer or Community Center Pool Dave Rogers
Dec 27, 2009 City Prepares for "New Normal," the Hardscrabble Post Recession Economy Dave Rogers
Dec 20, 2009 City of Bay City Goes High Tech on Facebook; Police Department Now Texting Dave Rogers
Dec 13, 2009 Stables, Timothy's Fine Tobacco Exempted from State Smoking Ban Dave Rogers
Dec 08, 2009 Midland's Bill Schuette, Attorney General Candidate Leads Straw Polling Dave Rogers
Dec 06, 2009 State Rep. Jeff Mayes Declares Candidacy for Barcia's State Senate Seat Dave Rogers
Nov 26, 2009 County May Cut Employee Pay by 5 Percent, Raise Hotel Room Taxes Dave Rogers
Nov 22, 2009 General Motors Transfers $800,000 in Environmental Liability to City Dave Rogers
Nov 08, 2009 Bay County Congressman Bart Stupak's Amendment Key to Health Bill Victory Dave Rogers
Nov 08, 2009 City Suing Blue Cross/Blue Shield for $4.2 Million, Alleging 'Hidden Fees' Dave Rogers
Nov 04, 2009 Trask Unsure About Recount in One Vote Loss to Jim Irving in 5th Ward Dave Rogers
Oct 24, 2009 Hickner, Wind Energy Group to Discuss Shoreline Visibility on Nov. 10 Dave Rogers
Oct 18, 2009 Public Hearing Slated Tuesday on Bay County 2010 Budget Dave Rogers
Oct 13, 2009 Local Government Consolidation Seen Attractive to Cash-Pinched Units Dave Rogers
Oct 01, 2009 City Makes Tough Calls - Demolish 3 IB Hulks, Pump $295,000 Into Marketing Dave Rogers
Sep 26, 2009 "We'll Get It Done," Says Rep. Mayes About State Budget Agreement Dave Rogers
Sep 20, 2009 City Eyes $9.6 Million Bonds for Streets, Federal Recovery Zone Designation Dave Rogers
Sep 19, 2009 City Candidates Eye Safety, Streets, Uptown, Neighborhoods, Home Values MyBayCity Staff
Sep 13, 2009 City Eyes Consultant to Help Find Businesses Avoiding Personal Property Tax Dave Rogers
Sep 13, 2009 County Commission Eyes Collaboration for Health Insurance Cost Reduction Dave Rogers
Sep 09, 2009 Bay County Building to Rise Even Higher With Public Safety Radio Tower Dave Rogers
Sep 09, 2009 Smokers, Tax Loopholes Eyed as Revenue Sources for Michigan Budget Deficit Dave Rogers
Aug 31, 2009 Brian Elder Announces Candidacy for State Representative Dave Rogers
Aug 16, 2009 State Supreme Court Orders Release of Documents in MSU Privacy Case Dave Rogers
Aug 09, 2009 City Gets $2.6 Million in Grants, May Rebuild 7 Streets, Hire 3 Cops Dave Rogers
Jul 18, 2009 Election Expert Jocelyn Benson to Speak July 28 at Democratic Picnic Dave Rogers
Jul 16, 2009 Dr. Howard Hurt to Retire as Bay County Medical Director Dave Rogers
Jul 11, 2009 Term Limits Take Out Most Experienced State Legislators, Say Barcia, Mayes Dave Rogers
Jul 08, 2009 Tax Loopholes, Medicaid Fraud Cost State Taxpayers Billions; Action Looms Dave Rogers
Jun 19, 2009 MICHIGAN BUDGET CRISIS: Senate Vote Targeting Low-Income Families Hit Dave Rogers
Jun 14, 2009 City Estimates $5.3 Million Cost of Shoring Up Bridges, Seeks Funding Dave Rogers
Jun 12, 2009 Bay County Commission May Go On Record Opposing Closing of Standish Prison Dave Rogers
Jun 06, 2009 Jobs for Released Prisoners a Priority in the New Michigan Economy Dave Rogers
Jun 03, 2009 Bay City Lawmaker Recognized By Poll of Colleagues, Officials MyBayCity Staff
May 30, 2009 Home Loan Borrowers in Michigan Now Have More Negotiating Power Dave Rogers
May 17, 2009 County Commissioner Brian Elder Leads Charge on Hire Michigan First Support Dave Rogers
May 05, 2009 "Incredible Shrinking Human Service Safety Net" Cited by State Civic Leader Dave Rogers
May 01, 2009 Lawmaker Serves As Chair of House Energy And Technology Committee MyBayCity Staff
May 01, 2009 Mayes Named to Midwestern Legislative Energy Committee MyBayCity Staff
Apr 23, 2009 Mayes to Attend Energy Theft Briefing MyBayCity Staff
Apr 02, 2009 Bay County Aims to Save $80,000 With Payoff of Depot Parking Lot Bonds Dave Rogers
Apr 01, 2009 House Passes 10% Pay Cut for Elected Officials MyBayCity Staff
Mar 26, 2009 Mayes Backs Reform Plan to Hold Lawmakers Accountable MyBayCity Staff
Mar 26, 2009 Plan to Attract Auto Suppliers And Create Jobs MyBayCity Staff
Mar 20, 2009 House Passes Mayes' Plan to Allow Public Investment in Credit Unions MyBayCity Staff
Mar 19, 2009 House Passes Mayes' Plan to Assist Pre-Cast Concrete Suppliers MyBayCity Staff
Mar 19, 2009 Mayes' Energy Plan Passes House MyBayCity Staff
Mar 08, 2009 House Passes Mayes' Plan to Establish Video Franchising Dispute Rules MyBayCity Staff
Feb 19, 2009 Mayes Praises Plan to Ban Home Foreclosures for 90 Days MyBayCity Staff
Feb 18, 2009 Race for Governor in 2010 Already Shaping as Cherry vs. Patterson or Cox Dave Rogers
Feb 15, 2009 Stimulus Projects Sought for Michigan Total $2.7 Billion So Far Dave Rogers
Feb 12, 2009 Mayes' Plan Honors Vets, Cracks Down on Vandalizing War Memorials MyBayCity Staff
Feb 10, 2009 "Prosperity Agenda" Outlined for Bay City by Michigan Municipal League Dave Rogers
Feb 08, 2009 Gov. Granholm DID NOT Stop All Coal-Fired Power Plants in Michigan Dave Rogers
Feb 08, 2009 Mayes Encourages Residents to Visit His Web Site for Free Tax Help MyBayCity Staff
Feb 04, 2009 Gov. Granholm Touts 1,000 Job Gains at Hemlock Semiconductor in State Talk Dave Rogers
Jan 28, 2009 Mayes Named Chair of House Energy and Technology Committee MyBayCity Staff
Jan 25, 2009 Obama Sparks Rash of Political Books with Range of Views, Coulter to Ifill Dave Rogers
Jan 15, 2009 County to Combine Legal Defense Jobs, Post 96 Seasonal Positions Dave Rogers
Jan 11, 2009 Brunner, Elder Said Jockeying for State Rep. Post Run in 2010 Dave Rogers
Jan 11, 2009 Budget Squeeze, Winter Woes to Confront City Commission Monday Night Dave Rogers
Jan 04, 2009 Bay County May Sell Madison Lot for $439,237 to Bay-Arenac Behavioral Dave Rogers
Dec 21, 2008 Jennifer Granholm May Have Other Options Than Obama Cabinet Post Dave Rogers
Dec 17, 2008 Mayes' Plan to Protect Taxpayers, Strengthen 9-1-1 Services to Become Law MyBayCity Staff
Dec 06, 2008 Mayes Supports Plan To Allow Early Voting MyBayCity Staff
Dec 04, 2008 House Passes Mayes' Plan to Help Municipalities Restructure Debt MyBayCity Staff
Nov 30, 2008 Bay County to Flyspeck Payroll List for Possible Cuts to Meet Deficit Dave Rogers
Nov 23, 2008 Bay City Mayor, City Commission to Peer Into Financial Crystal Ball Dave Rogers
Nov 12, 2008 House Passes Mayes' Bill to Curb Mortgage Fraud in Michigan MyBayCity Staff
Oct 29, 2008 Will Election Results Resemble 1840, 1932, 1980 That Turned on the Economy? Dave Rogers
Oct 15, 2008 Gettelfinger Or Anuzis Will Lead Electors to Cast Michigan's 17 Ballots Dave Rogers
Sep 07, 2008 City, County Could Get Added Revenue In Proposed Tax Change Dave Rogers
Aug 17, 2008 Joining Saginaw Area Crime Database on City Commission Agenda Monday Dave Rogers
Aug 10, 2008 City Manager Studying Public Safety Administration Over Police & Fire Dave Rogers
Aug 06, 2008 State Representative Jeff Mayes Receives Leadership Award! MyBayCity Staff
Jul 22, 2008 Sally Gray Seeks Monitor Township Treasurer Re-election MyBayCity Staff
Jul 20, 2008 Mayes To Hold Town Hall Meeting Monday At Wirt Library MyBayCity Staff
Jul 20, 2008 Remember When Bush-Cheney Took Office? Gasoline Was $1.50 Per Gallon! Dave Rogers
Jul 13, 2008 City May Use Landfill Gas to Meet Renewable Energy Requirement Dave Rogers
Jul 06, 2008 City's First Wind Turbine Set to Go Up at New State Office Building Dave Rogers
Jul 06, 2008 Sheriff John Miller's Jail Inmate Work Program Saves County Dollars Dave Rogers
Jun 12, 2008 Was Robert Kennedy's Assassination a CIA Hit or First Shot in Arab Jihad? Dave Rogers
May 25, 2008 Bay City to Consider New Franchise to Get Cable TV Service from AT&T Dave Rogers
May 22, 2008 County Clerks Now Empowered to Conduct Weddings Chelsea Anderson
May 11, 2008 Dow Corning May Get $36 Million/Year Tax Break to Expand More Here Dave Rogers
May 08, 2008 Michigan Moves Closer to Smoking Ban in Workplaces, Bars, Restaurants Dave Rogers
May 01, 2008 City Manager, Commission Chewing On $133 Million Budget For Another Week Dave Rogers
May 01, 2008 There Could Be A New Sheriff In Town
One With His Own Agenda!
MyBayCity Staff
Apr 26, 2008 Paid On-Call Firefighter Plan Highlights City Finance/Policy Meeting Monday Dave Rogers
Feb 24, 2008 What the Pundits Are Saying About the Presidential Primary and the Race Dave Rogers
Feb 20, 2008 Tom Hickner Files for Re-election, Pledging Intergovernmental Cooperation Dave Rogers
Feb 10, 2008 Michigan Primary Race Not Over for Clinton vs. Obama, McCain vs. Huckabee Dave Rogers
Feb 03, 2008 Billions of Tax Dollars
Go Un-claimed Every Year!
Guest Columnist
Jan 20, 2008 City Faces $170 Million Plus in Needs
Town Halls Set For Residents Input
Dave Rogers
Jan 17, 2008 Thumb Villages of Sebewaing, Caro, Caseville, Port Austin Seek City Status Dave Rogers
Jan 13, 2008 Water Withdrawal Issue to Splash Over Bay City on Monday Night Dave Rogers
Jan 06, 2008 Why Ron Paul is America's Best Hope for an Honest Presidential Election Dave Rogers
Jan 03, 2008 See Sample Ballots for Next Tuesday's Presidential Primary Election Dave Rogers
Dec 13, 2007 Michigan Laws Proposed to Punish Employers Who Hire Illegal Immigrants Dave Rogers
Dec 13, 2007 Northwood Grad, GM Exec Ken Theis Named State IT Director by Governor Dave Rogers
Dec 02, 2007 Maybe It's Time For Michigan to Go For Independent Presidential Candidates Dave Rogers
Nov 13, 2007 Lower Budget Up for Approval in December by County Board of Commissioners Dave Rogers
Nov 07, 2007 First for Library After Positive Vote: Fix Up South End Branch Dave Rogers
Nov 02, 2007 VIDEO: Brunner Would Veto Income Tax; Wooley Wants Volunteer Firefighters Dave Rogers
Oct 28, 2007 State Budget Talks Expected to Go Down to Wire; $440 Million in Cuts Eyed Dave Rogers
Oct 14, 2007 80,000 More Michigan Children Would Get Insurance if Bush Veto is Trumped Dave Rogers
Oct 07, 2007 Nobel Prize Oct. 12, Michigan Vote Jan. 15 Could Vault Gore to Presidency Dave Rogers
Oct 07, 2007 See Brunner & Wooley Mayoral Debate Video O. J. Cunningham
Sep 30, 2007 DEAL! State Teeters on Brink of Shutdown, But Budget Talks Extended 30 Days Dave Rogers
Sep 19, 2007 Why No State Budget? Read Why Yellow Dogs and Elephants Are Afraid to Vote! Dave Rogers
Sep 09, 2007 Attempting to Upstage New Hampshire, Iowa, Michigan Sets Jan. 15 Primary Dave Rogers
Aug 26, 2007 Drunk Driving Crackdown Heads Toward Labor Day Weekend Dave Rogers
Jul 04, 2007 Control of Animal Factories Aim of Bills Eyed by Michigan Senate Dems Dave Rogers
Jan 17, 2007 Can Governments Cooperate to Save Tax Dollars? Meeting in Lansing Jan. 31 Dave Rogers
Jan 14, 2007 City Town Halls Begin Tuesday; State Revenue Sharing Reauthorization Eyed Dave Rogers
Jan 07, 2007 City Eyes 1 Day Fireworks
Considers Raising Parking Fines from $5 to $25
Dave Rogers
Dec 01, 2006 See Dick & Jen Run: "Instant" Book Tells Story of An Election Landslide Dave Rogers
Nov 19, 2006 Mrs. Valentine Goes to Lansing, and Joins the Blue Tiger Democrats Dave Rogers
Oct 08, 2006 State Proposal Recommendation Summary: Vote "No" On All Except 3, Doves Dave Rogers
Oct 01, 2006 Ballot Proposal Analysis: Prop. 2006-05: Educational Funding Guarantee Law Dave Rogers
Sep 13, 2006 City Gears for Economic Rebound; Uptown, Airport Among Projects Planned Dave Rogers
Sep 08, 2006 Pre-Election Series:Analysis of Affirmative Action Issue on November Ballot Dave Rogers
Aug 31, 2006 Analysis of Issues on Nov. 7 General Election by Citizens Research Council Dave Rogers
Aug 20, 2006 Epic Issues at Stake in Saginaw Chippewa vs. State of Michigan Suit Dave Rogers
Aug 06, 2006 "Phantom" Voters Remain on Michigan Registered Voter Rolls As Primary Looms Dave Rogers
Jul 30, 2006 City, 8 Unions, Town Hall Meetings to Eye Budget, "Revenue Enhancement" Dave Rogers
May 17, 2006 "Textualism," Justice Scalia, Intrigue Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan Dave Rogers
May 07, 2006 Tax Reform May Cause City Bond Interest Rates Hike, Says City Commissioner Dave Rogers
Apr 21, 2006 Governor Puts Campaign Against High Gas Prices Into Overdrive Dave Rogers
Feb 05, 2006 Lawsuit Sets Up Chippewa Battle with State in Federal Court over Lands, Law Dave Rogers
Jan 27, 2006 Let's Make History Together, Governor Says in State of the State Dave Rogers
Dec 11, 2005 About 300 Jobs Seen Result of Pending Tax Sharing Agreement at Tech Park Dave Rogers
Oct 30, 2005 Indian Affairs "Show Me The Money" Hearing Reset for Wednesday Dave Rogers
Sep 04, 2005 Senate Bill May Not Bar City From Offering Cable Television and Broadband Dave Rogers
Jul 10, 2005 New Waterline to Lake Huron at AuGres, Saginaw-Midland Merger Discussed Dave Rogers
Jun 26, 2005 Bay County Interest Income Expected to Nearly Triple This Year Dave Rogers
May 01, 2005 Granholm to Ask Voters in November for Fund to Grow Jobs, Diversify Economy Dave Rogers
Apr 14, 2005 Voters to Cast Ballots on New Voting Machines in May Election Dave Rogers
Apr 01, 2005 Dan Kildee Named to State Land Bank Fast Track Authority Board Dave Rogers
Mar 24, 2005 Granholm Budget Deal May Put More People to Work in Bay City Dave Rogers
Mar 16, 2005 Former Bay Cityan Gen. Bruce MacDonald on State Military Base Task Force Dave Rogers
Jan 23, 2005 City Eyes Industrial Plant with 130 Jobs, New Bank, Breaker Cove Renewal Dave Rogers
Jan 20, 2005 Join the Bay County Citizen Corps,
Be Part of Homeland Security Effort
Dave Rogers
Dec 28, 2004 11 Identity Theft Laws Passed by Legislature, Signed by Governor Granholm Dave Rogers
Dec 11, 2004 County Web Site Looks to Share Tax Info With Local Banks &Title Companies O. J. Cunningham
Oct 24, 2004 What Really is the Issue Over Expansion of Valley Center Technology Park? Dave Rogers
Oct 10, 2004 Middle East Perspective in Focus Monday at Chamber Kildee Luncheon Dave Rogers
Sep 04, 2004 The State Budget: What Does It Mean to Us? Dave Rogers
Aug 07, 2004 New Central Library Cost Set at $10,857,063; Old Jail Demolition Starts Dave Rogers
Jul 28, 2004 Home Health Care Patients Will Be Served By Other Agencies, Hickner Says Dave Rogers
Jul 23, 2004 Soaring Eagle Casino Has Soared Over $3 Billion Since Opening in 1998 Dave Rogers
Jul 19, 2004 Great Lakes Water Protection Agreements Up for Public Review Dave Rogers
Jul 03, 2004 Bay Futures Contract, Early Tax Collection on County Commission Agenda Dave Rogers
Jun 23, 2004 Gov. Granholm Appoints Commission to Increase University Graduates, Jobs Dave Rogers
Jun 09, 2004 City Manager Belleman Eyes Half Mill Per Year Property Tax Rollback Dave Rogers
May 30, 2004 "Most Liberal" State Legislator Finds Way to Work With Republicans Dave Rogers
Feb 22, 2004 Three Meetings This Week Seen Key to Economic Development, Jobs in Bay Dave Rogers
Feb 01, 2004 Battle Looming Over County Plan to Restrict DDA Developments, Retain Taxes Dave Rogers
Jan 09, 2004 County Executive, City Manager Suggest Ways to Cooperate for Savings Dave Rogers
Nov 04, 2003 MEDC Pledges Funding for Strategic Plan for Bay County Economic Development Dave Rogers
Oct 06, 2003 State Senate Finance Committee Hearing Draws Support for End to Health Tax Dave Rogers
Oct 02, 2003 New City Manager Will Take Collaborative Approach in Planning Improvements Dave Rogers
Aug 10, 2003 Water Quality Awaits Governmental Action Under State Bond Issue Dave Rogers
Jun 10, 2003 State May Send Some Saginaw Prisoners Home Soon to Save Money Dave Rogers
Jun 01, 2003 Congressman Kildee Analyzes Terrorist Threats, Economic Policy Dave Rogers
May 10, 2003 New York Doctor Warns About Nation's Failure to Prepare for Terrorism Dave Rogers
Apr 14, 2003 Bay, Midland Excluded from Mid-Michigan Intermodal Trade Corridor Plan Dave Rogers
Mar 16, 2003 Coast Guard Steps Up Patrols on River and Bay for Homeland Security Dave Rogers
Feb 26, 2003 Rotary Peace Scholar Asserts: 'Peace is a Necessity' Dave Rogers
Jan 10, 2003 Bay County Looks to Saginaw Future for Economic Development Format Dave Rogers
Dec 31, 2002 County, City, Face Good News, and Bad, on the New Year Dave Rogers
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