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Dave Rogers

Dave Rogers is a former editorial writer for the Bay City Times and a widely read,
respected journalist/writer in and around Bay City.
(Contact Dave Via Email at

313 recent articles by Dave on file since (2013-09-30)
Mar 29, 2015 GAY MARRIAGE: Study Shows 2004 Michigan Ban Vote Helped Bush Get Elected
Mar 28, 2015 DOW-OLIN $5B DEAL: Midland Firm's Stock Price Jumps After Chlorine Spin-Off
Mar 26, 2015 ATTEN-HUT! Homeless at Detroit Veterans Center Go Back to Barracks Basics
Mar 24, 2015 LAKES DECLINE OVER? Three Foot Water Rise Seen End to 15 Year Fall
Mar 22, 2015 BC BUCKET LIST: Tour Guide Publishes 101 Things to Do in Bay City Before...
Mar 22, 2015 MIDLAND SCORES: U.S. Open Tennis Playoffs Come to Mid-Michigan June 12-18
Mar 21, 2015 NEAR MISS? Finally, the Story of How Bay City Almost Became Home to Buick
Mar 19, 2015 PORT FISHER: Fertilizer Manufacturer Pumping Life Into Local Marine Economy
Mar 18, 2015 MARV KUSMIERZ: Passionate Bay City Historian Deserves to Be Remembered
Mar 14, 2015 EPA EAGLES SOAR: National Bird Thrives on Chemical Ban, Habitat Protection
Mar 13, 2015 JACK BULLIS: Bay City Bowling Icon Was World War II Drill Sergeant
Mar 11, 2015 NO DUCK STAMP: Fearsome Gavel Looms Over Convicted Dr.Ingersoll
Mar 8, 2015 BOB FRIEDLE: Bay City Radio Tech Wins Award for Broadcast Engineering
Mar 7, 2015 COLORFUL CAST: Ingersoll Trial Jury Deliberation Resumes Monday
Mar 7, 2015 GERMAN FEST SET: German-American National Congress Convention Here Oct. 2-4
Mar 5, 2015 REGIONAL MARKETING: Great Lakes Bay Hikes Tourism Income While Averages Lag
Mar 4, 2015 Great Lakes Bay Region Wins Governor's Economic and Education Summit award
Mar 4, 2015 LOFTY GOAL: Top 10 North America Position Aim of Bay Future, Litten Says
Mar 4, 2015 WANT A LIGHTHOUSE? Please Buy the Gravelly Shoals Light So I Don't Have To
Mar 1, 2015 HANDS OFF: Legislature Passes New Green Gun Bill Removing County Discretion
Feb 27, 2015 AUTHOR DAZZLES: Book-lovers Throng Isabel Wilkerson, "Warmth of Other Suns"
Feb 27, 2015 HIRE MI HEROES! Unemployed Vets Focus of Tax Credit Bill In Legislature
Feb 25, 2015 E-H LOOKS TO FUTURE: Happy School Parents Will Soon See Building Upgrades
Feb 23, 2015 DEVILISH DETAILS! Voter Approval on Road Plan Goes South When Details Heard
Feb 20, 2015 BLACK DIAMONDS: Talk Eyes Area Blacks in Civil War, More History Notables
Feb 20, 2015 TAKE A LOOK: I Dare You to Try and Figure Out if the Road Tax Plan is Good
Feb 18, 2015 ALICE WIRT: Longtime Community Benefactor Mourned, Husband Jack Remembered
Feb 15, 2015 BUT FOR GOD'S GRACE...There Go I; Homelessness Below Zero a Tough Gig
Feb 14, 2015 REPUBLICAN SPLIT: Birthright Citizenship Spat Imperils GOP Legacy
Feb 13, 2015 GUNS = DEATHS: New Study Shows More Guns Result in More Gun Killings
Feb 13, 2015 I.A.V.A.: Newest Yankee Doodle Boys (& Women) Take Center Stage
Feb 12, 2015 ANTI-VAXXERS: Traverse City, Detroit Metro Areas Hotbeds of Shots Avoidance
Feb 9, 2015 BUNYAN MODEL? Bay City Lumberjack Joe Fournier Tale Now Subject of Song
Feb 7, 2015 SCHOOL UPGRADES: Essexville-Hampton District Town Hall Wednesday at Bush
Feb 5, 2015 BANDIT ALERT! Wall Street Comes to Buena Vista, Buys High School for $5 Mil
Feb 5, 2015 GUN CONTROL? Public Nearly Universally Opposes New Laws: PBS Poll
Feb 5, 2015 NEW EXECS: Chamber Hosts Ex-College Athletes Heading McLaren, Bay Future
Feb 5, 2015 POT CITIES GROW: Marijuana Decriminalization Trend Sweeps Across Michigan
Feb 1, 2015 LANSING SHOOTOUT: Gov. Snyder Says Green's Gun Bills Need to Wait in Line
Feb 1, 2015 SAD SEDUCTION: Jeb & Mitt Out as Rand, Ted and Marco Drink Koch Kool Aid
Jan 31, 2015 DOW AGRO GROWS: Brazilian Seed Firm Acquisition Strengthens Soybean Area
Jan 29, 2015 MARKSTROM TAPPED: Bay Area Chamber Names Interim President
Jan 29, 2015 NEW GOLF PLAN: Country Club Ends, Saginaw Valley Public Golf Course Starts
Jan 27, 2015 PETROGLYPHS? History Convo to Hear of Site, True Crime from Mardi Link
Jan 26, 2015 ROADS DOOMED? State Voters Historically Have Rejected Tax Proposals
Jan 25, 2015 FARM HAND SHORTAGE: Immigration Reforms Urged to Fill Agriculture Jobs
Jan 25, 2015 SOCIAL SECURITY BATTLE: System Not Broke, Say Friends, Advocating Expansion
Jan 24, 2015 GERMAN BEER: Authentic Brew Coming Soon Via High Tech Cans to Bar Near You
Jan 20, 2015 $RICHIE RICH$: Kenneth Dart Tops Michigan at $5.8 Billion As Top Dogs Growl
Jan 20, 2015 NO DOW DEAL? Corning Says It's "Happy With Ownership Stake" in Dow Corning
Jan 20, 2015 RENEWABLE ENERGY: Also Make Clean Air a Priority, Group Urges Gov. Snyder,
Jan 18, 2015 GLADWIN TO BEAVERTON: $75,000 in Grants to Jump Start Trail System
Jan 18, 2015 GMO DEBATE: Genetically Modified Foods, Boon or Bane to Mankind?
Jan 18, 2015 MOVING UP: Amy E. Wilson Named Corporate Secretary by Dow Chemical Company
Jan 16, 2015 SOCIAL SECURITY: Republicans Overwhelmingly Favored Bill When Adopted
Jan 14, 2015 CHARTER FLAWS: Online "Schools" vs. Traditional Bricks & Mortar Weighed
Jan 12, 2015 RESURRECTED? Heston, Wayne Live in Films; How About Princess Wenonah?
Jan 11, 2015 ULTRA HD TV: Dow to Partner with LG in New Quantum Dot Technology
Jan 10, 2015 CHARTER SCHOOLS: Sixteen Public School Academies in Saginaw Valley Area
Jan 10, 2015 SILVER BULLETS? Ingersoll Fraud Case Said Hanging Over Charter Schools
Jan 6, 2015 MONEY GAMES: Is Dallas Dominance Symbolic of Fabric of Corruption?
Jan 5, 2015 CHRISTIE FLUB? NJ Guv Cheering Against Detroit Lions a Political Faux Pas?
Jan 4, 2015 FINDING AMELIA? Island Where Flyer's Bones Found to be Probed in June
Jan 2, 2015 AULD LANG SYNE: To: Guv, Legislature - Cancel Vote in May, Fix Roads Now!
Dec 31, 2014 CONTROLLING CHARTERS: Integrity Education Group Urges State Regulations
Dec 29, 2014 HARBAUGH DEAL: Wolverines $48 Million, 6 Year Deal Said Dicey
Dec 29, 2014 LOSING OUR WAY: Bob Herbert Book Digs Into America's Soul, Calls for Action
Dec 26, 2014 CHARTER TAKEOVER? Public Schools Transformed to Corporate Profit Centers
Dec 25, 2014 GRIFFIN FOUND? Divers Seeking Confederate Gold Discovered LaSalle's Ship
Dec 24, 2014 KING KONG REVIVAL: Skull Island Fictional Ape's Home Real History Site Here
Dec 23, 2014 LAST QUACKS OF 2014: Time Runs Out on Legislature's Education Tinkering
Dec 22, 2014 SCHUETTE CUTS SCHOOLS: Attorney General OK's Aid Fund for Hockey Arena
Dec 21, 2014 SAVING DOW: Embattled Firm Crucial to Continued Employment, Growth Here
Dec 20, 2014 GIANT HOAX? Bay County's Huge Skeletons Part of National Mystery Probe
Dec 20, 2014 LAME CALL: Legislators Duck Road Crisis, Toss Ball to Voters Next May
Dec 20, 2014 NEW LEADER: Bay Future Hires Sandusky Ohio Economic Development Executive
Dec 18, 2014 FEAR FACTOR: Some Parents Frightened Vaccines May Cause Autism in Children
Dec 14, 2014 DOW DEFENDED: Jim Cramer Lashes Activist Investor Dan Loeb as Rogue
Dec 13, 2014 GARBERS RECALLED: John & Melissa Were Essexville School, Community Pioneers
Dec 13, 2014 JERRY COLE: One of Few Bay Cityans to Graduate U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
Dec 11, 2014 GOV IN HIGH GEAR: Snyder Unveils Plan to Fix Roads, Extra $$$ For Bay, Area
Dec 11, 2014 PERPLEXING POLL: Voters Say State on Track But They're No Better Off
Dec 8, 2014 SCHOOL REFORM? Since Proposal A (1994), Michigan's Educational Focus Wavers
Dec 7, 2014 KATIE BOFFO: Bay City Star Wins Praise as Phantom's "Best Christine Ever"
Dec 5, 2014 CRUNCH TIME: Retaining Democracy Takes Wisdom, Tolerance, Courage
Dec 4, 2014 TROMBLEY HOUSE BREAKFASTS: Customers Already Lining for Chow with Santa
Dec 4, 2014 UPTOWN GRILL: Vince Stuart Offers Classy Food in Posh Setting
Dec 2, 2014 MARRIOT PLANS: Courtyard Interior Photos Released by Hotel Chain
Nov 30, 2014 MIDLAND TOPS LIST: Several Area School Districts Seek Bond OKs in February
Nov 28, 2014 CRIME DROPS: But Prison Costs Remain High Despite 15 Percent Reduction
Nov 28, 2014 SAGINAW LEGEND: Fred Dustin Recalled as Archaeologist, Student of Custer
Nov 26, 2014 FARMING & ARMING: Scholar's Research Tracks Fertilizer Link to Explosives
Nov 24, 2014 INTERURBAN REMEMBERED: Electric Rail Line Connected Bay City With Downstate
Nov 19, 2014 ENGEL STADIUM: Lest We Forget, Coach Elmer Was a Marine Hero of Iwo Jima
Nov 16, 2014 SCHOOL DILEMMA: Funding Gap Doesn't Provide Base for More STEM Focus
Nov 14, 2014 BAY CITY TAKES OFF: James Clements Airport Symbol of Aviation History
Nov 14, 2014 GHOSTS BOOST EDSON: Paranormals Return Nov. 22 Hoping to Be Spooked
Nov 10, 2014 SCAM ALERT: Homeland Security Warns of Phony IRS Calls Targeting Seniors
Nov 9, 2014 HONKERS HEADING SOUTH? Nope, Most Geese Stay Here; Find Out Why
Nov 7, 2014 ELECTION SURPRISES: Bay County Doesn't Follow All State Outcomes
Nov 4, 2014 FLYING EAGLES: Bay City YMCA Acrobats Won State Trapeze Titles in 1920s
Nov 2, 2014 HEAR FITZ TAPES: Lost Radio Tapes of Edmund Fitzgerald Sinking Now Online
Oct 29, 2014 BOOK FOLLIES:Tales Of a Bumpkin Thrashing in the Moat Before Castle Academe
Oct 29, 2014 ONLY ONE NINA: Hundreds Bid Farewell to Bay City Players Icon Nina Spiess
Oct 26, 2014 VICTORY STAKE: Michigan's Ill-Advised Insult Adds Motivation to Spartans
Oct 24, 2014 LOCAL SONGBIRD SOARS: Katie Travis in New Phantom of the Opera Company
Oct 22, 2014 NEW CEO: Onetime Grid Star Clarence Sevillian To Replace Gerard at McLaren
Oct 22, 2014 NON-PROFIT? - Koch Brothers Throw Millions at Michigan, Other Dem Campaigns
Oct 22, 2014 TAKE IT TO HEART: McLaren-Bay Wins Cardiac Treatment Lifeline Award
Oct 19, 2014 BAD CALL!!! Notre Dame Won the Game But Ref & Florida State Snatch it Back
Oct 18, 2014 GETTING IT WRONG: American History Magazine Blows Chemical Weapons Facts
Oct 18, 2014 TEACHER TURNOVER: Cause Said Standardized Testing, Pay, Not Unruly Students
Oct 14, 2014 BIG AUBURN DEAL: Maumee, Ohio, Firm, Andersons, Buys Auburn Bean & Grain
Oct 13, 2014 FDR'S CCC BACK! Community Service Jobs Offered Unemployed Michigan Youth
Oct 13, 2014 LENDING SCAM: Online Payday Lending Said Problematic By Pew Foundation
Oct 13, 2014 U PACKING HEAT? Green Says Trained, Armed Citizens Answer to Deadly Attacks
Oct 11, 2014 FESTIVAL BUMP: Wade Lodewyk Sets Film Festival Slate for Westown Theater
Oct 11, 2014 MINIMUM WAGES: Future Michigan Increases Keyed to Consumer Price Index
Oct 10, 2014 WATER BILL $68M: Cost of New Plant, Lines Revised Down From $72 Million
Oct 6, 2014 EDUCATION - UP OR DOWN? Michigan Governor's Battle Key K-12 School Funding
Oct 6, 2014 GUN COSTS UP? State Police Say Mike Green's Bill Would Cost $8.4 Million
Oct 4, 2014 THE RIGHT THING: City Embrace of Oppressed Children Example to Nation
Oct 3, 2014 COST FLUCTUATING: County Revises Water Plant Bond Financing
Oct 3, 2014 KIDS AT RISK: Enterovirus Cases Centered in Mid-Michigan, Reports Say
Oct 2, 2014 SKULL ISLAND: New Book Explores Indian Massacre, British Chemical Firm Site
Sep 28, 2014 HISTORY AWARDS: Book on Huron County One Room Schools Honored
Sep 28, 2014 TEXAN CLOSED: Facebook Posting Says Restaurant Done at 2 p.m. Sunday
Sep 28, 2014 TONI & TRISH: Hospice in Auburn Area Has Had 300 Guests Since Start in 2008
Sep 21, 2014 TAX FAIRNESS: Corporate Inversions Targeted by Coalition of Citizen Groups
Sep 19, 2014 WHY ON EARTH? Would Mr. Republican Milliken Not Endorse AG Bill Schuette
Sep 18, 2014 HELL'S ONE MILE: Local Mystery Author Tim Younkman Expands Violent District
Sep 18, 2014 ROBBIE FOR RAMBO? Bay Cityan May Finally Get His Chance for Redskins
Sep 13, 2014 MILLIKEN SPEAKS: Michigan's Longest Serving Guv Picks Peters for Senate
Sep 11, 2014 CLEMENTS RECALLED: Officials Visit Home of Bay City Americana Collector
Sep 9, 2014 SPARTANS-DUCKS: Home Team Always Wins; Does Long Travel Have An Effect?
Sep 8, 2014 CHILD LABOR OK? Michigan Allows Children Age 12 to Work Fields With Parent
Sep 8, 2014 STEM FOCUS: Regional Leaders to Meet at CMU Nov. 13
Sep 2, 2014 WHY NO WWII GAS? Issue Raised in Book "G-34 Paradox' Discussed by Vets
Aug 31, 2014 TOXIC TELEMARKETING: Bay City Back in Immigrant Spotlight After 64 Years
Aug 30, 2014 AT WHITE HOUSE: Saginaw Future's JoAnn Crary Moderates Manufacturing Panel
Aug 28, 2014 JARKEY HONORED: Inimitable Comedian Harry Jarkey Final Act at Wenona Beach
Chat at Thumb Octagon Barn Family Days Sept. 6-7
Aug 26, 2014 LAND OF GIANTS: Gargantuan Whites Ruled Midwest, Author States in New Book
Aug 20, 2014 MUSSELS = MUCK: Invasive Species Grow Algae; Scientists Mull Action
Aug 17, 2014 ALADDIN ARCHIVES: Bay City's Ready-Cut Home Pioneers Made History
Aug 16, 2014 CLEAN BEACH? New Efforts Underway to Keep Muck Off State Park Swim Area
Aug 11, 2014 WWI DRAGNET: Young Men Caught Without Draft Cards Hauled in to City Hall
Aug 10, 2014 EDUCATION GAP: High School Graduation Rates Lag; Immigrants Said Growth Key
Aug 10, 2014 PARALEON PIER: Report Opens Door to Chamber Goal of Bay Access Deal
Aug 7, 2014 GREEN MACHINE: Bay County Came Through for Big Spending Senator
Aug 4, 2014 CMU ON BOARD: Dr. George E. Ross Joins Group Boosting STEM Education
Aug 3, 2014 3 FOR THE MONEY: Midland, Saginaw, Bay City All See Downtown Growth
Aug 3, 2014 BARNYARD SPAT: Was Farm Bureau Director Fired for Not Supporting Moolenaar?
Jul 30, 2014 MILLAGE VOTE SET: County Puts Disclosure Ties On Historical Society
Jul 30, 2014 SVSU & INDIA: Conference Brings Top Indian Business School Here in Sept.
Jul 30, 2014 TOSS UP: State's Economy On Track Despite Snyder Unfavorables, Poll Shows
Jul 27, 2014 SUE THE PREZ? One Main Problem That May Thwart John Boehner
Jul 25, 2014 SVSU'S JANIS: Tough Kid From Tawas Runs Through Tackles, Now a Packer
Jul 24, 2014 HONORING SAILORS: Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum Slates Fall Events
Jul 22, 2014 SPOILER ALERT: Kingston School Trustee Jeffrey Phillips Vies for Senate
Jul 20, 2014 FIELDHOUSE UP: SVSU to Open Indoor Sports Arena in August
Jul 18, 2014 BISHOP ON IMMIGRANTS: Cistone Recalls Kids' Plight on Central America Trip
Jul 18, 2014 EXPAND RIGHTS: Regional Alliance Backs Employment Equality
Jul 18, 2014 FORT CAPTURED: State's Hottest New Book Recounts Indian Raid 251 Years Ago
Jul 18, 2014 SAGINAW MUSIC: Fred Reif Documents Overlooked Legends in New Book
Jul 18, 2014 SENATE PRIMARY: Green, Daley Swap Right Crosses, "Sacrificial Lamb" Lurks
Jul 13, 2014 DOW CORNING @ UPTOWN: Population & Tax Base Rise Inspiring
Jul 11, 2014 LOST OPPORTUNITY: Vassar Protests Greet Possible Placement of Refugees
Jul 7, 2014 THIS IS HISTORY! St. Mary, Visitation Members Jam Unity Mass in New Parish
Jul 2, 2014 SAGINAW GETS $$$: State Grants $1.7 Million for Arts, River Dredging Eyed
Jun 29, 2014 SEEKING REFORM: Voice of the Faithful Keeps Faith, Agitates for Change
Jun 29, 2014 WINDSHIELD FACTOR: Dump Michigan Legislators Who Fail to Act on Roads
Jun 23, 2014 HISTORY AWARDS: Bay City Students Among National History Day Competitors
Jun 16, 2014 GREAT LAKES TOO? Chemical Weapons Dumping Started Century Ago
Jun 15, 2014 PORTSMOUTH EXPLORED: Museum Crowd Hears Local History From Grassroots
Jun 11, 2014 NOW WE KNOW! Catholic Archbishop Carlson Unclear Sex With Children a Crime
Jun 11, 2014 PORTSMOUTH HISTORY: Supervisor Robert Pawlak Sked at Museum's 2nd Saturday
Jun 8, 2014 CONNECTION MADE: New Water Plant Hooked Up to Whitestone Line
Jun 7, 2014 D-DAY AT 70: Bay City Soldier Kirk Timm Recalls Landing on Omaha Beach
Jun 5, 2014 JARKEY DIES AT 100: Beloved Comedian's Ashes to be Spread on Saginaw Bay
Jun 4, 2014 APOSTOLIC VISITATION: Papal Representative Reported Investigating Bishop
Jun 3, 2014 SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED: Interview with Justice Kavanagh on Swainson Case
Jun 1, 2014 WAS SWAINSON FRAMED? Supreme Court Justice Wouldn't Be Convicted Today
May 30, 2014 MICHIGAN RISES: Water Key to Manufacturing Edge Over South, West States
May 28, 2014 RUSSELL RECALLS: Bay City, Central High Football Impressed Consumers Chief
May 28, 2014 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Lone Caretaker Seeks Help at Soldier's Rest Cemetery
May 25, 2014 SOLDIER'S REST: Rededication of Pine Ridge Cemetery Set Monday
May 18, 2014 2ND GRADE TOUR: Fifty Pupils Enjoy "All Over Bay City" Tour
May 18, 2014 TEMPLE REVIVAL: Group Eyes Restoration of Masonic Temple, Recalls 1903 Fire
May 14, 2014 RUNNING EVANGELIST: Ultra-Marathoner Touts This Weekend's Dow Races
May 11, 2014 CHIPPEWA RITES: Human Remains Found in Saginaw Repatriated
May 11, 2014 JANIS HIGHLIGHTS: See What Packers Saw in SVSU Wide Receiver
May 11, 2014 TALL SHIP MUSIC: Ballads & Brews Fundraiser Set in July, Ships Return 2016
May 9, 2014 MARRIOTT BAY CITY: New Hotel in Uptown Sets Opening for December
May 8, 2014 MORE ANCHORS ON WAY: New Major Tenants in Uptown Future, Says Developer
May 5, 2014 FISHERS BUGGED: Late Hatches of Mayflies Cause Streams of Frustration
May 3, 2014 RIALTO LIVES! Grayling Theater Revived, AuSable Flyfishing Movie Big Hit
Apr 29, 2014 30% ICE COVER: Great Lakes Shipping Slowed by Persistent Cold
Apr 29, 2014 REAL SEAFOOD: 'Godfather' of Ann Arbor, Dennis Serras, Eyes Bay City
Apr 26, 2014 STATE DOING GREAT: But Funding Repair of Crumbling Roads Perplexes
Apr 20, 2014 CATHOLIC MOVES: Pope Francis Actions Against Clergy Sex Abuse Gives Hope
Apr 17, 2014 DOWNTOWN CHANGES: Bay City Times Back on Water Street After 104 Years
Apr 14, 2014 NEW BALLPARK: Dems in Full Court Press to Regain State Senate Seat
Apr 12, 2014 ICE BREAKING NIXED: Coast Guard Cancels Scheduled April 12 Saginaw Bay Work
Apr 12, 2014 SAVING WETLANDS: CMU Research on Great Lakes Critical, Says Expert
Apr 11, 2014 CHURCHES RALLY: Plea to Rome Asks Apostolic Visit, Focus on Bishop Cistone
Apr 9, 2014 SAVING BADGER: Imperiled Car Ferry May Be Saved by Natural Gas Conversion
Apr 6, 2014 HOW MUCH SAFER? New $72 Million Water Plant Uses Membrane Technology
Apr 5, 2014 HEALTH CARE: Re Obamacare -- "We Can't Go Back," Says SVSU Dean
Apr 3, 2014 CHAMBER ROUSER: Dynamic Visions 4-Yr College Downtown, Paraleon Pier at Bay
Apr 3, 2014 HEY SUGAR! Planting Delay Up to a Month Seen Caused by Cold Weather
Apr 2, 2014 ICE JAM: U.S., Canadian Coast Guards Breaking 3-Ft Thick Ice, Seaway Opens
Apr 2, 2014 STATUE SHAPES: Fund-Raising for Paul Harris Sculpture Project Progresses
Mar 30, 2014 PAUL HARRIS: Rotary Club Founder's Vision Has Changed the World
Mar 29, 2014 DETROIT SURGES: Automation Alley Reports Tech Growth Tops Silicon Valley
Mar 23, 2014 BRIGHT LIGHTS: City Electric Light and Power Company Shines Through
Mar 23, 2014 ICE UNTIL JUNE? 90 Percent Coverage on Lakes Stymies Ships, Cuts Ore Trade
Mar 23, 2014 NEW HIGH SCHOOL? Saginaw's Francis Reh Academy Signs NMU, Eyes Expansion
Mar 20, 2014 CATHOLICS COMBINE: St. Joseph Parishioners Celebrate Feast Day, Ponder Fate
Mar 20, 2014 DOCTORS' STAND? Physicians Conflicted As Health Care Debate Comes to Head
Mar 20, 2014 REBEL HOARD? William Birney Civil War Origin Theories Link California Gold?
Mar 18, 2014 DANCING AGAIN: After 5 Years, A Bay Cityan, Costello, Returns to Big Dance
Mar 16, 2014 MONUMENTAL: Blizzard, Flood Caused Delay of 1973 St. Patrick's Day Parade
Mar 15, 2014 SCHOOL KICKOFF SET: Bay Valley International Academy Starts in Fall: Barcia
Mar 12, 2014 CHAMBER LINKS LEADERS: Blue Water Economy, P-20 Education Key to Growth
Mar 10, 2014 FINN'S CHALLENGES: City Finances, Hotel Debt, P.O.W.E.R. Fund Legacy Loom
Mar 10, 2014 MADONNA BONANZA? Not Just a Pretty Face, Tourism Drawing Card, Say Backers
Mar 6, 2014 CHAMBER PEP TALK: Regional U.S. Chamber Director Fires Up Troops
Mar 5, 2014 BIRNEY PROFILED: Bay City Pioneer Compared to Character in 12 Years a Slave
Mar 5, 2014 DNR GREEN LIGHT? "Full Speed Ahead on Paraleon:" Chamber President Seward
Mar 4, 2014 DYNAMIC YOUTH: David Burney IV Talks Leadership to Rotarians
Mar 2, 2014 SPLIT DECISION? Close City Commission Vote Seen on Hiring Richard Finn
Feb 28, 2014 PROGRAM BOOMS: OLLI at SVSU Shows Phenomenal Growth Since 2005
Feb 27, 2014 BILL THOMAS: LA Times Editor, Native Bay Cityan, Reaped Pulitzer Prizes
Feb 27, 2014 WATER TO RISE? 88.4 Percent Great Lakes Freeze Sets 20 Year Record
Feb 23, 2014 COUNTY ON PACE: Energy Efficiency Financing Eased Under New Program
Feb 23, 2014 SPORTS GURU: Former Tennis Star, Coach Eric Pangborn on Big Stage
Feb 20, 2014 CHAMBER SOARS: Project Progress Excites Huge State of Community Crowd
Feb 16, 2014 BREAKUP UNWISE: Dow Criticizes Investor's Idea to Split Company
Feb 16, 2014 SNATCHING VICTORY From Jaws of Defeat
Brit Continues Comeback @ Midland:
Feb 15, 2014 SAGINAW MUSICIANS: Writer Raising $$$ on Kickstarter for Book
Feb 14, 2014 FINN OK'D: Letter Attesting to Manager's Fairness Convinces Commissioners
Feb 10, 2014 TENNIS TORNADO: Rising Star Alicia Black, 15, Enlivens Dow Corning Tourney
Feb 9, 2014 POLISH STAR HERE: Dow Corning Tennis Classic Draws Highest Ranked Hitters
Feb 8, 2014 FIX ROADS FIRST: Local Board Urges Snyder to Scrap Income Tax Cut
Feb 8, 2014 LGBT SHOWDOWN? Bay County May be Focus of Tea Party at Tuesday Meeting
Feb 2, 2014 50 YEARS OF FAME: Terry McDermott Won Gold, Joined Beatles on Ed Sullivan
Jan 31, 2014 HEMP VS. POT: Long-Banned and Misunderstood Product May Spark Ag Boom
Jan 26, 2014 ELECTRIC SWITCH: Midland Cogeneration Facility Spurs Shift From Coal to Gas
Jan 24, 2014 Two City Commissioners "Looking Into" Issues at Richard Finn's Last Job
Jan 24, 2014 WORLD WAR I: As Centenary Nears, Bay County's Role is Recalled
Jan 19, 2014 MEAT FIRM GROWS:
City Grants Michigan Brand Tax Exemption For Jobs
Jan 19, 2014 TOM TABOR: Why Did He Say 'Bay City is the Center of the Known Universe'?
Jan 14, 2014 08-09 AUTO CRISIS: Ann Arbor Think Tank Gives Feds Credit for Intervening
Jan 12, 2014 ALL HAIL SHALE! Dow Leads Manufacturing Resurgence, Sees Job Boom
Jan 12, 2014 CHEMICALS & WAR: British-Owned Bay City Firm Competes with Dow, Germans
Jan 8, 2014 BAY ROAD MAP: Chamber Unveils "Going Forward" Plan for 10 Years
Jan 7, 2014 THE $5 DAY: Henry Ford Paid More So Folks Could Buy His Cars, Right? WRONG!
Jan 5, 2014 FERRIS GRADS MOVE UP: Kim Klein Earns Doctorate, Mott Promotes Jim Baber
Jan 5, 2014 GRANT'S ORDER: Civil War Round Table to Hear Dee Dee Wacksman
Jan 3, 2014 MSU MIRACLE! Failure to Launch Not an Option for Gutsy Spartans
Dec 29, 2013 LEAN $ GREEN: Bay County to Consider Joining State Energy Financing Plan
Dec 28, 2013 JAIL COSTS RISE: County Commissioners Complain, But Approve Health Measure
Dec 26, 2013 GOT MILK? New $40 Million Cass City Dairy Plant to Boost Area Processing
Dec 23, 2013 CITY HALL SHINES: Renovated Historic Structure Open House Set Jan. 27
Dec 22, 2013 NORTHWOOD LEAPS: Pinconning's Dr. Kevin Fegan Puts Texas Campus on Map
Dec 21, 2013 MCLAREN OFFICERS: Board Elects William Bowen, Mark Jaffe, Gary Bosco
Dec 19, 2013 URBAN BLIGHT: Dan Kildee's Brainchild Aims to Transform Land Policy, Cities
Dec 18, 2013 KILDEE'S 1ST YEAR: New Congressman "Frustrated" at Gridlock in Washington
Dec 18, 2013 MANAGING STRESS: Psychologist's New Book Says: "Live in the Moment"
Dec 17, 2013 GM GROWTH: Eliminate Two-Tiered Wage Structure, Union Official Urges
Dec 15, 2013 CHRIS WILLERTZ: MSU '88 Rose Bowler Now Motivational Speaker
Dec 15, 2013 MEGA-MILLIONS: Fourth Largest Jackpot in History Up Tuesday Night
McLaren-Karamanos Cancer Partnership Offers More Care
Dec 10, 2013 PAPER BOY $$$: Carl A. Gerstacker's Story, and Other Routes to Riches
Dec 4, 2013 13,400 NEW AMERICANS: Gov. Snyder Says Immigrants Strengthen State, Nation
Dec 1, 2013 CIVIL WAR MYSTERIES: Tim Younkman to Speak Dec. 11 on Buffalo Soldiers
Dec 1, 2013 SOLAR SOLUTIONS: Dow Corning Joins with Chinese Firm to Boost Energy Source
Nov 29, 2013 BUCKEYE BULL#XO&&&: Ohio Guv Boo-Boo May Get Game Face Mush, Like Lions Did
Nov 28, 2013 AN AMERICAN DREAM! Canadian Video Includes Bay City's Paul Bunyan
Nov 28, 2013 MICHIGAN AQUACULTURE: Sea Grant Study Underway on Lagging Industry
Nov 25, 2013 FUNDRAISING AWARDS: Youth, Volunteer, Executive Among Honorees
Nov 23, 2013 RX FOR POT? Saginaw State Senator's Bill Would Move Marijuana to Pharmacies
Nov 22, 2013 JFK WAS HERE: How Many Recall Kennedy's Campaign in the Saginaw Area?
Nov 22, 2013 SAY WHAT? "Experts" Gush Over Lakes Huron-Michigan Rise, But Take a Look!
Nov 21, 2013 URBAN NATURE: SBLC Leases 12-Acre Euclid Linear Park for Conservation
Nov 17, 2013 DEMOLITION DELAY: Consumers Energy Approved to Wait Extra Year on Shutdown
Nov 17, 2013 GOING GLOBAL: Local Non-Profit and Businesses Team Up to Ship Planters
Nov 17, 2013 STANLEY FIRKSER: His Norman's Stores Transformed Retailing in East Michigan
Nov 17, 2013 UNSUNG BARS OF BAY CITY: Ex-Newsman (Who Else?) Blogs About Quirky Saloons
Nov 11, 2013 HEALTH DEBATE 1952: Truman vs. Ike Proves Little Change in Philosophies
Nov 10, 2013 FROG-BIT: New European Invasive Weed Species Found in Saginaw Bay
Nov 10, 2013 IT'S A BIRD...TRAIL: Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy Flies into Action
Nov 9, 2013 MARDI LINK: At Library She Tells of Trials Becoming Full-Time Writer
Nov 8, 2013 PARALEON PLANS: Laura Ogar Leads Chamber Rally to Open Bay Access to Public
Nov 3, 2013 DOCTORS' OPINIONS: What Do Most Physicians Think About Obama Care?
Nov 3, 2013 INSTANT RUNOFF: Minneapolis Vote Tuesday Tests with Rank Choice Method
Nov 3, 2013 MSU IN MIDLAND: Value Chain Creation Research Goal of New Institute
Nov 3, 2013 WENONA BEACH REPRISED: J.R. Watson's New Book Recalls Glory Days
Oct 29, 2013 BEACH TALK: Laura Ogar, Bay County Official, Speaks to Chamber Tuesday
Oct 27, 2013 BAY ACCESS: Paraleon Beach Revisited: Chamber Sets Saginaw Bay Priority
Oct 27, 2013 FOOD WASTE: Dow Addresses Global Problem with Packaging Innovation
Oct 27, 2013 IF I DIE AGAIN: Tim Younkman's Latest Novel Poses Question - Do I Go Back?
Oct 27, 2013 OBAMACARE HACKED? No Signup Problems in Michigan May Be Rare in U.S.
Oct 26, 2013 COME OUT NOW! Michigan Association of Hostage Negotiators Meeting Here
Oct 20, 2013 GRANTS ANNOUNCED: Dow Corning Education Grants Total $525,000
Oct 18, 2013 REAL SEAFOOD: Gourmet Restaurant, Upscale Living Here Youth Strategy?
Oct 13, 2013 SVSU AT 50!: Saginaw Bay State College Was Tentative Name of School
Oct 12, 2013 ENSLAVED WOMEN: Subject of Novel on Lumbering Days in Mid-Michigan
Oct 12, 2013 OPEN CARRY: School Children Share State Capitol with Gun Advocates
Oct 10, 2013 ROCK OF FAITH: First Presbyterian Church Opens 1891 Time Capsule
Oct 10, 2013 SHUTDOWN WOES: Government Turmoil May Affect 2014 Congress Races
Oct 3, 2013 CORMORANTS DOWN: Fish Gorging Predators Controlled by DNR

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Thunder Shirt . . . The Perfect Choice For Mothers
05/06/2012   Dave Rogers. Leave A Comment
Depression Galvanized Bay City Social Activist Florence Tye Jennison
05/06/2012   Diane Szczepanski. Leave A Comment
Thinking Out Loud
It Figures
04/08/2012   Josh Sharrow. 2 Comments
Creating New Traditions

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May 6, 2012

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