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Dave Rogers

Dave Rogers is a former editorial writer for the Bay City Times and a widely read,
respected journalist/writer in and around Bay City.
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152 recent articles by Dave on file since (2017-06-14)
Dec 12, 2018 SICK LEAVE CHANGES: Chamber President Reviews Work of Legislature
Dec 9, 2018 OH! DEER!!!- More and More Crashes Imperil Drivers
Dec 2, 2018 GRADUATED INCOME TAX: Poll West Michigan Most Favorable, Thumb Lowest
Nov 20, 2018 UPTOWN SOARS: New Building, Plans For Old Sears Site, Accelerate Growth
Nov 18, 2018 WORKFORCE PRIORITY: Vocational Training Needed to Spur Job Growth
Nov 11, 2018 ELECTION RESULTS:Bay County Voters Hot for Pot, Ending Gerrymandering
Nov 3, 2018 SAGINAW CTE: Schools Aim to Bolster Job Readiness
Oct 26, 2018 VOTING CHANGE DUE? Poll Shows Same Day Registration Favored
Oct 14, 2018 AWARENESS GAP: State Aims to Increase Student Apprenticeships
Oct 11, 2018 LIBRARY HONORS: Bay County System Wins Excellence Award
Oct 7, 2018 SAGINAW CRIME DOWN: State's Community Ventures Great Success
Oct 4, 2018 UPTOWN SURGES: Shaheen Development Announces Expansion at Old I-B Site
Sep 30, 2018 AUSABLE FISH FARMING ENDS: Lawsuit Settled, Hatchery Preserved
Sep 30, 2018 YOUNG PARENTS: Michigan Has 85,000 Who Face Barriers, Study Shows
Sep 24, 2018 NEW HOME FOR $1,045? Sure, From Bay City's Aladdin ... in 1920!
Sep 20, 2018 BIZ-ED AWARD: Chamber Lauds Teacher Ethan Shannon, Industrialist Alan Fonzi
Sep 15, 2018 LOST WAGES: Unfilled Jobs Said to Cost State $49 Billion a Year
Sep 4, 2018 APPRENTICESHIPS KEY: State, Industry Leaders Agree on Need
Sep 4, 2018 TURNOUT THE KEY: Whitmer Leads Schuette 41-35 But November Vote Seen Tossup
Aug 28, 2018 NORTHERN DILEMMA: Traverse City Group's Protest Ongoing for 7 Years
Aug 20, 2018 KIDS HIT AGAIN: Raiding of K-12 Funds By Legislature Continues
Aug 18, 2018 PIGGY BANK: Public is Opposed, But Solons Keep Stealing State Aid Funds
Aug 11, 2018 APPLY HERE NOW! Many Positions Available in Construction Trades
Aug 5, 2018 CHEROKEE HISTORY: Tribe's Freedom Quest Leads to Abolition of Slavery
Aug 4, 2018 TECHNICAL ED IN HIGH GEAR: Snyder Pushes Better Access to Career Pathways
Jul 27, 2018 STATE OF EMERGENCY: UP Flooding Prompts Charity from Mackinac Island
Jul 21, 2018 GUV RACE TOSSUP: Whitmer Leads Schuette by 5 in Real Clear Politics Poll
Jul 15, 2018 MI TOP 10 IN EDUCATION? We See Democratization as Vital
Jul 15, 2018 PRIMARY CANDIDATES: County Clerk Luczak Issues List for Aug. 7 Voting
Jul 11, 2018 GETTYSBURG LORE: Little-Known Facts About Civil War's Most Crucial Battle
Jul 5, 2018 MUSICAL PATRIOTISM: "Governor's Own" Band Hosted Here
Jul 1, 2018 GARBER TO HARVARD Jon Paul Morosi Now Big League Sportscaster
Jun 30, 2018 MARSHALL PLAN: Gov. Snyder Launches $100 Million Jobs Program
Jun 25, 2018 UNMARRIED PARENTS: Only 35% of Moms Have Partners, Pew Research Shows
Jun 21, 2018 WIND BONANZA?: Economic Blessing to Some Farmers, Abhorred by Others
Jun 17, 2018 BAY CITY EXCEPTIONALISM: History Makers, Downtown Get High Grades
Jun 17, 2018 POT VOTE DICEY: Legal Marijuana Not a Slam Dunk, Opponents Say
Jun 17, 2018 TOO TALL, TOO CLOSE, TOO LOUD: Windmill Controversy Arises in Monitor
Jun 9, 2018 MICHIGAN POTTED? Movie May Secure Fame for Movement's Start
Jun 3, 2018 50-YEAR VISION: Michigan Infrastructure a $4 Billion/Year Issue in Election
Jun 3, 2018 MORE STEM TRAINING? Advocacy Group Backs Scientists for Congress
May 27, 2018 WALLEYE TOUR: Cabela's Event Slated June 14-15 in Saginaw Bay
May 20, 2018 MEMORIAL: Pine Ridge Cemetery/Soldiers' Rest to Honor Civil War Vets
May 17, 2018 DOLLARS FOR KIDS? Legislators Asked to Prioritize Child Poverty
May 13, 2018 TENNIS PARK NAMED: New Facility Named for Educator Dr. Janet Jopke
May 5, 2018 PAVILION LAUNCH SET: Musical Events to Use New Wenonah Park Facility
Everything Depends on Policies of Those Elected
Apr 26, 2018 WEED VOTE ON: November Ballot to Include Recreational Marijuana
Apr 21, 2018 SILENT HERO: Central High's Dylan Steele, Craig Windt Headed for Normandy
Apr 17, 2018 BAY FUTURE: 600 New Jobs, $300 Million Investment Exceeded in 3 Years
Apr 14, 2018 POISON GAS: U.S. Took 73 Years to Agree to Ban Chemical Weapons
Apr 8, 2018 DISINVESTMENT= $2.5B: In 25 Years, Michigan Has Gutted Education Funding
Apr 8, 2018 EDUCATION = BIG GOVERNMENT - Strange Political Stance Weakens Society
Apr 4, 2018 DACA COSTS: Michigan League for Public Policy Cites $450 Million Loss Fears
Apr 4, 2018 RECALLING DR. KING: A Visit to His Church in Alabama was Inspiring
Back to the Stone Age Idea Surfaces
Mar 24, 2018 MICHIGAN SCHOOLS: Leaders Still Puzzled, Conflicted About Low Performance
Mar 23, 2018 CHAMBER SUCCESS:2018 Leadership Class Raises $8,000 For Camp Fish Tales
Mar 18, 2018 ICY CHRYSLERS: Ship Built 1896 by Wheeler in Bay City Still Making News
Mar 13, 2018 MI ROADS HIGHLIGHTED: Sen. Peters, MML's Dan Gilmartin Lead Charge in D.C.
Mar 12, 2018 DOWNTOWN'S FUTURE: Millennials Drive Growth, Says Hiss Jewelry's Tom Tabor
Mar 11, 2018 MANSION DREAM: Developer Eyes Residential Ambience at Old Gas Station Site
Feb 22, 2018 THE GUN DEBATE: New Political and Court Challenges Likely on the Horizon
Feb 20, 2018 INNOVATE MIDLAND: Entrepreneurs Find Resources at New Business Center
Feb 19, 2018 REMEMBERING THE MAINE: Two Bay Cityans Killed Aboard Battleship in 1898
Feb 16, 2018 WHY DROPOUTS? United Way Leads Efforts to Research, Address Problem
Feb 15, 2018 CASS AVENUE BRIDGE: Bay City Growth Hampered by Loss of South End Span?
Feb 11, 2018 BRIDGES ROAD MAP: Secret to Township Voter Approval? Follow 1970 Plan
Feb 2, 2018 NO RAW SEWAGE: Bay City Wastewater Treatment Said "Best in Michigan"
Jan 27, 2018 SPOTLIGHT ON WOODY: Super Bowl Coin Toss Features Medal of Honor Recipient
Jan 26, 2018 "DOC" FINALLY GETS MEDAL: After 48 Years, Vietnam Heroism Recognized
Jan 25, 2018 LEONARDO: Len Falce, the Ultimate Artiste with a Leica, Sense of History
Jan 20, 2018 BRIDGING THE GAP: City, County Leaders Grasping Olive Branches Hopeful Sign
Jan 19, 2018 REP. ELDER'S STAND: Enhancement Millages Should Go Only to Public Schools
Jan 15, 2018 WOMEN VETS: To Be Honored at Red, White, Brew Revue Feb. 10, State Theater
Jan 14, 2018 CAREER FOCUS: State On Track with Schools' Emphasis on Job Readiness
Jan 13, 2018 WORLD VISION: "Since Rotary Came the Children Stopped Dying"
Jan 12, 2018 CORRECTING THE RECORD: Dow, Not Conant, Made Mustard Gas in World War I
Jan 11, 2018 BRIDGE POSITION: Bay County Leadership Looks to City for Plan
Jan 7, 2018 BRIDGE CLOSING: Independence to be Shut 3 Months for Repairs
Jan 1, 2018 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: U.S. Marines were "Drunken Rowdies," Germans Complain
Dec 31, 2017 OLD BRIDGE DAYS: We Started Out With Toll Spans, Why Go Back?
Dec 24, 2017 YANKEE-REBEL MATCH: Union General William Birney Wed Rebel Cavalryman's Kin
Dec 22, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: Mustard Gas Death Spoils a Marriage
Dec 20, 2017 BRIDGE PERILS: City Needs Guarantee State Will Keep 2 Spans Open
Dec 17, 2017 TOLL BRIDGES? More Thought Needed Before Hasty Vote on City Plan
Dec 16, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: Klan's Grand Dragon Attacks Schools, Teachers
Dec 9, 2017 ALABAMA AWAKES: James G. Birney Finally Recognized in Encyclopedia
Dec 9, 2017 STOP WAGE THEFT! Rep. Brian Elder Among Leaders on Democratic Initiative
Dec 3, 2017 40 YEARS LATER: Wenonah Hotel Fire Stands Out as Bay City's Top Tragedy
Dec 2, 2017 CAREER PLAYBOOK: State Gives Students New Tool to Look at Options
Dec 2, 2017 DO-ALL ADAPTING: New Federal Guidelines Require Workforce Integration
Nov 24, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: Klan Targets 'Pigmented Americans," Catholics, etc.
Nov 20, 2017 CAREER PATHWAYS: State to Focus on Competency-Based Learning
Nov 18, 2017 VETERAN OF YEAR: Bay County Council Seeks Nominations for February Event
Nov 17, 2017 TIM YOUNKMAN: Part Detective, Part Historian, All Newspaperman
Nov 16, 2017 CHEERS! Bay City, Bangor Township Recognized for Economic Development
Nov 12, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: WWI Soldiers Hunt Rats for Meals in Trenches
Nov 11, 2017 BUSINESS-EDUCATION PARTNERSHIPS: Bay Area Chamber Hosts Forum
Nov 8, 2017 BACF NAMES FONG: Saginaw Non-Profit Executive to Succeed Eileen Curtis
Nov 5, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: German Boycott of U.S. Chemicals Foiled
Nov 3, 2017 OUR MILITARY HISTORY: Since 1812 Bay Veterans Have Stepped Up
Nov 3, 2017 VETERANS DAY: Bay Veterans Foundation to Mark Holiday with Flags Flying
Oct 27, 2017 LEGAL POT VOTE: Coalition Hits Signature Goal, to File Soon for Nov. 2018
Oct 27, 2017 NEW JFK THEORY: Bay City Gun, Ballistics Expert Analyzes Assassination
Oct 27, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: Haber's Ultra Toxic Mustard Gas Joins the German Army
Oct 22, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: The Klan Goes After the Chief
Oct 20, 2017 DO-ALL UPGRADE: Agency Raising $60,000 for New Roof on Building
Oct 20, 2017 EDUCATION CRISIS: Crippling Burden of America's Dropouts Cited
Oct 15, 2017 GOUGEON EXPANSION: $620,000 Project Reflects Bay City's Innovative Heritage
Oct 15, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS, II; Morality Tale of World War I Days Here & Abroad
Oct 13, 2017 POISON ON TWO FRONTS: Dramatization of World War I Days Here and Abroad
Oct 12, 2017 MCLAREN WINS AWARD: 3-Year Accreditation for Breast Program, Diagnostics
Oct 9, 2017 TALENT INVESTMENT: Job Training in Prison Chipping Away at Ex-Offender Pool
Oct 4, 2017 READY-CUT HOMES: 1920s Washington D.C. Lewis Kit Home Brings $2.75 Million
Oct 3, 2017 FAILURE TO EDUCATE: Excluding Many Students Decimating Michigan Workforce
Oct 3, 2017 SHELTER BOXES: Rotary Hears of Growing New Natural Disaster Tool
Oct 1, 2017 GOLD STAR EVENT: Bay City Dedicates Michigan's First Monument
Sep 25, 2017 AUTHORITARIANISM THE ISSUE: Do We Go Back to the Middle Ages, Or Stay Free?
Sep 23, 2017 LINCOLN RETURNS! "Honest Abe" Among Historical Figures at River of Time
Sep 21, 2017 MICHIGAN VOYAGEURS: River of Time to Spotlight French Fur Traders
Sep 17, 2017 WHAT WORKS BEST? MI Policymakers Mull Best Route to Economic Equality
Sep 9, 2017 MEADE GOUGEON: His Contributions to Boat Building Technology Live On
Sep 9, 2017 STATE HISTORY AWARDS: Saginaw's Hoyt Library Genealogy Among Winners
Sep 5, 2017 Michigan's labor force has lost 326,000 workers since 2000
Aug 31, 2017 JOBS GOING BEGGING: State Says 100K Jobs Open, Few Takers; WHY?
Aug 31, 2017 OUT! OUT! DANG PHRAGMITES!!! Treatment Starts Here Next Week
Aug 27, 2017 CENTRAL HIGH SHINES: 95-Year Old School Sparkles Like a Teenager
Aug 27, 2017 HISTORY TOUR: Visitors Amazed at the Panorama of Bay City's Past
Aug 22, 2017 FEMA TO HELP: Dates set for Home Rebuilding Aid in Midland
Aug 18, 2017 DRED SCOTT STATUE? No, AOL, the Statue Taken Down was Justice Taney
Aug 17, 2017 FEMA Announces Disaster Recovery Application Sites for 4 Counties, Tribe
Aug 11, 2017 CRAPO BUILDING: Iconic Bay City Building Emerges From the Past
Aug 11, 2017 HEMINGWAY RECALLED: Fans Celebrate 100 Years After High School Graduation
Aug 6, 2017 TOP ISSUE IGNORED: Fixing Michigan's Infrastructure Gets No Respect
Jul 29, 2017 LABOR PROBLEMS: Farmers, Mackinac Island Share Foreign Worker Gap
Jul 27, 2017 BOLD NEW PLAN: High School Completion, Job Training Eyed for Dropouts
Jul 22, 2017 ALL AMERICAN STORY: SVSU Track Athlete Southgate Heads Deep With Navy
Jul 21, 2017 NON-GRADS DILEMMA: Did Chopping Adult Education Gut Michigan's Workforce?
Jul 15, 2017 FBI HITS FRAUD: Six Michigan Physicians, Saginaw Firm, Charged
Jul 15, 2017 PATIENT SAFETY: McLaren-Bay Ranked in Top 5% Nationally
Jul 10, 2017 PARTISAN PULPITS? Shades of Nazis: House Eyes Political Churches
Jul 9, 2017 MEDIA MANGLE: Re "Real News"--Can Traditional Media Be Trusted?
Jul 5, 2017 MICHIGAN'S FIRST: State to Get Gold Star Families Monument -- in Bay City
Jun 29, 2017 FIREWORKS CONCERN: Some Combat Veterans Seek to Avoid Loud Noises
Jun 29, 2017 TEMPLE SAVIORS: Hildebrant and Meehan Make $100,000 Gift to Masonic Temple
Jun 28, 2017 STATE BACKING: Crapo Building Gets $2.4 Million in Grant and Loan
Jun 27, 2017 NEW CEO SOUGHT: Bay Area Community Foundation Head Retires
Jun 18, 2017 TOLL BRIDGE? Pay-For Crossing Span Could Potentially Cost Us More
Jun 17, 2017 WARBLERS THRIVE: Once Endangered, Kirtland's Grayling Tours Show Comeback
Jun 15, 2017 GOOD SAMARITANS? Mysterious Helpers in Quebec Restore Faith in Humanity

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