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The Beat Goes On -- Magic, Kobe & Now Tiger

December 6, 2009
By: O. J. Cunningham

Let's make Tiger walk the plank of shame. Or better yet, I suggest the "Royal Flush" for Woods and his ilk.

The first time I was shocked that a public figure was involved in some kind of "extra-marital" affair was when I heard about President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.

It was the early 60s and I was seventeen.

The most recent celebrity transgression (Tiger Woods) is equally as shocking to me.

Over time, the parade of tabloid infidelity plastered at the entryway of supermarket check-out aisles has dulled my sense of outrage.

The public "tar and feathering" of Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Presidential hopeful John Edwards and other public heroes . . . I hardly noticed . . . or at least read nothing but the headlines.

I think it was the outrageous behavior of then President Bill Clinton that forever numbed me (I thought) to future indignities and indiscretions by public figures . . . Or maybe it was Gary Hart . . .

Tiger Woods . . . Who woulda thunk it?

I wonder if Al Kaline was "sleeping around" on his wife?

Do you think Larry Bird had a "girl in every NBA city?" John Havlicek?

Now I'm forced to make a list of all my sports heroes and reconsider their historical status in my memory banks with respect to sexual indiscretion.

Good Grief . . . This is ridiculously painful . . . It's like asking your Dad if he ever cheated on Mom.

  • Micky Mantle
  • Willy Mays
  • Bart Star
  • Paul Horning
  • Joe Schmidt
  • Al Kaline
  • Ray Boone
  • Harvey Kuehne
  • Paw Paw Maxwell
  • Bob Cousy
  • John Havlicek,
  • Bill Russell
  • Barry Sanders
  • Walter Payton

    Now . . . All (above) are seemingly guilty by association with the "sticky-sweet" grandeur that was once mantled Tiger ("Wash 'em Up & Get 'em Ready") Woods.

    Quicker than the unzipping of a fly, Tiger has fallen from the royal pedestal into the same sea of sewage that those before him have slipped into.

    Let's make Tiger walk the plank of shame.

    Or better yet, I suggest the "Royal Flush" for Woods and his ilk.

    Let the turds float where they may . . .

    In my heart of hearts . . . I know that Al Kaline never cheated.

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