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Dave Rogers

Dave Rogers is a former editorial writer for the Bay City Times and a widely read,
respected journalist/writer in and around Bay City.
(Contact Dave Via Email at

285 recent articles by Dave on file since (2014-11-26)
May 20, 2016 VOODOO ECONOMICS: Reagan's Laffer Curve Ideas Not Funny Today
May 18, 2016 BACK TO BOOT CAMP: Consumers Energy Eyes Vets to Fill Jobs
May 18, 2016 BARCIA VS. HICKNER: Longstanding County Building Disputes Eyed
May 18, 2016 TRUMP PHENOMENON: Political Science Panel Discussion Slated at U-M
May 14, 2016 GMO DISPUTE: Sugar Beet Labeling Fight Threatens Local Farmers
May 14, 2016 VISITATION DOOMED? $1 Million Renovation Cost May Sink Historic Church
May 11, 2016 KILLING DEMOCRACY? Michigan's Emergency Manager Law Under Fire
May 10, 2016 COPS & DOUGHNUTS: Clare Police Firm Buys Sutherland's in Bay City
May 8, 2016 SCHUETTE STANDS FIRM: Atty. Gen. Says "Nothing Off Table" in Flint
May 5, 2016 EDSON 9-1-1 ROLE: Destroyer Museum Ship Used as FBI "Command Cell"
May 5, 2016 HISTORY AWARDS: Central, Handy, Bangor Students Win MI History Honors
May 4, 2016 FLINT DILEMMA: Don't Drink the Water -- Or the Kool-Aid
May 1, 2016 DELTA BUILDS: Construction Class Kiosk to Highlight Battery Park
May 1, 2016 TRANSPARENCY? Actual Documents From Governor's Website
Apr 30, 2016 Lee Newton, Rob Clark: "It's a Club Full of Heroes," Says DG
Apr 29, 2016 EXPENSIVE MUCK: Loss of Swimming Beach Costs $228K Per Day
Apr 27, 2016 GM BOOSTS BAY CITY: Firm Adds $118 Million Investment, 29 New Jobs
Apr 27, 2016 LEVIN HONORED: Destroyer USS Carl M. Levin Named in Detroit
Apr 27, 2016 SAFE WASTE WATER: Bay City's Carbon Treatment Rare, Best, Say Experts
Apr 21, 2016 FLINT WATER: Schuette's Charges Don't Absolve Snyder, Free Press States
Apr 21, 2016 STUDENT LOANS: Michigan Dems Launch Bills to Foil Predators
Apr 17, 2016 RAND & RYAN: Can We Keep the Speaker of the House Out of Our Houses?
Apr 16, 2016 HISTORY HERE: Bay City Central High to Host Michigan History Day
Apr 16, 2016 REVENUE SHARING: Midland Republican Senator Leads Policy Reversal
Apr 16, 2016 VOICE ACADEMY: Mid-Michigan Singers Slate Programs
Apr 9, 2016 COMMUNITY TV: Planning Group Seeks Volunteer Producers for Channel
Apr 7, 2016 COLLABORATION: City, County Join in Computerized Mapping
Apr 7, 2016 FUTURE IS NOW: Bay Future Hails $801,405 Investment Drive Kickoff
Apr 5, 2016 EMPIRE TOTTERING? Columnist Phil Power Prays for Nation, Eyes Uprising
Apr 4, 2016 BARCIA'S BOSS: "Earmark Lobbyist" Bob Livingston Endorses Trump
Apr 3, 2016 VETERANS' SYNERGY: Program Aims to Benefit Workers, Ex-Offenders
Mar 30, 2016 COUNTY EXECUTIVE: Government Structure Needs Re-examination
Mar 29, 2016 ICE RINK HEATS UP: Wenonah Park Pavilion Hot Bay City Topic
Mar 26, 2016 FOOD INSECURITY: Retired School Folks Sponsor Kids Summer Meal Program
Mar 26, 2016 NOTHING NEW: Misinformation Has Plagued Mankind Throughout History
Mar 24, 2016 CHAMBER GALA: 133RD Event Draws 400 Drumbeaters to Hotel
Mar 23, 2016 KNORR'S NEW FLAG: Defoe-Built Research Vessel Joins Mexican Navy
Mar 18, 2016 HISTORIC CANNON: Bay Cast Foundry Re-creating Dahlgren for Battery Park
Mar 18, 2016 MIDLAND TOMORROW: Milojevoc Named to Head Development Board
Mar 18, 2016 WICKED BAY CITY: Coming May 30 From Tim Younkman
Mar 14, 2016 CAMPAIGN VIOLENCE: Candidates Have Duty to Tamp it Down
Mar 14, 2016 DOW TAKES OVER: Joint Venture with Corning, Inc., Ends This Year
Mar 14, 2016 SAFE HARBOR: Food Pantry, Kitchen Marks 1 Year Anniversary
Mar 14, 2016 SAGINAW CHEERS: $174 Million in Economic Development Celebrated
Mar 11, 2016 CRUEL POLICY: Indian Removal of 1830s Led James Birney to Slavery Abolition
Mar 7, 2016 TALL SHIPS, AHOY: Excitement Building for July 14-18 Event Here
Mar 5, 2016 MARINES STAND TALL: Corps Rejects Recruit Who Displayed Racial Hatred
Mar 4, 2016 MICHIGAN IN FOCUS: Trump Stumps in Cadillac, Dems Debate in Flint
Mar 1, 2016 TRUMP, CLINTON LEAD: Michigan Primary Election Set March 8
Mar 1, 2016 VETERANS vs. U.S: Chemical Weapons Testing Case Drags On
Feb 28, 2016 TAX CUT FOLLY: Flint is Poster Child for Refusal of State to Fund Cities
Feb 19, 2016 ROAD MAP: Projects Unveiled by Finn, Hickner at Chamber State of Community
Feb 18, 2016 MICHIGAN FUTURE? Auto Boom Hasn't Reduced Low Prosperity, Report Says
Feb 16, 2016 CRUNCH TIME: $600 M for Flint? "Goodness, We Must Be Careful," Senator Says
Feb 15, 2016 VETERANS ORGANIZE: Bay Veterans Foundation Aims to Coordinate Services
Feb 14, 2016 ONE WORD: Describes This Year's National Elections - Yuuuuuge!
Feb 14, 2016 SENATE HURDLE: Former Bay Cityan Myra Selby's Nomination Also Pending
Feb 11, 2016 NATIVE TREATIES: Former Bay Cityan Paul Johnson to Open CMU Exhibit
Feb 9, 2016 WHO'S A PROGRESSIVE? Michigan & Bay City Wellspring of Movement
Feb 6, 2016 PRISONERS EXONERATED: U-M Reports Record Number Wrongfully Convicted Freed
Feb 3, 2016 SETTLEMENT: Agreement Reached on Children's Rights, Foster Care
Feb 1, 2016 5,000 HOMELESS: Eight County Mid-Michigan Numbers High
Jan 30, 2016 4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION? "Companies Can Do Well by Doing Good" - Liveris
Jan 27, 2016 DARK ELECTIONS: Rep. Matt Bierlein Joins Action Against State Gag Law
Jan 26, 2016 LEAVE NO TRACE: Saginaw Bay Ice Users Urged to Remove Trash
Jan 24, 2016 STURGEON SHIVAREE: Cheboygan to Host Festival for Ancient Fish Feb. 5-6
Jan 22, 2016 MIDLAND TENNIS: 3 Former Champs in Draw at Dow Corning Classic
Jan 20, 2016 FLINT FALLOUT: "Poisoning of An American City" - Time Magazine
Jan 19, 2016 DARK WATER: Children Suffer Most From Toxic Politics of Flint Crisis
Jan 16, 2016 CYBER CAR THIEVES: Are Keyless Entry Auto Models Vulnerable?
Jan 15, 2016 ICE COVER THIN: Great Lakes Barely Frozen, Saginaw Bay Open
Jan 11, 2016 DELTA DILEMMA: How Would College Use Millions From TV Station?
Jan 10, 2016 'BAMA BOOM: "Greatest College Team & Coach, in History"?
Jan 10, 2016 HOLY CATFISH! Anglers Fear AuSable Fish Farm, Aquaculture Push
Jan 8, 2016 PANHANDLERS EYED: County Executive Tom Hickner to Discuss Issue Tuesday
Jan 8, 2016 PRISON COSTS: Michigan Senate Holds Up Gov. Snyder's Reforms
Jan 2, 2016 TAX GRAB=$78 M: Locals Fight Big Box Tribunal Rulings
Jan 1, 2016 GERRYMANDERING OUT? Citizens Retrieving Power From Lunatic Fringe
Dec 28, 2015 SAILING INTO HISTORY: Meade & Jan Gougeon Join Legends in Hall of Fame
Dec 26, 2015 CHRISTMAS MIRACLE: Hungry Travelers From Afar Find Bounty in Bay City
Dec 23, 2015 GEN. LEE & SANTA: Poem at Clements Library Aimed at Confederate Kids
Dec 20, 2015 NAVY VET RECALLS: Fred Sauer, 94, Served Aboard Historic Carrier
Dec 16, 2015 WHEN JOHNNY Came Marching Home to Bay City, 1919
Dec 12, 2015 GOUGEON SPEAKS: Explains General Meade Link to Local Civil War Vet
Dec 11, 2015 TAX RULINGS SLAMMED: Bay County Loses $5.8 Million in Past 5 Years
Dec 9, 2015 DOWDUPONT: Dow Chemical Chief Liveris to Head Merged Firm
Dec 7, 2015 FISH FARM HEARINGS: AuSable Hatchery Expansion Plans Raise Anglers' Hackles
Dec 6, 2015 ONLINE SCHOOLS: New National Study Finds Weaker Academic Performance
Dec 2, 2015 GUNS IN SCHOOL? Poll Shows Michigan Public Solidly Opposed, Green Bashed
Nov 28, 2015 HORROR UNLEASHED: Local Author Goes Stephen King One Better
Nov 27, 2015 HISTORIC ANNIVERSARY: 13th Amendment Abolishes Slavery 150 Years Ago Dec. 6
Nov 24, 2015 WHO VANDERLAAN? Ferris Flash Burns Texas Team for 5 TDs
Nov 22, 2015 WAIT FOR IT...CIA Now Admits JFK Killing Coverup, Details in 2017
Nov 20, 2015 DARK STORES: Legislature Zeroing In On Property Tax Loopholes
Nov 15, 2015 EXPLOSIVE TALE: State History Magazine Features Bay City Alkali Site
Nov 13, 2015 DO YOU BELIEVE? More Americans Say Their Religious Affiliation is "None"
Nov 11, 2015 ALL AMERICAN VETERAN: Col. Roger Donlon, 81, Still Answering Call to Duty
Nov 6, 2015 BEWARE DEER: Both Bucks and Does Can Be Aggressive, Experts Say
Nov 3, 2015 GRIZZLY ATTACK: Jim VanSteenhouse Escapes Bear, Recovering From Injuries
Nov 2, 2015 REDUCING INEQUALITY: IMF Study Says Unions Prevent Greed by Wealthy
Oct 28, 2015 HOLY GRAYLING: Exhibit at CMU Clarke Library by Dr. Robert Kohrman
Oct 27, 2015 MILITARY APPRECIATION: Bay City Elks Sponsor Spirit Hockey Event Nov. 7
Oct 24, 2015 DOW CHEMICAL SOARING: Midland Firm Posts Highest Dividends in History
Oct 24, 2015 UPTOWN GROWTH: Developers Post 3-Year Time-Lapse Video
Oct 22, 2015 UNLIMITED GROWTH: State Sees "Indefinite Increases" of Charter Schools
Oct 18, 2015 JUSTIFIABLE PRIDE: Spartans and Wolverines Both Can Claim Victory
Oct 16, 2015 SPRUCING UP: Hangar at James Clements Airport Project Target
Oct 11, 2015 WHITHER THE NEWS? Finding Unvarnished Truth Columnist's Quest
Oct 5, 2015 GIFT TO KIDS: Bay Tennis Fundraising Program Underway This Month
Oct 5, 2015 MARINE PATROL: Bay County Eyes $250,000 New Vessel
Oct 4, 2015 MAMMOTH MYSTERIES: Why Huge Beasts Here? Who Killed Them?
Sep 29, 2015 GERMAN POWs HERE: Rommel's Afrika Corps Captors Held in Michigan Camps
Sep 25, 2015 CONFEDERATE FLAG? Meaning is No Mystery, Psychologists Contend
Sep 24, 2015 CARSON TOPS LIST: Michigan Poll Gives Surgeon Nod, 24-22 Over Trump
Sep 24, 2015 PROSECUTORS BORE IN: Steve Ingersoll Still Under the Federal Microscope
Sep 16, 2015 NEW DIRECTOR: Scott Mitchell From Savannah to Head Midland Tennis Center
Sep 16, 2015 TRUMP-SANDERS? Maybe We Need a Bipartisan Presidential Ticket, Why Not?
Sep 12, 2015 INDIAN WARS: Declining Casino Revenues Lead to Chippewa Disenrollment
Sep 12, 2015 TENNIS TOUTED: Group Backs New Court Complex To Replace Many Removed
Sep 7, 2015 DELIVERED BY GOD? Dennis Hale's Talk Here Revealed Ship Sinking Mysteries
Sep 7, 2015 HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Specialty Court Aims to Change Way Victims Are Viewed
Sep 5, 2015 STEM PILOT: Great Lakes Bay Region Named for National Ecosystems Initiative
Sep 5, 2015 WATER TURNED ON: Higher Quality Lake Huron Source Hooked to Local System
Aug 31, 2015 FAMILY DAYS: Fall Festival Sept. 12-13 at Thumb Octagon Barn
Aug 27, 2015 GED INFO NIGHT: Aug. 31 Event Sponsored by GLBay College Resource Center
Aug 27, 2015 REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH? Many Americans Think Riches Amassed Unfairly
Aug 27, 2015 TRUMPED! Both Clinton and Trump Win More Favor Than Jeb Bush in Michigan
Aug 23, 2015 SAGINAW HISTORY: Amazing Tale of Indian Captivity Started Here in 1789
Aug 23, 2015 SLAVERY LINGERS: Nobel Prize Winner Krugman Links Race to Right Wing Ideas
Aug 16, 2015 MUSTARD GAS BACK! Deadly Chemical Weapon From World War I Has Local History
Aug 14, 2015 GET YOUR GUN: It's Time to Go Back to School With Open Carry & Sen. Green
Aug 14, 2015 RAIL TO WATER: Old D&M Railroad Now Site of Saginaw-Midland Waterlines
Aug 9, 2015 PAYING THE PIPER: Ingersoll's 7 Most Valuable Bay City Properties at Risk
Aug 6, 2015 BAY CITY CAPITAL: Ex-Localite Fred Craves Heads $1.6 Billion Venture Firm
Aug 6, 2015 GM FLINT UPGRADE: Company to Invest $877M in Body Shop at Assembly Plant
Aug 5, 2015 HEROIN CRISIS: Police, Medical Authorities in Emergency Meeting Friday
Aug 3, 2015 EDSON ADVENTURE: West Coast Veteran Heads Home After 10 Weeks on Ship Here
Aug 1, 2015 DARK MONEY: Manoj Bhargava, 5-Hour Energy Founder, Tops GOP Donors List
Aug 1, 2015 NEW TROOPERS: State Police Graduate 62 From Trooper School
Aug 1, 2015 SOCIAL SECURITY: More Secure -- Now Good Until 2035 -- Say Trustees
Jul 27, 2015 CYBER TAKEOVER? No More Brick & Mortar Schools, Predicts Academy Leader
Jul 23, 2015 POVERTY REPORT: Michigan Kids, Poor Shafted by Legislature, Analyst Charges
Jul 18, 2015 DICKENSIAN? Poverty in Bay County Appears Something Like 1840s England
Jul 13, 2015 HISTORY CITY: Bay City Loves its Past, As Sesquicentennial Pride Shows
Jul 11, 2015 BRIDGEBUILDER: At 86, DeMara Recalls High Life on Mackinac Bridge
Jul 5, 2015 EARLY WARNING: Struggling Schools May Get Loans in Bill Headed to Governor
Jul 2, 2015 CLEAN WATER: Philanthropists Here Aug. 27-28 For Close Look at Saginaw Bay
Jul 2, 2015 WOLVERINES TRIUMPH: Last Day at Gettysburg 152 Years Ago Was Michigan Win
Jun 28, 2015 VETS REMEMBER: Medal of Honor Winner Reminisces with Korean War POW
Jun 26, 2015 BIRNEY RISES AT LAST: Bay City Pioneer's Words Undergird Historic Ruling
Jun 26, 2015 JOB CLUB: Bay Vets Foundation to Receive Resumes, Provide Job Info Friday
Jun 25, 2015 GREEN FUELING: Bay City Inventor Aims For Auto Assembly Line Safety
Jun 25, 2015 HIGH YIELDS: Plant Microbes Key to Crop Increases, Disease Protection
Jun 19, 2015 DE DAY: Destroyer Escort Sailors Recall Winning the Nazi Submarine War
Jun 18, 2015 LOCK 'EM UP! Old Flawed Idea Now Seen Unfair, Unsustainable by Policymakers
Jun 14, 2015 CEMETERY ARCHEOLOGY: Soldier's Rest/Pine Ridge Probes Yield Amazing Finds
Jun 11, 2015 BATTERY PARK: Century-old Park May Rise From Obscurity, Maybe With Cannon
Jun 11, 2015 HUMAN SERVICES FIRST: Vulnerable Adult Protocol Brings Award to County
Jun 8, 2015 HIRING BOOM! State of Michigan, General Motors, Said Seeking Workers
Jun 7, 2015 PRISON CRISIS: Michigan Freeing Low Level Criminals to Cut Costs
Jun 7, 2015 STUDENT SAFETY: Attorney General Reports Big Response to 2 New Initiatives
May 31, 2015 EXECUTIVES NAMED: Renewable Energy Guru Hofmeister in New Consumers Post
May 31, 2015 MORE WALLEYE, FEWER PERCH: Public Asked to Comment on Proposed Fishing Regs
May 30, 2015 AG JOBS OPEN: Michigan Agri-Business Association Lists Available Positions
May 30, 2015 HAIL TO VICTORS: Sousa Called University of Michigan Song "Best March Ever"
May 30, 2015 PARK PLACE TENNIS: 8 Courts Proposed to Be Built on Jefferson School Site
May 27, 2015 AGGIE HERO: Bay City's Francis I. Lankey Wrote Fight Song, Died in War
May 27, 2015 MOVE TO UPTOWN: Michigan Sugar Offices, 65 Employees Said Heading to City
May 21, 2015 CHARACTER COUNTS: Calling Teachers for Medal of Honor Curriculum Workshop
May 17, 2015 EGAD, IT'S HISTORIC! Bay City's Part in Space Travel, Library of Americana
May 17, 2015 LAKE HURON HISTORY: MV Cedarville Sinking 50 Years Ago Recalled
May 14, 2015 BAY CITY GEMS: State Historic Group Tours Airport, City Hall, Center Avenue
May 10, 2015 CLIMB BIG MAC? You Could Win 2 Free Tickets to View State From Atop Bridge
May 8, 2015 HEALTH CHALLENGE: County Pushes Employees to Wellness at 3.5 Miles Daily
May 7, 2015 SNYDER FOILED: Presidential Hopes (If Any) Dashed by Failure of Road Vote
May 4, 2015 LOBSTER POT BOILING: Real Seafood Awaits Crowds for Tuesday May 5 Opening
May 3, 2015 CHARTER OVERSIGHT: More Government Accountability, Mandated Audits Sought
Blue Cross, U-M Collaborating on Improving ER Care
Apr 28, 2015 ELEPHANTS SPAR: It's Snyder vs. Patterson in GOP Battle over No-Fault Auto
Apr 26, 2015 GHOSTBOXES? Future of Closed Big Retailer Stores Clouds Local Economies
Apr 25, 2015 SAGINAW CONVO: State History Conference to Be Hosted at SVSU
Apr 23, 2015 AGRITOURISM? Farm Market Visits, Corn Maze, U-Pick Activities in New Field
Apr 23, 2015 MONSTER SHIPS: Third Equinox Class Bulk Carrier Now Working Great Lakes
Apr 23, 2015 TENNIS FRIENDS: Midland Invites Families to Festival During USTA Tourney
Apr 17, 2015 VETS TO TEE OFF: New Bay Veterans Foundation Part of Benefit Golf Outing
Apr 15, 2015 SUN PEEKING OUT? Hemlock, Reeling From TN Closure, Hopes Clouds Clear
Apr 15, 2015 U.S. OPEN TENNIS: Players Signing Up for Midland Qualifier June 12-15
Apr 14, 2015 MACKINAC REVERIE: Fur Trader Madame LaFramboise Stymied Astor
Apr 14, 2015 PHANTOM STAR: Sparkling Local Talent Katie Travis On National Tour
Apr 11, 2015 SHIPS FIGHT ICE: Seaway Traffic Crunched by Floats, Inadequate Ice-breaking
Apr 10, 2015 STAGECOACH COMING! Yup, Pardner, Michigan Had Stagecoaches, Robberies Too
Apr 4, 2015 ALZHEIMER'S CAMPAIGN: Rotary Clubs Whipped Polio, Now Funding New Research
Apr 4, 2015 BAY COUNTY IN 3-D: Commission Aims Aerial Cameras to Boost GIS Program
Mar 29, 2015 GAY MARRIAGE: Study Shows 2004 Michigan Ban Vote Helped Bush Get Elected
Mar 28, 2015 DOW-OLIN $5B DEAL: Midland Firm's Stock Price Jumps After Chlorine Spin-Off
Mar 26, 2015 ATTEN-HUT! Homeless at Detroit Veterans Center Go Back to Barracks Basics
Mar 24, 2015 LAKES DECLINE OVER? Three Foot Water Rise Seen End to 15 Year Fall
Mar 22, 2015 BC BUCKET LIST: Tour Guide Publishes 101 Things to Do in Bay City Before...
Mar 22, 2015 MIDLAND SCORES: U.S. Open Tennis Playoffs Come to Mid-Michigan June 12-18
Mar 21, 2015 NEAR MISS? Finally, the Story of How Bay City Almost Became Home to Buick
Mar 19, 2015 PORT FISHER: Fertilizer Manufacturer Pumping Life Into Local Marine Economy
Mar 18, 2015 MARV KUSMIERZ: Passionate Bay City Historian Deserves to Be Remembered
Mar 14, 2015 EPA EAGLES SOAR: National Bird Thrives on Chemical Ban, Habitat Protection
Mar 13, 2015 JACK BULLIS: Bay City Bowling Icon Was World War II Drill Sergeant
Mar 11, 2015 NO DUCK STAMP: Fearsome Gavel Looms Over Convicted Dr.Ingersoll
Mar 8, 2015 BOB FRIEDLE: Bay City Radio Tech Wins Award for Broadcast Engineering
Mar 7, 2015 COLORFUL CAST: Ingersoll Trial Jury Deliberation Resumes Monday
Mar 7, 2015 GERMAN FEST SET: German-American National Congress Convention Here Oct. 2-4
Mar 5, 2015 REGIONAL MARKETING: Great Lakes Bay Hikes Tourism Income While Averages Lag
Mar 4, 2015 Great Lakes Bay Region Wins Governor's Economic and Education Summit award
Mar 4, 2015 LOFTY GOAL: Top 10 North America Position Aim of Bay Future, Litten Says
Mar 4, 2015 WANT A LIGHTHOUSE? Please Buy the Gravelly Shoals Light So I Don't Have To
Mar 1, 2015 HANDS OFF: Legislature Passes New Green Gun Bill Removing County Discretion
Feb 27, 2015 AUTHOR DAZZLES: Book-lovers Throng Isabel Wilkerson, "Warmth of Other Suns"
Feb 27, 2015 HIRE MI HEROES! Unemployed Vets Focus of Tax Credit Bill In Legislature
Feb 25, 2015 E-H LOOKS TO FUTURE: Happy School Parents Will Soon See Building Upgrades
Feb 23, 2015 DEVILISH DETAILS! Voter Approval on Road Plan Goes South When Details Heard
Feb 20, 2015 BLACK DIAMONDS: Talk Eyes Area Blacks in Civil War, More History Notables
Feb 20, 2015 TAKE A LOOK: I Dare You to Try and Figure Out if the Road Tax Plan is Good
Feb 18, 2015 ALICE WIRT: Longtime Community Benefactor Mourned, Husband Jack Remembered
Feb 15, 2015 BUT FOR GOD'S GRACE...There Go I; Homelessness Below Zero a Tough Gig
Feb 14, 2015 REPUBLICAN SPLIT: Birthright Citizenship Spat Imperils GOP Legacy
Feb 13, 2015 GUNS = DEATHS: New Study Shows More Guns Result in More Gun Killings
Feb 13, 2015 I.A.V.A.: Newest Yankee Doodle Boys (& Women) Take Center Stage
Feb 12, 2015 ANTI-VAXXERS: Traverse City, Detroit Metro Areas Hotbeds of Shots Avoidance
Feb 9, 2015 BUNYAN MODEL? Bay City Lumberjack Joe Fournier Tale Now Subject of Song
Feb 7, 2015 SCHOOL UPGRADES: Essexville-Hampton District Town Hall Wednesday at Bush
Feb 5, 2015 BANDIT ALERT! Wall Street Comes to Buena Vista, Buys High School for $5 Mil
Feb 5, 2015 GUN CONTROL? Public Nearly Universally Opposes New Laws: PBS Poll
Feb 5, 2015 NEW EXECS: Chamber Hosts Ex-College Athletes Heading McLaren, Bay Future
Feb 5, 2015 POT CITIES GROW: Marijuana Decriminalization Trend Sweeps Across Michigan
Feb 1, 2015 LANSING SHOOTOUT: Gov. Snyder Says Green's Gun Bills Need to Wait in Line
Feb 1, 2015 SAD SEDUCTION: Jeb & Mitt Out as Rand, Ted and Marco Drink Koch Kool Aid
Jan 31, 2015 DOW AGRO GROWS: Brazilian Seed Firm Acquisition Strengthens Soybean Area
Jan 29, 2015 MARKSTROM TAPPED: Bay Area Chamber Names Interim President
Jan 29, 2015 NEW GOLF PLAN: Country Club Ends, Saginaw Valley Public Golf Course Starts
Jan 27, 2015 PETROGLYPHS? History Convo to Hear of Site, True Crime from Mardi Link
Jan 26, 2015 ROADS DOOMED? State Voters Historically Have Rejected Tax Proposals
Jan 25, 2015 FARM HAND SHORTAGE: Immigration Reforms Urged to Fill Agriculture Jobs
Jan 25, 2015 SOCIAL SECURITY BATTLE: System Not Broke, Say Friends, Advocating Expansion
Jan 24, 2015 GERMAN BEER: Authentic Brew Coming Soon Via High Tech Cans to Bar Near You
Jan 20, 2015 $RICHIE RICH$: Kenneth Dart Tops Michigan at $5.8 Billion As Top Dogs Growl
Jan 20, 2015 NO DOW DEAL? Corning Says It's "Happy With Ownership Stake" in Dow Corning
Jan 20, 2015 RENEWABLE ENERGY: Also Make Clean Air a Priority, Group Urges Gov. Snyder,
Jan 18, 2015 GLADWIN TO BEAVERTON: $75,000 in Grants to Jump Start Trail System
Jan 18, 2015 GMO DEBATE: Genetically Modified Foods, Boon or Bane to Mankind?
Jan 18, 2015 MOVING UP: Amy E. Wilson Named Corporate Secretary by Dow Chemical Company
Jan 16, 2015 SOCIAL SECURITY: Republicans Overwhelmingly Favored Bill When Adopted
Jan 14, 2015 CHARTER FLAWS: Online "Schools" vs. Traditional Bricks & Mortar Weighed
Jan 12, 2015 RESURRECTED? Heston, Wayne Live in Films; How About Princess Wenonah?
Jan 11, 2015 ULTRA HD TV: Dow to Partner with LG in New Quantum Dot Technology
Jan 10, 2015 CHARTER SCHOOLS: Sixteen Public School Academies in Saginaw Valley Area
Jan 10, 2015 SILVER BULLETS? Ingersoll Fraud Case Said Hanging Over Charter Schools
Jan 6, 2015 MONEY GAMES: Is Dallas Dominance Symbolic of Fabric of Corruption?
Jan 5, 2015 CHRISTIE FLUB? NJ Guv Cheering Against Detroit Lions a Political Faux Pas?
Jan 4, 2015 FINDING AMELIA? Island Where Flyer's Bones Found to be Probed in June
Jan 2, 2015 AULD LANG SYNE: To: Guv, Legislature - Cancel Vote in May, Fix Roads Now!
Dec 31, 2014 CONTROLLING CHARTERS: Integrity Education Group Urges State Regulations
Dec 29, 2014 HARBAUGH DEAL: Wolverines $48 Million, 6 Year Deal Said Dicey
Dec 29, 2014 LOSING OUR WAY: Bob Herbert Book Digs Into America's Soul, Calls for Action
Dec 26, 2014 CHARTER TAKEOVER? Public Schools Transformed to Corporate Profit Centers
Dec 25, 2014 GRIFFIN FOUND? Divers Seeking Confederate Gold Discovered LaSalle's Ship
Dec 24, 2014 KING KONG REVIVAL: Skull Island Fictional Ape's Home Real History Site Here
Dec 23, 2014 LAST QUACKS OF 2014: Time Runs Out on Legislature's Education Tinkering
Dec 22, 2014 SCHUETTE CUTS SCHOOLS: Attorney General OK's Aid Fund for Hockey Arena
Dec 21, 2014 SAVING DOW: Embattled Firm Crucial to Continued Employment, Growth Here
Dec 20, 2014 GIANT HOAX? Bay County's Huge Skeletons Part of National Mystery Probe
Dec 20, 2014 LAME CALL: Legislators Duck Road Crisis, Toss Ball to Voters Next May
Dec 20, 2014 NEW LEADER: Bay Future Hires Sandusky Ohio Economic Development Executive
Dec 18, 2014 FEAR FACTOR: Some Parents Frightened Vaccines May Cause Autism in Children
Dec 14, 2014 DOW DEFENDED: Jim Cramer Lashes Activist Investor Dan Loeb as Rogue
Dec 13, 2014 GARBERS RECALLED: John & Melissa Were Essexville School, Community Pioneers
Dec 13, 2014 JERRY COLE: One of Few Bay Cityans to Graduate U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
Dec 11, 2014 GOV IN HIGH GEAR: Snyder Unveils Plan to Fix Roads, Extra $$$ For Bay, Area
Dec 11, 2014 PERPLEXING POLL: Voters Say State on Track But They're No Better Off
Dec 8, 2014 SCHOOL REFORM? Since Proposal A (1994), Michigan's Educational Focus Wavers
Dec 7, 2014 KATIE BOFFO: Bay City Star Wins Praise as Phantom's "Best Christine Ever"
Dec 5, 2014 CRUNCH TIME: Retaining Democracy Takes Wisdom, Tolerance, Courage
Dec 4, 2014 TROMBLEY HOUSE BREAKFASTS: Customers Already Lining for Chow with Santa
Dec 4, 2014 UPTOWN GRILL: Vince Stuart Offers Classy Food in Posh Setting
Dec 2, 2014 MARRIOT PLANS: Courtyard Interior Photos Released by Hotel Chain
Nov 30, 2014 MIDLAND TOPS LIST: Several Area School Districts Seek Bond OKs in February
Nov 28, 2014 CRIME DROPS: But Prison Costs Remain High Despite 15 Percent Reduction
Nov 28, 2014 SAGINAW LEGEND: Fred Dustin Recalled as Archaeologist, Student of Custer
Nov 26, 2014 FARMING & ARMING: Scholar's Research Tracks Fertilizer Link to Explosives

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