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Clinton, Obama Down to the Wire As McCain Veep Speculation Grows

Obama Surge Not Over - Pundits Can't Sharpen Predictions Fast Enough

February 7, 2008
By: Dave Rogers

Presidential Election Races May Come Down to the Wire

Could it be that John McCain's choice of a running mate would determine the fate of the 2008 Presidential election?

And could it be that voters' weariness with the Clinton team, Hill and Bill, may determine the Democratic nominee?

In a primary tussle where delegates from American Samoa may be a key, the old Democratic saw first quipped by humorist Will Rogers is recalled: "I don't belong to an organized political party, I'm a Democrat."

The Dems don't hold that distinction alone these days, what with the ultra-conservative talk show cabal of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity jumping the McCain ship.

And, good Lord, Ms. Coulter threatening to back Hillary!!!!

Thankfully, the intolerance of the talk wackos is not limited to the Democrats/Liberals, Dem party chief Howard Dean was heard to mutter.

On a bleary-eyed Wednesday morning after the Super Tuesday marathon, Rasmussen Poll shows Clinton with a 52 percent chance of capturing the nomination while Obama has a 48 percent chance. A week ago, Clinton was given a 62 percent chance of winning.

Rasmussen market results suggest that the Democratic race will not be settled any time soon. On Wednesday morning, here is just a 15 percent expectation that Obama will leave the race by the end of February. That number is 12 percent for Clinton.

McCain's ship may hit an iceberg if, as is being rumored, he picks the stodgiest of Conservative doughfaces, former U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, from Texas, as his running mate. In the first place, Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida will be crestfallen, and you know what happens in Florida when the polls close. Also, two candidates from the same southeast region may leave the rest of the nation cold.

The wise pick for a McCain veep would be either Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee,or even Crist, who orchestrated John's Florida primary win, in our view. But John is nothing else if not his own man and is seldom swayed by anything but his own thoughts.

A Wednesday morning look at the prospects for the Democrats number two slot show Obama, Evan Bayh, Al Gore, and Bill Richardson as the leading candidates. However, none is given even a 20 per cent chance of being selected.

AL GORE!!! Why would the Inconvenient "Truthmeister" want another term in the second slot? From all reports, he would as soon run with Ann Coulter as with Hillary.

In our demented way, we could still see Gore charging into the convention in Denver on the white horse of the Nobel Prize, sweeping the deadlocked delegates off their collective feet.

Well, these are times the improbably is happening, but probably not that improbable.

Hillary is angling for the party to reinstate the Michigan and Florida delegates purged in the wisdom of the party for holding a primary before receiving the imprimatur.

We're banking on the party to do the irrational thing and bow to her wishes, but only after Bill takes the matter to the wall.

In fact, Michigan may prove to be the key, if the delegates are reinstated.

How ironic would that be after all the hullabaloo?

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